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AAW Windy City Classic XIV 12/29/2018

AAW presents Windy City Classic XIV
From: Merrionette Park, IL

AAW announcers are in the ring to promote what we’ll see on the show. Looking at the card, I’m quite excited to check this show out.

Kimber Lee attacks Brandon Gore during his entrance and she demands a microphone. Lee isn’t going to have a student wrestle. Lee is not here to wait around. She is missing something very important and she wants her title back right now. Lee calls out AAW Women’s Champion Kylie Rae for her title match.

Opening Contest: AAW Women’s Champion Kylie Rae vs. Kimber Lee in a submission match: Lee is waiting on the stage and forearms Rae to gain the cheap advantage. Lee hammers away on Rae with chops on people in the front row. Lee forearms Rae on the stage to keep control of the contest, which hasn’t legally started. Lee tries for a suplex on the stage, but Rae blocks it and suplexs Lee on the stage! Lee backs off on the floor as Rae looks to recover. Rae dives off the stage to hit a crossbody on Lee on the floor. Rae sends Lee into the guard railing back first followed by a forearm strike. Rae holds Lee and wants a fan to hit her, but the men won’t do it and the women aren’t going to do it either. Rae really wants a fan to chop Lee and a fan finally does it, but looked uncomfortable doing so. Lee chops Rae on the floor to gain the advantage. Rae forearms Lee and delivers a strike to the back. The match finally starts and Rae tried for a hurricanrana off the apron, but Lee catches Rae and hits a powerbomb onto the apron. Lee presses her knee into Rae’s back and pulls back on the champs arms, but doesn’t get a submission. Lee drives Rae down with a backbreaker and delivers two more. Lee puts a single leg crab on Rae, but doesn’t get a submission.

Rae rolls Lee to the mat and tries for a Crossface, but Lee avoids it. Rae knee drops Lee on the leg and goes for an Indian death lock. Rae locks it in, but Lee doesn’t give in despite Rae twisting on the ankle, as well. Rae pulls back on Lee’s hair. Lee manages to reach the ropes to break the hold. Rae sends Lee into the corner chest first. Rae stomps on Lee and delivers a running uppercut followed by running cannonball splash! Rae puts a choke on Lee, but still isn’t able to get a submission. Rae nails Lee with several elbow strikes. Rae comes off the ropes, but is caught by Lee and she blocks a hurricanrana managing a Boston Crab in the middle of the ring. Rae manages to reach the ropes, but Lee doesn’t let go of the hold. Lee delivers a tilt a whirl backbreaker to drive Rae down to the mat. Lee slaps Rae, but Rae hits a hurrcianrana and locks in the Crossface in the middle of the ring. Lee tries to reach the ropes, but rolls back towards the middle and Rae keeps the hold locked in. Lee is able to wiggle free and puts a modified Texas cloverleaf on Rae. Lee stomps on Rae’s head and goes back to the modified Texas Cloverleaf. Rae may be knocked out, but Rae shows some life and reaches the ropes.

Lee yells for Rae to get up and waits as Rae pulls herself up on the ropes. Rae superkicks Lee and hits a tilt a whirl turned into a Crossface in the middle of the ring. Lee is forced to submit and Rae retains the title! (***. It wasn’t confirmed this was a submission match until halfway through the match as the ring announcer never made mention of that. Regardless, I enjoyed it and the brawling to start was fun on the floor. It was a little awkward with Rae wanting male fans to hurt Lee, but the fan that did it accomplished the comedic attempt. They didn’t overdo the submission aspect and the flow of the match was done pretty well.)

Backstage, ACH cut a promo saying that he’s going to prove his killer streak tonight.

Backstage, Kylie Rae is excited for 2019 and says she’s the new face for AAW.

