WWE Smackdown 11/21/2002

World Wrestling Entertainment presents Smackdown
From: Hartford, CT

A video package promoting the career of Brock Lesnar since it started back in March 2002 is shown to start the show. Lesnar lost the Smackdown World Championship to Big Show at Survivor Series because Paul Heyman turned on Lesnar and joined forces with Big Show.

Backstage, Brock Lesnar is waiting for the arrival of Big Show and Paul Heyman.

Opening Contest: Rey Mysterio vs. Jamie Noble: Noble kicks Mysterio and works over Mysterio in the corner to start the match. Mysterio monkey flips Noble followed by a dropkick. Mysterio hits a springboard head scissors to send Noble to the floor to regroup. Mysterio misses a baseball slide to the floor and Noble delivers a forearm. Noble sends Mysterio shoulder first into the corner. Noble kicks Mysterio a few times and wraps Mysterio’s arm over the ropes followed by a dropkick to the back. Noble hooks Mysterio for a suplex, but Mysterio delivers a few strikes. Mysterio dropkicks Noble and ducks a clothesline to hit a flapjack. Mysterio hits a spinning heel kick for a near fall. Noble tosses Mysterio with an overhead suplex. Noble tries for a Tiger Bomb, but Mysterio counters and hits the 619. Mysterio waits on the apron, but Nidia yanks Mysterio off the apron and runs into the ring. Mysterio springboards off the middle rope to hit the West Coast Pop and pins Noble for the win. (**. I really hope this isn’t the start of a diminished role for Noble on Smackdown. I’ve really enjoyed his run and he still should have value on the heel side in the division. This was an enjoyable match with it wasn’t completely one-sided, but a little too short to really mean anything.)

Backstage, Brock Lesnar is still waiting for Big Show and Paul Heyman to arrive. Lesnar has left the door and walks backstage into the locker room. Matt Hardy tells Lesnar he was really impressed by Lesna’r performance. Hardy thinks it’s terrible that Lesnar got screwed by Heyman. Hardy thinks if Lesnar had his attributes that he would have suffered a bad twist of fate. Lesnar tosses Hardy through a cardboard wall to end the segment.

Backstage, Eddie Guerrero is telling Stephanie McMahon that Lesnar is crazy and doesn’t feel safe. Chavo thinks this is a very unsafe working environment. Stephanie promises to take care of Lesnar tonight. Eddie doesn’t think that Lesnar will listen to a woman. Stephanie tells Eddie that she runs Smackdown and she’ll take care of this.

Backstage, Nidia checks on Jamie Noble and tells him that they will be fine and it’s just bad luck. Noble feels bad for letting Nidia down. Noble says their good life is gone and knows the one person they need to call to get back on track. Nidia tells Noble they aren’t calling his crazy cousin. Noble has to make the call and talk to his cousin Nunzio.

Backstage, Stephanie McMahon meets with Brock Lesnar. Stephanie will not tolerate what Lesnar did to Matt Hardy and she can’t jeopardize these talent. Stephanie promises Lesnar will get his rematch but only when his ribs are 100% healed. Stephanie reveals she’ll have to suspend Lesnar if he puts his hands on Show, Heyman or any other talent. Lesnar walks off.

Second Contest:WWE Cruiserweight Champion Billy Kidman vs. Tajiri: They trade wrist locks in the opening moment until Kidman snapmares Tajiri and they trade arm drags. Tajiri isn’t interested in a handshake and kicks Kidman on the head for a two count. Tajiri scoop slams Kidman followed by a knee drop for a two count. Tajiri keeps Kidman on the mat with a sleeper. Kidman elbows Tajiri and misses a splash in the corner. Kidman dropkicks Tajiri for a two count. Kidman kicks Tajiri on the side of the head. Tajiri kicks Kidman to manage another two count. Tajiri locks in the tarantula in the corner, but has to let go. Tajiri misses a kick to the head. Kidman hits a hurricanrana, but Tajiri breaks free and kicks Kidman on the head again. Tajiri tries for a powerbomb, but Kidman counters with a Death Valley Driver over his knee for a near fall. Tajiri connects with a handspring back elbow and tries for a tornado DDT, but Kidman plants Tajiri with a spinebuster. Kidman hits the Shooting Star Press for the clean win. (**1/2. A solid match and a fine first defense for Kidman. Tajiri is a viable threat with his dangerous kicks and they played that up pretty well. I’m excited for Kidman’s run as champ.)

