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NEW Rumble In Rockland 2017 6/10/2017

Northeast Wrestling presents Rumble In Rockland 2017
From: Pomona, NY

This show is an outdoor event at a baseball stadium and part of the Under The Sky series.

Opening Contest: Brad Hollister vs. JT Dunn: Dunn arm drags Hollister a few times followed by a tilt a whirl head scissors. Dunn dropkicks Hollister for a two count and clotheslines Hollister over the top to the floor. Dunn takes Hollister out with a suicide dive to the floor. Hollister counters Dunn with an overhead suplex and pummels Dunn with right hands on the mat. Hollister sends Dunn hard into the corner leading to a one count. Dunn kicks Hollister followed by a few strikes, but Hollister nails Dunn with a knee strike for a near fall. Hollister keeps Dunn on the mat with a headlock. Dunn breaks free with a few chops to stagger Hollister. Hollister hits a German suplex and gets a two count. Hollister locks in a camel clutch, but Dunn doesn’t give in. Dunn fights back with a few right hands and a chop in the corner. Dunn clotheslines Hollister out of the corner. Dunn delivers a jawbreaker and a jumping DDT. Hollister avoids Dunn in the corner, but Dunn connects with a rolling cutter for a two count. Hollister catches Dunn coming off the top to hit an overhead suplex. Hollister uppercuts Dunn, but is met with a kick. Hollister plants Dunn with a one arm powerbomb for a near fall. Dunn delivers a kick and counters a German suplex to nail Hollister with a discus elbow for the win. (**. A quick match, but they were able to get the crowd to pop for their moves. Considering the limited time, I thought they did a good job to warm up the crowd.)

Prior to the next match, Corey Graves comes out and cuts a promo. There’s a brief battle of words with Lawler.

Second Contest: Jerry Lawler vs. Sam Adonis: Adonis shoves Lawler into a corner and taunts the fans upon having the advantage. Lawler comes back by shoving Adonis to the mat out of a lockup. Adonis delivers a right hand to Lawler’s face and backs off taunting the crowd again. Adonis delivers a right hand, but Lawler knocks Adonis to the apron with a right hand. Adonis delivers a few body strikes and pummels Lawler with right hands in the corner. Adonis taunts. Lawler’s manager, Kelly Kelly, but Lawler knocks Adonis to the floor. Kelly slaps Adonis on the floor and Adonis goes to Corey Graves to regroup. Adonis continues to deliver strikes in the corner and goes to the top rope, but Lawler delivers a strike to the midsection. Lawler rams Adonis into the corner a few times. Lawler sends Adonis into the corner face first and Adonis drops to the mat. Adonis pummels Lawler in the corner with stomps. Adonis misses a splash in the corner. Lawler jabs Adonis followed by a dropkick to knock Adonis to the mat. Adonis uses an illegal weapon and tosses it back to Corey Graves. Adonis covers, but only gets a two count. Lawler gets a rollup from behind and pins Adonis for the win. (DUD. There’s not much that Lawler can realistically do in the ring and thus the match quality was not good.)

Ryback makes his way down to the ring. Ryback asks the fans if they are hungry. That leads to “feed me more” chants. Ryback thanks the fans for their support since his WWE release. Ryback proceeds to plug his various endeavors. Ryback has some bad news and can’t compete due to needing shoulder surgery on August 1st.

Third Contest: NEW Tag Team Champions The NOW (Hale Collins & Vik Dalishus) vs. Adrenaline Rush (Daniel Evans & Keith Youngblood): Evans and Vik kickoff the tag match. Evans goes to the ropes to avoid Vik’s offense. Vik drop toe holds Evans and slaps the back of Evans head a few times. Evans knee lifts Vik and gains control with a side headlock. Evans shoulder blocks Vik, but Vik comes back with a hip toss and arm drag. Evans goes to the ropes to stop Vik’s offense. Youngblood tags into the match to try his luck. Vik wants to shake hands, but Youngblood delivers a right hand. Vik nails Youngblood with a dropkick. Youngblood is laid over Vik’s knees and Collins hits a middle rope elbow drop for a two count. Collins delivers a scoop slam. Vik hits an assisted standing moonsault for a two count on Youngblood. Collins tags in and Vik assists on a leg drop for a near fall. Vik returns to the match and drops Youngblood with a right hand. Vik comes off the ropes to deliver an elbow drop. Evans cheap shots Vik with a knee lift on the apron and Vik is knocked to the floor. Evans stomps on Vik to help out Youngblood while the referee is distracted by Collins.

Evans elbow drops Vik several times leading to a near fall. Youngblood splashes Vik in the corner for a two count. Youngblood keeps Vik on the mat with a sleeper. Vik prevents his arm from dropping three times. Vik elbows Youngblood to break free and delivers a few strikes followed by a slam. Collins gets the hot tag and cleans house with clotheslines and kicks Youngblood several times. Collins superkicks Evans and kicks Youngblood for a two count. Evans breaks the cover at two. Collins hits a Fame-Asser on Evans. Vik crotches Youngblood on the top rope and knocks Youngblood to the mat. Evans big boots Collins, but Vik plants Evans with a spinebuster. Youngblood superkicks Vik, but runs into a spinebuster. Collins goes to the top rope hitting an elbow drop for the win. (**. This didn’t really feel like a competitive match and more felt like an extended showcase for the champs. I like the NOW and didn’t mind the showcase.)

Fourth Contest: Wrecking Ball Legursky vs. Mike Gamble: It’s a battle of big men. Legursky shoves Gamble into the corner and delivers body shots for the advantage. Legursky works over Gamble with strikes in the corner. Legursky chops Gamble and delivers a clothesline. Legursky comes off the ropes to deliver a diving headbutt. Legursky casually steps on Gamble’s back and yells at the crowd. Legursky waits in the corner and misses a splash. Gamble tries to clothesline Legursky, but Legursky doesn’t budge. Gamble headbutts Legursky a few times and hits a splash in the corner. Legursky stops Gamble with a crossbody and connects with a powerslam for the win. (*. Legursky is the local guy getting the mega push and didn’t look bad here. There wasn’t anything standout in this match, though.)

Fifth Contest: Keith Lee vs. Donovan Dijak: They lockup with Lee backing Dijak into a corner and backs off. Dijak controls Lee with a side headlock, but Lee picks Dijak up and sends Dijak into the ropes to deliver a shoulder block. Dijak kips up and attempts a hip toss, but Lee blocks it. Lee blocks a kick and flips Dijak. Lee nails Dijak with a standing dropkick to send Dijak into the corner. Lee chops Dijak in the corner a few times. Dijak blocks a chop and forearms Lee several times. Dijak pummels Lee in the corner, but Lee elbows Dijak. Lee goes to the middle rope, but Dijak stops Lee and hits a middle rope chokeslam. Dijak stomps on Lee a few times. Dijak forearms Lee several times. Dijak clubs Lee over the back and an elbow strike to the head. Dijak nails Lee with a double knee strike in the corner for a one count. Dijak yells at Mick Foley at ringside allowing Lee to deliver a few strikes. Lee breaks out of a full nelson attempt. Dijak superkicks Lee to drop Lee to the mat. Dijak mounts Lee’s back to deliver strikes to the back of the head for a near fall. Lee punches Dijak a few times and comes off the ropes, but is met with a superkick. Dijak covers for a two count, and Lee sends Dijak to the floor. Dijak confronts Foley on the floor, and Foley puts a sock on his hand.

Dijak returns to the ring and Lee has gotten up. Lee strikes Dijak a few times and hits the Pounce! Lee has Dijak on his shoulders, but Dijak breaks free. Lee splashes Dijak in the corner. Lee has Dijak on his shoulders and delivers a spinning back fist for a near fall. Lee splashes Dijak in the corner followed by an overhand chop. Dijak nails Lee with a discus big boot for a near fall. Dijak tries to lift Lee onto his shoulders, but fails to do so. Dijak big boots Lee and tries for a cutter, but comes off the ropes and Lee connects with a spinebuster for a near fall. Dijak fights back with a chop, but Lee plants Dijak with a sit out powerbomb for a two count. Lee goes to the middle rope and misses a moonsault. Dijak hits a corkscrew splash off the top rope, but Lee kicks out at two. Dijak chops Lee in the middle of the ring a couple of times. Lee responds with chops and a buckle bomb. Lee plants Dijak with a second sit out powerbomb for the win. (***1/4. The match started out slow and I didn’t have hope for the match to turnaround into anything special. Luckily, they found their pace and moves to make this an enjoyable contest. It turned into the two guys just hitting moves and dramatically kicking out, but it was better than what they were doing at the start.) After the match, Foley shoves Mr. Socko into Dijak’s mouth and Lee hits another sit out powerbomb.

Sixth Contest: Flip Gordon vs. Sami Callihan: Callihan boots Gordon in the face to send Gordon to the floor. Sami connects with a suicide dive, but Gordon delivers a double boot and kicks Sami. Gordon hits a moonsault off the post to take Callihan out on the floor. Sami hits a suicide dive again on the floor sending Gordon into the railing. Gordon fakes a dive and flips back into the ring. Sami misses a clothesline and Gordon kips up several times until a big boot by Callihan stops Flip. Sami chops Gordon around ringside a few times. Gordon avoids a powerbomb by landing on the apron and tries for a kick, but Sami counters and tosses Gordon over the railing into the crowd. Sami slams Gordon on the infield grass. Sami runs the bases, but runs into a superkick by Gordon. Gordon sits Sami on a chair and now Gordon runs the bases, but Sami hip tosses Gordon over the railing. Gordon superkicks Sami and they return to the ring. Gordon misses a 450 splash, but lands on his feet. Sami nails Gordon with a big boot. Sami stomps on Gordon and delivers a headbutt for a one count. Sami locks in a sleeper, but Gordon elbows out and is met with a forearm strike. Sami taunts the crowd. Sami decks Gordon to the mat. Gordon struggles but manages to get to his feet.

