Exclusive Interview: “Hybrid” Sean Carr

“Hybrid” Sean Carr has been rising up the ranks on the independent level since his wrestling debut in 2013. He’s competed for the likes of 2CW, CZW and ROH, to name a few. Recently, I reached out to Sean for an interview and he was kind enough to agree. Thus, here’s an interview with the “Hybrid” and I hope you enjoy it. Read more of this post

The Match #3: Sean Carr Vs. Devon Storm In ECWA ’16


September 24th, 2016 saw ECWA Heavyweight Champion Sean Carr signed on to defend the championship against Devon Storm, also known as Crowbar from WCW fame. Carr has held the ECWA Heavyweight Championship for nearly 300-days leading into the event. Carr is an arrogant, yet successful ECWA Champion.

Storm had competed in the first three ECWA Super 8 Tournaments and been a key part of the booming independents in the late 90s to early 2000s. ECWA wrote an article prior to the match asking if we’d get the hardcore lunatic Crowbar or the lightweight champion who outwrestled everyone.

Recently, I wrote an article highlighting Sean Carr… which can be read HERE. Lets get to the match, which took place in Woodbury Heights, New Jersey. Read more of this post

You Should Know The Name… Sean Carr


Awhile back I wrote an article… You Should Know The Name… Colin Delaney, and it was met with great feedback and several people telling me they were completely unaware of what Delaney had accomplished since his WWE run nearly a decade ago. This time around, I’m going to suggest all wrestling fans get familiar with a guy who has yet to make a splash nationally, and that man is “Hybrid” Sean Carr. Read more of this post

You Should Know The Name… Colin Delaney


In December 2007, Colin Delaney made his debut for World Wrestling Entertainment in a losing effort against Shelton Benjamin. For roughly the next eight months, Delaney competed on the ECW brand and would regularly lose to guys like Great Khali, Miz, John Morrison and others. By the summer of 2008, Delaney would turn heel and cost Tommy Dreamer the ECW Championship, but wouldn’t be pushed heavily and was released by the WWE in August of 2008.

I’m sure many people forgot all about that and never think about it, which is understandable. There may be people reading this today that have no idea who the hell Colin Delaney is. If that’s the case, well, it is time you know just what Colin Delaney is all about and what you’ve missed. Read more of this post