2CW OnCenter Show 7/15/2006

Written By: Bob Colling

Squared Circle Wrestling live at the On Center
Date: July 15th, 2006
Arena: On Center
From: Syracuse, New York

A video from a local news station highlighting 2CW is shown.

All Money Is Legal cut a promo backstage. They are focused on The Killer Steves. K-Murda is back with AMIL.

Killer Steves are backstage as well. Killer Steves claim that they took out Dizzie, from the tag team ranks in 2CW.

The Killer Steves defeated AMIL in 2/3 Falls Match:
Steves attack AMIL before the bell sounds. Kruz hits Mackenzie with splash in the corner and is dropped head first into the Mackenzie groin by Murda. Murda places Kruz head underneath Mackenzie tights. Not a pleasant sight. Murda with a head scissors on the floor on Mackenzie, Pusha with a hurricanrana on Kruz in the ring. Double face plant by AMIL on Kruz. Double Russian leg sweep on Kruz followed by a double arm lock submission. Pusha attempts to suplex Mackenzie into the ring, has his foot held down by Kruz put only gets a near fall. Mackenzie spikes Pusha with a tornado DDT to earn the first fall. Murda connects with a double knee in the corner on Kruz. Murda runs over Kruz several times before dropping a double knee to his midsection. AMIL work on the left arm of Kruz for a few moments. Mackenzie comes in and nails Pusha with a running clothesline in the corner. Rolling neck breaker off the middle rope by Mackenzie on Pusha. Reverse neck breaker by Kruz on Pusha for a near fall. Modified brain buster by Mackenzie on Pusha. Killer Steves continue to work on Pusha for several moments. Pusha leaps off the middle rope and takes Mackenzie down with a neck breaker. Pusha makes the tag. Murda delivers a clothesline on both Steves. Murda crotches Mackenzie on the top rope, the same happens to Kruz. Murda shakes the ropes. Nice kick to Kruz’s head. Murda connects with superplex on Mackenzie to earn the second fall. Leg sweep/clothesline by Murda on Mackenzie. Pusha leaps off the top, while Murda has Kruz in a body scissors and connects with the X-Factor. Kruz is dropkicked and lands in a awkward position with Mackenzie. Murda connects with a Swanton Bomb to the groin of Mackenzie in the corner. Murda tears Mackenzie’s trunks off and whips Mackenzie a few times. Pusha comes in and soon is double teamed. Kruz connects with a splash on Pusha in the corner for a near fall. Side walk slam/neck breaker combo on Pusha. Scissors kick by Pusha on Mackenzie. Murda gets the tag, as does Kruz. Murda delivers several clotheslines on the Steves. Kruz nails Murda with a illegal object, as the referee took a object away. Kruz hooks the leg and earns the win. **1/4

Backstage, The Killer Steves are cutting a promo. The Steves want to be paid for three matches instead of one. The Steves are going to party.

Also backstage, AMIL cut a promo. Murda wants either a no DQ, or a Cage match or anything to get the Steves again.


Dizzie is backstage. Dizzie says the singles scene is all him. Ajax is also backstage. Ajax pretty says the same thing as Dizzie that everything is business.

Jason Axe is backstage as well. Axe says he finally be able to prove himself tonight.

Dizzie defeated Ajax and Jason Axe:
Axe tosses Ajax down, Dizzie shoves Axe down. Dizzie is stopped with a double back elbow strike. Ajax dropkicks Dizzie to the floor. Head scissors take down by Ajax on Axe. Dizzie with a diving knee to Axe’s arm. Double spinning flapjack on Axe. Ajax botches a springboard somersault dive to the floor onto Dizzie and Axe. Dizzie with a nice sit down modified death valley driver on Ajax. Ajax connects with a reverse hurricanrana on Dizzie. Axe with a power slam on Dizzie. Dizzie drops Axe throat first on the top rope. Ajax with a bridged cover on Axe, Dizzie connects with a springboard moonsault onto the exposed Ajax. Dizzie hits a nice sit down power bomb on Ajax for the win. **1/2

Backstage, Dizzie says that this is “chapter one” to greatness. Jason Axe says that the match was more of a handicap. Ajax says that Dizzie got the better of him tonight.

Backstage, Kayla Sparks has a crutch. She tells Violet Flame that “revenge is a bitch”.

Kayla Sparks defeated Violet Flame:
Violet cuts a promo before the match, but I cannot hear what she is saying, at all. She does say he loved breaking Sparks ankle on the first show. Sparks comes out hobbling on one leg. She is still selling the ankle injury. Flame turns her back to taunt Sparks, who is not injured. Sparks nails Flame with the crutch. Flame recovers and goes to work on Sparks ankle. After a brief comeback from Sparks, Flame continues to work on the ankle. Flame grabs the crutch, misses Sparks and hits herself with the crutch. Sparks connects with a reverse bulldog to win the bout. *


Backstage, Violet Flame is really upset and is being checked out by the doctor. Flame says she has something up her sleeve for Sparks. Flame challenges Sparks to a “Russian Chain Match”.

Before the next match, Too Cold Scorpio cuts a promo on Slyck Wagner Brown. Scorpio says he has something for the fans. Once he hits the 450 splash he will get the 1-2-3.

For the NOAH Open weight Hardcore Championship: 2 Cold Scorpio defeated Slyck Wagner Brown to retain the title:
Apparently this is for the NOAH Hardcore Championship. However, this had been built up as a “pure wrestling” match. Don’t expect any weapons. Handshake showing respect for one another to kick off the contest. Both men back the other into a corner, nothing occurs. Mat wrestling early on. Brown locks in a cross arm breaker for a few seconds before Scorpio reaches the ropes. Brown connects with a Japanese arm drag on Scorpio, reversing a wrist lock. They begin to trade a series of forearm shots. Jumping shoulder block by both men, Each time their opponent went down. Scorpio nails Brown with a running clothesline. Brown comes back with a clothesline of his own. Back to mat wrestling. Scorpio delivers a dropkick and that sends Brown to the floor. Back in the ring, Brown connects with a springboard moonsault and dropkicks Scorpio to the floor. Brown connects with a cheap shot on Scorpio who wanted a handshake. Both men begin to exchange chops. Brown misses a slingshot springboard moonsault but does take Scorpio down with a hurricanrana. Nice suicide dive by Brown to the floor. Brown sends Scorpio into the crowd. Scorpio and Brown trade a series of forearm shots. