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WWE Velocity 11/9/2002

World Wrestling Entertainment presents Velocity

1.) Tajiri defeated Crash Holly
2.) Albert defeated Jason Carroll
3.) Chuck Palumbo & Funaki defeated Ron Simmons & Rev. D-Von

Angle Developments/Notes:
1.) Crash and Tajiri lockup, but neither man gets a clear advantage. Tajiri gets out of a test of strength and they trade arm drags. Crash avoids a kick and they trade quick cover attempts leading to a standoff. Tajiri wants to shake hands, but Crash refuses and is chopped as a result. Crash tries for the tarantula on Tajiri, but is kicked off the apron. Crash drops Tajiri over the barricade for a two count with his feet on the ropes. Crash connects with a tilt a whirl backbreaker. Tajiri hammers away on Crash, but Crash tries for a suplex. Crash sends Tajiri into the ropes and delivers a backbreaker. Crash keeps Tajiri over his knee, but Tajiri punches out of the hold. Tajiri kicks Crash against the ropes. Crash plants Tajiri with a powerbomb. Tajiri is laid out, but kicks Crash a couple of times leading to a two count. Tajiri hits a handspring back elbow. Crash avoids Tajiri in the corner and almost wins with a rollup. Tajiri delivers a hurricanrana and rolls through a pin with a seated dropkick. Tajiri puts the tarantula on Crash for a moment. Tajiri kicks Crash a couple of times on the head and then wins the match. (*1/2. This just felt like a regular match and didn’t have any of the excitement that the division should usually provide. I’m almost giving up on Crash being a positive addition to the Smackdown division.)

2.) Albert dominates his match once again and wins with the Baldo Bomb.

3.) Palumbo and Simmons kickoff the tag main event. Simmons controls Palumbo with a headlock to start, but is sent into the ropes. Simmons is caught with a powerslam for a two count. Palumbo shoulder rams Simmons in the corner a few times. Palumbo is backed into the corner and kicked by Simmons. Simmons scoop slams Palumbo, but Palumbo gets up and almost wins with a rollup. Palumbo drop toe holds Simmons and D-Von tags in. Palumbo arm drags D-Von and tags in Funaki. Palumbo slams D-Von and puts a chin lock on D-Von allowing a dropkick by Funaki. Funaki continues with right hands, but D-Von stops Funaki with right hands. Funaki dropkicks D-Von a few times. Funaki forearms D-Von and that frustrates D-Von. Simmons shoves Funaki away and taunts Funaki with a karate taunt. Simmons continues to work over Funaki with strikes. Funaki dropkicks Simmons and avoids D-Von on the apron allowing a clothesline by Simmons. D-Von tags into the match and punches Funaki to the mat. D-Von connects with a spinning elbow strike. D-Von keeps Funaki on the mat with a headlock. D-Von powerslams Funaki for a two count. Palumbo tries to get involved, but the referee stops him. D-Von tags into the match and Funaki fights back with a few right hands. Simmons puts a chin lock on Funaki. Funaki tries for the Dominator, but Funaki counters with a DDT. Palumbo tags in and clotheslines D-Von a few times. Palumbo backdrops D-Von and hits a belly to belly suplex. Palumbo drops D-Von with a right hand and does the same to Simmons. Chuck tosses D-Von with an overhead suplex. Chuck clotheslines Simmons and tags in Funaki. Funaki hits a crossbody off the top on D-Von for a two count as Simmons makes the save. D-Von avoids Funaki in the corner and hits a middle rope neckbreaker for a two count. D-Von tries for the Saving Grace, but Funaki counters with a rollup for the win. (*1/2. That’s a surprising result since Chuck and Funaki are not a regular tag team at all. The action was fairly basic and mostly uneventful.)

Final Thoughts:
The streak of lackluster Velocity episodes continues on. The only positive is that Albert is on a dominating streak, which should have happened long ago.

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