Reliving A Title Run #11: Jerry Lynn As ROH World Champion In ’09

Jerry Lynn, ROH World Champion in 2009.
Jerry Lynn, ROH World Champion in 2009.

In professional sports, when an athlete reaches the age of 45, they are most likely retired or barely hanging onto a career that has long passed by them. Sometimes an athlete just doesn’t know when to let go.

But, then there are cases when an athlete has amazing longevity and surprises all their doubters. That’s exactly what Jerry Lynn did in 2009. (more…)

Yearly Review: 2CW 2007


With one year under their belt and the growing pains out of the way, Squared Circle Wrestling embarked on their second year of existence. Their first year saw them run seven shows from April to December. In 2007, they would double their shows by holding fourteen shows over the year. They didn’t even wait to make a splash in 2007. Here is how 2CW’s second year unfolded. (more…)

Ten Underrated Wrestlers

I originally made a list of ten wrestlers that I considered to be really underrated, but that grew to fifteen with five getting the honorable mention status. However, I’m sure there are countless others that I simply can’t put on the list. These guys quickly came to mind and thus, here we go. By the way, this isn’t in any specific order. (more…)