NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #2 6/26/2002

Written By: Bob Colling

National Wrestling Alliance/Total Non-Stop Action presents Weekly PPV #2
Date: 6/26/2002
From: Huntsville, AL

Video from last week where Jeff Jarrett promised to become the new NWA-TNA World Heavyweight Champion. Ken Shamrock saying the same thing, as does Scott Hall. The video continues with Jarrett choking Jackie Fargo and ruining Toby Keith’s concert.

The video continues with the dominance of Malice choke slamming everyone. Keith suplex’s Jarrett down and eliminates Jarrett from, the match with Scott Hall. We also see Ken Shamrock pinning Malice to win the belt.

NWA-TNA Opening Video

Mike Tenay, Don West and Ed Ferrera promote the show which includes K-Krush taking on Brian Christopher. West is looking forward to the lingerie battle royal. Tenay promotes Hall versus Jarrett and the fact that tonight there will be a match to determine the first ever NWA-TNA X Division Champion.


Opening Contest: Scott Hall w/Toby Keith and Jackie Fargo defeated Jeff Jarrett: Hall with the early advantage with a fall away slam. Jarrett controls Hall after a couple of dropkicks and continues to attack Hall in the corner. Hall battles back with several clotheslines. Hall goes for the Edge but K-Krush comes down to the ring and pulls Jarrett off. Brian Christopher runs down and chases Krush to the back. Jarrett goes for the Stroke but Keith low blows Jarrett and Hall simply drives Jarrett face first into the mat to pick up the win with Keith standing over the pin attempt. *1/2
After the match, Hall celebrates with Fargo and Keith.

Video from last week promoting the lingerie battle royal.

Second Contest: Cheex w/brown eyed girl defeated Frank Parker:
Cheex is 402lbs and he isn’t that tall so he looks even bigger. Cheex really dominates the contest because of his size. Cheex with a few running butt splashes in the corner. We see Alicia talking to Jeremy Borash during the contest. Cheex wins the squash following a big splash coming off the ropes. DUD
After the match, Borash gives Alicia money just as Slick Johnson had done last week.

Video from last week promoting the K-Krush/NASCAR feud which has been only a week.

Third Contest: Brian Christopher w/Hermie Sadler and Sterling Marlin defeated K-Krush:
An evenly contested match early on. Krush nearly wins following a leaping side kick. Christopher plants Krush with a Stunner and even does Austin’s taunt. Sadler and Marlin wiggle the ropes as Krush attempts to the leave the ring. Christopher is able to connect with the Hip Hop Drop for the win.
After the match, Christopher celebrates with Sadler and Marlin. *1/2


Jeremy Borash introduces the ladies involved in the lingerie battle royal. Sky, Francine, Joanie, Shannon, Alexis Laree Taylor Vaughn, and Electra. there are a few other ladies but their names aren’t announced and they weren’t the same ladies from last week.

Fourth Contest: Taylor Vaughn won a nine Lady Lingerie Battle Royal:
Tyler is the first lady to get eliminated by Electra. Sasha is eliminated by Shannon. Erin is eliminated by Alexis. Francine is tripled team and is eliminated by Taylor Vaughn. Joanie is eliminated by Alexis. Ed Ferrera goes to check on a upset Francine. Ed sneaks in a boob grab. Francine attacks like she is about to pleasure him but instead delivers several whips with his own belt. Alexis Laree was eliminated during that. Taylor Vaughn eliminates Electra to win the Miss TNA crown. NR
After the match, Francine attacks Taylor Vaughn and rips her clothes off. Francine whips Vaughn with the belt.

Backstage, Goldylocks is interviewing Apolo. That is until Bobcat and David Young cut into the scene and Bobcat rips on Goldylocks. Bobcat wants people to be talking about David Young.

Fifth Contest: Apolo defeated David Young w/Bobcat: Apolo controls Young throughout the contest. Bobcat is more focused on the fans at ringside and flirting than she is on managing her man. Young eventually sees this nearly loses the match. Young manages to nail Apolo with the spine buster, but is distracted by Bobcat’s flirting with Borash. Young misses a moonsault and nailed with a super kick. Apolo wins the contest following a cutter after a fireman’s carry. *
After the match, Bobcat celebrates as if Young won the match.

