2CW Salina Street Shakedown 5/5/2006

Written By: Bob Colling

Squared Circle Wrestling presents Salina Street Shakedown
Date: May 5th, 2006
Arena: 2CW Arena
From: Syracuse, New York

2CW Opening Video

Opening Contest: Gordy Wallace defeated JD Love in a Pure Wrestling Match:
Before the match, JD decides to moon a few people. He also corrects the ring announcer as he doesn’t weight 264lbs, but instead he weighs 263lbs. Hip toss and a scoop slam by JD early on. Gordy comes back with a hip toss and slam of his own. JD comes back with a dropkick and he quiets the crowd to deliver a few overhand chops. JD springboards off the middle turnbuckle and eventually plants Gordy with a DDT. Gordy wrenches JD’s arm and throws JD to the floor. JD comes back into the ring but it met with a splash in the corner. JD with a drop toe hold into the middle turnbuckle. JD continues his offense with a exploder suplex and goes for a 69 position pin attempt but only gets a near fall. Both men with several boots and JD slams Gordy down. JD falls onto Gordy groin first for a near fall. JD connects with a snap suplex. Gordy is on the top turnbuckle until JD runs over and arm drags Gordy off the top to the mat. JD goes to the floor and grabs a table. Gordy nails JD with the Cattle Drive. Gordy goes to the floor and grabs liter fluid and a liter. Gordy sprays the liquid onto the table and plays to the crowd that he is going to light the table on fire. Johnny Law comes down and sprays Gordy with a fire extinguisher. JD with a roll up but only gets a near fall. Gordy reverses into his own roll up to pick up the win. *1/2
After the match, JD nails Gordy with a kendo stick.

Strangler Steve enters the ring and takes out security. Johnny Law comes down and hits Steve with his baton. Law goes to work on Steve for a moment. Law handcuffs Steve. Jason Axe runs down to start the next match.

Second Contest: Jason Axe defeated Johnny Law via disqualification:
Axe goes to work sending Law into a few corners. Axe gets a two count with a school boy. Law delivers a boot and right hands. Axe stops Law’s offense by working on the arm of Law. Axe battles back with a running clothesline. Axe gets another near fall. Law sends Axe over the top to the floor. Law doesn’t follow up. Law with a vertical suplex in the ring and gets a near fall. Law sends Axe to the floor again and this time follows up. Law sprays Axe with mace and is disqualified. DUD
After the match, Strangler Steve comes down and attacks Law. Steve takes out referees and security.


Third Contest: Loca Vida defeated Ajax: They shake hands before the start of the match. Stand still as both men have a good read on each other. Both connected with arm drags and both attempted dropkicks. Vida attempts a pin out of the test of strength but the referee was way out of position. Vida with a body scissors bulldog for a two count. Ajax hits Vida with a spinning heel kick. Vida reverses a tornado DDT into a northern lights suplex for a near fall. Both men with several pin attempts with the referee being out of position for most of them. Ajax crotches Vida on the top rope and connects with a hurricanrana getting a two count. Vida leaps over Ajax and takes him down with a head scissors for a near fall. Ajax reverses a suplex and attempts a reverse DDT. Vida is able to counter and suplexs Ajax down. Ajax rolls Vida up and both of their shoulders are down. Vida gets his shoulder up and Ajax is pinned. **

Fourth Contest: All Money Is Legal defeated the Killer Steves:
AMIL attack the Steves before the bell. Dizzie and Kruz are brawling on the floor while Pusha is hitting Mackenzie with his own jacket. Pusha delivers a kick and follows up with a forearm and knee to Mackenzie’s face. AMIL with a double ten punch count in opposite corners. Steves back into each other and accidentally hit each other with right hands and are rolled up for two counts. Steves also proceed to clothesline each other. Double spine buster on Kruz and Pusha helps Dizzie hit a spinning splash off the ropes as Pusha drops a leg drop on Kruz at the same time. Pusha leaps over the ropes and splashes on the Steves on the floor. Dizzie eventually hit’s a springboard moonsault to the floor as well. Dizzie plants Mackenzie with a DDT following a drop toe hold from Pusha. Mackenzie gets the advantage and tags in Kruz. Mackenzie chokes Dizzie behind the referees back while Kruz connects with a leg drop. Mackenzie follows up with a vertical suplex on Dizzie. Pusha is trying to get involved but is unable to. Spinning back elbow by Mackenzie on Dizzie. Mackenzie taunts Pusha with a tag. Avalanche splash by Kruz and Mackenzie connects with a big splash for a two count on Dizzie. Kruz maintains control with a clothesline on Dizzie. Side slam/reverse DDT combo by the Steves on Dizzie for a near fall. Mackenzie nails Dizzie with a yakuza kick. Dizzie tries to get something going, but after a sunset flip pin attempt is clotheslines by Kruz. Mackenzie connects with a straight jacket suplex on Dizzie. Kruz takes his time and misses a top rope elbow drop. Pusha gets the hot tag and knocks both Steves down. Pusha connects with a running leg lariat in the corner on Kruz. Pusha hits a Swanton Bomb to Kruz’s groin. Pusha delivers a brain buster on Mackenzie for a two count. Kruz connects with a nicely executed reverse neck breaker on Pusha. Dizzie lands on his feet following a double vertical suplex. Dizzie holds Mackenzie, Pusha hit’s a leaping spinning neck breaker and covers Mackenzie getting the three! **1/2


