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NWA Cyberspace Shockwave 7/30/2005

National Wrestling Alliance/Cyberspace presents Shockwave
From: Wayne, NJ

Nicky Benz (Nick Berk) comes out singing and insulting the crowd.

Opening Contest: Nicky Benz vs. Chris Camaro: Camaro knee lifts Benz and knocks Benz to the mat followed by a right hand. Benz sends Camaro through the ropes to the floor. Camaro decks Benz from behind as Jade Chung was distracting on the apron. Camaro hammers away on Benz, but Benz responds with a right hand. Camaro ducks an elbow and hits a vertical suplex for a two count. Camaro drives Benz down with a backbreaker for a near fall. Camaro controls Benz with a chin lock on the mat. Camaro delivers a jawbreaker to stagger Benz. Benz is staggering around and does a face plant. Benz delivers a neckbreaker to win the match. (*1/2. There’s nothing much to this one, but I found myself enjoying Benz and his antics. The singing gimmick wasn’t too bad, either.)

Matt Striker makes his way out to the ring and gets a great ovation from the crowd. Striker has recently signed a contract with WWE and this is his farewell to Cyberspace. Striker recalls working for the company when there was thirty people in the crowd. Striker has gone from entertaining a group in the crowd to going and entertaining worldwide. Striker is happy to never have to wrestle in gyms like this one in Wayne, New Jersey. Striker tricked the fans into thinking he was grateful. Striker gets the crowd to chant that Firehawk is fat. Firehawk is the owner of Cyberspace. Firehawk has come down to ringside to confront Striker. Firehawk takes off his shirt and puts over Striker for reaching the big time. Firehawk says that Cyberspace is the place to be and will continue to be so. Striker tells Firehawk he will leave and he’ll never see his face again. Firehawk tells Striker that he’s fired and gets security to escort Striker out of the building. Striker says he’s not been paid yet. Striker walks out of the building. Firehawk tries to get the fans to chant Striker out, but the fans aren’t really wanting to chant him out, so that’s awkward.

Tammy Sytch is the special referee for the next match.

Second Contest: Cindy Rogers vs. Lacey in a falls count anywhere match: Rogers goes to the floor and is chased by Lacey. Rogers kicks Lacey upon entering the ring and delivers an axe handle to the back. Rogers stands on Lacey’s hair and pulls up. Lacey kicks Rogers across the ring and delivers an arm drag for a two count. Lacey sends Rogers to the floor to keep control with an axe handle off the apron to the floor. Lacey sends Rogers into the guard railing and gets a two count as Tammy took forever to get to the floor. Lacey forearms Rogers, but Rogers delivers a side Russian leg sweep into the railing. Rogers gets another two count after a butterfly suplex. John Shane trips Lacey and is ejected from ringside by Tammy. Lacey drops Rogers over the top rope and they trade forearms around ringside. Rogers sends Lacey into the ring post face first. Lacey sends Rogers into the ring steps for a two count. Tammy made the count in the ring while they were on the floor. Lacey sends Rogers into the ring steps shoulder first for another two count (this time Tammy went to the floor). Lacey beats on Rogers around ringside and sends Rogers into the ring steps. Lacey tosses Rogers over the railing onto a fan in the front row. Lacey follows into the crowd and they trade strikes. Rogers sends Lacey into the empty bleachers. Rogers rams Lacey onto a table and goes for a cover managing a two count. Lacey strikes Rogers leading to another two count. Lacey tosses Rogers over the merchandise table leading to another near fall. Rogers sends Lacey into a padded wall and some chairs in the crowd. Lacey avoids a chair shot and plants Rogers with a DDT in the crowd to win the match. (1/2*. This was mostly just repetitive brawling and constant near falls outside of the ring to make sure they played into the stipulation.)

Bill Apter makes his way out for Apter’s Alley segment, which will be with NWA Cyberspace Champion Jeff Jarrett. Wait a minute, Jarrett doesn’t come out, but rather his lawyer Daggett comes out to talk to Apter. Daggett says that the appearance was not approved and that Jarrett needs to be paid to appear. He talks about being impressed by Michael Shane and mentions something about being an apprentice. Daggett doesn’t want to commit to a contract signing with Abyss for August.