Second Contest: Rich Swann vs. Shane Strickland vs. Darby Allin: Strickland and Swann decide to dance a but until Swann hits a hurricanrana on Allin off the top rope. Strickland gets a two count on Swann with a rollup. Swann dropkicks Strickland and plays to the crowd. Strickland dropkicks Swann to the floor. Allin sends Swann into the guard railing. Allin shoulder rams Strickland and dumps Strickland to the floor where Swann kicks Strickland. Allin takes them both out with a coffin drop to the floor. Swann knees Allin in the corner and tries for a suplex, but Allin counters with a headbutt to the gut and a Code Red for a near fall. Strickland kicks Swann in the corner and kicks Allin after a stunner to Swann. Strickland uppercuts Swann and dropkicks Swann on the knee. Strickland waits on the apron to kick Allin on the floor. Strickland delivers a slingshot dropkick to Swann’s knee. Strickland rams Swann’s knee onto the mat and wraps his knee around the bottom rope. Strickland stomps on Swann a few times in the corner. Strickland stomps on Allin’s hand. Strickland locks in a Stretch Muffler, but Swann doesn’t give in. Swann almost wins with a rollup managing a two count. Strickland locks in a spinning toe hold, but Swann refuses to give in. They begin to trade strikes on the mat until Swann kicks Strickland into the corner. Allin returns to the ring and is kicked by Swann. Swann hits a hurricanrana on Strickland. Allin forearms Swann, but Swann hits a handspring ace crusher.

Swann hits a 450 splash on Allin and a DDT on Strickland for a near fall. Swann goes to the middle rope, but is stopped by Strickland. Swann is on Strickland’s shoulders and Strickland hits a German suplex. Strickland slides to the apron and comes back in to hit a cutter, but Allin breaks the cover. Allin misses a splash and is kicked by Strickland in the corner. Strickland tries for a suplex, but Allin lands on his feet and does the same to Swann. Allin kicks Strickland and takes Swann out with a suicide dive to the floor. Strickland catches Allin, but Allin gets a rollup for a two count. Allin leg sweeps Strickland and gets the pin with a standing figure four cradle. (***1/4. It felt like Allin got the least amount of shine, so picking up the win was a bit of a surprise. The finish felt a little out of nowhere, but the action was really good and all three guys displayed some great moves. The crowd was into it and they seemed a bit bummed by the finish, as well. All three guys are incredible talents and they delivered a fun match here. I just wish they had a bit more time and this could have been far more memorable.)

Backstage, AAW Heavyweight Champion Brody King has a broken jaw and it’s wired shut. He’s still wrestling Sami Callihan inside a steel cage. King promises to beat Callihan to death despite his broken jaw.

Sarah Shockey is in the ring to interview WRSTLING (David Starr, Eddie Kingston & Jeff Cobb). Kingston rips on a fan for being a virgin and pops the crowd. Kingston tells Starr to hang on a minute. Kingston promises to beat up ACH tonight. Starr stops Kingston and continues the interview with Shockey. Shockey wants to know the current state of the group. Starr says that Kingston continues to not listen to him. Starr notes that Cobb hasn’t won a title and wonders what that is all about. Starr thinks that Cobb has been missing in action. Starr says he’s going to be in AAW in 2019 and the same for Kingston. But, Starr doesn’t know about Cobb. Starr doesn’t know if Cobb needs permission from his parents to wrestle. Starr started the group and takes credit for Kingston’s success. Starr needs a monster to do whatever he says, which is what he has in Kingston. Kingston chimes back in and says its been a year since Starr has had his contract and he doesn’t need to listen to him anymore. Starr tells Kingston to listen to him because he made him. Cobb grabs the microphone and knows there’s problems with the group. Cobb wants to settle things with Starr in the wrestling ring because they are wrestlers. Kingston decides to sit in the front row to watch the match. Starr agrees to wrestling rules. Cobb proceeds to clothesline Starr.

Third Contest: David Starr vs. Jeff Cobb: Cobb works over Starr with a headbutt and Starr begs off trying to talk sense into Cobb. Cobb rips Starr’s shirt and delivers a chop to the chest. Cobb rams Starr into the corner face first and delivers an uppercut. Cobb pulls on Starr’s chest hair before tossing Starr across the ring. Cobb follows to the floor and rips Starr’s chest hair out and shoves the hair into Starr’s mouth. Starr tries to fight back and sends Cobb into the stage and ring post. Starr stomps on Cobb on the apron to keep control followed by a kick to the chest. Starr rolls Cobb back into the ring and delivers a few strikes to the ribs. Starr chops Cobb and continues with kicks to the ribs. Starr knee lifts Cobb and tries for a slam, but Cobb blocks it and shoves Starr away. Starr sends Cobb chest first into the corner and delivers a sliding dropkick for a near fall. Starr nails Cobb with a kick to the head. Starr chops Cobb, but Cobb staggers Starr with a chop, but Starr nails Cobb with a superkick for a near fall. Starr tries for a suplex, but Cobb counters with a quick suplex. Cobb clotheslines Starr several times in the corner followed by chops. Cobb sends Starr into the corner back first and runs into a boot. Cobb catches Starr hitting an overhead suplex. Cobb covers Starr for a near fall. Cobb hits a standing moonsault for a near fall.

