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Reliving A Title Run Volume #19: Bret Hart As WWF World Champion ’92 – ’93

From August 1991 to August 1992 Bret Hart was regularly holding or competing for the WWF Intercontinental Championship against the likes of Mr. Perfect, the Mountie, Roddy Piper, Shawn Michaels and the British Bulldog. During that time, he held the WWF Intercontinental Championship on two occasions with his second reign ending at the 1992 SummerSlam where he lost to the British Bulldog at Wembley Stadium. Read more

Would You Go To This Show? Volume Sixteen


The next installment of Would You Go To This Show takes us to the SunDome in Tampa, FL for some World Wrestling Federation action. The SunDome holds just under 11,000 people. According to theHistoryofWWE, the show had an attendance of roughly 3,000. The show doesn’t feature many main event guys and is filled with mid card acts the company had at the time.

So, after reading the card for this event, the question is…. Would You Go To This Show? Read more

It’s Only A Dream

credit: Bleacher Report

Matches that never got a major pay per view match. Read more

Would You Go To This Show? Volume 2


The date is June 30th, 1995. Mabel has just won the KOTR and the WWF is promoting this show around the Diesel/Sid feud that hasn’t really caught on with fans. Quite a few top names or good workers are missing from the show too. Let’s see how this impacts the decision of Bob, Matt and Brandon when it comes to attending the show or not. Read more

Reliving A Feud #13: Bam Bam Bigelow Vs. Lawrence Taylor In WWF ’95

lt and bigelow

By 1995 the cartoonish nature of the World Wrestling Federation wasn’t producing a lot of memorable moments. So, in an attempt to spark up some interest the WWF looked outside the promotion to create a buzz. Read more

Bob’s Opinion On… Taz

Human Suplex Machine.. Taz!

Human Suplex Machine.. Taz!

My first exposure to Extreme Championship Wrestling came in January 1999 when I stumbled upon the program and saw a man standing close to the camera with a shredded towel draped over his head. He was cutting a promo on then ECW World Champion Shane Douglas about their match a pay per view. I was about 9-years old at that point and I was quite interested and maybe a little scared of this man. I wouldn’t want to ever piss him off. Read more

Reliving A Title Run #2: Goldberg As WCW World Heavyweight Champion In ’98

For roughly eleven months, Goldberg had been on a tear in WCW. Any man who dare stepped in his way was plowed over with a devastating spear and driven down to the canvas with a Jackhammer. He won the WCW United States Championship on April 20th by defeating Raven who had won it the night before. Ever since debuting in September ’97, Goldberg had been undefeated. There wasn’t an end in sight, either.

Fans were chanting his name (maybe piped in, as well) and WCW officials realized they had stumbled upon something that could help them combat against the World Wrestling Federation in the ratings war. The WWF had overcome WCW in the ratings with their raunchy television and the rise of Stone Cold Steve Austin was at full speed. WCW was looking older and they couldn’t quite find new ways to shock or entertain the fans. So, they went for it all on July 6th, 1998. Read more