NWA Cyberspace Cybercade II 8/21/2005

NWA Cyberspace presents Cybercade II
From: Wayne, NJ

Backstage, NWA Cyberspace Cruiser-X Champion Sonjay Dutt is interviewed regarding an injury he’s suffered. Dutt claims he’s injured his knee and says he’s been doing rehab in the heat. Dutt wants to defend the title against Elix Skipper, but that’s just not going to happen. Dutt says he’s going to make an appearance for his loving fans. Dutt says that Billy Firehawk thought he was lying about his injury. Dutt called the best lawyers and found a woman who can help him. His female lawyer enters the scene and says she is the one person who can get him out of the match. Dutt puts down the fans for being disgusting and knows they want to see him cripple.

Backstage, Elix Skipper is interviewed regarding his match with Sonjay Dutt. Skipper says that Dutt started this because Dutt kept coming after him month after month. Skipper notes that Dutt constantly said that Skipper needed or wanted to be Christopher Daniels. Skipper says there are no more games tonight. Skipper warns he better not win the title because it will be an open invitation for an X reunion.

Shark Boy is the special referee for the opening match between Dutt and Skipper. However, Dutt instead comes out and insists on the knee injury preventing him from wrestling and is in his street clothes. Dutt says it is against policy to compete in the ring. Dutt tells Shark Boy they don’t need him tonight. Dutt says he has a doctors note and says it is legit. Dutt tries to leave, but Shark Boy puts the title on Skipper’s shoulder. Dutt doesn’t like that and takes his title back. Shark Boy grabs the title again and gives it to Skipper.

Opening Contest: NWA Cyberspace Cruiser-X Champion Sonjay Dutt vs. Elix Skipper: Dutt ends up kicking Skipper and reveals the injury was a lie. Skipper puts a full nelson on Dutt for a moment, but Dutt runs the ropes and tries for a tilt a whirl head scissors, but Skipper hits a slam. Dutt sends Skipper into the ropes, but Skipper drops Dutt onto the ropes groin first. Skipper tries to walk the ropes, but Dutt shakes the ropes and crotches Skipper. Dutt dropkicks Skipper to the floor. Skipper is whipped by Sage (Dutt’s lawyer) on the floor, but Dutt takes Skipper out with a somersault dive. Dutt stomps on Skipper before sending Skipper into the railing back first. Dutt rams Skipper face first onto the apron and hits a springboard clothesline off the railing. Dutt elbow strikes Skipper a few times and works a neck vice on the floor. Skipper knee lifts Dutt on the floor and delivers a kick to the back after a snapmare. Skipper rolls Dutt back into the ring and hits a slingshot somersault clothesline for a two count. Skipper rams Dutt into the corner and delivers a few strikes to the back. Skipper stomps on Dutt for a few moments. Skipper heads to the top rope, but is crotched by Dutt. Dutt forearms Skipper on the top turnbuckle and hits an elevated swinging neckbreaker off the top turnbuckle for a near fall.

Dutt dropkicks a seated Skipper and stands on the back of Skipper’s head. Dutt hooks Skipper for a vertical suplex and drives Skipper to the mat followed by a double stomp. Dutt wrenches on Skipper’s neck to keep control of the bout. Skipper punches free, but runs into a clothesline. Dutt does a cocky cover, but Skipper pops out. Dutt decks Skipper with a few right hands and does a little dance before dropping an elbow on Skipper. Skipper nails Dutt with a spinning roundhouse kick. Skipper ducks a clothesline and clotheslines Dutt several times. Dutt dumps Skipper to the apron, but Skipper leaps off the top to hit a spinning heel kick for a two count. Skipper gets a waist lock on Dutt, but Dutt kicks free and hits a Slice Bread for a near fall. Dutt spikes Skipper with a tornado DDT, but Skipper kicks out at two. Dutt drags Skipper towards the corner and signals for the Hindu Press, but Skipper moves. Skipper hits the Play of the Day, but Dutt kicks out at two. Skipper pulls Dutt up to his feet and puts Dutt on the top turnbuckle. Skipper forearms Dutt a few times. Dutt fights back to gain footing and hits a sunset flip powerbomb for a near fall. Dutt heads to the top rope again and leaps off hitting a 450 splash, but Skipper manages to kick out. Skipper gets a rollup on Dutt after Dutt is shoved by Shark Boy. Skipper keeps Dutt down to win the match and title. (***. I thought it was a good match and they did enough to keep my interest throughout. Skipper winning the title is probably the right decision. These two are very underrated and put forth a fun match to kickoff the show action wise.)

Backstage, Elix Skipper is interviewed following his title victory. Skipper wants to have another match with Christopher Daniels. Skipper wants to see who the better X champion is. Skipper wants Daniels to bring it and he’ll be waiting for his former partner.

Backstage, Julio Dinero is with a woman who is adjusting his tights or something, but they are teasing it is sexual.

Backstage, Traci Brooks is interviewed regarding her match with NWA Cyberspace Women’s Champion Jazz. Brooks says the belt is going around the waist of a lady.

Backstage, NWA Cyberspace Women’s Champion Jazz is interviewed. Jazz promises to beat Traci’s ass just like all the other bimbos in Cyberspace. Jazz she takes no prisoners. I should not that the microphone does not work at all. So, that’s a little comical for these backstage segments.

Second Contest: NWA Cyberspace Women’s Champion Jazz vs. Traci Brooks: Jazz backs Brooks into a corner, but cleanly backs off. Jazz wants a test of strength and Brooks locks up with the champ. Brooks ends up taking Jazz down with an arm drag. Brooks gets a couple of near falls with quick rollups. Jazz decks Brooks with a forearm strike and sends Brooks to the floor. Jazz sends Brooks over the railing into the crowd. Jazz rams Brooks onto a chair. Brooks counters and rams Jazz into a chair face first. Brooks continues with a chop in the front row as Jazz looks to escape back to ringside. They return to the ring where Jazz strikes Brooks several times. Jazz takes Brooks over with a double under hook suplex for a two count. Jazz rams Brooks into the corner with a shoulder ram several times. Jazz sits Brooks on the top turnbuckle, but runs into a knee. Brooks leaps off the middle rope to deliver a facebuster. Brooks blocks a right hand and chops Jazz. Brooks chops Jazz followed by a shoulder block and an elbow strike for a two count. Brooks waits in the corner, but Jazz knee lifts Brooks. Jazz lifts Brooks up with a chicken wing and drives Brooks down to the mat face first. Brooks is claiming her chest is hurt and the referee rings the bell. Jazz wins due to Brooks not being able to continue. (*. Well, the finish was kind of dumb. I really hope this wasn’t done because Brooks is a TNA wrestler. Jazz is a badass and I wish she’d wrestle in TNA.)

Backstage, Joel Maximo is interviewed regarding being in the golden key elimination match. Joel says he’d be going for the World Championship. Jose suggests the tag team, and Joel agrees. Joel says we should expect the unexpected.

Mike Tobin cuts a promo about Billy Firehawk not getting a legend to wrestle Tobin this month. Tobin issues an open challenge and that brings out Sunny. John Shane says that Sunny’s days are behind her. Sunny chimes in and says that Shane should be kissing her feet. Sunny tells Shane to “suck it.” That brings out Kip James to wrestle Mike Tobin.

Third Contest: Kip James vs. Mike Tobin: James decks Tobin with a few right hands and taunts Tobin in the corner with strikes. James press slams Tobin out of the corner. James misses a clothesline and Tobin dropkicks James on the knee. Tobin stomps on the left knee a few times. Tobin is kicked away into the corner chest first. James ducks a shot to the head with a plaque. James hits the Fame-Asser and pins Tobin. (NR. It’s amazing how much of a star James looks on the indies compared to TNA and even in the WWE. This was simple and effective.) After the match, The Solution come out and attack Kip. They grab Sunny with John Shane yelling at her. Kip returns with a steel chair to run them off.

Backstage, America’s Most Wanted are interviewed regarding the golden key. Harris and Storm are confident that one of them will win. James Storm calls the interviewer Screech.