Third Contest: NWA Cyberspace Tag Team Champions All Money Is Legal (Murda & Pusha) vs. The SAT (Joel & Jose): All four men are going at it to kickoff the title match and they brawl around ringside. Pusha head scissors Joel and dropkicks him to the floor. Jose works over Murda with strikes, but Murda hits an arm drag and dropkick to send Jose to the floor. Murda does a dive to the floor and is not caught at all by the SAT and also misses them completely. SAT decide to leave, but the champs catchup with them and continue the match. Joel hits a snap powerslam on Pusha for a near fall. Jose tags into the match and works over Pusha with strikes. Jose hits a snap suplex for a near fall. Joel returns to the match and stomps on Pusha. SAT slam Pusha to the mat and deliver a double bulldog. Pusha knee strikes Jose in the corner, but Jose regains control with a kick on the top turnbuckle. Jose hits a suplex off the middle rope and hits a twisting suplex off the middle rope. Jose puts Pusha on the top turnbuckle again, but Pusha puts Jose in a tree of woe and hits a double stomp! Murda nails a coast to coast dropkick! Murda tags into the match and covers Jose for a near fall. Pusha lands on his feet to avoid a German suplex and Murda hits a missile dropkick. Joel gets a running double knee in the corner. Pusha hits a head scissors off the middle rope on Jose. Pusha and Joel collide on stereo clotheslines. Murda tries for a hurricanrana, but is stopped and powerbombed into the ring by Joel. Joel hits a top rope elbow drop for a near fall. Pusha kicks Joel and hits a suicide dive tornado DDT to the floor on Jose. Pusha misses a head scissors and is driven down with a powerbomb/backbreaker. Murda hits a top rope facebuster, but Joel connects with a reverse tombstone causing everyone to be down. SAT have Murda on the top rope, but is stopped by Pusha. Murda hits a top rope hurricanrana on Joel leading to a near fall. AMIL hit a double team flipping facebuster. Jose enters the ring with a steel chair and whacks AMIL to cause a disqualification to end the match. (***. A good match with plenty of action by both teams. The finish doesn’t bother me as it allows for a rematch at a bigger event. I could see these two teams in a TLC match down the line and that would be a lot fun. Whenever I see these teams I’m expecting a good showing and that was the case here.)

Elix Skipper cuts a promo wanting a shot at the Cruiser-X Championship shot and Billy Firehawk offers three opponents for Skipper to beat and earn a shot.

Fourth Contest: Elix Skipper vs. Kid Makazie vs. Grim Reefer vs. Dirty Sanchez in an elimination match for the number one contender spot: Reefer and Sanchez kickoff the match with a headlock by Reefer starting the match. They trade leg sweeps and near falls in the opening minute of the match. Reefer dropkicks Sanchez to the corner where Skipper tags into the match. Skipper shoves Makazie to the mat out of a lockup and plays to the crowd. Skipper tries for a press slam and settles for a pie face. Makazie gets a headlock on Skipper and delivers an arm drag before playing to the crowd. Skipper floats over Makazie and delivers a forearm strike. Skipper arm drags Makazie and gets a rollup for a two count. Skipper forearms Makazie to the mat followed by an uppercut. Reefer tags into the match and rams Makazie into the corner. Makazie boots Reefer, but runs into a clothesline for a near fall. Reefer dropkicks Makazie in the corner followed by an elevated DDT over the top rope. Reefer stops Skipper with a jawbreaker. Reefer heads to the top rope hitting a springboard missile dropkick for a two count. Skipper kicks Reefer on the leg and delivers a kick to the chest and back. Sanchez gets involved with a dropkick and Makazie delivered a double leg drop. Sanchez works over Makazie with strikes against the ropes. Skipper is hit with a kendo stick on the floor. Sanchez gets a two count following a hurricanrana and rolls Makazie up for a two count. Sanchez stomps on Makazie, but is stopped by a kick. Makazie hit a swinging Codebreaker out of the corner on Sanchez. Reefer shoves Makazie off the top tp the floor and hits a senton splash on Sanchez for a two count. Reefer hammers away on Sanchez in the corner, but Sanchez puts something in his mask and headbutts Reefer. Sanchez covers Reefer for the first elimination.

