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NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #5 7/17/2002

Written By: Bob Colling

National Wrestling Alliance/Total Non-Stop Action presents Weekly PPV #5
Date: 7/17/2002
From: Nashville, Tennessee

A video promoting Jeff Jarrett and his recent attacks on Scott Hall, Ken Shamrock and his brawl with several Tennessee Titan players is shown.

Goldylocks is seen chasing down Ken Shamrock who is walking in a park. Shamrock tells Goldylocks to back off and tells her that he is going to start showing his frustration by kicking ass.

NWA-TNA Opening Video

Backstage, we see Scott Hall brawling with Jeff Jarrett. After several moments, security finally breaks them up. Bill Behrens tells Jarrett he has forfeited his title match tonight and throws him out of the building.

James Mitchell, Tempest, Slash and Malice make their way out to the ring for Malice’s ladder match which was supposed to be against Jeff Jarrett. Mitchell says that Malice still wants to wash his hands with someone else’s blood since Jarrett has been thrown out. Mitchell issues a open challenge for his man Malice. The lights go out and when they come back on… SABU is standing in the ring!


Opening Contest: Sabu defeated Malice in a ladder match to become the #1 Contender to the NWA-TNA World Championship: Sabu controls Malice early on with a chair. Malice uses the chair to his advantage and sends Sabu face first into the chair set up in the corner. Malice decides to get the ladder but Sabu dropkicks the ladder into Malice. Sabu with several dives onto Malice. Sabu grabs a table and sets it up on the outside. Malice drops Sabu across the ladder and Sabu is bleeding from his nose. Malice with a ladder assisted slam. Sabu with a few leg drops onto the ladder which is on top of Malice. Malice power bombs Sabu off the ladder to the mat. Malice with a overhead belly to belly suplex onto the ladder! Sabu dropkicks Malice off the ladder. Sabu drives the ladder onto the lower back of Malice. Sabu pushes Malice off the ladder and Malice crashes through the table on the floor! Sabu manages to get the contract and will face Ken Shamrock next week! **1/4
After the match, the New Church attack Sabu. Sabu manages to knocks Slash and Tempest down with a springboard heel kick but Malice enters to take Sabu own. Malice choke slams Sabu off the apron through a table on the floor.

Backstage, Bill Behrens is still yelling at Jeff Jarrett.

AJ Styles makes his way down to the ring and has a microphone in hand. Styles has his sights on Jerry Lynn, but Lynn cuts Styles off and makes his way down to the ring. Lynn mentions punking Styles out last week and beating him up. Lynn brings up how many years Styles has been wrestling, compared to the years Lynn has been wrestling. Lynn asks Styles who he thinks he is. Lynn isn’t impressed by Styles attitude. Lynn brings up the hardships he has had to endure compared to Styles who hasn’t had to deal with that. Lynn says that Styles hasn’t paid his dues in the business. Lynn won’t have Styles stealing victories and the spotlight. Styles says he understands. Lynn tells Styles he will respect him. Lynn turns his back and is attacked by Styles with a kick and a discus clothesline. Styles with the Styles Clash. Styles says “I don’t need you.”

Backstage, Goldylocks is waiting outside of Jasmine St. Claire’s locker room. We see video from last week and a strip tease with Jeremy Borash. Goldylocks goes to talk to St. Claire but Francine enters the room and attacks St. Claire in the shower. Francine leaves St. Claire, well, wet in the shower.


K-Krush makes his way down to the ring and puts himself over as being a “star”. Everything he does as if he is a star. Krush doesn’t understand why he was involved with NASCAR the first few weeks. He doesn’t understand why the WWE released him. He thinks it was because the WWE was afraid of what Krush could have became in the company. Krush says he has been treated as a second class citizen. Krush is going to take what is rightfully his. The crowd appears to be behind him during his speech.

Second Contest: K-Krush defeated Norman Smiley: Smiley with the Big Wiggle early on which still gets a good reaction from the crowd. Krush manages to pick up the win following a inverted vertical suplex. *
After the match, Krush hangs Smiley with his belt. Smiley’s wife runs down to the ring and begs Krush to let go. Krush grabs Smiley’s wife by the shirt but security runs down stop anything from happening.

Backstage, Goldylocks is with Puppet who is in a trash can. Puppet says that he is suffering from PMS “Pissed Midget Syndrome”. Puppet says he is going beat Meatball with his six inch pythons. Puppet continues to hit on Goldylocks who walks away to only find the Dupp Brothers. Stan says that Goldylocks has some nice lips, but not the lips on her mouth.

Video from last week where Siaki and Estrada attacked Low KI, Christopher Daniels and Elik Skipper.

Third Contest: The Flying Elvises (Sonny Siaki/Jorge Estrada) defeated Christopher Daniels/Elik Skipper:
Estrada and Siaki with a impressive start controlling Daniels and Skipper. During the contest, Siaki takes time to sit at the announcers table. Siaki rips on his own teammate. Skipper seems to be the guy taking most of the punishment for his team. Daniels gets the tag eventually and takes both Siaki and Estrada down with a bulldog/clothesline combo. Skipper with a impressive hurricanrana on Siaki after leaping off Daniels backs. Daniels nearly wins the match with the best moonsault ever on Estrada. Skipper plants Estrada with the Play of the Day but their isn’t a referee. Siaki enters and pins Skipper following the Money Clip. **1/2
After the match, the Dupp Brothers enter and nail Estrada over the head with a series of plywood. Siaki bails from the ring and leaves Estrada to get attacked.


