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Would You Go To This Show? Volume Sixteen


The next installment of Would You Go To This Show takes us to the SunDome in Tampa, FL for some World Wrestling Federation action. The SunDome holds just under 11,000 people. According to theHistoryofWWE, the show had an attendance of roughly 3,000. The show doesn’t feature many main event guys and is filled with mid card acts the company had at the time.

So, after reading the card for this event, the question is…. Would You Go To This Show?

Match #1: Doink The Clown vs. Jeff Jarrett:
I know that Jarrett usually gets a mixed response from fans with some thinking he is great and others believing his success was only because he owned TNA and was best buds with Vince Russo in WCW. However, at this point Jarrett was being misused feuding with a comedy character in Doink. The Doink character had ran its course ever since Matt Bourne left the company in ’93. I didn’t enjoy the feud as it was progressing on Superstars and whatnot and certainly wouldn’t want to see the match in-person

Match #2: WWF Women’s Champion Alundra Blayze vs. Luna Vachon:
For anyone that has read this site for any period of time would know that I hardly ever enjoy women wrestling. At least these two are recognizable names and I could see this being mildly entertaining with the heel antics of Luna. However, it’s not something I would necessarily want to see.


Match #3: Duke Droese vs. Jerry Lawler:
I recall there being a segment on RAW where Lawler smashed a trash can over the head of Droese and had to apologize the next week for his violent actions. Lawler was such a douche heel that I wouldn’t mind seeing him get his ass kicked. Sure, Droese wasn’t a good wrestler, but I’d enjoy seeing Lawler being a cowardly heel who gets his butt kicked all over the ring.

Match #4: The Fake Undertaker vs. Sparky Plugg:
Basically your squash match for the evening since the Fake Undertaker was heading for a main event at SummerSlam and Sparky Plugg was hanging onto relevance. I’m trying to find any way for me to be interested in this, but there is no way.

Match #5: Bam-Bam Bigelow vs. Mabel:
I liked both men as I found them entertaining but a match between the two doesn’t seem appealing to me. A big man vs. big man is usually clunky and slow and I feel like Mabel wouldn’t be able to mount anything with Bigelow to bring this to an entertaining level.

Match #6: Adam Bomb vs. Quebecer Pierre:
This is a random match for whatever reason. Pierre was just floating around since Jacques left the company and Bomb was in-line for a baby face push. There’s no reason for me to see this.


Match 7: The Heavenly Bodies vs. The Smoking Gunns:
I like the teams and feel like they would work very well withe each other. For an undercard that didn’t have any interesting matches, this is a relief to see a match that would likely get the crowd riled up and I’d wanna see how they work together. I’ve found a greater appreciation for the Heavenly Bodies since watching Smoky Mountain Wrestling and think they were an incredibly underrated team and the Gunns had a good work rate to make this a fun tag team match, hopefully.

Main Event: WWF Intercontinental Champion Diesel vs. Razor Ramon in a steel cage match:
Probably the best main event match to feature upper mid card acts at the time for the WWF. I’ve always been a fan of cage matches and I’d probably be tempted to see the show just based off of this match had it been the only match advertised for the show. The cage would likely hide their attempts to mail in their performances to save themselves for bigger markets, too.


For the most part there are only two matches I’d be interested in seeing and considering the show is basically a B-team show and doesn’t have any main event acts, I wouldn’t spend my time attending shows. I’d imagine there would be much better shows to attend in 1994 than the one provided for the Tampa crowd.

Is this a show you would attend? Why or why not?

Thanks for reading.

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