3PW Inaugural Show 2/15/2002

Written By: Bob Colling

Pro Pain Pro Wrestling Inaugural Show
Date: 2/15/2002
From: Philadelphia, Pa

Chris Hamrick defeated Matt Vandal:
Vandal’s manager grabs the microphone, and I can not understand what he is saying. I would assume that he was ripping on the crowd. He rips on the ECW Arena. He says there are reasons why certain people didn’t work for ECW, I can understand the reasons, because he is screeching into the microphone. Hammrick with the advantage early on with a dropkick and a few chops. Vandals manager gets involved. Hammrick is on the floor, being held by the manager, Vandal leaps over the top rope looking for a somersault splash, but lands on his manager. Hammrick with a springboard somersault splash on both men on the floor. Hammrick with several low blows, right in front of the referee, who lets it go. Hammrick keeps control for a few moments, until the manager of Vandal gets involved allowing Vandal to connect with a releasing German suplex. Hammrick is sent to the floor where he is attacked again by the manager. Vandal with two vertical suplex’s. Vandal misses a moonsault off the top, running big boot by Hammrick. Hammrick with a DDT. Hammrick misses the springboard leg drop, Vandal with a clothesline. Leaping face crusher onto his knee by Hammrick, manager breaks up the count. Hammrick with a vertical suplex, into a stunner on Vandal. The manager is still on the top turnbuckle, Hammrick climbs onto his shoulders, and connects with a leg drop! That was nice. Hammrick gets the three. *1/2

Bilvis Wesley defeated Towel Boy:
Towel Boy looks to be no older than sixteen. He is the “towel boy” for CZW cleaning the ropes off. Towel Boy does a flip off a back drop, and holds his knee maybe injuring himself. Wesley with control throwing Towel Boy in the air, who drops chest first onto the mat. Towel Boy with a hurricanrana. Towel Boy with a moonsault off the top to the floor. While on the outside, their aren’t any guard rails. No security I wonder? Boy continues his offense with a standing somersault splash for a two count. Wesley with a big super kick, but doesn’t cover, just chokes his opponent. Hmm.. Double clothesline spot, not sure how Towel Boy, who is may 1101lbs, could knock down a 280lbs guy like that. Boy with a sunset slip, Wesley attempts to swing him back and forth, Boy reverses into a pin attempt for a near fall. Wesley with a power slam and picks up the three count. *1/2


Rapidfire Maldonado defeated Dylan Knight:
Cat Fight between both men’s managers, Allison Danger for Rapidfire and some blonde chick for Knight. Hmm.. The blonde chick is kissed by Rapidfire, the REFEREE, and Allison Danger. This must be the comedy match of the evening. Rapidfire with control early on, Knight comes back with a reverse swinging neck breaker. Rapidfire with a few pin attempts via rollups but Knight kicks out. Rapidfire with a swinging side slam for a near fall. Knight comes back with a back suplex. Rapidfire with a modified vertical suplex, where his opponent does a rotation before landing. Another cat fight ensues when the blonde chick gets involved. Danger low blows Knight. Rapidfire with a leaping kick to the back of the head, to pick up the win. *
After the match, Knight and the blonde chick attack Danger and Rapidfire.

Little Guido defeated “Platinum” Mike Austin:
Austin is joined by the same screeching manager from the first contest. Whom I still don’t know his name. The manager proceeds to cut another promo for his client in the ring. Again, promo I can not understand. Austin wants a test of strength, which he wins until Guido delivers a drop toe hold and uses mat wrestling. Austin with a gorilla press slam, but Guido reverses into a attempted rollup. Austin misses a back splash. Austin’s manager whacks Austin on accident on the floor when Guido ducks a right hand. Austin with a Russian leg sweep into a clothesline combo to control Guido. Nice standing dropkick by Austin. Fisherman suplex by Austin for a two count. Big back body drop by Austin. Guido with a elbow to the groin. Guido with the Sicilian Slice leg drop off the middle rope for a two count. Austin dropkicks his manager on accident. Guido with an inverted face crusher (Un-Prettier) for the three count. *1/2


Super Hentai defeated Shirley Doe: Well, Shirley Doe is one messed up looking character. Gothic with an X on his forehead. Hentai with a impressive springboard off the top rope following a hip toss to connect with a arm drag. Both men trade a series of right hands, chops, uppercuts, and head butts. Doe with a inverted suplex, and a overhead butterfly suplex for a two count. A “Boring” chant breaks out, which I have to agree with. Doe with a whiplash move in the corner sending Hentai back first into a corner. Hentai with a rope aided impressive tornado DDT. He sat on the top rope and connected. Hentai with a running spinning heel kick in the corner. He misses a top rope splash. Doe with a clothesline. Hentai with a power slam on Doe. Running double knee strike in the corner. Misses a second one in the corner. Springboard hurricanrana out of the corner by Hentai. Doe with a Muscle Buster for a near fall. Hentai with a superplex, and a fisherman suplex for the three. DUD

