It’s Only A Dream

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Matches that never got a major pay per view match.

The Undertaker vs. Bam Bam Bigelow
If you’ve been following my rebooking of WWF you would have read about a feud I created between these two. At a time when the Undertaker was feuding with Mr. Hughes, Kamala and Giant Gonzales, the Undertaker didn’t exactly have a strong list of big man heel opponents from ’92 to ’94. Oh, let’s not forget the feud with King Kong Bundy, too. I do recall them having a match at the march to WrestleMania one year, I believe it was in ’93, but these two would have had a fabulous feud and without a doubt would have elevated Bigelow up the card instead of working with a babyface Doink. The perfect time for the feud to take place would have been the summer of ’93. It’s a WWF program that I’ve always wondered about.

Mike Awesome vs. Rob Van Dam
For those who followed the original ECW, these two were being built up to work each other in 2000. However, Awesome decided to bolt from the dying ECW to the dying WCW in April. If you’re going to be with a dying company, might as well do it with a six figure contract, I suppose. From what I’ve seen, the crowds were just rabid at the thought of these two working together. Who wouldn’t it be, though? RVD was their number one babyface without a doubt and Awesome was the hated villain who was taking everyone out. It’s sad that these two never got it on in ECW. They would have done great business when the company really needed it.

Bret Hart vs. Hulk Hogan
I’m aware that they had a match on Nitro in late ’98 and worked a few house shows in the fall of ’99 for WCW, but these two never had a pay per view match and never had any meaningful storyline. There were several teases of it and chances to get it done. Had Hogan not left the WWF in ’93, we may have gotten the match at SummerSlam. Bret teased a match between the two of them in the summer of ’99 to take place at Starrcade, but that didn’t happen. Would the match be a classic? Not in a wrestling sense, no. Instead, it would have been memorable for that fact that Bret was the guy to take over the WWF once Hogan left. The match should have happened in ’93 and it would have given Bret that extra rub that he needed at the time. A match between the two in WCW would have had people wondering what they could have produced in ’93, anyway.

Steve Austin vs. Hulk Hogan
I have a feeling that had this match taken place at a reasonable time, it would have produced the most money for one single match, ever. Austin made the most money he possibly could during the Attitude Era while Hogan did the same when he was on top in the 80’s. In a perfect world these two wrestling in ’98 would have done BIG BUSINESS, but that’s not the time period I’m thinking of. It’s kind of surprising that Hogan never killed Austin off in ’94 when they were both in WCW. I would really enjoy seeing Austin from the early 90’s take on Hogan. But, Austin vs. Hogan in the late 90’s is when the most business would be made. It’s a shame the match will never happen.

Goldberg vs. Steve Austin
Two of the most popular wrestlers from 1998 to 2001 and widely considered to be a dream match would have been neat to have seen. A clash of styles and a tossup between who would win (yeah, it’s scripted, give me a break!). Austin, for the most part, hasn’t worked with big guys with the agility that Goldberg had. Could you imagine if Goldberg came into the WWF in 2001 and these two squared off at SummerSlam 2001 or a WrestleMania X8? I’m willing to say that a match between the two men would have generated the most money in WWF history, if not, it would have been damn close to breaking records. Sadly, it’s a match we will never get to see.

What are some other dream matches that never happened? Share them below and they could be in the next installment!

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