Inside The Magazine Volume #46: Inside Wrestling March ’99


Steven from Ontario has no idea why Rick Steiner would pick Kenny Kaos of all people to be is tag team partner. Kaos had almost zero success with previous partner Rage, but Steven is hopeful that Kaos will prove him wrong. Steven from Ohio is convinced that Mick Foley is the toughest wrestler in the WWF considering all the hardcore matches he’s been in and he’s always coming back for more.

William from Illinois was happy to see Sabu hit Taz with an Arabian facebuster at November To Remember and pinned Shane Douglas to steal the thunder from Taz. Mildred from Maryland is a longtime wrestling fan, but she’s no longer buying PPVs because of what happened with Halloween Havoc. She’s tired of Eric Bischoff claiming to rule the world and Hogan believing that he made pro wrestling.

Tony from California provided an oriental update. He notes that Scott Norton won the IWGP Heavyweight Championship defeating Yuji Nagata for the vacant championship. Norton also defeated Shinya Hashimoto in a title defense. Mitsuharu Misawa won his fourth Triple Crown by defeating Kenta Kobashi. Tony hopes that the magazine will cover more Japanese wrestling. Alyshia from Nova Scotia is happy with the calendar and will add it to her scrapbook.

Jenn from Alabama doesn’t agree with the magazine making Shane Douglas a “Turnbuckle Turkey” in the Holiday 1998 magazine. Douglas has been injured for the past half year but that’s because of the style he wrestles when he’s healthy. Since he’s been back, nobody has beaten him for the championship and that deserves some respect. Sandy from Georgia thinks that everyone is jealous of Scott Steiner and he’s the superior Steiner brother.

REPORTER’S NOTEBOOK: written by: Stu Saks

Stu knows when he sees a real pro wrestling fan and a phony one. A true fan is going to be reacting at the action in the ring when it’s at the peak while a non-fan will not be invested and only cheer when they are programmed to do so. He went to a local NWA New England show where the show is the show and doesn’t have pyro and other ridiculous things at a TV show. Stu isn’t worried about the promoters losing money, but is worried about the future because he’s not sure how many fans attending WWF and WCW shows really love the sport.

NAMES MAKIN’ NAMES: written by: Bill Apter

Bam-Bam Bigelow arrived on WCW Nitro on November 16th and did so because he’s tired of hearing how tough Goldberg is. Bigelow saw a man with fear in his eyes and gasping for air. Bigelow promises to kick Goldberg’s butt.

Vader has appeared in AJPW teaming with Stan Hansen and feels reborn stating that it’s Vader time again. Marc Mero is going to be signing several international women to give WWF Women’s Champion Sable challengers.

Sgt. Slaughter is relieved that he’s no longer the WWF Commissioner because everyone thought he sided with Mr. McMahon. Now, Shawn Michaels has to deal with that issue. Michaels promises to be fair and respected noting that he’s not friends with any of the wrestlers due to his new role.

Power Pro Wrestling promoter Randy Hales showed up at an OVW show at the Louisville Gardens and was attacked by Brandon Baxter. Hales has requested a match with Baxter at an upcoming OVW show. Mr. Ooh La La lost a scaffold match to ring crew member JJ and thus had to setup the ring for a month.

Hulk Hogan plans to run for President in 2000 and Ric Flair is interested in running for office in North Carolina. Jimmy Hart was mentioned in David Letterman’s top ten signs that your campaign is too dirty. “Your campaign manager is ‘Mouth of the South’ Jimmy Hart!”

Kaz Hayashi nearly won the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship from Jushin Liger this past fall. Liger believes Hayashi can achieve great things if he continues with this level of intensity. Music City Wrestling promoter Bill Behrens praised James Storm as being one of the finest wrestlers he’s seen in years.

Public Enemy is in talks with New Dimension Wrestling. WWF Lightweight Champion Duane Gill has been getting a lot of attention since winning the title from Christian Cage recently. Gill thanks Vince McMahon for the opportunity.