Backstage, Marc Lloyd meets up with Paul Heyman and Smackdown World Champion Paul Heyman. Heyman is aware of everything that Lesnar is up to. Heyman knows that if Lesnar touches either one of them he is suspended. Big Show gets in Lloyd’s face before they walk off.

Third Contest: Smackdown Tag Team Champion Chavo Guerrero vs. Chris Benoit: Benoit kicks Chavo followed by a right hand and elbow strike. Benoit delivers a backbreaker for a two count. Benoit chops Chavo and hits a tilt a whirl backbreaker for a two count. Benoit hits a German suplex out of the corner. Chavo counters Benoit and delivers a few knee lifts. Chavo drives Benoit down with a gut buster. Chavo stomps on Benoit and sends Benoit into the corner chest first. Chavo sends Benoit shoulder first into the ring post several times. Benoit fights back with a chop, but Chavo keeps control with strikes. Chavo elbows Benoit in the corner, but Benoit goes for a Crossface, but Chavo sends Benoit to the floor. Chavo takes Benoit out with a suicide dive to the floor! Chavo punches Benoit on the midsection and misses a slingshot splash from the apron as Benoit got his knees up. Chavo uppercuts Benoit, but Benoit comes back with a German suplex and holds on to toss Chavo to the mat several times. Benoit signals for the end and goes to the top rope. Benoit leaps off hitting a diving headbutt across the ring for a near fall. Chavo shoulder rams Benoit into the corner to regain control. Benoit kicks Chavo and drops Chavo over the top rope gut first. Chavo shoulder rams Benoit and tries for a springboard, but is caught by Benoit with the Crossface and gets the clean submission. (**. There wasn’t much doubt here for whether or not Benoit would prevail. Chavo seems to be the ideal choice to be used in extended squashes out of everyone in the Smackdown Six.)

Backstage, Stephanie McMahon is talking with Brock Lesnar. Lesnar is pacing back and forth. She tells him that Heyman and Big Show are going to the ring and Lesnar is pissed. Stephanie says that Heyman will try to provoke Lesnar because he’s hurt. Stephanie urges Lesnar to stay backstage. If Lesnar goes to the ring and lays a hand on either of them she’ll have to suspend him. Lesnar tells her that’s BS to end the segment.

Paul Heyman comes out to Brock Lesnar’s music to taunt his former client. Heyman has the Smackdown World Championship around his waist, too. Heyman says it only happens once in a lifetime that someone is so better than everyone that he has no peers. They have the intangible “it factor.” Heyman is crediting himself. Heyman takes credit for all of Lesnar’s success. He had to show Lesnar who was boss and the key to success was also his mind. Heyman taught Lesnar a lesson because he wanted all the credit. He achieved the greatest inside job of all time by costing Lesnar the championship. Heyman’s new client listens to him and understands that he’s a mastermind.

Smackdown World Champion Big Show makes his way down to the ring to join the segment. Show would like to thank Brock Lesnar for giving him the opportunity to wrestle for the title. He’d also like to thank Lesnar for being hot headed and allowing him to take everything. Show brags that he took Lesnar’s whole life from him. There was nothing Lesnar could do about it. Show is a giant, but also focused and determined. Show puts over Heyman as being a brilliant mind behind him. Show mentions that Edge has a shot to get the title tonight, but there’s no way he’s giving it up. Heyman officially dumps Lesnar as his client. Heyman reveals that he had an extra clause inserted into the contract and that is that there will not be a rematch. Brock Lesnar ends up coming out and hitting Show over the back with a steel chair on the entrance ramp.