Sami pummels Gordon with body strikes in the corner. Sami locks in a modified abdominal stretch, but can’t get a submission. Gordon battles back with a kick and forearm. Gordon elbows Sami and misses a springboard attempt. Gordon hits a springboard strike and both men are down. Gordon nails Sami with a roundhouse kick and a rolling fireman’s carry. Gordon almost wins following a superkick. Gordon misses a cannonball splash in the corner. Sami delivers a running boot strike. Gordon gets up and superkicks Sami. Sami almost wins with a rollup and kicks Gordon over the back. Sami nails Gordon with a lariat for a near fall. They trade a few pin attempts. Sami decks Gordon with a clothesline and a sit out powerbomb for a near fall. Sami locks in a Stretch Muffler, but Gordon counters with a rollup for a two count. Gordon runs into a boot in the corner. Gordon kicks Sami off the top rope and goes to the top hitting a twisting splash for a near fall. Gordon forearms Sami against the ropes, but Sami responds with a strike. Gordon superkicks Callihan, but runs into a boot. Gordon misses a kick, but nails Sami with a Pele Kick. Callihan elbows Gordon and they hit kicks at the same time causing both men to drop to the mat. They begin to trade strikes in the middle of the ring. Gordon hits a springboard twisting cutter and pins Callihan. (***. A solid match between these two with some hard hitting strikes and fun aerial moves. The running the bases spot was a little much, but I don’t think it hurt the match all that much for me.)

Seventh Contest: Amazing Graysons (JP & Tommy) vs. Bull Hightower & Jake Manning: Manning and Hightower attacked before the bell, but the Graysons hit double dropkicks to get the advantage. Tommy flies over the top to take them out with a dive. Manning starts the match as the Graysons tag often before hitting a side slam/reverse DDT combo for a near fall. Manning stops JP with a jawbreaker. Hightower enters the match and locks a bearhug on JP before hitting a suplex. Hightower drops JP with a headbutt. Manning enters the match and atomic drops JP. Hightower decks TP with a strike from behind. Manning continues to work over JP with strikes. JP fires back with strikes, but is met with a forearm strike. Tommy distracts the referee as JP had an inside cradle. Manning recovers to clothesline JP. Hightower returns to the match and sends Manning into the corner, but JP dumps Manning to the floor. Hightower misses a splash in the corner. Manning pulls Tommy off the apron to prevent a tag. Hightower splashes JP in the corner followed by a big boot. Hightower casually steps on JP. Hightower chokes JP over the middle rope and delivers a splash over the ropes. Hightower has JP over his shoulder and delivers a slam after taunting the crowd. Hightower goes to the middle rope missing a splash. Tommy finally gets the tag and cleans house on Manning with a dropkick. Tommy connects with a handspring elbow and a northern lights suplex for a two count. Hightower breaks the cover. JP knocks Hightower off the top rope to the floor. Graysons hit a Codebreaker/German suplex combo for the win. (*. The Graysons were fun here as they have some fun offense. I wish they had better opponents.)

Main Event: Rey Mysterio Jr. vs. Vinny Marseglia: Mysterio forearms Marseglia to start off and continues with a few kicks. Mysterio works over Vinny in the corner hitting a head scissors to send Marseglia into the corner shoulder first. Mysterio continues with right hands in the corner to pummel Marseglia. Mysterio drop toe holds Vinny into the corner face first. Mysterio goes to the top, but is crotched by Vinny. Vinny tries to take off Rey’s mask, but doesn’t succeed. Rey knocks Vinny off the middle rope, but Vinny puts Rey in the tree of woe and delivers several stomps to the midsection. Vinny continues with an uppercut and goes back to trying to remove Rey’s mask, but fails. Vinny continues to try and pull the mask off, but Mysterio fights back with kicks. Vinny sends Rey chest first into the corner and Rey’s mask pops off for a moment. Vinny taunts the fans at ringside while delivering an uppercut. Vinny chokes Rey against the railing. Rey fights back with strikes and delivers a kick to the head. Mysterio runs into a clothesline as Vinny avoids the 619. Vinny nails Rey with running forearms in the corner and a back suplex/elbow drop combo. Rey sends Vinny through the ropes to the floor. Rey hits a sliding splash to the floor onto Vinny. Rey hits a springboard press and a double stomp.

Vinny dumps Rey to the apron, but is met with a kick. Rey shoulder rams Vinny from the apron. Vinny kicks Rey leading to a near fall. Vinny puts a choke on Rey and has Rey on his shoulder. Rey counters with a tornado DDT for a near fall. Rey catapults Vinny over the middle rope, but misses the 619. Vinny nails Rey with a big boot for a near fall. Vinny uppercuts Rey and goes to the top rope. Vinny misses a Swanton Bomb and crashes to the mat. Mysterio misses a splash in the corner, but head scissors Vinny over the middle rope and hits the 619. Rey heads to the top and hits the frog splash for the clean win. (*1/2. Marseglia bores me and I didn’t enjoy his extended offense on Mysterio. Vinny probably wasn’t the best opponent to use for Mysterio, considering the guys on the show.)

Final Thoughts:
If the main event was stronger I’d probably consider this a good show. However, it’s a mostly average show with a couple of solid matches. It’s certainly not a must-see show, but it wasn’t a waste of time by any means.

Thanks for reading.

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