Backstage, Josh Daniels is interviewed and says that Mike Kruel’s injury is a “what comes around goes around” kind of situation. Daniels assures us that he’s coming out on top. Daniels will be wrestling someone who hasn’t competed in Cyberspace. Daniels doesn’t care who he is wrestling because he will come out no matter what.

Fourth Contest: NWA Cyberspace Internet Champion Josh Daniels vs. Jay Lethal: Early on, they trade some mat wrestling holds, as expected. Daniels kicks Lethal away, but they end up having a standoff. Daniels keeps a wrist lock on Lethal and switches to a front face lock. Lethal counters with a hammerlock on the mat. Daniels breaks free from a front face lock, but Lethal reaches the ropes quickly. Daniels does a test of strength and keeps Lethal on the mat trying to get a three count. Lethal bridges out, but is met by a clothesline. Daniels drops Lethal with an elbow strike and follows up with a snap suplex for a two count. Daniels keeps Lethal on the mat with a head scissors. Lethal rolls to the ropes to break the hold. Daniels forearms Lethal and backdrops Lethal to the apron. Daniels chops Lethal a few times. Daniels misses a chop and Lethal drops Daniels over the top rope arm first leading to a near fall. Lethal stomps on the injured left arm. Mike Kruel, who was originally suppose to wrestle Daniels, has made his way down to ringside along with the SAT. Lethal drives Daniels down to the mat with a knee drop to the arm. Lethal hits a back suplex and manages a two count.

Lethal rams Daniels into the corner face first and continues with a stomp to the chest. Lethal rams Daniels into the corner and continues with a chop. Daniels wants some more chops, but just absorbs them and drops Lethal with a few chops of his own. Lethal takes Daniels down to the may by his bad arm, but Daniels isn’t giving up. Lethal wrenches on the injured arm, but Daniels reaches the ropes to break the hold. Lethal delivers a shoulder breaker, but Daniels kicks out at two. Lethal stomps on Daniels and delivers a scoop slam before going back to a hammerlock submission with a bridge. Daniels refuses to submit and reaches the ropes again to break the hold. Lethal chops Daniels in the corner, but runs into an elbow strike. Lethal forearms Daniels, but runs into a clothesline by Daniels. Daniels runs into a boot in the corner. Daniels tosses Lethal overhead with an exploder suplex. Lethal bails to the floor to regroup. Daniels sends Lethal into the railing back first and delivers a running forearm strike to drop Lethal to the floor. Daniels rolls Lethal into the ring and manages a two count. Daniels tries for a back suplex, but Lethal drops Daniels with an arm breaker. Lethal heads to the top rope and hits a diving headbutt for a near fall.

They begin to trade forearms in the middle of the ring. Daniels chops Lethal, but Lethal responds with a strike. Lethal forearms, uppercuts and chops Daniels. However, Daniels hits a quick German suplex for a two count. Lethal avoids Daniels in the corner and hits a leaping DDT off the middle rope for a near fall. Lethal spikes Daniels with a brainbuster, but Daniels is saved by the SAT pulling the referee out of the ring. Lethal confronts Kruel for a moment. Daniels nails Lethal with a kick to the head. Daniels sits Lethal on the top turnbuckle, but runs into a boot. Daniels hooks Lethal and hits a superplex leading to a near fall. Daniels tries for a German suplex, but Lethal breaks free only to be chopped on a springboard attempt. Lethal heel kicks Daniels, but runs into a lariat. Daniels covers, but is pulled out by SAT. Daniels is attacked by Kruel and SAT on the floor. Daniels gets his injured arm slammed on the floor. Lethal gets to his feet and takes out the SAT. The referee ends up throwing the match out. (***1/4. A no contest decision is not surprising considering Lethal’s association with ROH and soon to be association with TNA. Regardless, I thought this was a good encounter and a match I’d like to see with more substance behind it and an actual winner declared.)

Backstage, John Shane is pissed off about Sunny bringing in Kip James. The Solution calm down Shane and they have a chance to get revenge tonight. Shane wants Sunny out of here. Solution promise they will win the tag titles. We see Sunny opening a door in the room they just left and she lets out a laugh.