During the break, Stephanie McMahon is screaming at Brock Lesnar. Stephanie tells Lesnar if he does anything else that he’d be suspended and wants him to try her.

Fourth Contest: Smackdown Tag Team Champion Eddie Guerrero vs. Kurt Angle: Angle controls Guerrero with a side headlock for a few moments. Angle shoulder blocks Guerrero to the floor and Guerrero flips out. Guerrero returns to the ring and gets headlock control. Angle forearms Guerrero, but is met with a shoulder block. Angle backdrops Guerrero and monkey flips Guerrero across the ring. Angle continues with a series of right hands in the corner. Angle plants Guerrero with a double leg slam, but Guerrero rolls to the floor. Guerrero rams Angle back first into the ring steps. Guerrero rolls Angle into the ring and grabs a steel chair. Guerrero has two chairs and the referee grabs the first one. Guerrero whacks Angle over the lower back leading to a near fall. Angle rams Guerrero into the corner and strikes Guerrero several times. Angle is sent hard into the corner back first. Guerrero hits a bridging suplex for a near fall. Guerrero puts a chin lock on Angle, but doesn’t get a submission. Angle is met with an eye rake and Guerrero boot scrapes Angle on the mat. Angle plants Guerrero with a tornado DDT. Chavo Guerrero appears at the top of the stage.

Guerrero and Angle trade strikes. Angle nails Guerrero with a flying forearm and a clothesline for a near fall. Guerrero hits a tilt a whirl backbreaker. Angle counters a suplex locking in a German suplex and tosses Guerrero a few times. Guerrero sneaks a low blow and sends Angle to the floor. Chavo runs to the ringside area and gets a few cheap shots in. Chris Benoit has come out to the stage as well, but Chavo has no idea. Guerrero slams Angle on the floor. Chavo sends Angle into the ring post shoulder first. Guerrero rolls Angle into the ring and hits a slingshot senton splash. Guerrero taunts the crowd and locks in the Lasso From El Passo. Angle reverses with the ankle lock, but Guerrero counters with another leg lock. Angle counters, but is kicked away. Angle tosses Guerrero with a release German suplex. Angle kicks Guerrero and tries for the Angle Slam, but Chavo causes a distraction. Guerrero hits a brainbuster. Guerrero goes to the top rope, but is crotched by Angle. Chavo gets on the apron and is decked off. Angle hits a top rope Angle Slam for the clean win. After the match, Chavo tries to attack Angle, but Angle gets the ankle lock on him instead. Angle notices Benoit clapping on the stage. (***. It is a good match but certainly not near the level they are capable of doing. Their lower level matches are still quite good.)

A vignette promoting Scott Steiner is aired. Steiner has not signed with a brand yet.

Backstage, Funaki chats with Edge. Edge says that Big Show is huge. Funaki jokes that Big Show is Godzilla. Edge considers himself King Kong because Kong always kicks Godzilla’s ass. This is Edge’s first show on Smackdown and he’s going to make the most of it. Edge is willing to pay the price to become the Smackdown World Champion.

Prior to the next match, Dawn Marie and Al Wilson come out to the stage. Marie reminds us she’s marrying Al. Marie says they are getting close to the day. Marie invites every fan for their special day. Al says they are invited and they begin to make out on the stage.