Skull Von Crush has signed with ECW. Jack Victory will be out of action for a year after breaking his leg at November To Remember. Mikey Whipwreck has finally developed the courage to make a statement as he attacked Taz hitting the Whippersnapper (stunner) on Taz recently. Mikey knows that just six months ago he’d never do that, but he realizes that he’s a force like Taz, vicious like New Jack and hardcore as Tommy Dreamer.

ON THE ROAD: w/ Dave Lenker

Goldberg recently went to a Georgia vs. Florida college football game and was greeted with cheers similar to the cheers he gets from WCW crowds. Georgia lost the game 38-7. Goldberg had a successful college career, but an NFL career wasn’t in the cards for him after dealing with injuries and illness. Goldberg hasn’t lost a match, but he’s not thinking about that. Lenker wonders how Goldberg would react after a loss. Goldberg is more dismissive of it saying that if it were to happen, then it happens. Goldberg is more focused on retaining the hunger to win matches.

BEHIND THE DRESSING ROOM DOOR: written by: Dave Rosenbaum:

Dave doesn’t understand why Jesse Ventura was getting insulted for his victory to become Governor of Minnesota. Rosenbaum notes that several entertainers and athletes had turned political, but none of them received the same treatment that Ventura has gotten. However, a professional wrestler having a successful political career shouldn’t be surprising. There are four things that Ventura is good at that would help him in this new career choice.

1.) Ability to communicate one’s thoughts
2.) Contact with general public
3.) The chance to view all of America
4.) The development of personal responsibility

THE INSIDER: written by: Brandi Mankiewicz

Brandi is not a fan of Steve Austin because Austin acts and talks like a heel, but is then caring about what the fans think. To Brandi, Austin is a con-man. Prior to Survivor Series, Brandi doubted Vince McMahon and that will never happen again. Austin had been fired for not being a good referee in the Undertaker/Kane title match. Austin was inserted into the title tournament and Brandi feared that Austin was going to win the vacant WWF World Championship.

Shane McMahon tricked Steve Austin into thinking that he’d turn on his father to help out Austin. Instead, Vince outsmarted Austin once again and humiliated Austin in another chapter of their feud. Austin had recently signed a new five year deal and that only guarantees further humiliation from the McMahon family.

ON ASSIGNMENT: written by: Liz Hunter

Nine days after Jesse Ventura became the Governor of Minnesota, Hulk Hogan appeared on WCW Nitro to announce he’s running for president. It took nine days for Hogan to steal the spotlight from Ventura. Hunter notes that the mainstream media was buying into this, but Hunter was not interested in whatever Hogan was promoting. Hunter knows that Hogan is doing this purely for the need to be in the spotlight.


Baron Mikel Scicluna is the focus this month talking about his success in the WWWF as a tag team champion in 1966 and 1972. Since retiring, Baron work for the New York Times before retiring in 1992. Since then, Baron has continued to travel with his wife, Gloria.


Auburn Hills, MI: Kidman won the WCW Cruiserweight Championship from Juventud Guerrera with help from Rey Mysterio Jr.

Glen Burnie, MD: Lance Diamond defeated Mark Shrader with a fisherman suplex.

Freeport, NY: Sabu was victorious over One Man Gang after using a chair.

Memphis, TN: Bill Dundee and Brian Christopher had been trading words regarding women in pro wrestling. Dundee lost by disqualification after accidentally hitting the referee.

Keyser, WV: Terry Funk wrestled Abdullah the Butcher in a wild brawl that had many weapons. The match ended with a double disqualification.

St. Louis, MO: Sable had no issue with Jacqueline managing to win the match in short order after a powerbomb.


Elmhurst, NY: Matt recently went to Queens for an ECW show and saw the Dudley Boys regain the ECW Tag Team Championships from Mahoney and Tanaka. Matt is not overly impressed by the Dudley Boys, but believes that WCW or WWF will be come calling for the ECW tag team.

Ottawa, Ontario: Matt went to a WWF show where Steve Austin wrestled the Undertaker, Kane and Mankind. Matt doesn’t have respect for Pat Patterson following Patterson’s involvement in the match which was an embarrassment to the sport.

