2CW Living on the Edge 4/8/2006

Written By: Bob Colling

Squared Circle Wrestling presents Living on the Edge
Date: April 8th, 2006
Arena: Pastime Athletic Club (aka 2CW Arena)
From: Syracuse, New York

Matt Patterson makes his way down to the ring and hypes the crowd for some 2CW action. Bob Foley also comes down and will be doing the ring announcing for the evening.

Opening Contest: Ajax defeated “Ladies Man” Gregory Edwards: Edwards with a big hip toss and a scoop slam early on. Ajax comes back with a hip toss of his own and dropkick. Ajax works on the left arm of Edwards with a arm bar. Edwards manages to scoop slam Ajax down again. Edwards with a backbreaker and plants Ajax with a big side slam for a near fall. Ajax manages to reverse a inverted slam into a roll up for a near fall. Ajax manages to fight back with a back body drop, and seconds later rolls Edwards up for the win. *3/4
After the match, Edwards complains about a hair pull and use of the tights for leverage.

Second Contest: Isys Ephex defeated Loca Vida:
Neither man is able to get a clear cut advantage in the early moments of the contest. Ephex takes Vida down with a head scissors. Ephex springboards off the top turnbuckle connecting with a arm drag. Both men kip up from the move. Vida with a couple of arm drags and a drop toe hold into the middle turnbuckle. Vida springboards and connects with a dropkick to the chest of Ephex in the corner. Ephex battles back with a body scissors suplex, which looked like a German suplex of sorts. Ephex connects with a clothesline as well. Vida goes to the top turnbuckle while Ephex is on the apron. Vida leaps off and connects with a impressive hurricanrana to the floor! Both men trade a series of chops on the floor. Ephex continues with a gut buster. Ephex misses a cartwheel back splash and stumbles into a super kick by Via for a near fall. Vida with a rather weak looking tornado DDT as Ephex blocked it. Vida comes back with a German suplex for a near fall. Ephex reverses a Dudley Drop of sorts into a tombstone pile driver for a near fall. Ephex with a gorilla pres slam and goes for a power slam but Vida reverses into a tornado DDT. Ephex connects with the Burning Hammer seconds later to pick up the win. **1/4


Zaquary Springate III music hits and he comes out to a course of jeers. Springate threatens the fans that he will get them all ejected from the arena. A “USA” chant starts up. Springate says that they all should be ashamed of themselves for wanting to see Spike Dudley. Springate with several insults towards Syracuse fans. Springate says that Spike said he wasn’t going to compete against Springate because Springate is better than Spike in every way possible. Spike Dudley comes down to the ring and brawls with Springate until several referees and security guards break up the brawl. Dudley says that he has been through wars and violence that Springate can not relate too. Dudley says that he will be the hell out of Springate later tonight.

Third Contest: Kayla Sparks defeated Violet Flame:
Back and forth competition here. Sparks comes out on top with a sunset flip and gets the three count. *1/2
After the match, Flame repeatedly attacks the leg of Sparks around the ring post. Flame even places Sparks in the figure four around the post.

Strangler Steve comes running into the ring and cuts a promo about being a liability. Steve attacks security delivering a nice brain buster on one of them. Steven runs through the crowd to the backstage area. Steve comes back and places the chicken win submission on another guy.


Fourth Contest: JD Love defeated Gordy Wallace: JD with a dropkick early on to get the advantage. Wallace with a hip toss but his offense is stopped with a poke to the eye. They battle to the floor where JD clotheslines Wallace down. JD continues to deliver the overhand chops to the back of Wallace on the floor. Love sends Wallace into the guard railing. JD is sent back first into the guard railing. JD comes back and crotches Wallace on the guard railing. JD with a big chair shot to the back of Wallace. The referee announces that if JD uses the chair again he will be disqualified. Wallace with a sunset flip and pulls down the trunks of Love, which disgusts the crowd. Love sends Wallace into the corner and connects with a bare butt splash in the corner. Snap suplex by Love. Wallace catches Love off the top turnbuckle and slams Love down. Wallace delivers a running big splash for a near fall. Wallace ducks a clothesline and connects with the Cattle Drive! Wallace goes up top but Love shakes the ropes and backdrops Wallace to the apron. Both men are on the apron and Love manages to choke slam Wallace off the apron through a table! Love picks up the win as Wallace needs some medical attention. *1/4

Jason Axe is in the ring and has a guitar set up. Johnny Law makes his way down to the ring and wants to see a permit from Axe. Law says that since Axe doesn’t have a permit, he will have to write a ticket. Law makes it clear that this would be a noise violation. Law also believes Axe is on drugs. Law asks why Axe is resisting the ticket. Law grabs the baton and begins to attack Axe. Scorch from the local radio station 105.1 comes out and says that Law needs to back up his smack. Scorch says he will put his reputation on the line if he beats Axe 1-2-3 in the ring. Scorch will be his own career on the line.