The Blue Meanie defeated Orion:
Orion comes out yelling to the crowd, being the heel, but no one know him, thus no heat. Meanie with control early on connecting with a back body drop. Orion can not get anything going. Orion with a whiplash type of move, and a flying forearm smash to gain control. Orion with a straight jacket reverse DDT on Meanie. Orion misses a springboard moonsault from the apron into the ring. Running bulldog by Meanie for near fall. Russian leg sweep by Orion. Jasmine St. Claire distracts Orion, Meanie with a DDT, and a top rope moonsault to pick up the win. *1/2

Christian York, Joey Matthews and Ric Blade defeated CM Punk, Colt Cabana and Paul E. Normous:
Dave Prazak grabs the microphone and puts over Punk, Cabana and Paul as being the best. Punk cuts a straight edge promo, being better than everyone because he doesn’t do drugs or drink alcohol. Matthews cuts a promo, and introduces partner Ric Blade. All five women in the crowd go crazy for Matthews, Blade and York. Punk with a arm drag on Matthews early on, and proceeds to taunt Matthews. This occurs twice. Matthews comes back with a clothesline, Punk and Cabana run into each other in the ring. Cabana with a side slam, and Matthews lands head first onto the knee of Punk. York with a springboard bulldog from the apron into the ring on Cabana. York splashes Blade onto Cabana, Blade with a Roll of the Dice type move. Modified surfboard into a pin attempt, Cabana kicks out. Cabana catches Blade with a side slam off the ropes. Normous comes into the ring and connects with a butterfly suplex. Blade leaps off the middle rope, Normous with a clothesline to the chest. York and Matthews send Normous to the floor, Blade with a somersault splash onto Normous. Punk is upside down in the corner, York steps on his groin. Cabana charges over and is drop toe hold into the groin of Punk, Matthews and York proceed to step on the head of Cabana making the 69 sexual position between the two opponents. Blade with a single leg dropkick to both Punk and Cabana. Prazak and the referee get into a argument. Normous with a Baldo Bomb type of move, Punk comes in for a the near fall. Punk with a delayed vertical suplex on Matthews. Cabana with a somersault splash off the apron into the ring for a near fall. Matthews was also on the knee of Punk. Matthews with a reverse neck breaker, both en are down, Matthews is getting up but Punk reaches over and yanks him down. Cabana is getting up, only be clotheslined by York. York and Normous go at it with York connecting with a swinging neck breaker. Standing back splash by York on Cabana for a two count. Blade with kicks to the side of Punk, ending up tying Punk up in the ropes. Blade with a few kicks to the head of Punk, Blade with a reverse hurricanrana on Cabana. Cabana, York, Punk and Matthews are brawling on the floor. Prazak leaps off the top rope and cross body’s Cabana and Punk. Normous with a slam on Blade in the ring. Normous misses a Swanton bomb. York and Matthews with a double team elevated DDT on Normous. Blade with a corkscrew splash for the win. **
After the match, Normous ends up attacking the other three men, choke slamming Prazak down.


Steve Corino defeated The Sandman and Crowbar in a 3 Way Dance: Triangle lock up, Sandman goes to work on both opponents. I should note, Crowbar is very muscular compared to his WCW says two years earlier. Corino and Crowbar go to work on Sandman in the corner. Sandman goes to work on Corino on the floor. Crowbar sends Sandman into the guard railing. Sandman drops Crowbar and Corino onto a ladder set up on the guard railing. Corino drops Sandman chest first onto the ladder set up in the corner. Corino and Crowbar argue who is getting the cover. Corino drops Sandman on his side, onto the ladder, with Crowbar again sending Sandman into Corino. Crowbar with a head scissors, Corino with a figure four on Sandman at the same time. Crowbar and Corino proceed to drop the ladder to the floor, onto Sandman. Crowbar with his belt begins to choke Sandman. Crowbar hangs Sandman over the top rope, while Corino delivers a few chair shots to the ribs. Corino rolls into the ring and hits Crowbar over the back with the chair, ending that brief partnership. Crowbar drop toe holds Corino into the chair and connects with a scoop slam with the chair against the back of Corino. Crowbar with a somersault leg drop off the apron into the ring on Corino, with a chair on top of him. Crowbar with a springboard moonsault onto a ladder, with Corino underneath. Sandman with a splash onto a ladder, with Crowbar underneath. Corino with a DDT onto the ladder, on Sandman. Sandman gets a table, but is knocked out by Corino. Repeated jaw breakers by Crowbar on Sandman. Double super kick on Sandman. Crowbar with a death valley driver on Corino. Sandman with a kendo stick shot on Crowbar. Sandman leaps off the top, misses a Swanton Bomb, Corino falls backwards and picks up the three count. *1/2


My Take: Really, for a first show this was pretty bad. 3PW gets a lot better over the course of the next three years so I am looking forward to 3PW circa 2003-2004. Not a lot of well known talent at the time on this show but as you can tell several of the guys on the show have become some very good talent. This portion of the recap is short because really there aren’t storylines developed at this time and mostly for this company there aren’t a lot. I don’t even have to share my thoughts on the different matches because none of them are worth checking out for any reason.

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