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TNA Impact 6/28/2007

Total Non-Stop Action presents Impact
From: Orlando, FL

1.) TNA World Champion Kurt Angle defeated Christian Cage & Rhino in a no disqualification match to retain the title

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) A video package promoting the triple threat match for the TNA World Championship opens the shows with Cage, Rhino and Angle all proclaiming they will win the title tonight.

2.) TNA X-Division Champion Samoa Joe makes his way down to the ring before the title match starts. Joe shows off the title and stares at the three men shaking hands with Rhino. Cage bails to the apron to avoid Joe. Joe offers a handshake to Angle and instead slaps Angle. Joe dumps Angle to the floor and rams Angle into the guard railing followed by jabs. Joe tosses Angle into the crowd and continues to deliver strikes. Joe stomps on Angle until the locker room empties to send Joe out of the building.

3.) Angle is back in the ring following a commercial, but seems out of it. Angle is backed into a corner, but Cage goes after Rhino. Rhino fights off both Cage and Angle with right hands. Rhino is decked by Angle from behind. Rhino is double teamed in the corner and Angle wraps Rhino’s leg around the middle rope. Cage elbows Rhino to the mat and continues with stomps on the mat. Angle plants Rhino with a back suplex. Cage continues to choke Rhino over the middle rope. Rhino fights out of the corner, but is double teamed. Angle stomps on Rhino in the corner. Rhino clotheslines Cage and does the same to Angle. Rhino backdrops Cage out of the corner. Rhino catches Cage on his shoulder to hit a powerslam for a near fall. Rhino nails Cage with a belly to belly suplex. Angle works over Rhino with stomps and a backbreaker for a one count. Angle controls Rhino with a headlock on the mat. Rhino breaks free with an electric chair slam.

Angle eye rakes Rhino and tries for a suplex, but Rhino takes Angle over with a snap suplex. Rhino waits in the corner, but Cage trips Rhino and rams Rhino groin first into the post. Angle misses a spear and hits the corner. Cage connects Rhino with a reverse DDT. Cage delivers a neckbreaker for a near fall. Angle runs into an elbow. Cage sends Rhino into the ropes, but Rhino collapses to the mat. Cage atomic drops Rhino and connects with a dropkick. Cage tries for a cover, but Rhino kicks out at two. Cage puts an abdominal stretch on Rhino, but doesn’t get a submission. Rhino fights out with right hands. Rhino dumps Cage to the apron. Cage goes to the top rope, but Rhino stops Cage with a right hand. Rhino hooks Cage for a superplex, but Angle gets on the middle rope and is knocked off. Cage tosses Rhino onto Angle and frog splashes both men leading to a near fall on Angle. The show goes to commercial.

Rhino clotheslines Cage and sends Cage into the corner to deliver a shoulder ram. Angle uppercuts Rhino to the mat. Angle drop toe holds Cage onto Rhino face first. Angle tosses Cage with a German suplex and holds on to deliver a few more. Angle ends up hitting five suplexs in a row. Angle goes for the ankle lock, but Cage doesn’t give in. Rhino gets a rollup on Angle for a near fall. Rhino tries for a slam on Angle, but Angle breaks free and locks in the ankle lock. Cage comes over and Angle gets a double ankle lock locked in. Angle is flipped over by both men to break free. Angle runs into a double clothesline. Rhino and Cage collide on stereo clotheslines and all three men are down. Cage heads to the top rope, but Rhino crotches Cage. Cage shoves Rhino off and Angle hits a German suplex on Rhino. Angle runs the ropes to take Cage off the top with an overhead suplex for a two count.

Cage sends Angle into Rhino on the apron and hits the Un-Prettier, but Angle kicks out at two. Angle sends Cage to the floor while Rhino leaps off the top to clothesline Angle for a near fall. Rhino puts a Boston Crab on Angle, but doesn’t get a submission. Angle holds off on submitting. Rhino GORES Cage off the apron. Angle blocks a GORE with a kick and hits the Olympic Slam on Rhino for a two count. Cage goes under the ring to grab a table and slides the table into the ring. Rhino rams Cage face first onto the table and sets it up in the corner. Cage yanks Rhino down to the mat by his hair and stomps on Angle. Cage chokes Angle on the mat as Abyss makes his way down to the ring. Abyss goes after Cage, but Cage bails and runs through the crowd as the show goes to commercial.

Abyss has gotten his hands on Cage by the production truck tossing Cage into the wall. Abyss slams Cage face first onto a cooler. Angle hits an overhead suplex on Rhino for a near fall. Abyss continues to beat on Cage outside sending Cage into a dumpster. Angle has a choke on Rhino, but doesn’t get a submission. Abyss tries to hit Cage with a rolling trash can, but Cage moves. Tomko and Styles enter the scene to attack Abyss and help Cage. Abyss tries to fight them off, but is beaten down. Tomko drops a plastic guard railing onto Abyss. Rhino misses a splash and Angle hits a German suplex for a near fall. Abyss continues to be beaten up by Cage, Styles and Tomko. The show goes to commercial.

Angle works over Rhino in the corner and chokes Rhino for a few moments. Rhino hits a overhead suplex on Angle. Rhino waits in the corner for the GORE and GORES Angle through the table in the corner. Cage covers Angle for a two count. Chris Harris has come out and sends Cage into the ring steps. Harris sends Cage again into the ring steps knees first followed by stomps. Harris drops Cage over the railing, but Tomko and Styles attack Harris at ringside. Rhino covers Angle managing a two count. Tomko continues to pummel Harris alongside Styles. Styles punches Harris around ringside. Abyss has returned to ringside and sends Styles into the guard railing. Abyss works over Tomko. Cage is beating on Harris at ringside. Sting comes down to ringside and beats on the heels with baseball bat shots. Sting rolls a bloodied Tomko into the ring. Sting enters the ring as well as the show goes to commercial.

The ring is full of wrestlers brawling as the match has lost any control. Abyss beats on Tomko with right hands. Abyss whacks Tomko over the back with a chair shot. Tomko whacks Abyss with a chair shot over the back and they brawl into the bleachers. Tomko elbows Abyss several times. Abyss fires back with right hands. Angle has a sleeper on Rhino, but doesn’t get a submission. Rhino fights out and plants Angle with a TKO. Rhino nearly wins the match, but Angle pops out at two. Angle hammers away on Rhino in the corner. Angle elbows Rhino, but Rhino delivers a few right hands in the corner. Angle sits Rhino on the top rope. Angle tosses Rhino overhead off the middle rope for a near fall. Rhino plants Angle with a spinebuster for a near fall. Angle takes Rhino down and locks in the ankle lock, but Rhino isn’t giving in. Rhino kicks Angle away and hits a belly to belly suplex on Angle. Rhino waits in the corner, but James Storm comes out and spits beer in Rhino’s face. Angle hits the Olympic Slam and pins Rhino to retain the title and qualify for the Victory Road pay per view. (***1/2. It’s a good match and, to this point, the longest match on Impact to this point. They basically wrestled forty minutes. They were able to incorporate angle advancements, which was not a surprise since they made it a no disqualification match. Considering this was the only real match with segments spliced in, I thought it was done really well.)

4.) Next week, TNA Tag Team Champions Team 3D defend against LAX and the team of AJ Styles & Christopher Daniels with the winning team going to Victory Road.

Final Thoughts:
It’s tough with this being a one match show… but it’s literally just that. I thought it was a good show as the match did very well to hold interest and using segments within the match was a nice touch, too. This gets a thumbs up from me.

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