Cobb powerslams Starr, but Starr counters with a rollup. Starr decks Cobb with a right hand. Starr elbows Cobb, but Cobb hits a twisting suplex. Cobb covers Starr managing a two count. Cobb tries for a slam, but Starr trips Cobb and almost wins with a rollup. Cobb forearms Starr, but Starr nails Cobb with a clothesline. Starr tries for a suplex, but Cobb again counters and drops Starr onto the apron. Starr plants Cobb with a DDT onto the apron. Starr nails Cobb with a running dropkick in the corner. Cobb catches Starr on a springboard and spikes Starr with a piledriver! Cobb goes for the cover, but Starr kicks out at two. Cobb is stopped by a low blow by Starr. Starr goes to the floor and grabs a steel chair. Eddie Kingston gets in the ring to stop Starr from using the chair. Kingston ends up hitting Cobb with two spinning back fists. Kingston jabs Cobb with the chair on the back several times. Kingston taunts the crowd and Starr sits on the chair. Starr puts a chin lock on Cobb, but Cobb is knocked out. The referee checks on Cobb and his arm drops three times to give Starr the win. (***. Cobb showcased some great moves and his counters to Starr’s offense got me pumped a few times. The finish advances the story, which is something I don’t mind. Kingston and Starr has a heel duo has some promise considering the storyline they have been involved in. I’m looking forward to future showdowns with Cobb.) After the match, Starr and Kingston embrace. Kingston says he’s kind of happy for Cobb because he can’t hang with them.

Backstage, Sami Callihan cuts a promo saying he heard that Brody King has broken his jaw, but he doesn’t care. Callihan promises to break Brody’s jaw past fixing. Callihan is focused on becoming a three-time AAW Heavyweight Champion.

Backstage, David Starr says he’s not in a good mood. Starr has more gifts to give out tonight and says he’s not done.

A video package promoting the six person tag coming up next is shown. The main issue seems to be between Scarlett and Quinn.

Fourth Contest: Curt Stallion, Jake Something & Quinn McKay vs. The Besties In The World (Davey Vega & Mat Fitchett) & Scarlett Bordeaux: McKay goes right after Scarlett before the bell. Something grabs Scarlett as Vega grabs McKay. Vega chops Something until Fitchett delivers a superkick. Stallion chops both men, but Vega hits a flatliner. Stallion is dropkicked by Vega and Fitchett delivers a dropkick to the face. Vega senton splashes Stallion. Something gets involved and powerbombs Fitchett over Vega’s back. Fitchett is choked over the middle rope. Something sends Fitchett into the corner and Stallion keeps working over Fitchett with a German suplex. Stallion hits a senton splash and keeps a sleeper on Fitchett. Fitchett tosses Stallion with a northern lights suplex. Something tags in and keeps an arm bar on Fitchett. Something taunts the corner and slams Fitchett to the mat. Stallion returns to the match and double stomps Fitchett for a near fall. Stallion forearms Fitchett and Something tags back into the match. Something clubs Fitchett over the back. McKay tags in and slaps Fitchett. Something tosses McKay onto Fitchett for a near fall. Stallion returns to the match and delivers a chop.

Fitchett delivers a kick, but Something returns to the match and is kicked by Fitchett. Something misses a splash in the corner. Fitchett goes to the top and hits a crossbody. Vega clotheslines Stallion. Scarlett and McKay go at it again with Scarlett hitting a splash in the corner followed by a side splash. Scarlett hits a twisting northern lights. Scarlett elbows Stallion and hits a German suplex. Scarlett tries for a suplex on Something, but that’s not going to work. Vega helps Scarlett hit a German suplex! Stallion is hit with three kicks in the corner, but McKay makes the save on the cover attempt. McKay elbows Vega and sends Scarlett to the floor. McKay plants Fitchett with a tornado DDT. Something spears Vega and tosses Stallion into Vega with a headbutt for a near fall. Vega staggers Stallion with a jawbreaker and tags in Fitchett as Something is going under the ring for a weapon. Stallion misses a clothesline, but Something catches Fitchett on a suicide dive and tosses Fitchett into the crowd.

