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WWF Heat 2/4/2001

World Wrestling Federation presents Heat

1.) Albert defeated K-Kwik
2.) Hardcore Holly & Steve Blackman defeated The Goodfather & Bull Buchanan in a hardcore match
3.) Chris Benoit defeated Crash Holly
4.) WWF European Champion Test defeated Perry Saturn to retain the title

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Backstage, Dean Malenko is flirting with Lita…. Well, a poster of Lita is on the wall.

2.) Dean Malenko comes out to the stage at WWF New York and knows it is tough for the ladies to keep their eyes off of him. Malenko would want himself if he was a woman, too. Malenko says that Lita blew her chance with him. Malenko considers himself a single man and promises that two women will be on the stage with him. Malenko believes he’ll be able to get them to do whatever he wants.

3.) Malenko walks up to a woman drinking and tries to hit on her, but she’s not interested. She walks off disgusted, but Malenko thinks he has a chance with her anyway.

4.) Albert works over Kwik with a strike to the back and tries for a press slam, but Kwik lands on his feet and hammers away on Albert followed by a kick to the face. Albert clotheslines Kwik in the corner and keeps control with strikes. Albert misses a bicycle kick, but nails Kwik with a splash in the corner. Albert hits a double under hook slam for a near fall. Albert nails Kwik with a headbutt, but misses a splash in the corner as Kwik got his feet up. Albert catches a charging Kwik and slams Kwik to the mat out of a bearhug position. Kwik dropkicks Albert into the ropes, but Albert delivers a backbreaker. Albert misses a big splash and Kwik fires back with strikes. Kwik hits a leaping heel kick for a near fall. Albert drops Kwik with a headbutt, but is met with a dropkick and a tornado DDT. Kwik tries for a cover, but Albert kicks out. Albert finishes Kwik with the Baldo Bomb for the win. (*1/2. Not a bad match with Kwik getting some time to shine, but Albert seems to be a focus as an undercard heel.)

5.) Backstage, Dean Malenko is hitting on another woman while she’s eating. She tells Malenko that she’s with someone, which he likes. Malenko suggests they go to his locker room. A man comes over and he puts an arm bar on him. The woman ends up slapping Malenko and walks off with her boyfriend.

6.) Buchanan and Goodfather work over Holly and Blackman as soon as the bell sounds. Blackman nails Goodfather with a savant kick and grabs his chucks. Goodfather tries to leave, but fails to do so and Blackman beats on Goodfather on the floor with the chucks. Blackman tosses a trash can to Holly, but Buchanan stops Holly with a broom stick and clotheslines Holly to the floor. Buchanan continues to work over Holly while Blackman beats on Goodfather with a trash can lid. Blackman covers Goodfather for a two count. Holly hits Buchanan with a parking sign, but Goodfather gets control on Blackman. Goodfather whacks Blackman over the back of the head for a two count. Holly works over Goodfather with strikes and stomps while Buchanan and Blackman go to the floor. Goodfather nails Holly with a big boot. Goodfather beats on Holly with a strap. Holly comes off the ropes with a forearm strike and whips Goodfather with the strap. Buchanan whacks Holly from behind with the kendo stick, but Blackman makes the save. Blackman uses a fire extinguisher on Buchanan outside the ring. Holly dropkicks a trash can into Goodfather for the win. (*. I was hoping that the hardcore stipulation would make this a better match, but it was a disappointing match.)

7.) Backstage, Dean Malenko is told that there’s a fan in his room that wants to meet him. It ends up being a man and Malenko leaves disgusted.

8.) Dean Malenko meets with Michael Cole and Tazz wanting to check out the next match.

9.) Chris Benoit cuts a promo before the next match saying that he’s the best wrestler all day everyday. Benoit says that Crash Holly will not prove him wrong.

10.) Benoit works over Crash in the corner with stomps in the corner. Benoit powerbombs Holly followed by a leg drop. Holly drop toe holds Benoit and delivers an elbow strike. Benoit chops Holly a few times and drops Holly gut first over the top rope. Benoit knee lifts Holly coming off the ropes. Benoit leg sweeps Holly from behind for a two count. Holly almost wins with an inside cradle. Benoit drops Holly with a forearm strike. Benoit drives Holly down with a back suplex for a two count. Holly elbows Benoit and almost wins with a victory roll. Benoit forearms Holly a few times, but Holly gets another near fall with a rollup. Benoit nails Holly with a strike to regain control of the match. Holly plants Benoit with a DDT. Holly follows up with forearm strikes, but Benoit nails Holly with a chop coming off the ropes. Holly misses a kick and Benoit locks in the Crossface to win the match by submission. (**. There were a few sloppy moments, but I thought it was a good sprint of a match.)

11.) Backstage, Dean Malenko calls an escort service to find two women to prove he can get women.

12.) Saturn attacks Test before the bell with knee lifts and strikes in the corner. Test hammers away on Saturn in the corner to get the advantage. Test connects with a tilt a whirl slam. Saturn bails to the floor to regroup, but drops Test over the top rope throat first. They trade right hands on the floor until Test drops Saturn over the apron face first. Terri grabs Test on the apron and Test scares Terri allowing Saturn to hit a suicide dive! Test misses a big boot and Saturn dropkicks Test on the knee. Saturn plants Test with a back suplex. Saturn puts a chin lock on Test, but doesn’t get a submission. Saturn eye rakes Test and rams Test into the corner out of a powerslam position. Test hammers away on Saturn, but is met with a kick. Test plants Saturn with a tilt a whirl slam. Test decks Saturn a few times and hits a sit down gut wrench powerbomb for the win. (**. I liked the match and feel like their styles meshed really well together. I would’ve liked a longer match, but it was a fine showcase for Test with Saturn getting some shine, too.)

13.) Backstage, Dean Malenko is talking to his escorts and telling them to do what he says. Malenko hopes this will show Lita and if it doesn’t he doesn’t know what to do.

14.) Dean Malenko is on the stage with the two escorts and they are feeding him grapes. Malenko gets a phone call from Lita and she asks if he’s busy. Lita says she’s in New York and asks if he’e alone. Malenko tells the women to leave. Lita tells Malenko that she’s watching MTV right now and Malenko tries to say it’s not what it looks like. Lita tells Malenko to have by himself tonight. Malenko is frustrated and runs off to find the escorts.

Final Thoughts:
I enjoyed the episode as there were a few good matches for Heat level and the show long story focus on Malenko was actually entertaining. Malenko showed off his comedic side and did well doing so.

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