Limitless Wrestling Nothing Gold Can Stay 7/21/2017

Limitless Wrestling presents Nothing Gold Can Stay
From: Westbrook, ME

The MJF show starts off backstage where MJF has someone praising him for his accomplishments in recent months. MJF asks them who he is facing at the next Limitless Wrestling show. He’s told that he’s wrestling Sami Callihan, which prompts a nervous reaction, but MJF assures them he’s better than Sami. MJF thinks they need a plan of action. MJF backhands someone for asking if he’s afraid. Another guy asks if Sami has an off switch like a video game system. MJF kicks him out for saying something stupid. Bear Bronson asks if they see if there are weaknesses in Sami. MJF likes the idea and sends a woman to check it out. Another guy tells MJF to train hard and defeat Callihan, but MJF spits his gum at Sami. Bronson suggests they just shoot Sami with a gun. MJF thinks it is the dip. MJF believes that Sami gets his power from the dip. MJF thinks he needs to be Sami and needs to use dip. MJF puts the dip in his mouth and swallows it. They tell MJF he’s not suppose to swallow the dip and he runs to the bathroom to vomit.

Opening Contest: Sami Callihan vs. MJF: Sami pie faces MJF a few times, but MJF bails to the floor to stall and taunt fans in the front row. Sami chases MJF on the floor, but MJF shoulder blocks Sami in the ring and taunts the crowd some more. Sami nails MJF with a big boot to the face to send MJF to the floor. Sami controls MJF on the floor with a chop and MJF tries to cover his chest with a championship, but Sami delivers a back suplex onto the apron. Sami plays to the crowd as MJF crawls towards the backstage area, but Sami pulls MJF back to the ringside area. Sami nails MJF with a forearm strike and MJF sits on a chair in the front row. Sami tries for a chop, but MJF puts the referee in his way and forearms Sami to gain control. MJF runs into a big boot and Sami delivers a powerbomb onto the apron. Sami drives MJF onto the apron again with a powerbomb. Sami rolls MJF into the ring and MJF begs off. Sami nails MJF with a boot to the face. Sami tries for a suplex, but MJF breaks free and seems to hurt his knee in the corner. The referee signals for an injury. MJF is screaming in agony. Sami checks on MJF and helps MJF get out of the ring.

MJF proves to be faking it by dropping Sami’s arm over the top rope and delivers a few knee drops to the left arm. MJF continues to work over Sami’s arm in the corner. Sami fights back with a forearm and a chop. MJF chops Sami to the mat and manages a two count. MJF keeps Sami on the mat with a top wrist lock. MJF yanks on Sami’s arm, but is sent to the floor. MJF claps the side of Sami’s head and hits a Codebreaker for a two count. MJF stomps on Sami’s hand to keep control of the match. MJF elbows Sami on the left arm and locks in an arm bar, but Sami doesn’t give in. Sami breaks out of a sleeper with a jawbreaker. MJF runs into a big boot in the corner and Sami delivers several jabs. MJF yanks Sami down by his arm to maintain the advantage. Sami kicks MJF on the leg causing MJF to cannonball into the corner. Sami nails MJF with a running boot in the corner a few times. MJF elbows Sami to break free from a suplex and looks for a submission, but Sami counters with an exploder suplex for a two count. MJF avoids a clothesline and hits a flatliner followed by a running knee for a two count.

MJF signals for a piledriver, but Sami counters and tries for a reverse piledriver, but settles for a stretch muffler attempt. MJF counters with a rollup for a two count. Sami chops MJF a couple of times and MJF spits at Sami. Sami flips MJF and hits a big boot. They trade forearms and boots. Sami hits a running Canadian Destroyer, but MJF hits a elbow on the way down. Sami tries for a cover, but only gets a two count. MJF quickly locks in an arm bar on the left arm and forces Sami to submit to win the match. (***1/4. I enjoyed the match, though I thought the fake injury angle didn’t need to be part of it. I understand MJF using it as a heel, but it’s an overused trope to get heat and cheap advantages. I don’t think anyone bought the fake injury anyway. They did a good job otherwise and a clean submission victory for MJF was not expected at all.) After the match, Sami wants to shake hands with MJF and says he respects MJF. MJF decides to flip Sami off and gets a boot to the face for doing so.