Fifth Contest: Mo Sexton vs. Julio Dinero in a loser leaves town match: Dinero attacks Sexton on the aisle during Mo’s entrance. Dinero sends Sexton over the railing into the crowd and chokes Sexton. Dinero rams Sexton face first onto a table and tosses Sexton into a trash can. Dinero tosses Sexton into the bleachers, which are empty. Dinero uppercuts Sexton a few times, but Sexton comes back and chokes Dinero with his shirt. Sexton has a chair and whacks Dinero over the back. Dinero chokes Sexton with his shirt and tosses Sexton back to ringside. Dinero sends Sexton into the railing back first to maintain control. Sexton counters and sends Dinero into the railing. Sexton sends Dinero into a chair in the crowd. Sexton is caught by Dinero and rammed into the railing back first. Dinero delivers a spinebuster onto the floor. Dinero bites Sexton’s forehead before entering the ring. Dinero splashes onto Sexton over the middle rope and continues with right hands. Sexton ducks a clothesline and dropkicks Dinero. Sexton works over Dinero in the corner with stomps. Sexton nails Dinero with a running dropkick to a seated Dinero. Sexton covers, but Dinero kicks out at two.

Sexton rams Dinero into the corner and plays to the crowd briefly. Dinero head scissors Sexton into the middle turnbuckle and hits a leg sweep for a two count. Dinero uppercuts Sexton several times in the corner. Dinero pummels Sexton in the corner and Sexton drops down. Dinero tries for more punches, but Sexton counters with a powerbomb and nearly wins the match. Sexton decks Dinero with a right hand and hits a dropkick for a two count. Sexton works over Dinero with a right hand. Sexton runs into a back elbow in the corner. Dinero plays to the crowd and hits a twisting senton splash for a near fall. Dinero chokes Sexton over the middle rope and taunts the fans, who are chanting homophobic words at Dinero. Dinero splashes over Sexton on the middle rope. Dinero hooks Sexton for a cradle neckbreaker and plants Sexton for a near fall. Dinero knee drops Sexton and locks in a cobra clutch. Sexton refuses to give in and Dinero lets go of the hold. Dinero taunts the crowd before continuing to work over Sexton with strikes and a headbutt. Dinero tries for a pump handle, but Sexton counters and hits a cutter. Sexton climbs to the top rope, but Miss Michelle shakes the ropes to crotch Sexton.

Dinero recovers and had a chain wrapped around his fist, but the referee saw it. Sexton superkicks Dinero and goes to the top again hitting a frog splash. Sexton covers and wins the match! However, Dinero’s foot was on the ropes and thus the match must continue. Sexton chases Michelle and grabs her in the ring. Dinero nails Sexton with a weapon and manages to pin Sexton. Thus, Sexton must leave Cyberspace. (***. Alright, this only makes sense if it eventually leads to Sexton returning and being a top guy for Cyberspace. Sexton appears to be super over with the crowd and is a young talent that could excel in a role with the company. I’m not knocking Dinero by saying that, but the value would be Sexton long-term. It’s a good match, though the finish kind of annoyed me.) After the match, the fans show Sexton respect. Oh, Sexton holds up an OVW shirt which indicates he’s been signed by WWE. That makes a lot more sense for him losing.

Backstage, Julio Dinero bumps into Kip James in his locker room. Kip doesn’t know who Dinero is while Dinero rants about himself. Kip tells Dinero that he’s with TNA and he’s Kip James now. Kip suggests he’s had sex with Miss Michelle. Dinero flips out and says that he’ll have a match with Kip the next time he’s here.

Backstage, Shark Boy walks by Rodney Mack, Jazz and Black Reign. Mack proceeds to throw Shark Boy into lockers and leaves him laying.

Backstage, NWA Cyberspace Tag Team Champions All Money Is Legal is interviewed regarding their match with The Solution. They say they always have to prove themselves. They talk about Solution no-showing the event they won the tag titles. Murda is pissed about having their creditability questioned. Murda threatens John Shane that he’ll get it worse than the Solution. Pusha says they are the next best tag team in wrestling and it’s not upset for them to win tonight.

