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Exclusive Interview: “Hybrid” Sean Carr

“Hybrid” Sean Carr has been rising up the ranks on the independent level since his wrestling debut in 2013. He’s competed for the likes of 2CW, CZW and ROH, to name a few. Recently, I reached out to Sean for an interview and he was kind enough to agree. Thus, here’s an interview with the “Hybrid” and I hope you enjoy it.

Carr’s involvement in pro wrestling came about after a chance encounter in line waiting for tickets for a show that featured Jimmy Snuka. “I first got started in professional wrestling by going to a local show that featured Jimmy Superfly Snuka, and seeing one of the guys I used to sit with in line for WWE Tickets with wrestling gear on, and said he trained in Cortland, NY for ECPW. So the very next time they had class I drove up there and began training. 2 months later I made my wrestling debut.” Carr recalled.

Growing up, Carr was inspired by the likes of Shawn Michaels, Rob Van Dam, Edge and Eddie Guerrero. Suffice to say that Carr was a fan of some of the best workers that WWE had to offer.

It took a few years, but Carr got his first big break when he joined up with 2CW. However, the way he got started with 2CW is unique and interesting. “I got involved with 2CW in a weird way, I was actually wrestling for ECPW and a company called 3DW (which later turned into Xcite) and the owner at the time got mad at me for taking other bookings, threaten to hurt my reputation so I quit 3DW. “ Carr remembers. “I sent a message to JD Love, Jack Trades and Jonny Moose(who now owns Xcite). Didn’t hear anything back until the 2CW twitter announced I was making my debut in Binghamton against Cheech. Then shortly after that they told me I was booked to see what I could do. Had a really solid match and after that I was on every show.”

Carr would team with Kage to form CK. There, they would win the 2CW Tag Team Championships before splitting up. After being use to teaming with Kage in 2CW, would be hesitation to be a singles star? “There was no hesitation, I was ready to go off and do my own thing and Kage was on the verge of retiring. Timing was perfect.”

As a singles wrestler, Carr considers Brute Van Slyke, Jay Freddie, Colin Delaney and Nick Ando to be his favorite guys to work with. His feud with Ando in late 2014 into 2015 is remembered by many 2CW fans for their brutality. There ladder and TLC matches were two of the most violent matches 2CW had ever put on. Carr remembered the ladder match in Binghamton in March 2015.

“That match to this day is what really got me over with the fans. They have seen me had good matches but that was a violent, bloody crazy match that I had to fight from behind. It was huge in my career, it was like a new side of me that the 2CW faithful haven’t seen or even knew was there.” Carr said.

Personally, I remember being there for the ladder match involving Carr. While Carr would lose that match, both the promoter and fans believed that Carr had finally made it into the main event picture. On September 28th, 2015 Carr won his first and only 2CW Heavyweight Championship in Binghamton, NY.

“My proudest moment in the wrestling business, bittersweet winning my first Heavyweight title in the company that I first broke out in, and was in my hometown. When my family came into the ring and the crowd chanting “You Deserve it!”, I just got lost in the moment. It was a moment we all dream of and to be able to live it was surreal. I’ll never forget that moment as long as I live.” Carr reflected.

After winning the 2CW Heavyweight Championship in September 2015, Carr and many others found out that 2CW would be closing their doors in December 2015 after ten memorable years. Carr talked about that day and some matches he’s had since then thanks to the exposure 2CW gave him.

“It was a sad day when 2CW closed and I have so many favorite matches. All the matches with Ando, The final night versus the Bullet Club, when I took on Eddie Edwards, all the crazy tag matches with Pun and Graham, breaking Matt Hardy in Binghamton. I just loved my whole time with 2CW.” Carr reflected. “Other opportunities did pop up because promoters in other companies saw I could hang with top level Indy guys and big stars and I was getting booked against guys like Jonny Gargano, EC3, Shane Strickland, AR Fox in other companies all over the Northeast.”

Carr in action against Carlito.

Since the closure of 2CW, Carr has remained quite busy competing all over the Northeast. In Upstate New York, Carr has regularly competed for Xcite Wrestling based out of Binghamton, New York and is ran by Jonnny Moose. Carr explained what Xcite Wrestling is all about and what fans could expect if they checked them out.

“Xcite is a growing company. Moose really puts a lot of time and effort in making Xcite something different. He adds a lot of cool production effect to his shows and he books top level talent. You can’t compare it to 2CW, because that wouldn’t be fair. But Xcite has its own brand and offers something to every wrestling fan.” Carr explained.

Carr has gotten a few opportunities from some of the top independent promotions. Most notably, he competed for Ring of Honor in their Top Prospect tournament this past year. Carr commented on his opportunity and if he’d like to go back.

“I’m very grateful for the opportunities ROH gave me this past year. I would love to go back and become a roster member. There are so many talented wrestlers out there, all deserving opportunities, so being in constant contact is difficult. So I’m just taking the time to get in better shape and keep grinding. You never know when the phone will ring.” Carr said.

Shortly after his ROH appearance, Carr was given an opportunity with Combat Zone Wrestling. While many people have their judgments on CZW and the style of wrestling that made them popular, Carr had a different mindset on them.

“The opportunity i was given at CZW was really cool. I know a lot of people have their opinions on CZW, mine is it’s a top company and I respect that. They have moved more in the wrestling direction, but still offer death matches. As far as communication on coming back, only time will tell. I don’t know if I really fit in there based on my character and style. But you never know in the wrestling business.” Carr explained.

Sean Carr with the ECWA Super 8 trophy.

While Carr has usually played the baby face role in promotions, he has found a groove in ECWA as a top villain. Carr won the ECWA Heavyweight Championship and held it for 450 days before losing to Azireal. Shortly after losing the title, Carr ended up winning the prestigious Super 8 Tournament by defeating recently WWE signee, Lio Rush in the finals. Some notable name that won the tournament are Christopher Daniels (twice), Paul London, Petey Williams, Davey Richards, Jerrty Lynn, Xavier Woods, Tommaso Ciampa, Matt Cross and Low Ki. For Carr, winning the tournament was a big deal.

“Winning the ECWA Super 8 was always on my bucket list. To be able to have your name apart of wrestling history like that is really cool.” Carr said.

While competing in ECWA, Carr notes that his matches Crowbar, Papadon, and his matches with Azireal are his favorite bouts. There was also a moment in ECWA where he super kicked literally all the referees, timekeeper and management to win the 2015 most shocking moment in ECWA.

As for Carr’s goals in wrestling, aside from being singed to a major company he strives for earning respect wherever he competes.

Carr diving onto David Starr.

If you’re interested in checking out Sean Carr live, you can see him compete for Xcite Wrestling in Binghamton, in Central PA for Legacy and PWE. ECWA is located in Delaware. He has plenty of matches on YouTube and is hopeful that a DVD will be coming out soon, as well.

Speaking of YouTube, below are a few matches of his that can be found on there. Check them out!

versus Ethan Carter III
versus Matt Hardy (filmed in the crowd)
versus Eddie Edwards
versus Nick Ando in a ladder match
versus Azireal in ECWA

Thank you to Sean Carr for taking part in this interview. I hope everyone reading this learned something new about a rising star on the independents. If you are an independent wrestler and would like a feature interview, you can email me at

Thanks for reading.

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