Joel Gertner is in the ring and cuts a promo on his team the Rainbow Express. Gertner puts them over as being gay, but he isn’t. Gertner says the Rainbow Express are better than everyone else in the arena.

The Dupps were originally suppose to be the challengers but Stan said that he didn’t want to face an alternative lifestyle. Literally five seconds later, we see Bill Behrens asking Chris Harris and James Storm to take their place which they do.


Sixth Contest: Chris Harris/James Storm defeated Rainbow Express (Lenny Lane and Bruce): Lane and Bruce ram Storm’s head down into the mat in a motion that doesn’t look appropriate. They tag each other in by kissing the other person’s hand. Lane has the Tiger Tamer on Storm but Harris comes in and clotheslines Lane down. Lane collides with Bruce and Harris is able to roll Lane up for the upset win. *

Ricky Steamboat is standing in the ring and tries to pump up the crowd. Steamboat introduces the new NWA-TNA World Heavyweight Champion, Ken Shamrock. Shamrock says he will defend the belt with honor and pride. Shamrock says he has risen to the top everywhere he has gone. He appreciates the support and if you don’t support him then “you can kiss my ass.” Sinister James Mitchell interrupts Shamrock to say he is on a “mission from god”. Mitchell dares Shamrock to face one of his men and defend the championship next week. Mitchell introduces his guy, Slash. Shamrock wants Slash to come to the ring right now, and doesn’t realize that Malice is right behind him. Malice with a choke slam and chokes Shamrock as Steamboat tries to pull Malice off. Security runs down but they are shoved down. Mitchell and Malice just walk off.

A video highlighting the six man opening tag match from the first week is shown.

Seventh Contest: AJ Styles defeated Psicosis, Low KI, Jerry Lynn in a double elimination match to win the NWA-TNA X Division Championship:
Psicosis nails Styles with a top leg drop but doesn’t get the three. Styles plants Psicosis with the Styles Clash to give Psicosis his first loss of the match. . Styles with a German suplex and a modified face buster to give KI his first loss. Lynn quickly enters and plants Styles with the cradle pile driver to give Styles his first loss. Lynn with the cradle pile driver eliminating Psicosis from the match completely. Lynn eliminates KI from the match following the cradle pile driver. Styles manages to even up the contest with the Styles Clash giving both men one loss. Ricky Steamboat enters now, instead of when it was 1-0 Lynn, to referee the contest. After a long and very entertaining battle, AJ Styles manages to win the contest following the Spiral Tap. ***
After the match, fireworks go off and confetti falls from the rafters as Styles is given the NWA-TNA X Division Championship.

Mike Tenay, Don West and Ed Ferrera promote next weeks show. Which includes a one night tournament to crown the tag team champions, Hall/Christopher taking on Jarrett/Krush and Shamrock defends the title against Malice.


My Take:
Interesting to see Jarrett/Hall as the opening contest. The finish to the match was really weak. Let’s just say if I don’t see Cheex wrestle again, I wouldn’t be sad about that. Christopher/Krush was nothing special. I didn’t like the interference by Marlin and Sadler simply because of the interference during the first match. Lingerie battle royal was rather boring to me. The woman may be good looking, but it sucked from a action stand point. The crowd was dead for Apolo/Young contest. Either Apolo or the Johnsons need to change their finishing move. Big win for Harris/Storm on this edition though I would have liked to see Lane not be the guy to take the pin. New Church/Shamrock segment was well done. I like the fact that they haven‘t mentioned that Malice was the Wall in WCW. That would most likely hurt him in the long run. Ferrera makes a good point that Siaki, Yang and Estrada weren’t in the X-Division contest while Styles, KI and Lynn were even though they lost last week. First booking blunder for TNA. The main event was a very good contest that got the crowd going, which was hard to do at the beginning of the show. I wonder if this makes Jimmy Yang the top contender since on the first show he pinned AJ Styles, cleanly. Looks like TNA has a few feuds lined up (Krush/Christopher, Hall/Jarrett, and Shamrock/New Church) so it will be interesting to see how those develop and what else occurs in the coming weeks.

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