Sixth Contest: NWA Cyberspace Tag Team Champions All Money Is Legal (Murda & Pusha) vs. The Solution (Havok & Papadon): Havok and Murda kickoff the match with Havok tossing Murda into the corner and laughing at Murda. Havok does the same shove and the challengers react with more laughter. Murda jumps on Havok’s back, but that doesn’t last. Pusha gets tagged in and the champs hit a double missile dropkick to Havok. Papadon decks Pusha with a forearm strike. Murda head scissors Papadon to the mat followed by a dropkick. Havok is driven down to the mat with a flatliner. The champs hit a double backbreaker on Havok. Murda misses a running double knee and Havok plants Murda with a spinebuster. Havok keeps control on Murda with a front suplex. Papadon controls Murda on the mat with a neck vice. Murda elbows free and hits a hurricanrana on Papadon. Pusha gets the tag and hammers away on Havok. Pusha avoids a press slam and comes off the ropes, but Havok press slams Pusha into the corner. Papadon enters the match and delivers a headbutt to the ribs and a kick to the back. Papadon chokes Pusha over the middle rope. Havok returns to the match striking Pusha. Havok continues with a powerslam for a two count. Havok rams Pusha into Papadon’s boot in the corner.

Papadon knee lifts Pusha followed by a forearm and a backdrop. Papadon taunts Pusha for trying to reach for a tag. Papadon gets a two count after a back suplex. Pusha delivers a jawbreaker and Murda gets tagged in. Murda cleans house and hits a tornado DDT on Papadon. Murda takes Havok out with a suicide dive on the floor. Murda hits a crossbody off the top onto Papadon, but Papdon rolls to the floor. AMIL hit a dropkick/crucifix combo for a two count on Havok. Papadon sends Murda to the floor. Havok plants Murda with a sit down powerbomb, but Pusha makes the save. Pushakicks Papadon and bulldogs Havok. Pusha hits a top rope swanton, but Shane pulls the referee out. Sunny comes down to ringside to confront Shane. Sunny takes out Shane and low blows Papadon. Pusha leaps off the top to nail Papadon with a facebuster to win the match. (**. I’d probably say this a little disappointing as it felt like a condensed version of a longer match they should have had. Plus, they are clearly putting a focus on a Sunny/John Shane manager feud, which is likely the main takeaway from this match.)

Seventh Contest: Joel Maximo vs. Bobby Roode vs. Petey Williams vs. Chris Harris vs. James Storm vs. Shark Boy in a Golden Key elimination match: Joel and Shark Boy kickoff the elimination match. Boy and Maximo trade wrist locks until Maximo gains control with a front face lock. Boy counters with a hammerlock on the mat. Maximo rolls to the floor to regroup and runs away from Harris. Boy shoulder blocks Maximo and they trade arm drags and takedowns leading to a standoff. Williams and Roode are tagged into the match, but neither man looks like they want to wrestle each other. They cover each others ears as the crowd is singing the national anthem. They lockup, but then hug. Roode and Williams tag out to Storm and Harris for them to deal with the same situation. AMW trie to tag out, but they aren’t quick enough to get out of the situation. They fake a lockup and go to the floor to brawl with Team Canada. Harris drops Williams over the railing chest first a couple of times. Roode gets slingshot into the ring and Storm hits a running elbow in the corner. Harris hits a bulldog on Roode for a near fall. Harris boots Roode in the corner, but Roode plants Harris with a full nelson slam for a two count. Williams stomps Harris in the corner and Roode returns to the match and keeps control with stomps.

Roode clubs Harris over the back and puts Harris in the tree of woe. Williams stands on Harris groin in the corner to taunt the fans. Roode knee lifts Harris coming off the ropes. Roode hits a snap suplex for a two count. Williams tags in and kicks Harris in the ribs followed by a right hand to drop Harris to the mat. Williams chokes Harris with his own arms, but doesn’t get a submission. Harris fights back by driving Williams down to the mat with a delayed vertical suplex. Shark Boy gets tagged in and clotheslines Williams. Boy hits a facebuster and connects with a neckbreaker on Williams for a two count. Williams tries for the Canadian Destroyer, but Boy backdrops free. Williams accidentally decks Roode off the apron. Boy hits the Dead Sea Driver and pins Williams. That was a shocker. Williams has been eliminated.