Something has gotten a table from under the ring. The table is setup on the floor. Something is kicked by Vega and Vega forearms Stallion. Vega has McKay, but McKay kicks Fitchett allowing Stallion to hit Fitchett with a cradle tombstone for a near fall. Something forearms Vega, but Vega sends Something into the ring post shoulder first. Stallion collides with McKay and is kicked by Vega. Vega tries to powerbomb Something off the apron, but Fitchett spears Something and Something goes crashing through the table on the floor! Scarlett gets in the ring and spikes McKay with a reverse piledriver for the win. (**1/2. There was some decent action there, but the finish seemed a little flat. If the main issue was really between Scarlett and McKay, I think a singles match between them would have been better.) After the match, Stallion low blows Vega and headbutts Scarlett because he’s a jerk. Something is rolled back into the ring. Stallion sends Fitchett into the railing. Something has Scarlett and delivers a swinging side slam.

Backstage, Sarah Shockey interviews Shane Strickland and he says that the holiday season has been exhausting. Strickland says there is nothing to worry about regarding him in 2019. He has a lot to accomplish in AAW and needs to be in title contention.

Fifth Contest: AAW Heritage Champion DJ Z vs. Bandido: They shake hands to show mutual respect for each other. Z gets wrist control in the opening moments of the contest. Z points to the crowd for a DJ to make a noise, which does happen. Bandido runs the ropes and floats over Z’s back and is tossed to the floor via an arm drag. Bandido hits a springboard crossbody and arm drags Z after a springboard. Bandido runs the ropes and avoids Z doing a handstand. Bandido arm drags Z and they trade leg sweeps leading to a standoff. Z flips off Bandido for not shaking his hand. They flip each other off a few times. Z kicks Bandido, but misses a running attack and goes to the floor. Bandido nails Z with a suicide dive to get control of the match. Bandido has Z on the apron trading right hands and overhand chops. Bandido kicks Z on the apron and delivers a kick to the face. Bandido hooks Z for a delayed vertical suplex and drops Z down to the mat leading to a near fall. Bandido shoulder rams Z a few times in the corner followed by a kick. Bandido monkey flips Z across the ring out of the corner. Bandido tries for another monkey flip, but is dropped over the top turnbuckle face first. Bandido kicks Z in the midsection for a two count. Bandido drop toe holds Z and goes for a surfboard, but doesn’t get a submission. Bandido drops Z face first down to the mat and plays to the crowd.

Bandido tries for another surfboard, but Z manages to avoid it and sends Bandido to the floor. Z hits a somersault dive to the floor and lands in the crowd. Bandido kicks Z and Z misses a splash hitting the railing. Z dumps Bandido into the crowd. Z leaps over the railing to take Bandido out and plays to the crowd. Bandido decks Z from behind and they return to the ringside area. Bandido has Z on the railing where they are both standing. Z hits a hurricanrana on Bandido off the railing and Bandido lands right into a fan. Z rolls Bandido into the ring and gets a two count. Bandido kicks Z, but Z comes back with an impressive reverse DDT for a near fall. Z kicks Bandido a few times and waits in the corner looking for a DDT, but Bandido blocks it and hits a standing Spanish Fly for a near fall. Bandido goes to the top rope and is shoved off by Z onto the stage. Z climbs the ropes and is kicked by Bandido back into the ring. Bandido hits a missile dropkick back into the ring. Bandido has Z over his shoulder and delivers a knee to the face for another near fall. Z arm drags Bandido upon returning to the ring, but Bandido delivers a knee and a rolling German suplex. Z responds with a DDT and they are both down.

They begin to trade overhand chops in the middle of the ring. Bandido kicks Z and delivers a superkick to drop Z to his knee. Z tries for a crazy somersault hurricanrana, but switches to a Destroyer after Bandido blocked it. Z heads to the top rope hitting a jumping DDT for the three count. (***1/4. I don’t know what is going on with the crowd reactions to the finishes on this show, but this seemed like another finish that fell flat to them. The finishes may be a little abrupt, but they have been impactful enough to not really be a surprise or lack a reaction like they have been thus far.)

Prior to the next match, MJF cuts a promo on the guys in the ring, which is everyone but Colt Cabana. MJF insults them all and reveals that he can’t wrestle due to an arm injury. MJF does have his left arm in a sling. Which is funny since he is wearing his gear anyway. So, he literally changed into wrestling gear while in a sling only to not wrestle? Right. Cabana comes out and says that MJF is on his insurance. Cabana reveals that MJF is lying. Cabana tells MJF if he doesn’t wrestle then his allowance is cutoff. MJF is forced to wrestle.

