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Rebooking The WWF: Week 16, 1995

WWF RAW 4/17/1995
1. Razor Ramon Interview: Jim Ross opens the show by interviewing Razor Ramon in the ring. Ramon has a chain wrapped around his fist and talks about how Jeff Jarrett has been showing that he isn’t a man at all and needs to use a weapon to beat down the Bad Guy. Well, Ramon has gotten with WWF officials and at the In Your House pay per view a match has been signed where they will be attached by the wrist with a steel chain and they will find out just who the real man is. JR also points out that later tonight Ramon will be teaming with WWF World Champion Diesel to battle Jarrett and Psycho Sid in a huge tag team main event. Ramon is going to be bringing the chain for backup and along with Big Daddy Cool, they will be kicking butt all over the arena.
2. John Bradshaw defeated IRS in 6:07 following a lariat.
3. Kings Court w/Lex Luger: Jerry Lawler is in the ring and he introduces a man we haven’t seen since WrestleMania XI when he was “screwed out of a victory” against Shawn Michaels and has suffered a major injury to his face. That man, is Lex Luger. Luger comes out and has a face guard to protect his face, due to the superkick from Michaels at WrestleMania XI. Luger informs everyone that he has a suffered a facial fracture and he’s career is in jeopardy. The most profitable and the best looking face that the WWF has to offer may never be the same ever again. This is all Shawn Michaels fault as he’s a was unsafe and possibly ruined his career. Luger tells Lawler that they are sportsmen and they’d never go into the ring and actively try to end anyone’s career. But, Michaels is an animal and suggests that his boot was loaded with the intent to break his face. At this point, Ted DiBiase makes his way down to the ring and he’s completely agreeing with Luger. DiBiase says when he hears such a tragic story like this, it fills him with anger and disappointment. He doesn’t believe that anyone should have their career ended at the hands of someone like Shawn Michaels. DiBiase tells Luger that he wants to help him and they can discuss a deal in private. “Lex, I’m going to fix your face and you’re going to comeback the strongest competitor the WWF has ever seen.” Luger is acting as if he’s blown away by the offer and he embraces DiBiasse. They walk backstage talking about what they are planning to do.
4. Kama Vignette: A vignette promoting Kama, the supreme fighting machine, is shown. Kama is punching a bag is yelling out names like “Bret Hart, Undertaker, Razor Ramon and Diesel… you’re all going to be knocked out.”
5. Pretty Models (Rick Martel & Paul Roma) defeated Tim Williams & Chris Kanyon 2:18 when Martel forced Kanyon to submit to the Boston Crab.
6. Scott Norton defeated Duke Droese in 3:44 following a shoulder breaker.
7. The Movement & Men On A Mission Confrontation: Vince McMahon is in the ring and he brings out Ron Simmons and the WWF Tag Team Champions Carlos Vega and Tatanka, better known as The Movement, for an interview. Vega and Tatanka are asked about their upcoming title defense against Mabel and Mo, Men on a Mission. Vega wants to know who they have beaten to warrant such a title opportunity. Vega mentions how they’ve beaten the Smoking Gunns, Legion of Doom and all the big teams in the WWF. Besides, these guys should be on their side and not fighting against them. McMahon isn’t sure what that is all about. Vega says it is all about opportunities that African American wrestlers never got. Vega wonders that if they were white wrestlers if Mabel and Mo would get a title opportunity. McMahon quickly dismisses that and says that they got their opportunity and ceased it by winning so their argument is lacking any truth. Vega refutes that saying that they forced their way into this success while others are handed the titles and glory. Tatanka says that Mabel and Mo should join the Movement and help them takeover of the WWF with their leader, Ron Simmons. Men on a Mission make their way out and they seem to have an intrigued look on their faces. Mo tells McMahon that these guys are making a lot of sense. Maybe they should join the Movement. Mabel chimes in and says, “But, then again, we don’t sit here and complain about challenges, We take the challenges out. We don’t need to be part of your lame Movement. We’re here to take the gold off your waist and end your Movement.” Vega and Tatanka try to attack, but they get knocked down. Mo is able to nail Tatanka with a spinning heel kick to send him to the floor and Mabel hits a powerslam on Vega! The Movement bails to the floor holding their titles while Men on a Mission plays to the crowd.
8. Adam Bomb Vignette: The vignette for Adam Bomb is similar to last weeks video, this time focusing on his overly red tongue. He’s coming into the WWF and he’ll be an explosion that nobody will be prepared for.
9. Bam-Bam Bigelow Interview: Backstage, Jim Ross conducted an interview with Bam-Bam Bigelow regarding Hughie The Clown attacking him last week. Ross asks Bigelow how he feels to be attacked by a clown. Bigelow grabs Ross by his collar and pushes him up against the wall. Bigelow gets in Ross’s face and tells him for the past week he has heard Hughie’s stupid laugh in his head after being hit with the shovel. Bam-Bam tells Ross that the circus is coming to an end on May 15th. “Bam-Bam is going to be the last man laughing.” Bigelow shoves Ross to the concrete floor before walking off.
10. Marty Jannetty defeated Scott Taylor in 4:09 following the Rocker Dropper.
11. The Undertaker defeated Brian Lee in 7:25 following a tombstone piledriver.
12. Bret Hart Interview: Vince McMahon interviewed Bret Hart regarding his issues with Owen Hart and Chris Benoit. Hart says that there is a level of disappointment that himself and Bulldog weren’t able to win at WrestleMania XI. That’s a tough pill to swallow. However, he’s also proud of his brother for earning a win at the biggest event in the WWF. Owen took him out of the equation and Benoit used that damaging Crossface to make Bulldog tap. It was a job well done. But, Bret isn’t going to let that be the only match between them. Bret wants Owen one on one in the middle of the ring to see just how good his little brother is. Bret doesn’t want to wait around for it, either. “I’m not going to wait until next years WrestleMania or even SummerSlam this year. I want to see how good you really are.. one on one.. May 15th.. In Your House. It’s time to step up and be the best Hart, just as you claim to be.” Bret tells McMahon that he’ll be here next week to hear Owen’s response.
13. Shawn Michaels defeated Mark Thomas in 3:13 following a superkick. After the match, the lights turn gold for five-seconds, leaving Michaels confused for a moment.
14. Psycho Sid & Jeff Jarrett defeated WWF World Champion Diesel & Razor Ramon in 14:37 when Jarrett pinned Diesel. Late in the match, Diesel was laid out on the floor when Yokozuna came out and delivered a leg drop and rolled Diesel into the ring allowing Jarrett to win the match. Also during the match, Jarrett again decked Ramon with a chain knocking him out of the match.

WWF Superstars 4/23/1995

1. Hunter Hearst Helmsley defeated Tim Thomas in 2:28 following a Pedigree.
2. Fatu defeated Bill Salisbury in 2:52 following a top rope splash.
3. Hakushi defeated Scott Taylor in 3:45 following a top rope moonsault.
4. Mabel defeated WWF Tag Team Champion Tatanka in 6:27 following a middle rope splash.





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