Pittsburgh, PA: WCW World Champion Goldberg was victorious over the Giant for the second time in a week. Matt believes that Goldberg is the most impressive rookie that he’s ever seen and puts over Goldberg for being a dominate force without having to say a word.

New York, NY: Matt talks about tons of people seeing Beauty and the Beast in NYC, which if he had wanted to see that then he’d be in Florida. It turns into Matt saying Hogan is a disgrace to to society just like Disney in Manhattan.


Hunter Hearst Helmsley and D’Lo Brown were proud to be European Champions, but X-Pac wanted to take more trips over to Europe. The article turns into focusing on how the names of championships don’t make sense. The last seven title changes for the championship happened in USA. X-Pac would like to change that and defend more often in Europe. The WWF should give X-Pac the opportunity to be the first real WWF European Champion.


Time is not kind, and that was the case for the Warrior vs. Hogan rematch from WrestleMania VI. Everyone was excited about Warrior coming to WCW for the rematch with Hogan, but as it turns out, they allowed themselves to get seduced by the thought of the past. The match was awful and Hogan won with help of interference by his NWO friends. Using their help certainly didn’t lead to Hogan getting the revenge he had wanted for WrestleMania VI. Dave wants the past to remain there and never return again.


Could we believe that Shane and Vince and planned Survivor Series all along? Well, they did. However, Shane did seem to enjoy yelling at his father and that emotion doesn’t seem to be faked. Some people aren’t buying into their alliance since Shane was attacked by Big Bossman per the orders of Vince prior to Survivor Series. Shane showed emotion that can’t be faked. Nobody really knows where the acting and reality ended and started between Vince and Shane.


Steve documents election day when Jesse Ventura became the governor of Minnesota. Early on, there was a lot of buzz for Ventura. When the polls closed, Ventura was projected as being 3% behind, but that would still be a massive accomplishment. Ventura ended up pulling off a massive upset and won the race to become governor as it was declared at 11:45pm, far earlier than projected in the day.


Kidman would like to put the past behind him in regard to his association with the Flock led by Raven. Kidman notes that Raven contacted him while he was at the lowest point of his career and was losing matches on a regular basis. Kidman says their job was to protect Raven and his success, which he admits could sound like a cult-like environment. Kidman feels guilty for his success since breaking away when he knows that other guys have been greatly impacted since the disbandment of the Flock. Kidman took advantage of an opportunity and won the WCW Cruiserweight Championship. Kidman is confident that he’ll regain the championship from Juventud Guerrera and be at the top of the division again. Kidman doesn’t know if his time in the Flock was well-spent, but does acknowledge he became a better wrestler while in the group even if it took years off his life. Kidman would forgive Raven only if Raven was serious in asking for forgiveness for his actions. Kidman doesn’t want any part of Raven unless that happens.


There are two different Scott Norton’s. There is the accomplished and respected Norton in Japan. Meanwhile, in America, Norton isn’t respected nor successful. Norton should have more respect, which Steve believes. Norton saw potential in the NWO, but has been regulated to being a background character. Norton thinks that his time will come and notes that if he were on the WCW side that his IWGP championship win would be highlighted and he’d probably get a match with WCW World Champion Goldberg. Hogan makes sure to keep people back and did just that with Kevin Nash. Norton has gained respect in Japan while in America he’s seen as a thug for the NWO. Steve wonders if Norton is sacrificing his self-respect while being in the NWO. Norton should be more respected by his so called teammates.


Tammy decided to do the interview so that the fans could see Dawn’s face and prove that she’s a phony. Meanwhile, Dawn pities Tammy for being trailer park trash. Dawn notes that when Tammy strips her she’s only showing the fans what a real woman looks like. Dawn thinks that Tammy was upset that Lance used her for mind games against Chris Candido and that led to Tammy turning on Storm. Dawn notes that Tammy is always tough on the phone, but never to her face. Tammy assures her that whenever Dawn wants to fight that she’d be ready whenever. Dawn suggests that Tammy has taken her skirt off for the bosses she’s had, but Tammy refutes that saying all her success has been accomplished on her own. Dawn is confident that Lance Storm will defeat Chris Candido, join the Triple Threat and win the ECW World Championship.

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