WWE Heat 9/8/2002

World Wrestling Entertainment presents Heat

1.) Jacqueline defeated Victoria
2.) Shelton Benjamin defeated Shawn Stasiak
3.) Spike Dudley defeated Raven
4.) Goldust defeated Steven Richards

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Victoria yanks Jacqueline down by her hair to start the match and claims she didn’t do anything wrong to the referee. Victoria again yanks Jacqueline down by her hair and taunts the fans. Jacqueline pulls Victoria down a few times followed by a drop toe hold and arm drags. Victoria powerslams Jacqueline for a near fall. Victoria delivers an elbow drop for a two count. Victoria gets another near fall after a leg drop. Victoria rams Jacqueline into the corner face first a few times and chokes Jacqueline. Jacqueline almost wins with a sunset flip. Victoria nearly wins following a clothesline. Victoria connects with a side slam for a near fall. Victoria decks Jacqueline over the back, but runs into a boot and a few clotheslines by Jacqueline. Victoria is sent into the corner and Jacqueline hits a German suplex. Jacqueline kicks Victoria to the mat and wins the match. (1/2*. There really wasn’t much to this one at all.)

2.) Earlier today, Fink talks with Raven in the hallway. Fink reminds Raven about losing a match and being banned from RAW. Fink is also banned from RAW since losing to Lilian Garcia. Fink promises to bounce back to the top. Raven isn’t interested in talking to Fink and tells him that Heat is his personal playground. Raven doesn’t want to hear about his match with D’Lo last week. It was just a small piece to the puzzle. Raven says they are all pawns being controlled by him. Raven says everyone are just fragments of his masterpiece.

3.) Stasiak shoves Benjamin into the corner out of a lockup. Benjamin counters a hip toss with one of his own followed by an arm drag and a scoop slam. Benjamin rams Stasiak’s head on the mat a few times. Stasiak dumps Benjamin over the top, but Benjamin pulls himself back into the ring and tosses Stasiak to the floor. Stasiak drops Benjamin throat first over the top rope. Stasiak hits a flying clothesline off the top for a two count. Stasiak keeps Benjamin on the mat with a chokehold. Stasiak drives Benjamin down with a front suplex for a near fall. Benjamin punches Stasiak, but is dropped over the top rope. Stasiak continues to stomp on Benjamin. Stasiak chokes Benjamin over the middle rope. Stasiak keeps a sleeper on Benjamin, but doesn’t get a submission. Benjamin tries for a sunset flip, but Stasiak blocks it with a right hand. Benjamin almost wins with a rollup and is decked by a clothesline. Stasiak tries for a suplex, but Benjamin counters with a neckbreaker. Benjamin fights free from Stasiak with right hands. Benjamin connects with a spinning elbow and a backdrop for a two count. Stasiak plants Benjamin with a spinebuster for a near fall. Stasiak tries for a suplex, but Benjamin lands on his feet and nails Stasiak with the Money Clip (spinning kick) for the win. (*. Benjamin just can’t be in there with a guy like Stasiak, who can not carry a new guy to a good match. There was a misstep in the match that caused the crowd to boo them. Benjamin has a new theme song which could mean that Benjamin is sticking around on the main roster.)

4.) Raven takes time during his entrance to taunt D’Lo which likely means that issue isn’t over with yet.

5.) Raven backs Spike into a corner and taunts D’Lo at the announcers table. Raven punches Spike in the corner a few times to gain control of the match. Spike head scissors Raven and sends Raven to the floor. Spike connects with a slingshot crossbody to the floor. Spike rolls Raven into the ring and delivers several stomps. Raven sends Spike chest first into the corner. Raven clotheslines Spike coming out of the corner for a near fall. Raven goes to the middle rope and drives his knee into the back of Spike. Raven catapults Spike throat first into the bottom rope. Raven puts a sleeper on Spike, but doesn’t get a submission as Spike delivers a jawbreaker. Raven puts a headlock on Spike, but is shoved into the ropes. Spike gets another sleeper on Raven and is backed into the corner. Raven plants Spike with a back suplex. Spike nails Raven with a running headbutt to the midsection. Spike forearms Raven followed by a bulldog. Spike forearms Raven for a near fall. Spike runs into a knee in the corner. Raven plants Spike with a powerbomb. Raven taunts D’Lo while punching Spike in the corner. D’Lo stands on the announcers table and the distraction allows Spike to backslide Raven for the win. (*1/4. The distraction finish was not a surprise at all. I wasn’t all that entertained by the match.)

6.) Richards backs Goldust into a corner and tries for a cheap shot, but Goldust avoids it and taunts Richards. Goldust shoves Richards to the mat and delivers a few right hands. Goldust nails Richards with a butt strike. Goldust drops down to uppercut Richards followed by an arm drag. Goldust takes Richards down and delivers a leg drop. Goldust sends Richards into the corner a few times shoulder first. Goldust decks Richards with a right hand. Richards punches Goldust in the corner a few times, but Goldust fires back with strikes. Richards sends Goldust into the corner chest first and hits a neckbreaker. Richards chops Goldust against the ropes before delivering an elbow drop for a two count. Richards keeps control on the mat with a headlock. Goldust elbows free leading to a sunset flip for a near fall. Richards clotheslines Goldust followed by right hands on the mat. Richards chops Goldust a few times and connects with an awkward dropkick for a two count. Goldust holds onto the ropes and nearly pins Richards with a rollup. Goldust hits a snap powerslam and both men are down. They trade right hands until Goldust delivers a few clotheslines and an atomic drop. Goldust connects with a spinebuster for a two count. Goldust punches Richards several times in the corner. Goldust puts Richards legs over the middle rope signaling for shattered dreams, but Richards blocks it and clotheslines Goldust for a near fall. Richards signals for a DDT, but Goldust counters with the Curtain Call to win the match. (*. I don’t think this match ever found its flow and it suffered as a result. I was hoping for a hidden gem of a match since these two are good workers, but this one was a bit of a disappointment.)

Final Thoughts:
Not a good episode of Heat as the in-ring action was not very good at all this time around.

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