Second Contest: JD Drake vs. John Silver vs. Mike Graca vs. Xavier Bell vs. Mr. Grim vs. Bear Bronson: Grim and Bronson kick off the six man match. Grim sends Bronson into the ropes and is met with a shoulder block. Bronson forearms Grim, but Grim hits a hurricanrana. Grim tries for a piledriver, but Bronson backdrops free only to miss a splash. Grim connects with a seated clothesline. Drake tries to get involved and is elbowed by Grim. Drake clotheslines Grim from behind followed by a shining wizard. Drake and Bell trade strikes until Bell hits a suplex and a strike. Graca gets involved kicking Bell and they trade strikes. Graca avoids Bell in the corner followed by another kick in the corner and drops Bell over his knee. Silver kicks Graca several times in the corner followed by an uppercut. Silver tosses Graca and Bell across the ring with hip tosses. Silver hip tosses Bronson and Grim. Drake stands up in the corner, but shoves Silver away. Silver kicks Drake followed by another hip toss. Silver is decked by Bronson from behind. Silver is beaten down by all the other opponents. Silver breaks free from everyone and plays to the crowd. Silver hits a running somersault dive to the floor to take everyone out. Graca goes to the top hitting a crossbody onto a group of men.

Bell is in the ring and tries for a dive on Drake, but is caught and decked by a forearm. Drake big boots Grim for a near fall. Drake strikes Grim several times, but misses a clothesline and Grim tosses Drake with a German suplex. Grim nails Drake with a big boot to send Drake to the floor. Bronson misses a clothesline, but elbows Grim. Grim tries for a sunset flip, but Bronson sits down. Graca chops Bronson in the corner several times. Graca strikes Bronson in the corner and delivers a running knee strike. Graca continues with a running dropkick in the corner. Silver kicks Graca on the chest a few times. Silver sits Graca on the top turnbuckle and looks for a suplex. Bell gets on the ropes to help Graca in the corner, but Silver hits a double superplex. Drake is in the ring and goes to the top rope hitting a split legged moonsault on Silver for a two count. Drake and Bronson trade strikes in the middle of the ring. They collide on clothesline attempts. Bronson headbutts Drake and tries for a slam. Bronson gets Drake on his shoulders, but Silver hits a German suplex to allow Bronson to slam Drake to the mat.

Silver forearms Grim, but Grim hits the Pounce. Drake plants Grim with a twisting DDT. Bronson decks Drake with a lariat. Graca strikes Bronson several times followed by a superkick. Graca heads to the top rope hitting a frog splash, but Bell breaks the cover. Bell works over Graca with several strikes in the corner. Silver boots Bell and elbows Graca in the corner. Graca slingshots Silver into Bell, who hits a Canadian Destroyer. Silver backdrops Graca to the floor and covers Bell for the win. (***1/2. I typically despise six-man matches on indie shows because it’s just a matter of getting a bunch of people on the show. I enjoyed this one since everyone had moments to shine and the action was consistent enough to hold my interest throughout.)

Third Contest: Troy Nelson vs. WeeBL in a Texas bullrope match: BL is a little wrestler, who had been promoted as a giant to wrestle Nelson. I don’t know full context, but I’m assuming this is Nelson being a heel. Nelson tries to touch all four corners, but is yanked to the mat. BL yanks on the rope several times and steps on Nelson’s neck. BL crawls through Nelson’s leg to cause Nelson to low blow himself. BL nails Nelson with a lariat, but there are no covers in the match. BL begins to touch the corners, but Nelson stops BL only to be met with a headbutt to the groin. Nelson stops BL with a low blow of his own. Nelson hooks BL for a suplex while doing a split and hits the move! Nelson touches each corner, but BL stops Nelson and tries for a piledriver, but Nelson escapes. Nelson hits BL with the cowbell, but BL low blows Nelson to avoid an elbow strike. BL begins to touch the corners, but Nelson is doing the same behind BL. BL drops Nelson face first over the corner while Nelson is on his shoulders. The referee awards the match to Nelson despite Nelson not hitting the correct corner. (DUD. The crowd was dead for this one and the match just isn’t very good. I will say that Nelson’s work as a heel came across well and his mannerisms reminded me of the Miz. However, this match was doomed and the crowd never cared about it.)