Fifth Contest: Rikishi vs. John Cena: Cena clotheslines Rikishi as the match has started during the commercial. Cena hits a back suplex for a two count. Cena keeps Rikishi on the mat with a sleeper. Rikishi elbows Cena and breaks free. Rikishi misses a sit down splash. Cena mocks Rikishi and delivers a sit down splash of his own. Rikishi kicks out and tosses Cena to the floor. Cena returns to the ring and gets in Rikishi’s face, but is met with a strike. Rikishi hits a Samoan Drop. Rikishi hits a running back splash in the corner and a belly to belly suoplex for the clean win. After the match, Rikishi tries for a Bonzai Drop, However, Bull Buchanan comes out and electric chair slams Rikishi followed by a few leg drops. (1/2*. I’m guessing the point of this was to reintroduce Buchanan in his new role?)

Backstage, Paul Heyman is telling Big Show that this isn’t a good situation. Heyman is scared of Brock Lesnar. Show asks if Heyman saw what Lesnar did to him with that chair. Show says he can’t wrestle tonight because of the chair shot. Heyman isn’t going to leave the locker room with Lesnar lurking. Show demands Heyman get him out of the match. Heyman agrees to do that.

Backstage, Paul Heyman is talking with Stephanie McMahon. Stephanie asks what Heyman is doing. Heyman is mad that Stephanie doesn’t know where Lesnar is at. Heyman says that Lesnar is a ruthless animal and he knows Lesnar better than anybody. Heyman tells Stephanie that Big Show is in no condition to compete tonight. Heyman says that Stephanie needs to find a new main event. Stephanie dismisses that and says that Show will wrestle tonight. Heyman would like a vote of confidence that Lesnar will not get involved. Stephanie promises that she will suspend Lesnar if he gets involved tonight in the main event. Heyman threatens to sue Stephanie, Vince, the family and Smackdown into the ground. Stephanie demands that Heyman leave.

Main Event: Smackdown World Champion Big Show vs. Edge: Show tosses Edge into the corner a few times. Edge hammers away on Show and ducks a big boot. Edge dropkicks Show on the knee. Edge ducks a clothesline and dropkicks Show. Show nails Edge with a clothesline. Show decks Edge with a right hand to keep control of the contest. Show overhand chops Edge in the corner. Show tosses Edge across the ring. Show delivers a backbreaker and clubs Edge over the back. Show clubs Edge over the Ches to keep the challenger on the mat. Edge kicks Show and tries for a DDT, but Show tosses Edge away to block it. Show grabs Edge and delivers an overhand chop to the chest on the apron. Edge falls to the floor and Show follows to ram Edge into the ring post back first. Show drops Edge with a right hand. Show locks in a bearhug and drops Edge to the mat. Show takes Edge over with a vertical suplex. Show rips the top turnbuckle off in the corner to expose the steel. Show sends Edge into the corner, but Edge avoids the steel and drop toe holds Show into the corner. Edge leaps off the top, but is caught. Edge low blows Show and plants Show with a tornado DDT out of the corner for a near fall. Edge spears Show a few times. Edge ducks a clothesline and spears Show leading to a near fall as Heyman pulled Edge off. Edge is pissed and goes to the floor to chase Heyman. Show grabs Edge by the throat and hits a chokeslam back into the ring from the floor. Heyman gets a microphone and wants Show to treat Edge like Brock Lesnar. Show delivers a second chokeslam. Show delivers another chokeslam. Brock Lesnar slides into the ring and hits the F5 on Big Show! Heyman runs away, but Lesnar gives chase. (**1/2. I enjoyed this as Edge did a great job as the underdog face trying to get an upset victory. The crowd was into the action and it was a better main event than I was expecting. A motivated Big Show is a solid big man worker and I hope this continues for him.)

Backstage, Heyman jumps into a limo and escapes Lesnar. Lesnar is pissed in the parking lot to end the show.

Final Thoughts:
There wasn’t a standout match, but it’s overall a solid wrestling show with plenty of quality in-ring action. The show long angle with Lesnar/Show was fine. I like the tease of suspension as now we have to wait until next week to find out what happens. That’s just good TV to make us tune in the next week. Smackdown is so far ahead of RAW it’s honestly laughable.

Thanks for reading.

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