Sixth Contest: Colt Cabana vs. Ace Romero vs. Mance Warner vs. Stephen Wolf vs. Trey Miguel vs. MJF in a six way scramble number one contenders match for AAW Heritage Championship: MJF begs off in the corner and bails to the floor, but is chased anyway. MJF eye pokes all of them upon getting back in the ring, but Cabana waits behind MJF. Cabana eye rakes MJF and MJF bails to the stage. Wolf ducks a clothesline and hits a hurricanrana on Cabana. Warner headbutts Wolf to the midsection and face. Wolf knees Warner, but Miguel gets in the ring and shoves Wolf. Wolf and Miguel forearm Warner and hit dropkicks in the corner. Wolf nails Miguel with a forearm to send Miguel to the floor. MJF is on the apron and insults Wolf before dropping off. Romero hits a crossbody off the stage over the ropes onto Wolf. Warner spikes Cabana with a tornado DDT of off Wolf’s back. Warner sends Romero to the floor and eye pokes everyone on the floor. Miguel hits a somersault dive onto everyone on the floor. Miguel head scissors Warner into the guard railing. Miguel misses a top rope crossbody as Cabana moves out of the way.

Romero dropkicks Cabana into the corner. Wolf is on the top rope and dropkicks Romero into the corner. Romero pounces Wolf over the ropes onto a few guys and Romero hits a dive over the ropes onto Warner leading to a near fall. Romero misses an elbow drop and Warner hits Romero with a few running knee strikes for a near fall. Warner sets a few chairs up in the corner. Wolf whacks Warner over the head with a chair shot and over the back. Wolf lays Warner onto two chairs near the corner. Wolf misses a chair shot and is kicked by Romero. Romero hits Wolf over the back with the chair and plays to the crowd. Romero powerbombs Wolf onto Warner on the two chairs. Cabana hits a top rope moonsault for a two count on Romero. Cabana sends Miguel into the corner to hit a splash. Miguel drops Cabana with a neckbreaker. MJF has gotten up and takes his sling off to get a rollup for a two count on Miguel. MJF begs off in the corner and Miguel has a chair. Cabana stops Miguel from using the chair. Cabana yells at MJF about not having money because of a lawyer. Miguel ducks a clothesline, but Cabana gets the Billy Goat’s Curse on Miguel until MJF low blows Cabana and gets a rollup on Cabana to win the match. (**1/4. Well, it was okay and there were elements of comedy thrown in there that was effective. I think MJF is the best option of the group to go over as his heel work has been really good. It was a shorter than expected match, but it was entertaining enough.)

Backstage, Sarah Shockey interviews Jeff Cobb. This is the last interview with Cobb in AAW. Cobb jokes that he didn’t know her name the whole time for nearly three years. Cobb has had a blast working in AAW. Cobb says that AAW will have a place in his heart.

Seventh Contest: Jimmy Jacobs & Josh Briggs vs. Jessicka Havok & Paco in a dog collar match: Paco and Jacobs are chained together while Havok is connected to Briggs. They both do a tug of war to start the match. Jacobs spits at Paco and Paco is yanked into the other chain throat first. Briggs works over Havok in the corner. Jacobs sends Paco to the floor and helps Briggs work over Havok. Briggs wraps the chain around the ring post to choke Havok in the corner. Jacobs misses a spike attack and gets the spike stuck in the corner. Paco knee strikes Jacobs and helps Havok by double teaming Briggs. Jacobs pulls on the chain, but Paco takes out Jacobs with a suicide dive. Briggs elbows Havok after a couple of knee strikes. Havok gets a two count on Briggs. Jacobs sends Paco over the railing into the crowd. Briggs pulls Havok into the corner chest first several times. Jacobs chokes Paco over the railing in the corner. Briggs works over Havok with a strike over the back. Paco sends Jacobs into the guard railing several times and they are both in the crowd. Paco forearms Jacobs a few times while Briggs is choking Havok around a pillar in the crowd. Jacobs sends Paco into a pillar, but Paco responds by doing the same to Jacobs. Briggs stomps on Havok around ringside.

