WWE Smackdown 11/14/2002

World Wrestling Entertainment presents Smackdown
From: Columbus, OH

Backstage, Marc Lloyd asks Paul Heyman about the physical condition of Brock Lesnar. Heyman says that Lesnar has a broken rib and has been coughing up blood all week. Heyman confirms that Lesnar will still defend the title at Survivor Series. Heyman says that Lesnar will not be here tonight. Big Show appears behind Heyman and tells Heyman that if Lesnar arrives tonight that he’s calling him out.

Opening Contest: Smackdown Tag Team Champion Edge vs. Chavo Guerrero Jr.: Edge shoulder blocks Guerrero followed by an arm drag to kickoff the match. Guerrero takes Edge down to the mat and gets control with a headlock. Edge elbows Guerrero to the mat and drop toe holds Guerrero to the mat. Guerrero keeps control with a hammerlock and dropkicks Edge coming off the ropes. Guerrero clotheslines Edge over the top to the floor. Edge tries for a shoulder ram on the apron, but is met with a knee. Guerrero fails on a suplex and Edge hits a flapjack for a two count. Guerrero dumps Edge to the apron and delivers a forearm strike. Edge decks Guerrero to the mat and is met with a low blow as Guerrero kicked the middle rope. Guerrero uppercuts Edge to the canvas and delivers a short arm clothesline. Guerrero keeps Edge on the mat with an arm bar. Guerrero keeps a top wrist lock on Edge, but Edge fires back with right hands. Guerrero blocks a boot in the corner and hits a back suplex for a two count. Guerrero heads to the top rope looking for a crossbody, but Edge dropkicks Guerrero in midair. Edge backdrops Guerrero to gain momentum followed by a leaping forearm smash. Edge yanks Guerrero down from behind for a two count. Edge chops Guerrero several times followed by stomps and more right hands. Edge waits in the corner and misses a spear. Guerrero spears Edge for a two count. Edge sends Guerrero into the corner, but Guerrero sunset flips Edge. Edge catapults Guerrero into the corner, but Guerrero lands on the middle rope. Edge hits a jumping DDT to win the match. (**. A decent match, but there wasn’t much crowd interest in this one and I think a lot of that has to do with Chavo not being a viable singles wrestler outside of the Cruiserweight division. Chavo relies on Eddie to be seen as a contender in any match and the match suffered because he’s not on the same level as Edge.)

Backstage, Smackdown Tag Team Champion Rey Mysterio Jr. is interviewed by Marc Lloyd. Mysterio puts over Edge for handling business tonight. Mysterio is proud to be a tag champion with Edge. Mysterio knows what Eddie is capable of. Smackdown World Champion Brock Lesnar has arrived and tells Mysterio his ribs are fine before dismissing Lloyd.

Backstage, Dawn Marie meets wit Al Wilson and says she is lucky to be engaged to him. Marie gives Al a wedding invitation for Torrie. Al isn’t sure that it’s a good idea to invite her. Dawn knows things haven’t been right between them, but thinks that this wedding could smooth things over between them. Marie thinks that Torrie will understand when Al says how happy Marie makes him. Al goes to talk to Torrie.

Backstage, Paul Heyman is talking with Brock Lesnar and can’t believe that Lesnar actually showed up tonight. Lesnar tells Heyman that he showed up because he’s the champion. Heyman says they are a team since day one. Heyman says they go together no matter what happens. Heyman brings up what happened with Eddie Guerrero last week. Sure, Lesnar won, but Big Show took out Lesnar. Heyman can’t protect Lesnar if he’s not part of the team. Heyman knows the team works and says that Lesnar hasn’t been listening since Hell in a Cell. Heyman can’t protect Lesnar and begs Brock to listen to him. Heyman has one idea to get themselves out of this and it’s the only one he has.

