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The Match #3: Sean Carr Vs. Devon Storm In ECWA ’16


September 24th, 2016 saw ECWA Heavyweight Champion Sean Carr signed on to defend the championship against Devon Storm, also known as Crowbar from WCW fame. Carr has held the ECWA Heavyweight Championship for nearly 300-days leading into the event. Carr is an arrogant, yet successful ECWA Champion.

Storm had competed in the first three ECWA Super 8 Tournaments and been a key part of the booming independents in the late 90s to early 2000s. ECWA wrote an article prior to the match asking if we’d get the hardcore lunatic Crowbar or the lightweight champion who outwrestled everyone.

Recently, I wrote an article highlighting Sean Carr… which can be read HERE. Lets get to the match, which took place in Woodbury Heights, New Jersey.

Carr tosses the championship at Storm prior to the bell and hammers away on the challenger in the corner. Storm leg sweeps Carr and works over Carr with strikes. Carr is sent chest first into the corner and Storm hits a back suplex followed by a middle rope splash for a near fall. Carr bails to the floor to regroup and yells at the crowd to shut up. Storm knocks Carr off the apron but doesn’t followup with the advantage. Carr returns to the ring and trades go-behinds with Storm until Storm reaches the ropes to break the hold when Carr got control. Storm takes Carr down to the mat but only gets a two count with an arm lock on the champ. Storm yanks Carr down to the canvas by his arm but Carr stops Storm with a bicycle kick and another kick. Carr comes off the ropes with a kick and a standing moonsault for a two count. Carr gets tripped by Storm’s valet and pokes Carr in the eyes. Storm follows up with an overhead belly to belly suplex. They trade chops in the corner with Carr getting the better of the exchange. Storm traps Carr in the ropes to hit a tarantula and hits a sloppy slingshot spinning body splash because his knee got caught on the top rope for a two count. Storm drives Carr down with a neck breaker to keep Carr on the mat and locks in a neck vice. Carr doesn’t give in to the pain, though.

Carr gets out and bails to the floor to regroup but Storm knocks Carr down. Carr kicks Storm on the apron and flips back in to hit a head scissors followed by a high knee and a yakuza kick for a near fall. Carr keeps control of the match working over Storm with strikes in the corner. Carr nails Storm with a running face wash with his boot. Carr drops Storm with a kick to the head but only manages a two count and lets the referee know he doesn’t appreciate the slow count. Carr nails Storm with a kick to the head for a two count. Storm crotches Carr on the top rope and kicks the champ several times. Storm goes to the top and takes Carr over with a hurricanrana. Storm leaps off to hit a twisting cross body but Carr fights back with a sit out power slam. They begin to trade strikes in the middle of the ring. Carr hits a rolling fireman’s carry and a middle rope moonsault for a two count. Storm ducks a clothesline to hit a German suplex. Carr gets up first to plant Storm with an ace crusher and both men are down.


They trade strikes on their knees and eventually Storm attempts a power bomb but Carr gets out of it and misses a super kick but hits the referee instead. Carr doesn’t mind that happening as Storm plants Carr with a Death Valley Driver, but there isn’t a referee to make the count. Carr rolls into the ring with a chair as Storm was checking on the referee. Carr whacks Storm over the back with the chair a few times. Carr has broken the chair on Storm. Storm uses the chair to ram Carr back first into the corner. Storm hits a fisherman suplex with the chair still across Carr’s back but there isn’t a referee to make the count. They once again trade strikes on their knees. Storm drops Carr with another Death Valley Driver this time onto the chair. John Finnegan comes running down but Carr kicks out at two. Storm tosses Carr to the floor and brings a table over to ringside. Storm attempts a suplex onto the table but Carr counters but can’t hit a suplex of his own. Storm is sent face first into the table a few times by the champ. Carr wants a count-out but Storm is able to roll back into the ring to continue the match.

Carr works over Storm on the apron with forearm shots to the chest of Storm. Carr knocks Storm off the apron with a super kick. Storm is out cold on the floor as his valet tries to revive him. Storm is picked up and rolled back into the ring to keep the match going. Carr is pissed and goes to the floor to confront the valet. Carr is talked down by the referee but Carr takes the valet out with a super kick anyway.


Carr has the ECWA Heavyweight Championship and decks Storm with it as the referee was on the floor checking on the valet. Carr has the cover but Storm pops his shoulder up at two. Carr is pissed that Finnegan didn’t count the three. Storm plants Carr with a reverse DDT. Storm jabs Carr and dropkicks the champ into the corner. Storm leg drops Carr on the lower midsection and nearly wins with a northern lights suplex. Storm kicks Carr in the corner and goes to the floor to grab a chair. Storm attempts to use the chair but the referee stops him. Carr super kicks Storm twice and that gets the three count to give Carr the victory. (***. A solid bout between the young up and coming wrestler Carr against the veteran Devon Storm. While there were moments where Storm seemed to be going in slow motion, it was a fine title match with an entertaining angle involving the valet getting super kicked. I’ve only been exposed to Carr as a face, but his heel work here is above average and gets a good reaction from the fan base in ECWA. I could see a rematch happening between the two and I’d check it out if it were made available.)

The match is embedded below and runs around a half-hour. Share your thoughts below.

For more information on ECWA, head over to their website HERE .

Thanks for reading.

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