Fourth Contest: Anthony Henry vs. Flip Gordon: Henry wants to do a test of strength, but Gordon says he has a broken finger. They do it anyway and it leads to them trading some mat wrestling until Henry backs Gordon against the ropes. Henry kicks Gordon’s arm to break free from a hold. Henry taunts Gordon in the corner, but Gordon does a handspring and taunts Henry. Gordon does a few kip ups to taunt Henry. Gordon continues with a handstand and is kicked by Henry. Henry chops Gordon in the corner, but Gordon connects with a kick to send Henry to the floor. Gordon runs the ropes to baseball slide Henry on the floor. Gordon delivers a superkick from the apron and hits a moonsault to the floor to take Henry out. Henry avoids a 450 splash and ends up kicking Gordon after avoiding a kick by Flip. Henry stomps Gordon in the corner several times. Henry yanks Gordon down to the mat out of the corner and delivers a kick to the back. Henry locks in a leg lock, but Gordon doesn’t give in. Gordon reaches the ropes to break the hold. Gordon strikes Henry a few times, but Henry drops Gordon with a forearm strike leading to a near fall. Henry chokes Gordon with his own arms, but Gordon breaks free. Gordon shoulder blocks Henry followed by a slam.

Gordon does a “you can’t see Flip” taunt, but Henry responds with a heel kick and a swinging neckbreaker. Henry does a CM Punk taunt and delivers a running knee strike in the corner. Henry signals for a GTS, but Gordon counters and elbows Henry. Gordon hits a Samoan Drop and a springboard moonsault for a two count. Gordon heads to the top rope, but settles for kicking Henry off the top rope and hits a 450 splash for a near fall. Gordon heads to the top rope again, but struggles this time. Henry comes over, but is kicked away. Henry manages to hit a running release German suplex off the top rope. Henry clotheslines Gordon in the corner and to the back of the head. Henry connects with a powerbomb and switches to a half Boston Crab. Henry pulls Gordon back to the middle of the ring and puts an STF on Gordon to win the match by submission. (***. A good match between these two with Henry standing out with a strong performance. I liked the closing sequence, too.)

Fifth Contest: Donovan Dijak vs. Josh Briggs: Dojak shoves Briggs, but Briggs responds with a shove and they trade forearms. Dijak gets the advantage with strikes and a boot in the corner. Briggs tosses Dijak with an overhead double under hook suplex. Briggs dives over the top rope to take Dijak out on the floor. They trade strikes around ringside for a few moments. Dijak drops Briggs to his knees with a forearm to the lower back. They trade strikes on the apron with Briggs grabbing Dijak for a chokeslam and hits it on the apron. Dijak boots Briggs off the apron to the floor where both men fall to. They both are able to return to the ring before the count of ten. Dijak delivers a running elbow strike several times in the corner and a forearm strike. Dijak superkicks Briggs to the corner and delivers a double knee strike. Dijak slams Briggs to the mat and plays to the crowd. Briggs elbows free from a move and boots Dijak in the corner. Dijak superkicks Briggs on the middle rope and hits a sit-out powerbomb for a two count. Dijak grabs Briggs by the throat, but Briggs hits a swinging backbreaker for a near fall.

They trade big boots, but Dijak misses a burning hammer and gets met with a gut buster and a running boot for a two count. Briggs waits in the corner and delivers a big boot in the corner. Dijak stops Briggs with a backbreaker and a top rope moonsault for a two count. Dijak heads to the apron, but is stopped by Briggs and hits a sit out slam for a near fall. Briggs climbs the corner and goes to the top rope, but Dijak kicks Briggs on the knee and hits a Burning Hammer GTS for a near fall. Dijak stomps on Briggs several times and delivers a superkick. Dijak forearms Briggs, but Briggs tries for a chokeslam. They counter each other until Briggs hits a chokeslam for a two count. Dijak counters a second chokeslam to hit a Burning Hammer GTS for the win. (***1/2. A much better big man match than I was expecting this to be. Dijak is a great worker and his style connects with me very well. Briggs seems to be getting better. A nicely done undercard match.)