Skipper is kicked by Makazie when trying to hit the POD on Sanchez leading to a near fall. Skipper is driven down with a double spinebuster. Sanchez hits a splash off the top for a two count on Skipper. Makazie goes to the other corner and hits an inverted senton, but Sanchez breaks the cover for some reason. Makazie accidentally forearms Sanchez. Skipper plants Sanchez with a swinging slam. Makazie hits a standing diamond dust for a near fall on Skipper. Makazie hammers away on Skipper, but Skipper hits another swinging slam for a three count and eliminates Makazie.

Sanchez takes Skipper to the floor and rams Skipper into the apron back first. Sanchez sends Skipper into the guard railing. Sanchez rolls Skipper into the ring. Sanchez stomps on Skipper’s back and works over Skipper with a kick to the midsection. Sanchez kicks Skipper on the back and keeps control with a chin lock. Sanchez takes Skipper over with a snap suplex. Sanchez gets out of the swinging slam, but Skipper delivers the POD for the win. After the match, Sanchez attacks Skipper. Skipper delivers a kick and tries to remove the mask of Sanchez. Skipper successfully removes the mask and it was Sonjay Dutt. (*1/2. It was obvious that Skipper was going to prevail in the match and get a title shot. I had no idea that Dutt was under the mask, so that reveal was nicely done. It also adds to the eventual title match between Skipper and Dutt down the line. The match just felt like it was dragging along at some points. I wish that Reefer had been involved longer in the match, too.)

Billy Firehawk comes out to the ring and talks about travel issues impacting the show. Firehawk has two wrestlers that don’t have opponents. Mike Tobin comes out to join the segment. Tobin asks if Firehawk is going to send him home and asks if the fans missed him last show, which they didn’t. Mana is revealed as Tobin’s opponent. John Shane tries to convince Mana they are friends. Shane reminds Mana he gave him McDonalds before. Mana attacks Shane.

Fifth Contest: Mana vs. Mike Tobin: Tobin gets a few right hands in, but is met with a clothesline off the ropes. Mana hammers away on Tobin and misses a clothesline. Tobin tries for a dropkick, but Mana barely budges. Tobin hammers away on Mana some more and tries for a shoulder block, but Mana delivers a suplex. Mana chops Tobin in the corner several times. Mana delivers a running knee strike several times in the corner. Mana nails Tobin with a running back splash. Tobin kicks Mana followed by a middle rope elbow, but Mana doesn’t move. Tobin tries for a middle rope dropkick and Mana doesn’t sell it. Mana plants Tobin with a Samoan Drop. Shane gets on the apron and gets a kendo stick shot to the ass. Mana hits a middle rope Polynesian Plunge (piledriver) for the win. (*. That was one hell of a finishing move that I was not expecting Mana to execute. I dig Mana.)

Bill Apter makes his way out to host the contract signing between NWA Cyberspace Champion Jeff Jarrett and Abyss for Cybercade. Billy Firehawk joins the segment, as well. Jarrett and Abyss are in the ring to sign the contract. Jarrett is sporting a beard that I’ve never seen him sport before. Jarrett calls Abyss a moron and says there’s a reason why he’s a multiple time champion in several different companies. Jarrett has some brains. Abyss is hit by Dagget, but Abyss puts him through a table with a chokeslam.