Roode decks Boy with a clothesline from behind to eliminate Shark Boy. Storm hits a snap powerslam on Roode for a two count. Williams drops Storm over the top rope and Roode hits a lariat from behind to pin Storm for another elimination. Harris is double teamed by Maximo and Roode. Maximo almost pins Roode with a rollup and they shove each other. Harris hits a double clothesline and atomic drops Maximo. Maximo responds with a dropkick for a two count. Maximo nails Harris with a running kick in the corner. Maximo elbows Harris in the corner, but Harris plants Maximo with the Catatonic for another elimination.

Roode pummels Harris with right hands on the mat and drops an elbow for a near fall. Roode chops Harris followed by right hands and chokes Harris over the top rope. Harris runs the ropes and nails Roode with a leaping clothesline. Harris backdrops Roode and continues with a left hand, but runs into a boot. Harris plants Roode with a spinebuster for a near fall. Roode hits a fisherman suplex, but Harris kicks out at two. They begin to trade strikes until Harris tries for the Catatonic. Roode breaks free and nails Harris with a clothesline from behind for a two count. Roode tries for the sharpshooter, but Harris kicks free and Roode hits the referee. Harris connects with the Catatonic, but there’s no referee on the cover attempt. Petey Williams tries for the Canadian Destroyer, but Storm nails Williams with a superkick. Storm holds Roode and Harris hits a running clothesline. Harris covers and pins Roode to win the match. (**1/4. This could have been a lot worse, but there was enough going on here that it wasn’t a chore to sit through. I liked Shark Boy pinning Williams, but then was disappointed by his quick elimination right after. Harris winning is the right call and I hope he gets a shot to be the heavyweight champion. Harris has always came across as if he’s a top guy and TNA never pulled that trigger.)

Billy Firehawk enters the ring and gives Harris the golden key. Firehawk asks which title Harris is going for. Harris proclaims that AMW is the most dominate tag team going today. Harris knows they will be the tag team championships. Harris announces he wants a shot at the NWA Cyberspace Heavyweight Champion. James Storm doesn’t look thrilled. Firehawk says Harris will wrestle the winner of the main event cage match. Harris knows that Storm may not have expected that decision. Harris tells Storm that if there are any issues with him getting a title shot then he’ll bail on going for the title. Storm notes they are like brothers. Storm gives Harris the key and says he’s earned it. Storm isn’t bothered by Harris decision. Harris says “sorry about your damn luck” to the winner of the cage match tonight.

Backstage, Slyck Wagner Brown is interviewed regarding the street fight against Rodney Mack. Brown gives Mack credit, but doesn’t appreciate Mack putting his hands on his woman. Brown is going to show Mack what he’s shown everyone else and that’s leaving Mack in a puddle of his own blood.

Eighth Contest: Slyck Wagner Brown vs. Rodney Mack in a street fight: They trade right hands in the ring to kickoff the fight. Brown clotheslines Mack over the top to the floor. Brown is wearing street clothes for this match. Mack sends Brown into the guard railing back first, but Brown backdrops Mack into the crowd. Brown decks The Smoke on the floor. They trade strikes in the crowd with Mack gaining the advantage and hitting Brown over the back. Mack chokes Brown in the crowd and delivers a stomp to the chest a few times. Mack elbows Brown a couple of times. Brown rams Mack face first onto a chair. Smoke whacks Brown over the back with a chair to help out Mack. Smoke holds Brown, but Brown breaks free and whacks Mack over the back with a chair. Brown destroys Smoke with a chair shot. Brown clotheslines Mack out of a chair and pummels Mack with right hands on the floor. Mack pummels Brown with right hands. Mack throws Brown through a door and they brawl into the lobby area. Mack clubs Brown over the back and they go outside. Brown rams a shopping cart into Mack against a baseball fence. Brown tosses the shopping cart at Mack. Mack sends Brown into a trash barrel. Mack hits Brown over the back with a steel chair. Mack sends Brown into the trash barrel and Smoke hits Brown over the. back. Mack brings Brown onto the baseball field. Brown sends Mack into the fence face first. Brown tosses Mack over the fence and rubs Mack’s face onto the fencing. Mack knee lifts Brown and hits a suplex on the ground.

