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It’s the first time looking at a WCW magazine, and boy, it’s a long one. There’s some interesting information throughout and plenty of material. (more…)


At the beginning of 2000 World Championship Wrestling face a lot of obstacles, and for the most part they weren’t able to overcome them. WCW World Champion Bret Hart suffered a career ending concussion at Starrcade against Goldberg, thus having to vacate the championship. Goldberg is out due to nearly losing his arm after suffering a gash when he punched a limo on Nitro. Bret was scheduled to defend against Sid Vicious on the show.

WCW United States Champion Jeff Jarrett suffered injuries on January 10th and thus couldn’t defend against Chris Benoit in a three stages of hell match. Instead, Billy Kidman would compete against three different opponents in the matches.

Despite the two major injuries, WCW tried the best they could to present Souled Out on January 16th from Cincinnati, Ohio. (more…)

Billy Kidman: The Push That Should Have Never Happened

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As a wrestling fan, I can believe just about anything. As long as a story makes sense, any wrestler can become a main event guy in my mind. Of course, the wrestling ability has to be there. However, there was that one time I just couldn’t wrap my brain around a push. (more…)

Would You Go To This Show? Volume 5

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The fifth installment sees myself, Matt and Aaron head to Amarillo, Texas where World Championship Wrestling put on a house show. The company was faltering along and didn’t have many bright moments, would this show be appealing enough for us to help support the company when it needed it the most? Let’s find out! (more…)