Backstage, Goldylocks is with K-Krush. Krush insults Goldylocks and is attacked by Scott Hall. Hall says “two down, one to go”.

Fourth Contest: Puppet defeated Meatball:
This match turns into a food fight as Meatball throws various foods at Puppet. Puppet wins the match following a middle rope splash onto Meatball with a chair on top of him. DUD

Jasmine St. Claire makes her way out to the ring and calls out Francine to a fight.

Fifth Contest: Francine defeated Jasmine St. Claire via disqualification:
St Claire rips Francine’s top off and Francine takes St Claire’s pants off. Francine begins to whip St. Claire with a belt. Blue Meanie runs down to the ring and DDT’s Francine. Ed Ferrera checks on Francine in the ring. DUD
After the match, Francine is placed on a stretcher and taken to the backstage area.

Backstage, Goldylocks goes to talk to Low KI, but KI doesn’t want to talk.

Video promoting both Low KI’s finishing moves and AJ Styles finishing moves.


Sixth Contest: © AJ Styles defeated Low KI to retain the NWA-TNA X-Division Championship: Mid way through the contest, KI locks in the dragon clutch while in the ropes but has to release the hold. Styles comes back with a springboard reverse DDT. Styles nearly wins with a snap scoop slam as KI was charging towards him. Styles with a nice brain buster for a near fall. Styles misses the Spiral Tap. Styles reverses the KI Krusher 99 by nailing KI with a DDT! KI leaps off the top looking for a 450 splash or something but is caught in midair and is planted with the Styles Clash. Styles picks up the win. ***
After the match, Lynn spears Styles on the entrance ramp and spikes Styles with the cradle pile driver in the ring. Lynn grabs a ladder from underneath the ring and sets it up in the corner. Lynn with a suplex onto the ladder. Lynn drops Styles chest first across the ladder. Lynn continues to say “you will respect me”. Lynn leaves but returns to DDT Styles on the ladder. Lynn with another cradle pile driver.

Mike Tenay announces that next week Sabu will face Ken Shamrock in a ladder or submission match for the Heavyweight Championship.

Brian Lawler comes out and is given a microphone. Lawler reminds everyone what he said last week. Brian brings up a few “facts about Jerry Lawler”. He brings up Jerry being married three times and all three times his wife was younger than Brian. He makes sure to note this is a “shoot” and says that he left a ticket for his father to watch him wrestle, but he didn’t show up. Brian says Jerry likes to go to high schools with a fist full of candy. Brian goes to continue but Scott Hall’s music hits but Brian makes sure to have the music cut off. Hall comes through the crowd and is right behind Brian. Brian doesn’t know Hall is right behind him. Well, it takes a long time for Brian to turn around as he is more focused on mocking the fans. Once Lawler decides to turn around, he is met with a right hand and the match begins.

Main Event: Scott Hall defeated Brian Lawler: Hall sends Lawler into the guard railing and onto the top of the announcers table. Lawler tries to leave but Hall stops him on the entrance ramp. Lawler hits Hall with a fans purse to gain control. Lawler works on Hall with fairly simple moves. It is quite funny to see several fans mocking Hall, the baby face, of the contest. Lawler goes for the Hip Hop Drop but is slammed off the top. Hall with a fall away slam and middle rope back suplex. K-Krush tries to interfere but Hall sends him to the floor. Hall plants Lawler with the Edge for the win. *1/4
After the match, Lawler and Krush attack Hall. They low blow Hall with Krush’s belt a few times. Krush proceeds to hang Hall across the middle rope. TNA officials come down and break things up. Medics come down with a stretcher. Jeff Jarrett comes down to the ring with a steel chair and nails Hall several times with the chair and nails several security guys. Jarrett is dressed up like a medic. Tenay hypes up Jarrett as a “monster”.


End of show

My Take:
Sabu/Malice was a average ladder match that had a few sick bumps involved. Malice just can’t get a win, and has such a good gimmick that it’s sad to see. The whole Lynn/Styles segment was nicely done and I like they their bringing up the whole respect aspect into their feud. Styles being the heel is the right call, as I don’t see Lynn as a heel. Krush’s promo was nicely said and it’s good to see that Krush is going to be used as a top tier guy. Sonny Siaki heel attitude is fantastic. Such a easy guy to hate. Estrada put on a good show along with Skipper and Daniels. The midget match and brief women’s match were unentertaining. Judging by the hype they did for the DDT that Blue Meanie did to Francine, I would expect him to be in TNA on a regular basis. Styles/KI was a good encounter with a cool finish. Although it has only been a few weeks, the build up of Styles/Lynn has been nicely done. The main event was really lackluster. Yet another ending to the show involving Jarrett hitting everyone or brawling. Do they really not have any other way to end the show? You can already tell that Jarrett is a main focal point for the programming, but you don’t want to over expose him. Jarrett/Hall in what has to be a last man standing or stretcher match must be coming up in the next few weeks. Perhaps their will not be a Jarrett/Shamrock match after all.

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