NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #4 7/10/2002

Written By: Bob Colling

National Wrestling Alliance/Total Non-Stop Action presents Weekly PPV #4
Date: 7/10/2002
From: Nashville, Tennessee

NWA-TNA Opening Video (which you can hear Jeremy Borash counting down to the start of the show)

Opening Contest: © AJ Styles/Jerry Lynn defeated New Church (Tempest/Slash) w/James Mitchell to retain the NWA-TNA World Tag Team Championships:
Before the contest we see a rather long video highlighting what happened to allow Lynn and Styles to win the titles. Slash is controlled early on by Styles and Lynn. Lynn takes Slash down with a face buster out of a power bomb attempt. Styles with a standing swanton bomb. Styles takes Tempest down with a kip up hurricanrana. Tempest slams Styles head first into the mat to gain control. Tempest with a slingshot splash from the apron back into the ring. Styles seemingly refuses to tag out and takes care of both Church members. Lynn eventually enters and helps clean house. Lynn with a dive over the top taking out the New Church and Styles on the floor. Styles with a guillotine springboard moonsault on Tempest. Tempest plants Styles with the Death Valley Driver but only gets a near fall. Double choke slam on Styles and another near fall. Lynn gets the tag and plants Slash a tornado DDT and Tempest with a wheelbarrow bulldog. Lynn with the cradle pile driver on Tempest, but Styles tags himself in and finishes Tempest off with the Spiral Tap. **1/2
After the match, fireworks go off, which didn’t need to happen. Lynn still appears unhappy with Styles.

Mike Tenay, Don West and Ed Ferrera hype up a video from last week where Brian Christopher turned on Scott Hall. Hall joins in turning the video via telephone. Hall cuts a promo on Christopher, K-Krush and Jeff Jarrett. Hall says that he is starting with Christopher, and then to Krush and will finish with Jeff Jarrett.

Brian Christopher comes out to cut a promo. Christopher says he has been labeled as being a child his whole life. He has been labeled as “Jerry Lawler’s son”. Brian says he has been in his fathers shadow. Brian says that people say he is only in the business because of his father. “Screw Jerry Lawler”. Brian continues by saying that his father was never there for him. Brian continues to ramble and repeat himself. Brian says that its all about.. Brian Lawler. Norman Smiley comes out to wrestle Lawler.


Second Contest: Brian Lawler defeated Norman Smiley:
Lawler with the early advantage but Smiley battles back with several dropkicks and a swinging scoop slam. Smiley with the Big Wiggle but is planted with a DDT moments later. Lawler does get some good heel heat throughout the contest with the fans chanting “Jerry’s kid”. Lawler wins the match following the Hip Hop Drop, without the goggles. *
After the match, Lawler grabs the microphone and taunts Scott Hall saying his is next on Lawler’s list.

Backstage, Goldylocks is with Jeff Jarrett and Bill Behrens. Jarrett wants his title shot, but Bill Behrens is saying he isn’t the number one contender. Behrens says he can prove Jarrett attacked Jim Miller and he will be suspended for it. At the end of the segment you can hear Father Mitchell yelling at the New Church in their locker room.

Video promoting the K-Krush/NASCAR feud.

Before the next contest, K-Krush rips on the fans in Nashville. Krush rips on NASCAR fans in attendance. Krush says he will kick everyone’s ass if they are NASCAR fans. Someone throws a drink and nails Slick Johnson right in the head. Hermie Sadler cuts Krush off. Sadler has his pit crew with him.

Third Contest: Hermie Sadler w/pit crew defeated K-Krush via reverse decision: Sadler avoids a leaping axe kick and sends Krush to the floor and delivers right hands on the floor. Krush misses a punch and hit’s the ring post. Sadler controls Krush with ten punches in the corner. Krush with a scissors kick and Sadler is hurting. Sadler kicks out of Krush’s finisher. Krush with a running power slam but doesn’t get the three count. Krush locks in the figure four and Sadler manages to reverse the hold. Sadler blocks a hurricanrana and plants Krush with a sit down power bomb for a near fall. Krush rolls Sadler up and uses the ropes for leverage to win the match. DUD
After the match, Krush attacks Sadler. Slick Johnson reverses the decision and Hermie Sadler wins via disqualification.


Backstage, Omori is warming up and is met by Alicia. Alicia gets money from Omori just like the past few months.

Fourth Contest: Briscoe Brothers fought The Hot Shots to a no contest:
Stevens with a spine buster on Jay Briscoe early on. Hot Shots sends both Briscoe’s over the top to the floor with Jay landing onto Mark. Hot Shots with a double dive onto both Briscoe’s on the floor. All four men are brawling in the ring when Malice enters the ring and slams Chase Stevens down. Cassidy O’Reilly is met with a big boot. Double clothesline on the Briscoe Brothers. Malice choke slams Jay Briscoe which gets a unnecessary sound effect from the mat. DUD
After the match, James Mitchell has a microphone. Mitchell wants the blood of Ken Shamrock on the hands of Malice. James Mitchell sends his guys to attack the time keeper. Malice grabs the overweight time keeper and goes for a power bomb but Ken Shamrock runs down but is controlled by Malice. Malice takes a long time to go for the choke slam as Omori sprints down to the ring. Shamrock and Omori clean house.

Backstage, The Dupp Brothers are with Goldylocks. Goldylocks asks for Stan his game plan against the Flying Elvises. After some incoherent rambling, Bo Dupp with some odd quotes and heads off with Stan Dupp.