Sixth Contest: Maine State Posse (DangerKid, Aiden Aggro & Alexander Lee) vs. Buxx Belmar, Mathieu St-Jacques & Thomas Dubois: All six men kickoff the match brawling and going to the floor quickly. Posse avoid three powerbombs on the apron by hitting stereo backdrops. Aggro delivers a forearm in the corner and Kid hits a double knee. Lee hits a running clothesline in the corner and Belmar continues to be triple teamed. Lee hits a running senton onto Belmar. Belmar elbows free from Aggro and delivers a kick to the face. Belmar splashes Aggro for a two count. Aggro is chopped in the corner by rammed into the corner by Dubois and St-Jacques. Belmar nails Aggro with a running knee strike. Aggro kicks free from Dubois, but is stopped quickly. Kid tries to get involved, but is knocked down to the mat. Belmar is crotched on the top rope by Lee. Kid hits a double Slice Bread, but they bail to the floor. Aggro hits a backstabber and Kid hits a senton splash onto Dubois. Lee is pulled to the floor as St-Jacques pulls Lee to the floor. Kid and Aggro try for a dive, but they are stopped by stereo spears. Aggro and Kid are sent to the floor. Dubois and St-Jacques hit stereo dives to the outside.

Belmar stops Lee on the top rope and hits a superplex to the floor onto the other four men. Kid hits a somersault dive to the floor to take everyone out. Belmar is met with a double knee and is hip tossed onto Lee’s knees. Belmar is powerbombed into the corner. Lee is hip tossed into Belmar in the corner for a cannonball splash, but Belmar is saved on the cover. Dubois drives Lee down with a spinebuster. Dubois piledrives Kid onto Lee. Belmar hits a leg drop on Lee and St-Jacques hits a top rope leg drop, but only manages a two count. Lee is kicked by Dubois on the top rope. Dubois is stopped by Kid to prevent a suplex on Lee. St-Jacques has Kid and hits a piledriver on the apron. Dubois has Lee on the middle rope and hits a moonsault fallaway slam. Lee is met with a double superkick and Dubois hits a sit down powerbomb to pin Lee. (***. I liked that there wasn’t any structure to the match with tag rules or anything. Belmar, St-Jacques and Dubois had a lot of fun triple team moves. I’d say this was a solid match to come out of intermission, but they didn’t do too much to prevent the second half from still being able to deliver.)

JT Dunn cut a promo regarding his match with Super Crazy. Dunn has watched a lot of Crazy’s work and hopes Crazy has done the same, because if he hasn’t then he’ll beat Crazy tonight.

Seventh Contest: Super Crazy vs. JT Dunn: Crazy takes Dunn down to the mat and gets leg control for a moment. Dunn reaches the ropes to break the hold. Dunn keeps Crazy on the mat and keeps arm control. Crazy takes Dunn down to the mat and tries for a rollup managing a two count. Crazy reaches the ropes to avoid a pin attempt. Dunn elbows Crazy on the arm a few times, but Crazy takes Dunn down and gets leg control. Crazy has a hammerlock on Dunn, but Dunn breaks free. They proceed to have a standoff. Crazy chops Dunn several times, but Dunn nails Crazy with a kick off the apron. Dunn hits a suicide dive to the floor. Dunn sits Crazy on a chair and runs around ringside before delivering a forearm shot. Dunn rams Crazy’s face onto a chair in the crowd. Dunn runs around ringside, but Crazy nails Dunn with a big boot. Crazy chops Dunn and delivers a drop toe hold and a dropkick to the chair. Crazy wedges a chair in the corner and chokes Dunn. Crazy hits a spinning elbow drop. Crazy locks in a surfboard and rolls around in the ring keeping the hold locked in. Dunn struggles to get up in the corner as Crazy delivers a few strikes. Crazy drops Dunn in the corner. Crazy clotheslines Dunn in the corner and does a handstand in the corner. Crazy dropkicks Dunn and locks in a tarantula, but has to let go of the hold.