Mack whacks Brown with a lawn equipment and continues with a forearm strike. Smoke holds Brown as Mack continues to deliver strikes. Mack accidentally decks Smoke on the field. They make their way towards the parking lot. Brown sends Mack into a truck a few times. Brown tries to catapult Mack into the truck, but Mack fights off. Brown sends Mack into the truck again. A car side swipes Brown and Mack covers to win the match. It turns out that Jazz was driving the car to hit Brown. (*1/2. The car incident was kind of ruined by people screaming to get out of the road for the spot essentially. This came across like a fight, but it was repetitive for the most part.)

Main Event: NWA Cyberspace Heavyweight Champion Jeff Jarrett vs. Abyss inside a steel cage: Abyss hammers away on Jarrett during Jarrett’s entrance on the aisle way. Abyss beats on Jarrett ramming Jarrett into the railing. They brawl their way into the crowd. Abyss rams Jarrett face first onto a steel chair. Abyss sends Jarrett into the wall. Abyss continues to work over Jarrett in the crowd and gouges Jarrett’s eyes. Jarrett avoids a chair shot by kicking Abyss and whacks Abyss with a chair shot over the head and back. Jarrett jabs the chair into Abyss midsection a few times in the front row. Jarrett drags Abyss over the railing to the ringside area. Jarrett hits Abyss with another chair shot. Jarrett sends Abyss into the cage door and finally brings the match into the ring. Jarrett sends Abyss into the cage head first and taunts the crowd. Jarrett sends Abyss into the cage and delivers a few stomps. Jarrett taunts the crowd by doing a strut. Abyss fights back by sending Jarrett into the cage a couple of times. Abyss chokes Jarrett in the corner, but misses a shoulder attack. Jarrett delivers several punches to stagger Abyss. Jarrett knee lifts Abyss in the corner several times.

Jarrett leaps off the middle rope and axe handles Abyss, but Abyss only staggers even after two axe handles. Abyss tries for a chokeslam, but settles for a big boot. Abyss splashes Jarrett in the corner and plants Jarrett with a chokeslam. Abyss begins to climb the cage looking to escape and win the match. Jarrett whacks Abyss with a chain over the back. Jarrett locks in the figure four leg lock, but Abyss refuses to give up. Abyss appears to have passed out from the pain. Jarrett tries to escape from the cage through the door, but Abyss grabs Jarrett. Abyss low blows Jarrett and tries for another chokeslam, but Jarrett breaks free and hits The Stroke on the chain. Jarrett begins to climb the cage and Abyss crawls through the door. There are two referees and they are rewarding the match to both men.

Billy Firehawk chimes in and says the match restarts. Jarrett decks Abyss on the floor to keep the advantage. Jarrett beats on Abyss with right hands. Jarrett jabs Abyss with a few left hands. Jarrett kicks Abyss, but runs into the Black Hole Slam! Rhino comes down to ringside and takes out the referee. Rhino enters the ring and GORES Abyss! Rhino pulls Jarrett to the corner and helps Jarrett escape the cage to win the match and retain the title. (*. I think it is hilarious they would book Rhino to only do an interference spot in the main event where he appears on the show for maybe two minutes. That’s an easy day for Rhino. This is a match that I was quite interested in because Abyss vs. Jarrett in 2005 would never happen in TNA. Jarrett didn’t seem to be inclined to put forth an enjoyable cage match. We got the usual Jarrett formula that included an extended crowd brawl segment. Needless to say, this was a disappointing cage match.)

Final Thoughts:
Despite a disappointing main event, I’m going to give this a mild thumbs up. There was a enough on the undercard to leave this show feeling like I didn’t waste my time. Lethal/Daniels, Dinero/Sexton and Skipper/Dutt stood out as the best matches. Kip was enjoyable in his short appearance and there wasn’t anything truly horrendous to hinder the show. I still can’t believe Rhino was booked for only a run-in, though. No wonder Cyberspace has only six more shows left.

Thanks for reading.

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