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WWF Prime Time Wrestling 2/3/1992

World Wrestling Federation presents Prime Time Wrestling
From: Various Locations

Matches: (original matches)
1.) Virgil defeated IRS by disqualification
2.) The Warlord defeated Chris Walker
3.) Beverly Brothers defeated Greg Valentine & Texas Tornado
4.) Rick Martel wrestled Marty Jannetty to a 20-minute draw

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Vince McMahon, Gorilla Monsoon, Slick, Bobby Heenan and Mr. Perfect are on the panel this week. They show footage from the WrestleMania VIII press conference that was shown over the weekend. Heenan and Perfect are laughing about the announcement because everything is falling into place for them. Perfect thinks they’ve been having the perfect year thus far. Monsoon says that Sid doesn’t conduct himself the same way as Hogan or Savage. Vince thinks that Sid could have an argument. Vince wonders if there is some favoritism and Heenan absolutely thinks that’s the case. Heenan thinks that Flair will be famous when he beats Hogan on April 5th. Perfect agrees with Sid that Hulk Hogan can’t beat Flair. Perfect thinks that Sid is out of line to think he can beat Flair. Vince notes that Hogan and Sid are still scheduled to team against Flair and Undertaker at the next Saturday’s Night Main Event this coming Saturday.

2.) IRS claims that Virgil cheats on his taxes and that’s why the fans support him.

3.) IRS knee lifts Virgil followed by a strike, but Virgil battles back with a few clotheslines to send IRS to the floor. The fans are chanting Irwin to get under IRS skin. IRS gets wrist control on Virgil a few times, but Virgil counters and takes IRS down to the mat to deliver a leg drop to the arm. Virgil wrenches on IRS arm, but doesn’t get a submission. IRS slams Virgil, but Virgil hangs onto the arm and IRS ends up bailing to the floor. Virgil shoulder blocks IRS and hits a hip toss. Virgil misses a wild strike and IRS bails to the floor. IRS eye rakes Virgil and sends Virgil into the corner face first to keep control. Virgil counters and hammers away on IRS a few times. IRS regains control with a strike and avoids a splash causing Virgil to hit the corner and crashes to the floor. IRS hits Virgil with his briefcase a couple of times, which the referee allows. IRS leg drops Virgil on the lower midsection. Big Bossman enters the ring and IRS is decked to the floor. The referee does give Virgil the match by DQ. (*. There wasn’t much going on here action wise and they just filled time before Bossman got down there. I think Bossman and IRS are still feuding, so that makes sense.)

4.) Back to the panel where they continue to talk about Hogan vs. Flair at WrestleMania VIII and the tag team at SNME this weekend. Heenan sees Hogan using Sid and thinks Hogan will hide behind Sid to prevent Flair from getting his hands on Hogan. Slick thinks that Undertaker could get jealous of Flair being the champion and they could end up not working well together.

5.) Warlord tosses Walker into a corner and taunts the fans by posing. Walker avoids a few elbows as Walker has a go-behind, but simply lets go. Walker gets a headlock on Warlord and tries for a shoulder block, but staggers off. Warlord misses a clothesline and catches Walker on a crossbody attempt to deliver a backbreaker. Warlord misses an elbow drop and Walker fires back with right hands against the ropes. Warlord misses a clothesline and walker delivers a few of his own and a dropkick. Walker knocks Warlord to the floor with a second dropkick. Warlord wants a test of strength, but the fans are trying to warn Walker not to do so. Walker decides to go for it anyway and is met with a knee lift to the midsection and strike over the back. Walker tries for a rollup, but Warlord holds onto the ropes and dumps Walker to the floor. Harvey Wippleman taunts Walker on the floor. Warlord clubs Walker over the chest on the apron to drop Walker to the floor. Warlord sends Walker into the ropes and hits a backdrop. Warlord stomps on Walker a few times to maintain control of the contest. Warlord rams Walker into the corner face first. Walker is sent back first into the corner and Walker delivers a boot. Walker delivers a middle rope double axe handle a few times. Walker goes to the middle rope and axe handles Warlord again. Walker heads to the top rope hitting a crossbody for a near fall. Warlord counters a hurricanrana attempt with a powerbomb for the clean win. (*1/2. It’s a little bit sloppy, but they were able to get the crowd to react to their stuff towards the end and I like that Warlord got a clean win. I’m sure that means over the next couple of weeks Warlord will be losing on TV to bigger names.)