Sixth Contest: NWA Cyberspace Internet Champion Josh Daniels & Michael Shane vs. Mike Kruel & Joel Maximo: Daniels wants a piece of Kruel, but starts off with Maximo and they trade chops to kickoff the action. Daniels chip tosses Maximo, but is kicked away. Daniels avoids an arm drag and stomps Joel. Daniels delivers a running forearm in the corner and decks Kruel off the apron. Daniels ducks a clothesline and is nailed by Kruel with a forearm from the floor. Kruel slams Daniels arm on the apron a few times. Jose Maximo gets a couple of cheap shots in on Daniels. Kruel knee drops Daniels on the arm. Kruel tags in Joel to stomp on Daniels arm. Daniels tries to fight back, but Joel yanks down on the arm onto the mat a couple of times. Kruel returns to the match and falls back onto the arm. Kruel keeps an arm bar on Daniels, but doesn’t get a submission. Daniels fights back with a few kicks, but Kruel gets a hammerlock on Daniels, but is still unable to get a submission. Shane gets in the ring and hammers away on Kruel after a tag, but the referee didn’t see it. Maximo gets a two count after a suplex. Joel continues to work on the arm and stomps on Daniels. Daniels gets another tag to Shane, but the referee didn’t see it again due to Kruel distracting the referee. Kruel leg drops Daniels on the injured arm and now Jose has entered the match instead of Joel. Kruel returns to the match and works over the left arm some more. Kruel misses a clothesline in the corner and Daniels responds with a clothesline of his own. Daniels makes the tag to Shane, but Kruel begs off and Shane ends up hitting Daniels with a superkick to turn on his partner. Shane tells them to tear his arm off. Kruel puts a cross arm bar on Daniels and gets a quick submission from Daniels to win the match. After the match, Daniels continues to be beaten up by the heels. It looks like Shane is replacing Striker in the group. (*1/2. This was just an angle to promote the submission at the next show and to also bring Shane on as a new member or leader of the group to replace Striker. I thought it was fine for what it was and I’m interested to see how Shane can be as a leader of a group. The submission match could be pretty good, too.)

Seventh Contest: Bobby Roode vs. Crowbar: Roode attacks Crowbar before the bell to get the cheap advantage. Crowbar jabs Roode several times and headbutts Roode. Roode shoulder blocks Crowbar, but Crowbar comes back with an arm drag. Crowbar nails Roode with an elbow and leg drop for a two count. Roode rams Crowbar into the corner face first and delivers a chop to stagger Crowbar. Crowbar chops Roode and sends Roode over the top to the floor. Crowbar baseball slides Roode into the guard railing. Chung hits Crowbar with a kendo stick and Roode hits a full nelson slam for a near fall. Roode rams Crowbar into the corner. Roode elbows Crowbar to the mat and taunts the fans. Crowbar jabs Roode several times. Roode knee lifts Crowbar several times and taunts the crowd. Roode plants Crowbar with a back suplex for a two count. Roode keeps Crowbar on the mat with a sleeper. Crowbar elbows free and delivers a headbutt, but Roode yanks Crowbar to the mat by his hair. Crowbar tries for a superplex, but Roode shoves Crowbar off. Crowbar crotches Roode to stop his momentum. Crowbar kicks Roode and delivers chops. Crowbar takes Roode off the top with a hurricanrana. Crowbar backdrops Roode followed by clotheslines. Roode ducks a clothesline, but Crowbar hits a northern lights suplex for a two count. Roode sends Crowbar into the corner chest first. Roode dumps Crowbar to the apron and is dropped over the top rope. Crowbar hits a slingshot splash and a springboard moonsault for a two count. Roode tries for a full nelson, but Crowbar gets a rollup for a two count. Crowbar chops Roode in the corner. Crowbar misses a splash in the corner and Roode hits a lariat from behind for the win. (**. A fine match with Crowbar having a good moment of shine to tease a victory, but I never thought Roode was in real trouble. I got nervous thinking it would be a squash, but luckily it was a little more competitive. Crowbar got a strong reaction from the crowd, too.)

Bill Apter hosts another Apter Alley this time with Michael Shane. Apter asks why Shane turned on Daniels, which Shane responds by calling Apter a bitch. Shane says that he doesn’t do what he’s told and instead does whatever he wants when he wants to do it. Shane says that he’s going to go by Matt Bentley. Apter asks what the difference is in the names. Shane tells Apter that he just told him the different. Shane claims to be the future of the business and has the SAT and Mike Kruel with him to rule Cyberspace. Apter tells Shane the interview is over and goes to leave. Shane stops Apter and says it’s not over until he says its over. Shane threatens Apter in the corner and he says it’s over now officially.

