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WWE Heat 9/29/2002

World Wrestling Entertainment presents Heat

1.) D’Lo Brown defeated Shawn Stasiak
2.) Johnny Stamboli defeated Justin Credible
3.) Spike Dudley defeated Raven

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) D’Lo Brown cuts a promo in the ring to start the show. Brown has been trying to be the best color commentator with Coach over the last few months. D’Lo announces that he’s no longer going to be an announcer with Coach. He’s going to be inducting people into the Sky High Hall of Fame each week on Heat. Coach is stunned by this news.

2.) Stasiak decks Brown from behind with right hands and a leaping elbow strike. Stasiak taunts the crowd and misses a splash in the corner. Brown backdrops Stasiak followed by a clothesline. Brown forearms Stasiak for a two count. Stasiak drops Brown over the top rope throat first and delivers a kick to the ribs. Stasiak runs into a boot in the corner, but ducks a clothesline to hit a neckbreaker for a near fall. Stasiak snapmares Brown followed by a kick to the back. Stasiak plants Brown with a spinebuster for a two count. Stasiak locks in an abdominal stretch and uses the ropes for leverage, but Brown doesn’t give in. The referee sees Stasiak cheating and Brown hip tosses free. Brown heel kicks Stasiak coming off the ropes and delivers a scoop slam. Brown hits a leg drop for a near fall. Brown misses a splash in the corner and hits the ring post. Brown recovers to hit a snap suplex. Brown ducks a clothesline and plants Stasiak with the Sky High for the clean win. (*1/2. I’m liking D’Lo lately in the ring, but Stasiak just continues to not do much for me at all.)

3.) D’Lo Brown does in fact return to commentary to join Coach. So, his announcing retirement lasted roughly ten minutes.

4.) Stamboli backs Credible into a corner, but Credible delivers a few strikes. Credible shoulder blocks Stamboli, but Stamboli slams Credible followed by a dropkick. Credible knee lifts Stamboli and delivers a few chops in the corner. Stamboli hits a press slam into a powerslam for a near fall. Credible comes off the ropes with a swinging DDT. Credible continues to chop Stamboli in the corner and chokes Stamboli in the corner. Credible takes some time to taunt the crowd. Credible misses a baseball slide and hits the ring post. Stamboli is kicked by Credible and rammed into the corner face first. Stamboli drops Credible with a few right hands. Stamboli atomic drops Credible and connects with a spinning heel kick for a two count. Stamboli hits the Forget About It and pins Credible cleanly. (*1/2. It’s a quick match, but they didn’t waste their time. Stamboli has switched to being a face again. I’m sure they don’t really care much about Heat and the amount of turns on it, but Stamboli seems to be switching on every appearance depending on who he’s facing.)

5.) Raven backs Spike into a corner, but doesn’t get control and instead backs off. Raven backs Spike again into the corner, but backs off after a pie face. Spike gets a rollup for a two count. Raven punches Spike, but Spike responds with a flurry of strikes and a head scissors. Spike stomps on Raven in the corner. Spike headbutts Raven in the midsection, but is struggling to standup. Raven recovers first and chokes Spike on the apron. Raven snapmares Spike and drives his knee into Spike’s neck off the middle rope for a two count. Raven waits for Spike to get up, but Spike delivers a jawbreaker. Raven misses a splash in the corner and Dudley tries for the Dudley Dog, but Raven avoids it and rams Spike’s face onto the mat several times. Spike is sent chest first into the corner, but ducks a clothesline and hits the Dudley Dog for the clean win. After the match, Raven delivers a DDT to leave Spike laying. (*. I thought Raven was going to be a guy who dominates on Heat, but that hasn’t been happening. I was mostly bored by this match and it was kind of slow and plodding.)

Final Thoughts:
A skippable episode of Heat this week. Aside from D’Lo in-ring this week, there just wasn’t much to be entertained by.

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