Second Contest: Rikishi & Tajiri vs. Matt Hardy & John Cena: Hardy and Tajiri kickoff the match by trading arm drags. Hardy shoves Tajiri, but Tajiri hits a hurricanrana. Hardy eye rakes Tajiri and tags in Cena. Cena elbows Tajiri to the mat for a near fall. Hardy returns to the match and stomps Tajiri in the corner several times. Double suplex on Tajiri leading to a near fall for Cena. Tajiri snapmares Cena and rolls to Rikishi to make the tag. Rikishi plants Cena with a Samoan Drop and clotheslines Hardy in the corner. Rikishi slams Cena and hits a running back splash to both men in the corner. Tajiri kicks Cena and Rikishi tries for the stink face, but Hardy hits the Side Effect for a near fall. Hardy tags into the match and hammers away on Rikishi in the corner. Hardy chokes Rikishi over the middle rope and keeps a front face lock on Rikishi, but that doesn’t last long. Rikishi backdrops Hardy and spears Cena and himself to the floor. Tajiri tags in and kicks Hardy. They tangle each other and drive each other to the mat face first. Hardy pops his shoulder up and pins Tajiri. (1/2*. That was essentially a waste of time and that finish is just stupid and the crowd was flat for it.) After the match, Cena and Hardy celebrate their win.

Backstage, Kurt Angle is blaming Chris Benoit for them losing the tag titles. Benoit reminds Angle that he was pinned twice, but Angle doesn’t want the topic changed. Angle hates Benoit and says that all his frustrations are going to be taken out on Benoit. Benoit reminds Angle that he’s won the singles match. Benoit taunts Angle about beating him. Angle brags that he has more teeth than him. Benoit has more hair than Angle. They argue who is better than each other. Angle is going to prove he’s better. Benoit says he will prove Angle wrong. Angle flicks Benoit’s nose to end the segment.

Backstage, Paul Heyman knocks on Big Show’s door and enters to talk to Show. Heyman says they are both professionals and wants to have a conversation. Heyman says that Lesnar is young. Heyman wants to reason with Show because Lesnar has made a young person mistake. Heyman knows that Show has accomplished a lot by beating Rock, Taker and Hogan in his prime. Heyman mentions Lesnar’s broken rib and asks Show to not call Lesnar out tonight. Show says that Lesnar has Heyman going for him and that’s all he has going for him. Show says he will consider not calling out Lesnar. Heyman appreciates the consideration before walking off.

Backstage, Eddie and Chavo Guerrero bump into the tag champions Edge and Rey Mysterio. Eddie asks if Rey is feeling lucky tonight. Eddie says their luck is running out at Survivor Series. Eddie says nothing is in their way from having the tag titles around their waist. Rey speaks in Spanish saying he’ll do his talking in the ring. The Guerreros taunt the champs saying they are probably supposed to runaway from that. Edge suggests they fight right now. Eddie acts like he didn’t hear him. Edge speaks some Spanish and that causes the Guerreros to walk off.

Third Contest: Smackdown Tag Team Champion Rey Mysterio Jr. vs. Eddie Guerrero: Rey arm drags Guerrero to start the match. Guerrero takes Mysterio down with a snapmare and locks in a headlock. Guerrero shoulder blocks Mysterio, but Mysterio comes back with a backdrop and returns to arm control. Guerrero forearms free from Mysterio followed by an elbow strike. Guerrero hits a tilt a whirl backbreaker for a two count. Guerrero keeps an arm lock on the mat, but doesn’t get a submission. Guerrero works over Mysterio’s arm with several elbow strikes and stomps Mysterio in the corner. Mysterio kicks Guerrero, but can’t break away. Mysterio hammers away on Guerrero and head scissors Guerrero. Guerrero arm drags Mysterio coming off the ropes. Mysterio snapmares Guerrero and catapults Guerrero across the ring. Mysterio tries for the 619, but accidentally hits the referee. Chavo Guerrero runs in and hits the Gory Special on Mysterio. Edge slides in and knocks Chavo to the floor to brawl. Eddie plants Mysterio with a powerbomb for a two count. Edge spears Eddie! Chavo knocks Edge to the floor to continue their brawl. The referee goes to the floor to try and stop them from fighting at ringside. The show goes to commercial.

