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WCW Main Event 6/16/1996

World Championship Wrestling presents Main Event
From: Baltimore, MD

1.) Rocco Rock defeated Jerry Sags
2.) VK Wallstreet defeated Jim Powers
3.) Jim Duggan defeated Disco Inferno

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Rocco Rock insists on wrestling Jerry Sags in a singles match despite the match being promoted as a tag match. Grunge is apparently hurt, so it’s now a singles match.

2.) Rock works over Sags with a snapmare and a stomp to the face. Rock delivers an elbow drop off the ropes. Sags gets to his feet as Rock plays to the fans. Sags catches Rock coming off the ropes to deliver an atomic drop and a running clothesline off the ropes. Sags tosses Rock with a scoop slam. Sags tosses Rock across the ring with a hip toss. Sags misses a running clothesline in the corner. Rock rams Sags into the corner face first. Rock misses a clothesline and Sags clotheslines Rock over the top to the floor. Grunge comes out from under the ring and takes his cast off to deck Sags from behind on the apron. Rock covers Sags and wins the match. (NR. I mean, I’m not sure why that was done, but okay.)

3.) Mean Gene interviews John Tenta regarding his match with Big Bubba. Tenta recalls being laughed at and tonight he’s got Bubba in a singles match. Tenta has a score to settle with Bubba. Tenta has hurt people and not ever embarrassed them like Bubba did to him.

4.) Mean Gene interviews Chris Benoit and Benoit says he’s not going to talk about what he’s going to do to Sullivan as he wants Sullivan to worry about it. Kevin Sullivan appears on the big screen, but his microphone didn’t work. Sullivan says he got rid of Pillman because he’s a quitter, but knows that Benoit isn’t a quitter. Sullivan knows Horsemen and Benoit isn’t one.

5.) Wallstreet rams Powers into the corner face first followed by a right hand. Powers hip tosses Wallstreet and delivers a clothesline a few times. Wallstreet bails to the floor to regroup. Powers follows to the floor and hammers away on Wallstreet. Powers dropkicks Wallstreet for a two count. Powers keeps arm control on Wallstreet for a few moments, but doesn’t get a submission. Wallstreet takes Powers over with a snap suplex. Wallstreet keeps a sleeper on Powers, but Powers doesn’t stay down for long. Powers rams Wallstreet into the corner a few times face first. Wallstreet hits the Stock Market Crash for the clean win. (1/2*. The crowd popped for Wallstreet winning, which was a little weird. I didn’t find myself caring for this match all that much.)

6.) Mean Gene interviews Sting regarding his match with Lord Steven Regal. Regal backhanded Sting and that got Sting’s attention. Sting would rather get punched rather than backhanded by a punk like Regal. Sting says that Regal humiliated everyone in USA and Sting continues to hype up being American. Sting suggests Regal will get a backhand in their match.

7.) Mean Gene interviews Lex Luger regarding his title match against WCW World Champion The Giant. Luger is the TV and Tag Champion looking to add to his collection. Luger says there are defining moments in everyone’s career. Luger talks about being a good and bad guy during his career. Luger has been champion before. Luger says that Giant thinks he’s the man and he’s not trembling tonight. Luger says that Giant is going to have to prove himself tonight.

8.) Disco Inferno cuts a promo saying that everyone has come there to see him compete. Jim Duggan cuts Inferno off from dancing.

9.) Duggan backs Inferno into a corner and decks Inferno backward. Duggan rams Inferno into the corner face first. Duggan pummels Inferno in the corner with right hands. Inferno eye rakes Duggan and sends Duggan into the corner. Duggan comes charging out with a clothesline. Duggan slams Inferno into the corner a few times. Duggan slams Inferno to the mat and delivers a running clothesline for the win. (1/2*. A complete and utter squash.)

10.) Mean Gene interviews Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, Woman, Elizabeth and Bobby Heenan. Anderson says it’s an honor to be in the ring with Green and McMichael. Anderson wants them to prepare for the beating of their life. Flair chimes in hypes up the bright lights and big city. Flair taunts Savage saying that he’s kissing Elizabeth. Flair suggests Elizabeth will have his child. Heenan says the average person would be nervous, but he’s not. Heenan say that Savage is mentally and financially broke.

Final Thoughts:
GAB ’96 is one of the best WCW PPVs of all-time and this show didn’t need to be anything to get people to buy it. The promos were fine, and the action was bad. I’d still be buying the PPV.

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