Before the next contest, Jasmine St. Claire debuts with NWA-TNA. Jasmine brings up the real meaning of TNA. Jasmine wants to know if any men want to see some real TNA. Jasmine needs a chair and Slick Johnson quickly throws a chair into the ring. Jeremy Borash is seated and the fans boo Borash. Jasmine begins to give Borash her underwear. The facial expressions made by Borash are quire funny. Bill Behrens enters the ring with a jacket but is speared down by Ed Ferrera! Behrens takes Jasmine to the backstage area.

Fifth Contest: The Flying Elvises (Jorge Estrada/Sonny Siaki) defeated Dupp Brothers w/Fluff Dupp: Dupps take care of the Elvises early on sending both men to the floor. Mortimer Plumtree makes his way down to the ring scouting it appears. Plumtree joins the announcers table. The Dupps work on Estrada early and often. Siaki enters and nails Bo with the roll of the dice type move for a near fall. Siaki with a split legged moonsault on Bo. Stan with a full nelson slam on Siaki. Siaki with a pump handle overhead suplex. Estrada with a springboard swanton bomb on Stan for the win. *


Backstage, Jerry Lynn and AJ Styles are fighting. They are brawling over in the concession area. Lynn sends Styles into a bunch of guard railings and connects with a sick cradle pile driver on the moving case. Lynn calls Styles a “glory hog”.

Sixth Contest: © Ken Shamrock fought Takao Omori to a no contest to retain the NWA-TNA World Heavyweight Championship:
Shamrock comes out without the championship belt. Harley Race is at ringside for the match. Shamrock with several kicks and DDT early on. Omori with a spinning heel kick to gain the advantage. Omori with a swinging neck breaker and a full nelson slam. Omori misses a top rope knee drop. Omori with a clothesline for a near fall. Late in the match, Shamrock has the ankle lock locked in but Jeff Jarrett runs in with a steel chair and nails Shamrock and Omori. Harley Race enters the ring and is met with a chair shot. Jarrett nails several security guards with the chair. Jarrett nails Shamrock with a sick chair shot. **

Backstage, Goldylocks is with Jerry Lynn and makes a sexual reference to her before leaving. James Mitchell comes over and says he needs to speak to Jeff Jarrett quickly. Goldylocks hears someone in agony and sees Bill Behrens tied up in the backstage area with “FU” written on his midsection.

Main Event: Low KI defeated Elik Skipper, Kid Romeo, Tony Mamaluke, Christopher Daniels and Jerry Lynn in a elimination match to become the number contender to the X-Division Championship:
Tony Mamaluke and Elik Skipper have a sloppy series of moves. Mamaluke just doesn’t seem that interested in competing in this contest. For about ten minutes into the match their hasn’t been a elimination but each man is able to display what they can bring to the table. Daniels with a split legged moonsault onto Lynn on the floor, Romeo dives off the top onto both Lynn and Daniels. Mamaluke with a somersault splash off the top onto Lynn, Daniels, and Romeo. Skipper and KI dive over the top rope onto all four men on the floor. All six men are just brawling all over the place now. Jerry Lynn has been counted out from the match for not being able to reach the apron making him the sixth contender to the X-Division championship. Skipper pins Mamaluke following the Play of the Day. Mamaluke is the fifth contender to the X-Division championship. Skipper slides right through the ropes and hits his head on the apron. Daniels pins Skipper following the Last Rites. Skipper is know the fourth contender to the X-Division championship. Romeo plants Daniels with a sickening inverted slam off the middle rope. KI enters and locks the dragon sleeper on Romeo and Romeo taps out. Romeo is the third contender to the X-Division championship. Daniels and KI put on a great showing as the final two men. KI finishes Daniels off with the KI Krusher. Low KI is the number one contender to the X-Division Championship. ***
After the match, KI gets fireworks and is attacked by the Flying Elvises. Sonny Siaki grabs a microphone and says they will get involved themselves since the NWA doesn’t want the Flying Elvises to be apart of the X Division. Tony Mamaluke and Kid Romeo run down and the Elvises bail.


Mike Tenay, Don West and Ed Ferrera promote next weeks show which includes Styles/KI for the X Division Championship, Scott Hall takes on Brian Lawler and Puppet will be back in midget action.

Jeff Jarrett makes his way over to the announcers table and demands a NWA World Heavyweight title shot. Jarrett rips on a few of the Tennessee Titans at ringside. The Titans brawl with Jarrett. The New Church run down and Malice brawls with Jarrett in the crowd.

End of show.

My Take:
NWA-TNA continue to put on good opening contests. The tag team title match was very entertaining. The Brian Lawler promo was going good until Brian forgot his material it seemed liked. He just kept repeating the same things over and over again. If he were to cut that promo in half, it would have been a good heel promo but it went from good to a average one at best. Lawler/Smiley contest wasn’t bad and it wasn’t a squash match by any means. Lawler needs to improve his talking to get into the main event scene. Considering the lack of depth on the roster at this point, he could easily be considered the second top heel in the company after Jeff Jarrett. Hermie Sadler actually looked good, but having him win even by disqualification was a horrible thing to do. Also, having Sadler get a decent amount of offense against K-Krush hurts Krush. Krush needs to get some big wins over the next few weeks. Malice destroying everyone in the tag team match was okay. Malice needed that to get the monster side over some more, though not being able to control Shamrock again, hurts him again. The Shamrock/Omori match was rather boring but Jeff Jarrett’s attack afterwards was pretty good. If their isn’t a Jeff Jarrett/Ken Shamrock match soon I will be shocked. A good main event, apart from Tony Mamaluke’s activity. Low KI and Daniels put on quite a good showing and KI/Styles next week should be pretty good. Must every show end with Jeff Jarrett brawling with someone?

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