Mysterio hits a split legged moonsault for a two count on Guerrero. Mysterio hits a tilt a whirl backbreaker. Mysterio hits a bronco buster in the corner. Eddie shoves Mysterio off the top rope to the floor. Eddie hits a slingshot crossbody to the floor. Eddie plants Mysterio with a back suplex and goes to the top rope. Mysterio stops Guerrero on the top rope managing a superplex. Mysterio tries for a cove after a delay and only gets a two count. Mysterio arm drags Guerrero, but Guerrero decks Mysterio with a clothesline for a near fall. Guerrero locks in an arm bar, but Mysterio doesn’t give in. Guerrero knee lifts Mysterio a few times and crotches Mysterio on the top turnbuckle. Mysterio elbows Guerrero off the top rope and hits a moonsault for a near fall. Mysterio ducks a few wild strikes and arm drags Guerrero to the floor. Mysterio dropkicks Guerrero to the floor and hits a slingshot senton to the floor. Mysterio tries for a springboard splash, but Guerrero counters with an inside cradle for a two count. Guerrero plants Mysterio with a delayed vertical suplex. Guerrero heads to the top rope missing a frog splash. Mysterio sends Guerrero into the corner and connects with a spinning heel kick. Mysterio nails Guerrero with the 619. Mysterio springboard sunset flips Guerrero, but Guerrero counters with the Lasso From El Passo and wins the match while using the ropes for leverage. (***. It’s a solid TV match between these two, but not near the classic levels they’ve reached before. They worked a great pace and kept me invested in the match. A good win for Guerrero to give his team some momentum heading into the PPV.)

Backstage, Torrie Wilson is sucking on a blow pop. Al Wilson wants to talk, but Torrie doesn’t have anything to say and walks to her room. Al follows her and Torrie says she wants Al to be happy. Al wants to talk about it. Torrie knows that Al wants to believe Dawn Marie, but he’s being used and he needs to see that. Wilson calls Dawn a bitch and Al can’t believe it. Al came here to give an invite to their wedding. Torrie can’t attend and Al is disappointed. Torrie says that Al is being played and Al’s looking ridiculous. Torrie says “there’s no fool like an old fool.”

Fourth Contest: WWE Cruiserweight Champion Jamie Noble vs. Billy Kidman in a non-title match: They waste no time trading strikes with Noble dumping Kidman to the apron. Nidia causes a distraction and Kidman dropkicks Noble to the floor. Noble stomps on Kidman and wraps Kidman’s arm under the ropes followed by a dropkick. Noble slams Kidman’s arm on the mat a few times and takes Kidman down to the mat to keep control with a key lock. Kidman doesn’t give in and punches Noble to hit a flapjack. Kidman nails Noble with a clothesline and a backdrop. Kidman hits a dropkick for a two count. Kidman sends Noble chest first into the corner, but Noble hits a Tiger Bomb, Kidman counters with a rollup for a near fall. Kidman dropkicks Noble on the top turnbuckle. Noble tries for a sunset flip, but Kidman counters to hit a sit out spinebuster. Kidman goes to the top rope looking for the Shooting Star Press, but Nidia causes a distraction. Noble hits a superplex, but Kidman counters the pin with a cradle and pins Noble to win the match. (*1/2. Interesting to have Kidman win yet again before their title match at Survivor Series. That usually means that the champion should be retaining. It was a quick match, but it was okay for what they were attempting to accomplish.)

Backstage, Dawn Marie finds Al Wilson and asks what is wrong. Al is upset about Torrie not coming to their wedding. Dawn can’t believe that Torrie can’t set her jealously aside. Dawn tells Al that he’s not an old fool and she loves him. Dawn consoles Al and says that everything is going to be fine.

Backstage, Brock Lesnar is pacing when Heyman comes in and says that everything is going to be fine because he handled it. Heyman says that Big Show listened to him and he handled the issue. Heyman thinks that Show was intimidated by his intelligence. Heyman wants to leave and allow Lesnar to rest up. Lesnar isn’t going to leave ad Heyman is shocked. Lesnar says that Heyman convinced Show to not call him out. Lesnar tells Heyman that he’ll go to the ring and call out Big Show. Heyman is furious.