Havok hits Briggs with the chain and sends Briggs into the railing. Havok chokes Briggs around the post and traps Briggs while delivering stomps. Paco leaps off the stage to take out Jacobs with a dive. Jacobs rolls Paco into the ring and delivers a right hand. Paco absorbs a few right hands and they trade strikes in the middle of the ring. Paco clotheslines Jacobs to the mat and pummels Jacobs with right hands. Paco heads to the top rope, but Jacobs yanks Paco off and hits a cutter for a near fall. Jacobs nails Paco with a chained forearm. Havok enters the ring and attaches herself to Jacobs. Jacobs tried to reach the spike, but failed. Havok hits Jacobs with the spike and digs the spike into Jacobs forehead. Havok continues to jab Jacobs with the spike. Briggs boots Havok and Paco leaps off the top delivering a dropkick to stagger Briggs. Paco kicks Briggs in the corner and tries for a tornado DDT, but is shoved off by Briggs. Briggs nails Paco with a right hand. Briggs hits the F5 (chokeslam into a backbreaker) for the win. (**. It’s mostly a brawl, but it was a decent one at that. There were a couple of moments where the match felt it lost its focus. However, they pulled it together and it was a decent dog collar showdown. It wasn’t as violent as I was expecting, but that’s okay.)

A video package promoting the feud between Eddie Kingston and ACH is shown.

Eighth Contest: ACH vs. Eddie Kingston: They start off trading chops in the middle of the ring. They both go for clotheslines and they both go down. They go back to trading chops and ACH is dropped again to the mat. Kingston eye rakes ACH and delivers a DDT. Kingston covers ACH and delivers a few right hands to the head. ACH rolls to the floor to regroup. Kingston works over ACH on the floor. Kingston slaps ACH against the railing. ACH forearms Kingston followed by a chop. Kingston eye rakes ACH and sends ACH into the railing ribs first. Kingston yells at ACH while delivering stomps to the head. Kingston chokes ACH and then just stares at ACH on the floor. Kingston hooks ACH’s mouth and keeps telling ACH he doesn’t want to do this anymore (wrestle). ACH fires back with a few strikes, but Kingston forearms ACH to stop his momentum. Kingston face washes ACH in the corner. Kingston taunts ACH in the corner and delivers a slap in the corner. Kingston tosses ACH with a suplex for a near fall. ACH fights back with a kick to the gut and chop, but Kingston delivers a flurry of chops in the corner.

Kingston tosses ACH with a suplex, but ACH gets up and tries for a clothesline. Kingston responds with a clothesline, but neither man goes down. They are essentially clubbing each other. ACH is bitten by Kingston on the ear. Kingston hooks ACH for a suplex, but ACH trips Kingston and delivers a kick to the face. ACH hooks Kingston for a dead lift German and gets a two count. Kingston goes under the ring, but forearms a charging ACH. Kingston grabs a chair and slides it into the ring. ACH spikes Kingston with a brainbuster for a near fall. ACH stops Kingston from grabbing the chair. Kingston wants ACH to hit him with the chair. ACH instead sits down and they yell at each other. Kingston spits at ACH, and ACH responds with a brainbuster onto the chair for a near fall. ACH has the chair and Kingston wants ACH to smash his arm with the chair. Kingston has a microphone and tells ACH he’s been waiting for 17-years for someone to take him out. ACH wraps the chair around Kingston’s head and ACH looks ready to stomp the chair. ACH is instead stopped by David Starr with a low blow from behind. Kingston nails ACH with a spinning back fist. Starr goes under the ring and tosses tape to Kingston. ACH is taped to the ropes. Kingston proceeds to hit ACH with three spinning back fists. Kingston keeps saying “you were supposed to be the one.” Kingston nails ACH with another spinning back fist leading to a three count. (***. The action was rather standard, but good. I’m actually far more intrigued by the character development with Kingston and his obsession of wanting to be taken out of wrestling because he hates it. That was very compelling.)

Backstage, Mance Warner cut a promo saying that he didn’t lose tonight. Warner shoves a fan away and wants to know the next show. January 26th is the next show. Warner is going to show up and he’s going to get a win no matter who is opponent will be.