Fifth Contest: Jason Axe defeated Johnny Law via disqualification:
Law with a big choke slam but only gets a near fall. Axe comes back with a few right hands and a dropkick. Law maces the referee thinking that it was Axe which causes the disqualification. DUD
After the match, Scorch insults Law and a “2CW” chant starts up.


Sixth Contest: The Killer Steves defeated All Money Is Legal: After the referee checks AMIL, the Steves attack. K-Pusha springboards off of Dizzie and connects with a heel kick on both Steves. AMIL hit Mackenzie with a double fist drop onto play to the crowd afterwards. Pusha springboards off the middle rope inside the ring and leaps over the top onto the Steves! Pusha delivers a high knee in the corner on Mackenzie. Pusha hits a senton splash to the midsection of Mackenzie who was still in the corner. Dizzie with a nice hip toss into a backbreaker, and after a few kicks to the head goes for the cover and gets a near fall. Kruz is on the apron and viciously clotheslines Pusha to gain control and gets the legal tag. Kruz connects with a slingshot underneath the bottom rope for a near fall. The Steves continue to double team Pusha. Kruz chokes Pusha for several moments. Mackenzie with a snap suplex on Pusha and connects with a spinning back elbow to the throat. Pusha connects with a near fall on Mackenzie but walks right into a big boot. Double team side slam/standing elbow drop by Steves on Pusha for a near fall. Pusha springboards off the corner and connects with a dropkick in the corner on Mackenzie. Steves regain control when Kruz walks in and simply attacks Pusha. Mackenzie is on the top rope but Pusha shoves Mackenzie off and connects with a leg drop off the top to the back of Mackenzie’s head! Pusha finally makes the tag to Dizzie. Kruz comes in and gets clotheslined by Dizzie several times. Dizzie delivers a leaping head butt off the top. Dizzie with a wheelbarrow, and Pusha connects with a leaping swinging neck breaker but only gets a two count. Kruz with a backbreaker as all four men are going at it. Steves reverse the ten count punch in the corner. Dizzie connects with a inverted slam on Mackenzie. Pusha on the top, leaps off and connects with a midair face buster on Kruz! Pusha falls to the floor, and Kruz takes Dizzie down with a superplex. Mackenzie leaps off the top and connects with the STD to pick up the win. **3/4

Main Event: Zaquary Springate III defeated Spike Dudley:
Dudley wastes no time getting into the ring but Springate delivers a few rights and boots to the head to start the match. Dudley delivers a couple of elbows and several right hands of his own. Dudley takes Springate down with a hip toss as well. Dudley with ten head rams into the top turnbuckle. Springate manages to send Dudley through the middle rope to the floor. On the floor, Springate sends Dudley into the guard railing. Dudley sends Springate into the ropes but Springate connects with a springboard hand stand of the ropes connecting with a elbow to the chest of Dudley. Dudley fights back with several rights and boots. Springate sends Dudley chest first into the corner. Springate with a hanging figure four guillotine from the corner. Springate proceeds to lock in a full nelson as well. Springate charges towards Dudley but Springate falls over the top to floor as Dudley moves out of the way. Spike with a double axe handle on the floor. Spike sends Springate back first into the guard railing. Dudley lifts the table up and hits Springate over the back. Dudley also grabs a ring bell and whacks Springate across the head. Dudley with a microphone shot to Springate. Dudley begins choking Springate with the cord. Dudley hits a double stomp off the top rope and signals for the Acid Drop. However, Springate reverses and rolls Dudley up using the tights for leverage to pick up the cheap win. *1/2

Spike Dudley grabs a microphone following the lost. Dudley says that Springate couldn’t be a 140lbs wrestler without cheating. Dudley challenges Springate to a Syracuse Street Fight. Springate re-enters the ring but Dudley connects with the Dudley Dog!

End of Show


My Take: Ajax/Edwards was a simple and repetitive match. Isys/Vida was a solid contest that saw both men get a good amount of offense in. I personally believe that Isys Ephex is one of the better performers on the 2CW roster. Loca Vida is also a fun character and displayed some very good moves. Zaquary Springate is your typical heel, but that is a good thing. He got some good cheap heat when ripping on the fans. I do think that he may have needed to start a feud with someone bigger in size, than Spike Dudley. The JD/Gordy match, and Axe/Law match/segment were completely unentertaining to me. Thankfully there was a good tag team match between AMIL and the Killer Steves. Those four guys had some good chemistry and I can’t wait to see more of those guys in a 2CW ring. The main event was nothing special and that had a lot to do with the size difference in my opinion. Anything Spike did on ZSIII was not realistic to me. But, it is wrestling and wrestling isn’t supposed to be realistic. Big win for ZSIII, wasn’t expecting that at all but it was great to see. The street fight next month should be a better outcome and performance considering their will not be any restrictions.

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