Kurt Angle comes out and apologizes for being too predictable. Angle brags about beating all the guys involved in the current tag team feud. Angle says that happens when you’re better than everyone. Angle claims he’s a better athlete than Benoit. He’s better looking than Edge and he can speak English unlike the Guerrero’s. Angle has been through puberty unlike Mysterio. Angle is confident they will win the tag titles as long as Benoit doesn’t screw up. Angle thinks he can win the titles by himself. Eddie and Chavo make their way out and confront Angle. Eddie thinks that Angle is full of it to think Angle can beat them. Eddie recalls pinning Angle recently. Smackdown Tag Champions Edge and Mysterio make their way out and Edge pokes fun at Angle losing his hair and mind. Edge recalls beating Angle and Benoit for the tag titles last week. Edge tells Angle that he still sucks. Angle has more natural talent in his pinky finger than all of them combined. Angle knows why they are all out here and believes they want to scout him and learn from him. Angle encourages them to take a sit and learn from him. Angle calls out Benoit to prove he’s the best.

Main Event: Chris Benoit vs. Kurt Angle: Benoit takes Angle down to the mat, but Angle counters and takes Benoit down. Benoit gets a hammerlock for a moment and shoulder blocks Angle. Benoit misses a clothesline and Angle tosses Benoit with a German suplex. Angle invites Eddie into the ring, but Chavo stops Eddie from doing so. Benoit chops Angle a few times against the ropes. Angle tosses Benoit with an overhead belly to belly suplex. Angle continues to taunt Eddie. Benoit decks Angle with a right hand to drop Angle to the mat. Benoit elbow drops Angle followed by a forearm smash and gets a two count. Benoit drives Angle down with a backbreaker for a two count. Benoit sends Angle chest first into the corner and rams Angle into the corner face first. Benoit clotheslines Angle from behind after sending Angle into the corner chest first. Benoit goes to the floor and gets in Edge’s face. Angle tries for an axe handle, but Benoit avoids it. Benoit tosses Angle into Edge and Mysterio, who were sitting at ringside. Angle misses a clothesline and Benoit hits a series of German suplexs. Angle takes Benoit down with a few German suplexs. Angle goes for a cover, but Benoit kicks out at two. Angle tries for the Angle Slam, but Benoit counters with the Crossface! Angle struggles, but rolls through and gets the ankle lock on Benoit! Benoit tries to kick free, but Angle doesn’t let go. Benoit finally breaks free and Angle hits the Angle Slam!

Angle taunts Eddie again and locks in the Lasso From El Passo! Angle tells Eddie that the move sucks. Eddie gets in the ring and is tossed over the top to the floor. Edge and Rey brawl with the Guerreros at ringside. Benoit tosses Angle with a release German suplex. Everyone is in the ring brawling and the referee throws the match out. Mysterio puts an ankle lock on Angle and Edge does the same for a double ankle lock! Edge puts a Crossface on Benoit until the Guerreros get in the ring. Angle locks in another ankle lock on Eddie and Benoit has the Crossface on Edge! Angle offers his hand to Benoit and Benoit accepts. Angle wants a hug, but Benoit thinks that’s too much. Angle forces a hug, but Benoit doesn’t embrace him. (**1/2. A decent match, but the whole point of this was to add more heat to the triple threat tag match at the PPV. As a whole segment, I thought it was really well done.)

Backstage, Smackdown Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar is walking towards the ring while Heyman is pleading with him to reconsider. We also see Big Show making his way to the ring.

Smackdown Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar comes down to the ring and takes his shirt off to reveal his heavily taped ribs. Lesnar has a microphone and knows that Show is backstage. Lesnar says he beat Show to punch and calls Show out to the ring. Lesnar tells Heyman to shut up. Lesnar will go drag Show to the ring. Show comes out and Lesnar rams Show into the ring steps. Lesnar destroys Show with vicious chair shots over the head. Lesnar continues with chair shots to the back. Show has been busted wide open. Lesnar nails Show with the championship. Lesnar tells Show if he wants the title to come and get it. Lesnar walks off while Show is a bloody mess.

Final Thoughts:
It’s a good show promoting Survivor Series. There was a lot of focus on the tag title feud, which I don’t think they needed to do since it would be baffling if the match didn’t deliver considering the guys involved. The final segment with Show and Lesnar was good, but to build Show back up as a credible challenger and then have him get destroyed just three days before the PPV is an interesting choice. Anyway, this was a good show and the Smackdown side for Survivor Series has been built up rather well.

Thanks for reading.

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