Ninth Contest: AAW Tag Team Champions Fire Fox (AR Fox & Myron Reed) vs. The Rascalz (Dezmond Xavier & Zachary Wentz): Fox and Xavier kickoff the tag title match. Xavier backs Fox into a corner, but cleanly breaks away. Fox gets a wrist lock on Xavier for a moment. Xavier kips up and is taken back down to the mat. Fox gets a hammerlock on Xavier, but that is countered quickly. They trade waist locks until Xavier gets control. Fox counters anyway and Wentz gets in the match as does Reed. They begin to all counter waist locks. Wentz goes to the ropes and they all hit arm drags. Wentz has Reed on his shoulders and Reed has Xavier. They argue and then both get sleeper holds on them. Xavier kicks Fox in the corner and Wentz hits a bronco buster in the corner. Wentz works over Fox in the corner with a choke. Wentz chops Fox and sends Fox into the corner chest first. Xavier beats on Fox with strikes in the corner. Xavier takes Fox over with a snap suplex. Xavier tags in Wentz, who hits a senton from the apron. Wentz keeps control of Fox on the apron. Xavier cheap shots Fox from the apron to help Wentz. Xavier blocks a boot by Fox and delivers a few strikes to the knee.

Xavier crotches Fox on the top turnbuckle and the Rascalz try for a double team move, but Fox fights them off. Fox goes to the top rope and flips off the ropes. Wentz and Xavier accidentally collide. Reed tags into the match hitting a springboard dropkick to the Rascalz. Reed hits a double cutter on the Rascalz. Reed goes to the top rope as does Fox, but they both miss and are met with kicks to the face. Reed and Fox hit dropkicks and they kip up to play to the crowd. Fox nails Xavier with a neckbreaker. Fox rams Xavier into the corner and Reed enters the match. Reed works over Xavier in the corner. Reed stomps on Xavier in the corner. Reed tags in Fox and they deliver running strikes in the corner. Reed hooks Xavier for a neckbreaker, but Xavier blocks it with a backslide for a near fall. Xavier nails Fox with a cutter after a few kicks to the body. Wentz is tagged in and knee strikes Fox. Reed runs in and is met with a knee. Wentz drop toe holds Fox into Reed’s groin and delivers a superkick. Wentz kicks Reed and hits a standing moonsault for a near fall.

Wentz kicks Reed over the back and tries for a German getting an assist by an Xavier kick to the chest. Xavier tags back into the match and catapults Reed into Wentz, but blocks a kick. Reed leg drops both men. The champs hit a wheelbarrow/cutter combo on Xavier, but Wentz makes the save on the cover. Reed kicks Wentz and goes for a suplex. Wentz gets a two count on an inside cradle. Wentz and Reed deliver kicks and stagger. Xavier and Fox do the same. Reed superkicks Wentz, but Xavier kicks Reed. They all trade kicks and everyone is laid out with Fox almost pinning Xavier. Wentz nails Reed with a running dropkick and the same to Fox. Fox is rolled to the middle where Wentz hits a senton and Xavier hit a corkscrew dive. Reed runs off the stage to cutter Wentz onto the pin to save Fox! Reed forearms both men and kicks Xavier. The challengers deliver stereo strikes. Reed counters a standing moonsault by Wentz with an inside cradle to win the match and retain the titles. (***1/4. A good match with a lot of aerial moves that were exciting. The only gripe I had was the feeling of this being overly produced with the kicks and similar spots throughout. The action is good, but I caught myself rolling my eyes with some of the spots they were pulling off. I’d like to see these teams compete again, but keep it simpler and not try to get too cute with the action.)

Backstage, Trey Miguel doesn’t understand why the Rascalz are being split up all the time. Miguel would like a title match against DJ Z for the AAW Heritage Championship.

A video package promoting the feud between Brody King and Sami Callihan is shown.

Main Event: AAW Heavyweight Champion Brody King vs. Sami Callihan in a steel cage match: King slides a table into the ring a long with a couple of chairs. Sami also brought a table into the ring. They were both sitting in chairs across from each other and they slowly meet in the middle of the ring. They begin to trade right hands. Sami kicks King, but King responds with two kicks. King misses a splash and hits the steel cage. Sami has a steel chair and smashes King against the cage with it. Sami smashes King again with a chair shot. Sami smashes King with another chair shot against the cage. Sami yells at King and runs into a chokeslam. King chokeslams Callihan a second time. King sets a table up in the corner. King has two kendo sticks and Sami flips him off. King tries to powerbomb Sami through a table, but Sami breaks free and grabs both kendo sticks. King avoids the kendo sticks and they struggle. Sami breaks free and hits King over the back and on the legs. Sami whacks King over the back with the kendo sticks. Sami whacks King over the back a second time with the sticks. Sami tells King to quit and delivers another kendo stick shot. Sami tosses a chair to King, but steps on the chair. King blocks a stick with a chair and smashes Sami with the chair. King breaks the kendo sticks over his knee. King tries to jab Sami with the broken kendo stick, and accomplishes doing so.