Dunn chops Crazy a few times in the corner. Dunn decks Crazy with a clothesline and continues with chops in the corner. Dunn stops Crazy with a jawbreaker. Dunn misses a splash, but recovers to hit a cutter for a near fall. Dunn kicks Crazy on the chest a few times. Dunn kicks Crazy, but is met with a spinning heel kick. Crazy plants Dunn with a sit down powerbomb for a two count. Crazy tries for another powerbomb, but Dunn counters with a DDT. Crazy drop toe holds Dunn and almost wins with a rollup. Dunn almost wins with a rollup, and nails Crazy with the Death By Elbow, but Crazy kicks out at two. Dunn runs into a kick in the corner. Crazy climbs to the top rope missing a moonsault. Dunn nails Crazy with a second Death By Elbow and manages to win the match! (***1/2. Crazy is an example of an ECW guy who has enough left in the tank to provide some memorable wrestling. Crazy came across motivated and worked a really good match with Dunn. This is a fantastic win for Dunn and I’m thrilled that Crazy would do a clean job.)

A video of Luke Robinson looking back at his career and how it started in his friends basement. Robinson recalls his training with Tony Atlas and getting booked in the area.

Eighth Contest: Cam Zagami vs. Luke Robinson: Zagami slaps Robinson and they begin to trade strikes. Zagami shoulder blocks Robinson, but Robinson hits a Thez Press. Zagami tries for a Crossface, but Robinson breaks free. Robinson kicks Zagami followed by a knee lift and a clothesline. Robinson waits in the corner, but Zagami avoids a superkick by bailing to the floor. Robinson goes to the apron and hits a springboard crossbody to the floor. Zagami springboard dropkicks Robinson off the apron. Zagami delivers a neckbreaker and taunts the crowd. Zagami continues to beat on Robinson with strikes to the back. Robinson kicks Zagami away in the corner. Zagami sends Robinson into the corner, but is met with a boot to the face. Robinson dumps Zagami to the apron, but Zagami drops Robinson over the top rope. Robinson catches Zagami on a crossbody attempt, but Zagami breaks free. Zagami buckle bombs Robinson and they collide on stereo clothesline attempts. They begin to trade chops in the middle of the ring leading to right hand strikes. They both stagger down to the mat. Zagami forearms Robinson on the back and hits an exploder suplex for a two count. Zagami knee strikes Robinson followed by a slam.

Zagami goes to the corner and signals for a moonsault. Robinson rolls out of the way causing Zagamin to crash to the mat. Robinson climbs to the top rope, but Mike Gamble grabs Robinson’s boot. Zagami climbs the ropes and looks for an exploder suplex, but Robinson elbows free and shoves Zagami to the mat. Robinson leaps off the top hitting an elbow drop for a two count. Robinson waits in the corner signaling for a superkick. Gamble grabs Robinson’s foot again. Zagami decks Robinson with a clothesline from behind. Zagami locks in a submission, but Tyler Nitro comes out and superkicks Gamble on the floor. Nitro avoids Zagami on the apron and superkicks Gamble. Robinson nails Zagami with a superkick and wins the match. (**. It’s not too bad of a match, really. It left me wondering why Robinson didn’t do more in wrestling after Tough Enough. The crowd seemed to be into the action and the feud between Nitro and Zagami looks to have been a meaningful one.) After the match, Nitro hits a moonsault to the floor, but Zagami sends Nitro into the ring post face first. Zagami gets a microphone and says this is where he talks about his love for wrestling, but wrestling sucks because of guys like Nitro. Zagami challenges Nitro to loser leaves Limitless Wrestling match. Nitro accepts. Fans chant for a hair vs. hair match, but that’s not happening.

One of the commentators is heard saying “is that one of the ugliest masks for a main event ever?” in reference to Rey Fenix’s mask choice.

Main Event: AR Fox & Rey Fenix vs. Ace Romero & Anthony Greene: Fenix and Fox deliver kicks to kickoff the match, but Romero sends Fenix into the ropes where Fenix comes off and hits a hurricanrana on Greene. Fenix rams Greene into the corner and hits a 619. Fenix springboards off the ropes, but Romero uppercuts Fenix. Fenix kicks both men, but is met with a kick to the face. Fenix is splashed in the corner by both men. Romero hits a cannonball splash in the corner on Fenix. Fox sends Greene to the floor before dropping Romero over the middle rope. Fox nails Greene with a baseball slide and dropkicks Romero to the floor. Fenix and Fox hit stereo suicide dives and then do it again on the opposite side. Fox and Fenix hit somersault dives to the floor. Fox has Greene on his shoulders, but Greene breaks free and Fox is sent into the corner where Fenix is crotched. Fox kicks both men and nails Romero with a sling blade and kicks Greene. Fox goes to the top rope and avoids both men before hitting a double cutter off the middle rope. Fox climbs to the top missing a swanton as Romero got his knees up. Romero kicks Fenix off the apron. Greene yanks Fox out of the corner to hit a piledriver for a near fall. Romero chops Fox against the ropes.

