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WWE Heat 10/20/2002

World Wrestling Entertainment presents Heat
From: Little Rock, AR

1.) The Hurricane defeated Steven Richards

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Paul Heyman shared a pre-tape promo saying that he is afraid for Brock Lesnar inside Hell In A Cell. The match has shortened the careers of Shawn Michales, Mick Foley and referee Tim White. Nobody is ever the same after being in the cell. Heyman is confident that Lesnar will retain, but knows that Lesnar will be a different man coming out of it and that scares him. Nobody will be better following the match.

2.) Tim White shared a pre-tape promo regarding Hell In A Cell. White hasn’t refereed a match since May 2002. White thinks that his career could be taken away forever. White doesn’t like that they have these kinds of matches. There isn’t a winner but rather a survivor. White thinks it ended what he loves to do and that’s being a referee. White prays for the men involved in the match tonight. White hopes that his shoulder heals, but he’s not sure. White never wants to be in the cell ever again.

3.) The Undertaker cut a pre-tape promo. Taker knows that people say he’s the master of the cell, but he’s not sure if that’s a good thing or a curse. Taker says the match with Lesnar will be off the chart. Taker says people think of chaos when they think of the cell. Taker recalls shortening the careers of Michaels and Foley, but wonders what he has done to himself. Taker wonders who really is the winner when only one man can walkout.

4.) Smackdown Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar also has a pre-tape promo. Lesnar isn’t nervous but rather excited for the match. Lesnar can enter the cell and can beat Taker at his own game. Lesnar can beat Taker in his own backyard. Lesnar knows that Taker isn’t walking in or leaving as champion. Lesnar also notes that Taker isn’t 100% with a broken hand. Lesnar promises to walkout the champion and the champion of the cell.

5.) Richards punches Hurricane after throwing his shirt at him. Hurricane tries for a sunset flip and gets a two count. Richards plants Hurricane with a back suplex. Richards continues with a vertical suplex for a near fall and delivers a knee strike to the back. Richards presses his knee into Hurricane’s back on the mat. Richards tries for a suplex, but Hurricane hits a neckbreaker. Richards clubs Hurricane over the back, but Hurricane delivers a clothesline. Hurricane elbows Richards and hits a blockbuster. Hurricane misses an elbow drop/neckbreaker, but does hit a shining wizard for a two count. Hurricane signals for a chokeslam, but Richards knee lifts free. Richards ducks a clothesline to superkick Hurricane for a two count. Richards sits Hurricane on the top turnbuckle and looks for a suplex, but is shoved off. Hurricane hits the Verterbreaker for the clean win. (**. I was not expecting Richards to take that finish, but that was a great finish. I like that Richards won their first match to give this match more of a purpose on the lead in for the PPV. The crowd was warm for the match, too. I enjoyed it.)

6.) To finish off the show, Tazz and Michael Cole stand in the ring with the cell coming down to the ring and they promote the Hell In A Cell match between Lesnar and Taker.

Final Thoughts:
I liked the pre-tape promos by the men involved in the cell and with Tim White’s career being impacted by the match. I think it just effectively promotes how brutal the match can be. Also, the feature match was enjoyable so this was a strong episode of Heat.

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