WWF Heat 2/14/1999

World Wrestling Federation presents Heat
From: Memphis, TN

1.) Viscera defeated Test by disqualification
2.) Billy Gunn defeated Tiger Ali Singh to a no contest

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) It’s the night of WWF St. Valentine’s Day Massacre.

2.) Shane McMahon is in the ring and introduces Vince McMahon to cut a promo in the ring. McMahon wants to remind everyone who won the 1999 Royal Rumble and proceeds to show footage from the Royal Rumble pay per view where Vince eliminated Steve Austin with help from The Rock causing a distraction. Vince also shows footage from last nights Saturday Night RAW where Vince pinned Austin and taunted him in the corner. Vince warns Austin to not make him have three wins over Austin. Vince says they don’t have to have the cage match tonight. Vince is willing to give Austin one last chance. Vince says if they go through with it that Austin will never be the same again. Vince will give Austin one last chance to break his contract. Vince will go find Austin if he needs to. Austin is watching on a TV backstage, but doesn’t move. Austin breaks the TV he was watching moments later.

3.) Outside, a limo has arrived to the arena.

4.) Backstage, Dominic Denucci, Mankind’s trainer, meets with Mankind and wants him to dropkick Rock tonight. Iron Sheik and Bob Backlund enter the scene. Backlund takes offense to Mankind referencing Sheik beating him in MSG.

5.) Test and Viscera trade right hands with Viscera getting the advantage. Test fires back with a few strikes of his own. Viscera clotheslines Test coming out of the corner and delivers a splash. Viscera elbows Test in the corner, but Test delivers a big boot and a clothesline for a two count. Test tries for a suplex, but Viscera counters with a suplex of his own. Viscera slams Test, but gets distracted by Bossman. Test manages a two count with a rollup. Test hammers away on Viscera followed by a forearm strike. Viscera blocks a backdrop attempt and spikes Test with a piledriver. Viscera delivers a big splash, but Bossman enters and hits Viscera with a nightstick and does the same to Mideon. Bossman cleans house with several nightstick shots. (*. That wasn’t nearly as bad as I was expecting it to be. There weren’t any slow moments and the offense by both men kept me interested for the short time they had.)

6.) Backstage, Michael Cole is with Billy Gunn, who will be a special referee for a match between WWF Intercontinental Champion Ken Shamrock and Val Venis. Gunn thinks he’ll do great as a special referee. Gunn knows what to look for in the match. Gunn would welcome bribes for the match. Gunn walks off.

7.) Backstage, The Rock is with a young lady named Rita. Rock is looking for someone to give him a massage. Rita tells Rock what her history is and Rock asks if she likes pancakes leading to them going to the hall. Rock has a line of women there and proceeds to call them all skanks.

8.) Jerry Lawler makes his way out and they mention that Lawler may be the next mayor of Memphis. Lawler invites Debra to come out and Debra is greeted with a warm reaction from the crowd. Debra had a fight with Ivory last night on RAW Saturday Night. Lawler thinks that Debra would be concerned about the tag match at the PPV. Debra isn’t worried and has an offer for Ivory that she wouldn’t be able to refuse. Ivory makes her way out to join the segment. Debra thinks they got off on the wrong foot. Debra isn’t done with Ivory. Debra wants to make the tag match tonight a six person tag match. Ivory tells Debra that the tag title match is going to happen and her men will win the tag titles. Ivory promises to strip Debra if she gets near her men. That leads to a cat fight until Owen, Jarrett, D’Lo and Henry make the save.

9.) Backstage, Iron Sheik is working out with Mankind giving it a try, as well. Mankind thinks he should use the item as a weapon.

10.) Backstage, Michael Cole asks Steve Austin if he’ll comply to not be in the cage, but Austin slams the door on Cole, as expected.

11.) Backstage, Billy Gunn opens an envelope with some money in it. Ryan Shamrock enters the scene and sits on Gunn’s lap.

12.) Tiger Ali Singh is in the ring and calls the fans ignorant and knows they will not know what he’s going to say. Naturally, we have no idea what he says.

13.) Gunn avoids Singh in the corner and delivers a few jabs. Gunn sends Singh into the referee and hits the Fame-Asser. There’s no referee on the pin attempt. Val Venis comes out to count the fall, but Ken Shamrock has come out and attacks Venis. Gunn shoves Shamrock to the floor. Gunn clotheslines Venis and the crowd goes nuts. Shamrock sends Venis into the ring steps and continues with strikes and a knee lift. Big Bossman and Test have come out as well to bring Shamrock backstage. (NR. This was just angle advancement for the PPV.)

14.) Backstage, Mankind continues to train with Dom.

15.) Backstage, Vince McMahon is talking with Patterson and Brisco. Vince says he doesn’t want anyone involved in the cage match if it happens tonight.

16.) Backstage, Bob Backlund is running up and down stairs. Mankind follows and does the same one time. The Rock sneaks up from behind and hits Mankind on the knee with metal coffee maker and a pallet.

17.) Vince McMahon makes his way down to the ring to close out the show. Vince says that Austin’s time is up. Vince hates Austin. Shawn Michaels makes his way out to confront Vince instead of Austin. Michaels taunts McMahon and says that people say to get someones attention is to whisper. Michaels thinks that is a waste of time. Michaels would rather slam his fist into McMahon’s face. Vince thinks Austin is hiding behind Michaels and that leads to Austin coming out. Vince spits on Austin. Austin is going to use Vince’s blood to wash off the spit after the cage match as Heat goes off the air.

Final Thoughts:
They touched on the feuds that had most interest heading into the PPV, but action wise there was nothing here. I would say in terms of advancing stories they did a good job to add some hype to the PPV.

Thanks for reading.

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