Fifth Contest: Isys Ephex defeated Dan Dynasty: Dynasty bursts out of the curtain and is pumped up, but the crowd doesn’t seem to care for the guy. Ephex responds to a boring change early on by saying their mother is boring. Mat wrestling early on, both men work on each other’s arm for a moment. Dynasty delivers a few arm drags. Ephex throws Dynasty off. Ephex misses a knee drop. Dynasty connects with a top rope cross body and goes back to the arm drag. Ephex crotches Dynasty on the top rope and connects with a back suplex for a near fall. Ephex delivers a knee drop and a backbreaker. Dynasty gets a near fall with a victory roll. Ephex comes back and takes Dynasty down with a spinning heel kick. Dynasty continues with a middle rope bulldog and gets another two count. Ephex spikes Dynasty with a pile driver. Dynasty with a sunset flip pin attempt from the apron and gets a near fall. Ephex connects with a clothesline to regain momentum. Dynasty misses a cross body off the ropes. Dynasty drops Ephex’s head across his knee. Dynasty kicks Ephex to the top rope who manages to nail Dynasty with a leg lariat for a near fall. Ephex waits and misses a leg lariat. Dynasty reverses a power bomb by connecting with a bulldog. Dynasty delivers a fisherman suplex. Dynasty dropkicks Ephex off the top to the floor. Suicide dive by Dynasty. Moments later, Ephex blocks a suplex and connects with a sick cobra clutch suplex for the win. **1/4
After the match, Ephex grabs the microphone and says that no one likes him. He mentions that he is on a two match winning streak. Ephex says he belongs in the main event and challenges the winner of the main event to a match at the On Center show.

Violet Flame comes out to the ring. Flame says that 2CW wanted her to apologize to Kayla Sparks for injuring her ankle but says she is not going to. Matt Patterson shows up and announces that he has fined Spike Dudley fifty dollars for what he did during intermission. Patterson also announces that Kayla Sparks has agreed to face Violet Flame at the On Center show.


Main Event: Matt Hyson defeated Zaquary Springate III in a street fight: Springate comes out with a neck brace proclaiming that he cannot wrestle. Springate says the match is canceled. He has a broken neck in thirteen different places and he has pulled his groin twice today. Dudley’s music hits and Springate leaves the ring while still talking about his neck. Springate asks Dudley if he would hit a man wearing glasses. Hyson responds by hitting Springate with several right hands. Hyson mocks Springate on the middle turnbuckle but Springate recovers and works on Dudley. Springate sends Dudley over the guard railing into the crowd. The camera cannot pick up what is going on. They fight into the lobby, but Springate eventually makes his way back to the ring. Hyson comes back to the ring as well. Springate sends Hyson hard into the corner guy first. Springate with a few right hands and Hyson is busted open. Hyson connects with a head butt to Springate’s midsection. Hyson attempts the Acid Drop but Springate throws Hyson over the top through a table on the floor! Springate grabs another table and sets it up in the ring. Hyson reverses a scoop slam and school boys Springate to win the match! *3/4
After the match, Isys Ephex enters the ring and holds Hyson so that Springate can hit Hyson. However, Springate hits Ephex on accident. Ephex grabs Hyson who is attempting the Acid Drop and power bombs Hyson onto the table, but the table doesn’t break! Ephex with a middle rope power bomb but the table doesn’t break, again! Ephex finally drives Hyson through the table with a pile driver. Hyson is left laying in the ring. Hyson gets up and grabs a microphone. Hyson says that 2CW is here for the fans and that he doesn’t care about McMahon. “Fuck WWE” Hyson drops down to the mat.

End of show

My Take:
The first two matches were rather terrible. Those four men must not have known how to wrestle or carry a match, at that time. Vida/Ajax was a average match but compared to the first two matches it could’ve been a match of the year candidate. AMIL/Steves match was OK, again. Those four guys have a good chemistry with each other and their showings are always somewhat entertaining. Ephex/Dynasty was really repetitive. The main event was perhaps one of the worst street fights I have watched. I personally like street fights to be brutal and not just a stipulation to attract fans. Good aftermath with Isys Ephex attacking Hyson, though.

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