3PW Three Men and a Bodybag 5/18/2002

Written By: Bob Colling

Pro Pain Pro Wrestling Three Men and a Bodybag
Date: 5/18/2002
From: ECW Arena

10 second of silence for the late Big Dick Dudley

A much better camera view than the first show. The camera is placed in the Eagles Nest, like it should be. There still aren’t any announcers to call the action.

Christian York and Joey Matthews defeated Dylan Night and Rapid Fire Maldonado:
Night and Rapid Fire fought on the first show and now are teammates, who seem to be getting along. Matthews and York are playing the heels this time around. 3PW also has guard railings. Night and Matthews trade a few rights. Matthews with a Michael Jackson dance. Night with a double clothesline on York and Matthews. Double super kick on York. Rapid Fire with several right hands on both York and Matthews. Rapid Fire with a sit out spine buster on York. York drops Rapid Fire on the guard railing. Matthews controls in the ring. Double vertical suplex on Rapid. York goes for a moonsault, but Rapid gets his knees up. Night with a running reverse neck breaker. A weird situation, Matthews has York his own teammate in a tombstone, Night simply dropkicks the leg of Matthews. Not sure what the hell that was. Crowd didn’t like it. Night goes to back suplex York into the ring, Matthews holds onto Night’s leg, York reverses into a pin for the win. *1/4

Robert Pigeon defeated Tank Toland:
Toland is one energetic man. He gets the crowd going pretty well for a baby face. You’ve got to be kidding me. Pigeon is a white kid who is dressed rather nerdy, comes out to ridiculous music. Of course, the crowd is all over him. Toland with control early on with a few arm drag take downs.. Both men with full nelsons. “Boring” chant. Toland Pigeon in midair and connects with a fall away slam. Toland sends Pigeon to the corner, who flips over the top and hit’s the table by ringside. Vertical suplex back into the ring for a two count. Double clothesline spot. Power slam by Toland. Toland misses a moonsault, even though he wasn’t even close for that to be considered a miss. Pigeon with a jumping DDT to pick up the win. Pigeon looks like a nerd, skinny version on Hardcore Holly, at least in the face somewhat. DUD


Colt Cabana defeated Chris Hero: Cabana’s music skips during his entrance which gets him some heat. Both men with simple head locks or arm locks early on. Messed up clothesline to the floor. Running forearm shots sends Cabana to the floor. Hero with a corkscrew splash over the top to the floor. Hero with a leaping swinging neck breaker, Hero with a inverted sit out slam. Cabana with a head scissors over the top to the floor. Cabana with a scoop slam on the floor. Cabana with control for a few moments, Hero with a couple of pin attempts only gets two counts. Fisherman suplex by Cabana followed by several right hands. Middle turnbuckle flying leg drop for a two count. Missile dropkick by Hero, both men are down. Cabana with a leaping big splash off the top for the three. *

Tod Gordon comes out with a body bag, which will be used in the main event. The ring announcer take the microphone away from Gordon who is putting himself over. The announcer tells a story and Gordon leaves the ring. Gordon gets a chair and hit’s the announcer over the back. Two referees proceeds to put the announcer in the body bag. A ECW original ring announcer come out, no, not Steven D’Angelis someone else.


“Pitbull” Gary Wolfe defeated Rockin’ Rebel in a Dog Collar Match: Rebel grabs a microphone and says he signed a contract for a lumberjack match, which explains the lumberjack type outfit. Rebel rips on the crowd, which is actually funny. Rebel tries to walk out, Wolfe attacks Rebel on the floor sending him into a steel chair. Wolfe low blows Rebel with the chain a few times. Wolfe pulls Rebel into the ring post. Wolfe sends Rebel into the ring steps. Steel chair shot in the ring. Wolfe leg drops Rebel, who has the chair over his face. Rebel sends Wolfe head first into the table on the floor. Rebel is busted open, Wolfe is really busted open. Wolfe drop toe holds Rebel into a chair in the ring. Rebel with a chair shot. Rebel hangs Wolfe over the top. Wolfe grabs a table, Rebel with a bulldog onto the table. Rapid Fire comes over and trips Rebel off the top. Wolfe with a death valley driver onto the table, which doesn’t break. Vertical suplex on the table, which again doesn’t break. Wolfe picks up the three. *

The Blue Meanie defeated Billy Wiles:
A lot of stalling early on. Wiles threatens to leave the arena, he eventually comes back. Midway through this uneventful contest, Meanie connects with a DDT, and a side Russian leg sweep. Running bulldog out of the corner by Meanie for a near fall. Wiles with a super kick. Jasmine St. Claire is in the ring, and stuns Wiles. Meanie the moonsault to win the match. *

Candi comes in which leads to…

Jasmin St. Claire defeated Candi in an Evening Gown Match:
Meanie strips Candi, which brings out Dylan Knight who hits Meanie with a chair. Knight strips Jasmine of her clothes. Knight with another chair shot on Meanie. Knight is back to being a heel. Which he is far better at being from the two shows thus far. DUD


Public Enemy (Rocco Rock and Johnny Grunge) defeated Christian York and Joey Matthews: Interestingly, no one really does the famed arm wave that PE uses to get everyone to do. York rips into Public Enemy along with the crowd. Matthews does the same. PE get the microphone and they cut into Matthews and York. Matthews with control early on, doesn’t last long with Grunge connecting with a spine buster and double clothesline. When they aren’t cutting promos during this match, mostly right hands. Rock with a springboard moonsault off the middle rope. York with back drop, and both he and Matthews with a clothesline. Grunge with a double bulldog. All four are on the floor now. Rock with a trash can shot on Matthews. Matthews sends Rock into a soda machine. Grunge with a suplex on the floor on York. York is on a table, Grunge is up on the Eagles Nest, and connects with a big elbow drop!! PE place a trash can over the head of Matthews and deliver a few shots to the can. York sends Rock into the empty seats the crowd. Rock with a chair shot to the ankle of York. Moments later, Rock with a big splash off the top onto Matthews for the win! *1/2
After the match, PE invite several fans into the ring to celebrate. Grunge also brings York back to the ring and they beat him up some more. Rock with the somersault splash over the top, table doesn’t break, it does the second time.

Sabu fought Sandman to a no contest after eliminating New Jack in a Triple Threat Bodybag Match:
Well, this is going to be violent. Jack quickly goes to work on Sandman and Sabu with a spike. Sandman with the guillotine leg drop, Staple gun shot to the head of Jack. Sabu is already bleeding. Sandman drop toe holds Sabu into a ladder. Sabu is slammed onto the ladder. Sabu stables a dollar bill to the forehead of New Jack. Jack drops the ladder onto both Sandman and Sabu. Arabian face buster by Sabu on Jack which eliminates Jack. Sandman with a swanton bomb onto Sabu who was on top of a ladder. Sabu with another Arabian face crusher off the top onto Sandman through a table! **
After that, the match is over. Bill Alfonso comes in and gives Sandman a beer.


My Opinion: Main event was a fun violent match. That was the only good portion of the show. That’s two bad shows in a row. I wish i could say more about this show, but honestly their isn’t anything else to say. 3PW is still early in there existence and their isn’t much storyline wise going on, yet.

Overall Grade: F

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