Sami spits at King and King jabs the stick into his forehead. King has his spiked vest and slams Callihan onto it. King comes off the ropes and hits a senton splash for a near fall. King whacks Sami over the back with a steel chair. King jabs Sami with a chair several times over the back. King sends Sami into the cage face first. King sends Sami into the cage again and taunts the fans. King chokes Callihan with the broken kendo stick. King tries to send Sami into the cage, but Sami blocks it. Sami hooks King for a suplex, but King blocks it and forearms Sami to the mat. Sami has been busted open by this point, by the way. King misses a splash in the corner, but knocks Sami to the mat anyway. King sets two chairs up and delivers a few forearms. King taunts Sami, but Sami suplexs King through the chairs. Callihan covers, but King kicks out at two. Sami signals for a piledriver, but King delivers a low blow. King hits sit out Attitude Adjustment for a near fall. Brody sets a table up in the corner. King is stopped by a low blow. Callihan spikes King with a piledriver for a one count. King quickly gets up and spikes Callihan with a piledriver for a one count. Sami spikes King with a quick piledriver for a near fall.

King kicks Sami and delivers another piledriver for a near fall. King powerbombs Sami onto the table, but it doesn’t break. King proceeds to slam Sami through the table for a near fall. King sets up a couple of chairs near the corner. King nails Sami with a series of quick lariats to the chest and back. Sami picks up King and hits a Death Valley Driver through the chairs for a two count. Sami puts a table over King’s body and whacks the table with a chair several times. Sami locks in the Stretch Muffler. King is forced to submit and Sami wins the title. (***1/4. The usage of weapons probably made this match more entertaining and certainly more violent than it would have been otherwise. Brody deserves tons of credit for working this match with a broken jaw. They held my interest the whole time and that’s just because I’m a sucker for cage matches. I enjoyed what they put on here.)

After the match, David Starr and Eddie Kingston come out to confront the new AAW Heavyweight Champion. Starr remains on the stage and stares through the cage. Quinn McKay comes out as well. Curt Stallion and Jake Something have come out and reveal they have joined Starr and Kingston. Sami and JT Davidson have kendo sticks ready for a fight. Something and Stallion get in the ring with Something beating on Sami. Stallion drops Davidson onto a chair. Something sends Davidson face first into the cage. Starr holds the championship and decks Sami with it as Something held Sami. Starr puts a chin lock on Sami. Something raises Sami’ arm three times and Starr acts like he won the title. Starr stands over Callihan holding the AAW Heavyweight Championship.

Eddie Kingston grabs a microphone for David Starr to say something. Starr says that 2019 will be the year he wins the AAW Heavyweight Championship. Sami Callihan tries to tackle Starr and is beaten up again. Starr says they will continue to prove they are the best at professional wrestling.

Backstage, Sarah Shockey interviews MJF. MJF suggests the stains on her shirt is from “the fun she had with the boys earlier.” MJF claims his elbow is still broken. MJF calls Sarah an idiot for suggesting he worked harder. MJF taunts DJ Z because he’s going to win the AAW Heritage Championship and it will be lights out for him.

Backstage, Jimmy Jacobs and Josh Briggs cut a promo on Havok and Paco. They are cutoff by Brody King. King walks off without saying a word. Jacobs says it’s time for a new king in AAW.

Backstage, Ace Romero is sitting on stairs saying that he’s been killing it for a year in AAW. Romero knows that he’s there but he can’t over the hump. Rich Swann enters the scene. Swann knows about getting over the hump. Swann offers a tag team to Romero, and Romero accepts.

Outside, Brody King is walking to his car in his gear.

Backstage, WRSTLING cuts a promo with Starr saying that Kingston and himself have the same goals. They needed a rebirth and they have gone to battle against Stallion and Something. Starr says they are too stupid to quit. Starr credits Kingston for making this work. Kingston chimes in and tells ACH that he didn’t get it done. Kingston hates wrestling and being part of it. Kingston says it is full of cowards who betray people. Kingston knows that nobody can take him out since ACH didn’t get the job done. Kingston believes they are the last of a dying breed.

Final Thoughts:
From top to bottom this show is full of good pro wrestling action. There may not be a match that stands out as “must-see” levels, but there’s really nothing horrible here. The show is almost four hours, but it’s getting a thumbs up from me. Starr/Sami and MJF being a number one contender as the main focus entering 2019 has some promise, too.

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