Eighth Contest: NWA Cyberspace Women’s Champion Jazz vs. Nikki Roxx: Jazz takes Roxx to the mat in the early moments of the match. Jazz plays to the crowd, but Roxx comes back with a couple of arm drags and gets arm control on the mat. Jazz shoulder blocks Roxx and runs the ropes only to be met with a hip toss and dropkick. The Smoke gets in the ring to distract the referee. Jazz nails Roxx with a forearm from behind followed by stomps. Jazz rams Roxx into the corner followed by an elbow strike. Jazz hits a double under hook suplex two times leading to a near fall. Jazz keeps a chin lock on Roxx, but doesn’t get a submission. Roxx comes off the ropes and is met with an elbow strike for a two count. Jazz chokes Roxx over the middle rope to keep control of the contest. Jazz delivers a few jabs, but misses a clothesline and Roxx fires away with strikes. Jazz cuts Roxx off with a right hand. Jazz has Roxx on her shoulders, but Roxx gets a rollup for a two count. Roxx takes Jazz over with a northern lights suplex for a two count. Jazz counters a dropkick into an STF for the clean submission victory. (*. I enjoy Jazz and think she’s a great talent. I’m wondering why she never got a TNA run, actually.)

Ninth Contest: Abyss vs. Sinister X: X attacks Abyss before the bell with strikes and knee lifts to the midsection. Abyss misses a clothesline, but big boots X to the floor. Abyss continues with chops on the floor around ringside. Abyss sends X into the ring steps. Abyss rams X face first into the ring steps. X low blows Abyss to avoid a chair shot. X shoulder rams Abyss on the floor against the apron a few times. X goes to the top hitting a flying forearm smash for a near fall. X grabs a chair from the front row. Abyss big boots the chair into X’s face. Abyss has the chair and smashes X over the head. Abyss tries for a chokeslam, but X elbows free. Abyss plants X with the Black Hole Slam, but Jeff Jarrett pulls the referee out. The referee calls for the bell. Michael Shane, SAT and Mike Kruel enter the ring to attack, but Abyss fights them off. Shane hits Abyss with a chair shot over the head. Jarrett gets in the ring and hits Abyss with a guitar shot. Jarrett taunts Abyss saying he’ll see him next month. Jarrett taunts the crowd before walking off with Michael Shane and his crew. (*. I liked the aftermath and I’m quite interested in seeing how a Jarrett/Abyss match plays out.)

Tenth Contest: Rodney Mack vs. Grim Reefer: Mack attacks Reefer from behind to get the cheap advantage. Mack misses a splash in the corner and Reefer delivers right hands. Mack knocks Reefer down and Reefer bails to the floor. Reefer slides back in and hammers away on Mack. Reefer dropkicks Mack to the floor to avoid a choke bomb. Mack leaves the ring, but Reefer follows. They get back in the ring and Reefer hammers away on Mack with several right hands. Mack plants Reefer with a spinebuster followed by a knee drop. Mack keeps a sleeper on Reefer, but doesn’t get a submission. Reefer blocks a splash with his knees. Reefer goes to the top rope but is caught on a crossbody attempt and is slammed to the mat for a two count. Mack works over Reefer with strikes on the floor. Mack hip tosses Reefer over the railing into empty chairs. Mack rolls Reefer into the ring and hits a big splash for a near fall. Mack hooks Reefer for a suplex, but Reefer breaks free and chops Mack several times. Reefer takes Mack down with a tilt a whirl head scissor into an STF, but Mack reaches the ropes. Mack plants Reefer with a running powerslam for the win. (*1/2. It’s a fine extended squash match. Mack comes across well as a badass and I was interested in the match. Reefer is a lot of fun and took some good bumps to put over Mack throughout the bout.) After the match, a guy in the front row that had embraced Mack before the match enters the ring. Apparently, he’s a felon. The man attacks Reefer hitting a full nelson bomb. Slyck Wagner Brown makes the save with a chair. Mack says he will have a surprise for Slyck next month.