Romero knee lifts Fox and continues to deliver chops in the corner. Greene knocks Fenix off the apron. Fox kicks Greene and Romero in the corner. Romero tosses Fox into a cutter by Greene and Romero nails Fenix with a suicide dive to the floor. Greene and Fox trade forearm strikes until Greene hits a spinning slam for a near fall. Romero enters the match and decks Fenix off the apron again. Fox sends Greene into the corner and hits a Slice Bread on Romero. Fox nails Greene with a cutter in midair. Fenix gets the tag and kicks Greene. Romero stops Fenix, but Fenix hits a couple of kicks to gain control. Fenix drops Romero with a spin kick. Fenix drops Greene with a Gory Bomb, but only manages a two count. Fenix chops Greene in the corner and does the same to Romero. Fox enters and kicks Romero in the corner. Romero is met with a double kick to the face. Fox plants Greene with a spiral suplex leading to a two count. Fox baseball slides Romero to the floor. Fox rams Greene into the corner a few times. Fenix splashes Greene in the corner followed by a kick to the back of the head for a near fall. Fenix stands on Greene’s arm and delivers a leg drop for a near fall.

Fox plants Greene with a Blue Thunder Bomb, but Greene kicks out at two. Greene tries to fight back, but Fox clubs Greene over the back. Greene counters a suplex with a suplex of his own. Romero tosses Fox and Fenix with overhead suplexs. Romero dropkicks Fox coming off the ropes. Romero absorbs a clothesline by Fenix. Romero drives Fenix down to the mat with a facebuster for a near fall as Fox breaks the cover. Fox pump kicks Greene in the corner. Fenix delivers a running kick in the corner. Fox hits a Spanish Fly on Greene and Fenix hits a moonsault for a two count on Greene, but Romero breaks the cover. Greene stops Fox on the middle rope, but they all exchange kicks. Fenix chops Greene in the corner, but Greene spikes Fenix with a Canadian Destroyer. Fox hits a running Canadian Destroyer on Greene. Romero does a Canadian Destroyer on Fox and all four men are knocked down. Fox and Fenix run into elbows and boots. They respond with kicks of their own and go to opposite corners. Fenix hits a swanton on Romero while Fox gets a two count on Greene. Romero catches Fenix on a double stomp. Fox and Romero hit stereo Death Valley Drivers and they begin to trade strikes.

Romero gets the advantage and superkicks Fox. Fox responds with a superkick and tries for a springboard cutter, but Romero hits a swinging slam for a two count. Romero nails Fox with a discus clothesline, but Fox kicks out at one. Fox takes Romero down with a rollup and pins Romero for the win. (***1/2. It’s a good main event with some great spots throughout the bout. The finish was a bit lackluster ending on a rollup, but I get the shock value of it, I guess. This was a lot fun, though.)

Anthony Greene asks Romero what that was about. Greene tells Romero that he trusted him. Greene notes that Romero has had the machine in Limitless behind him. Greene insults Romero and suggests that Dunn bends him over. Greene says Romero is a loser and calls Romero a “fat f***.” Greene spits on Romero. Romero clubs on Greene in the corner, but the locker room empties leading to a pull apart brawl.

Brian Fury comes out and makes his way towards the ring. Fury gets in Greene’s face and tells him to shut up. Fury tells them to both listen to him. Fury recalls seven months ago seeing the potential in them as a tag team. Fury tells them they could have been great if their egos didn’t get in the way. Fury say only one of them can prove who is the ace of Limitless. Fury announces that at the next show in September will be Romero vs. Greene and he’ll be the special referee.

Final Thoughts:
This was an easy show to watch. There was plenty of quality action throughout. Easy recommendation to check out.

Thanks for reading.

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