6.) Valentine and Beau kickoff the tag match with both men getting hammerlocks. Valentine elbows Beau to the mat and Beau regroups in the corner. Beau knee lifts Valentine a few times in the corner. Valentine counters with chops and a strike to knock Beau to the mat. Beau delivers a clubbing blow and tags in Blake. Valentine blocks a boot and swings Blake around to deliver an atomic drop and elbow strike. Tornado tags into the match and nails Blake with several right hands. Tornado misses a swinging punch, but delivers a short clothesline and knocks Beau to the apron, as well. Valentine gets in the ring and celebrates with Tornado. Blake and Tornado trade rights in the corner. Tornado clotheslines Blake out of the corner. Tornado misses a spear in the corner and hits the ring post. Beau chokes Tornado over the top rope and Blake adds a cheap shot behind the referee’s back. Beau leaps over Blake to splash down onto Tornado for a near fall. Blake comes off the ropes to splash Tornado and keeps a front face lock on. Beau tosses Tornado with a double under hook suplex. Tornado knee lifts Beau and looks to tag out to Valentine. Blake tags in and Valentine gets the hot tag cleaning house with strikes. Valentine backdrops Blake coming off the ropes. Valentine connects with an elbow drop and knocks Beau down on the apron. Valentine locks in the figure four on Blake. Tornado knocks Beau to the floor and headbutts Blake, but Beau delivers a top rope axe handle allowing Blake to cover Valentine for the win. (*. A slow match which is to be expected from Tornado and Valentine. They are an odd team, but they have name recognition and putting over the Beverly Brothers is the right call. I tend to enjoy the Beverly Brothers and it will be interesting to see how their year progresses.)

7.) Back to the panel, Bobby Heenan thinks that the Beverly Brothers could upset the WWF Tag Team Champions Legion of Doom on SNME. They also promote the rematch between WWF IC Champion Roddy Piper and former champion The Mountie. Slick thinks that Piper is on a roll and fired up to be stopped.

8.) A vignette promoting Papa Shango is aired. Shango is a voodoo character.

9.) Back to the panel where they discuss voodoo and Heenan makes a joke about not touching a girl name Lulu. Heenan wants to be friends with Shango and show him the ropes. Slick tries to respect all religions, but he’s a Christian and that is what he focuses on.

10.) The panel talk about Hulk Hogan some more and Heenan brags about Ric Flair winning the WWF World Championship. Heenan thinks that Hogan is going to want to showoff and brag. McMahon thinks that Hogan is going to beat on Flair real bad this Saturday. Mr. Perfect chimes in and says that Flair is the champion and will remain the champion no matter how much of a beating he takes.

11.) The match between Martel and Jannetty has been joined in progress. Martel sends Jannetty into the ring post ribs first. Martel taunts the fans while Jannetty struggles to his feet. It’s noted the match was recorded on January 8th as Jannetty had been taken out through the Barber Shop by Michaels, but was also suspended in real life. Martel continues to work over Jannetty with strikes. Martel sends Jannetty into the corner back first. Martel elbow drops Jannetty over the back and chokes Jannetty in the corner. Martel stomps on Jannetty knocking Marty off the apron to the floor. Martel locks in an abdominal stretch, but doesn’t get a submission. Martel uses the ropes for leverage, but the referee kicks his hand off the ropes. Martel jabs Jannetty in the midsection and goes to the middle rope, but Jannetty strikes Martel. Jannetty clotheslines Martel and hits an atomic drop. Jannetty delivers a sloppy clothesline and a leaping elbow strike. Jannetty drives Martel to the mat face first and connects with a superkick for a near fall. Martel grabs his spray, but the bell sounds and that means the match has ended in a time limit draw. After the match, Jannetty dropkicks Martel to the floor. (NR. For what they showed, it was a fine segment. Obviously it’s not the whole 20 minute match, which was a bit of a disappointment.)

12.) Vince McMahon notes that Prime Time Wrestling will not air next week due to the dog show and Heenan makes a few jokes about Mike McGuirk being on that show because she looks like a mutt. They continue to promote the SNME show this Saturday.

13.) The Funeral Parlor from Superstars aired where Sherri Martel revealed that she was in love with Shawn Michaels and Ted DiBiase had left the door open for her to return to him as a manager.

14.) The panel discuss the issue between Randy Savage and Jake Roberts. Heenan thinks that one of them will be going to the hospital this Saturday.

15.) To close the show, the panel promotes the SNME again. Heenan thinks that Hogan will hide behind Sid Justice. They bicker to end the program.

Final Thoughts:
It wasn’t a major week for development as it was really just a basic hype show for the SNME special on the weekend. I’m thinking that after the SNME there will be more progression towards Mania.

Thanks for reading.

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