Eleventh Contest: Mo Sexton vs. Julio Dinero: Sexton takes Dinero down to the mat and delivers several right hands. Sexton kicks Dinero several times in the corner and Dinero bails to the floor. Sexton dropkicks Dinero in the corner and plays to the crowd. Sexton backdrops Dinero coming off the ropes. Dinero dumps Sexton to the floor and hits a neckbreaker over the middle rope. Dinero chokes Sexton over the middle rope and rakes Sexton’s eyes across the ropes. Dinero uppercuts Sexton in the corner. Dinero dropkicks Sexton and catapults Sexton throat first into the middle rope. Dinero delivers a headbutt to the groin for a near fall. Sexton fights back with right hands to stagger Dinero. Dinero delivers an elbow drop to the groin after lifting Sexton into the air. Dinero delivers an elbow drop for a near fall. Dinero hooks Sexton for a twisting suplex and gets a near fall. Dinero headbutts Sexton in the corner and nails Sexton with a spinning back elbow in the corner. Dinero misses an elbow drop off the middle rope. Sexton struggles to his feet and hammers away on Dinero. Sexton ducks a clothesline and dropkicks Dinero. Sexton dropkicks Dinero several times. Sexton plants Dinero with a tornado DDT. Sexton heads to the top rope and leaps off being met with a cutter in midair for a near fall. Dinero stomps on Sexton and can’t believe he didn’t win. Dinero tries for a move, but Sexton counters with a rollup and pins Dinero! (*1/2. It’s a little sloppy, but it’s a fine match. I’m just glad that Sexton got a clean win as it felt like Cyberspace was holding off on Sexton getting any kind of momentum.) After the match, Dinero challenges Sexton to a loser leaves Cyberspace next month at Cybercade. Sexton is picked up by fans and accepts the challenge.

Bill Apter hosts Apter Alley with Billy Firehawk as the guest. Firehawk has a key and says it’s the key to championships. There will be a six man elimination match. Firehawk says that the winner of the match will get a title match and it doesn’t matter which title they choose to go after.

Prior to the main event, Slyck and Jarrett stall quite a bit.

Main Event: NWA Cyberspace Heavyweight Champion Jeff Jarrett vs. Slyck Wagner Brown: Jarrett controls Brown with a wrist lock and a knee lift to the midsection. Jarrett almost decks his lawyer, but Brown sends them into each other. Brown nails Jarrett with a forearm, but is sent to the floor by Jarrett. Jarrett drops Brown throat first over the railing. Jarrett rams Brown into the railing ribs first. Jarrett rams Brown into the railing again ribs first. Jarrett jabs Brown with a chair shot to the midsection a couple of times. Jarrett rolls Brown into the ring and puts a sleeper on Brown. Jarrett gets Brown to the mat, but Brown breaks free and hits a tilt a whir head scissors. Brown hip tosses Jarrett followed by a dropkick for a two count. Brown hammers away on Jarrett and hits a leg lariat for a near fall. Brown hooks Jarrett for a suplex and hits a front slam for a near fall. Brown accidentally hits the referee with a missile dropkick. Brown hooks Jarrett hitting a double under hook powerbomb, but there’s no referee. Rodney Mack slides into the ring and brawls with Brown. Brown clotheslines Mack to the floor. Brown hits a suicide dive to the floor and they go into the railing. Abyss comes out to the ring, as well. Jarrett isn’t aware as Mack and Brown brawl into the ring. Jarrett backs into Abyss and Abyss hits the Black Hole Slam. Abyss covers Jarrett and the referee counts a three for whatever reason. Brown and Mack continue to brawl in the crowd. Abyss gets the NWA Cyberspace Championship and poses, but the referee reverses the decision to a disqualification. (*. I should have figured that Jarrett would stall on the Indies and work a basic and slow match. The whole segment was mostly to promote the Mack/Brown and Jarrett/Abyss matches the big show. I find myself interested in both matches, so that didn’t really bother me much here.)

Final Thoughts:
As much as I enjoy the unique cards that Cyberspace usually provide, this time the show was just too underwhelming for me to recommend. Despite a weaker show, I’m still interested in Cybercade that has a cage match between Jarrett/Abyss and the street fight between Mack/Brown as the main draws. I’m looking forward to checking that one out despite a poor showing here.

Thanks for reading.


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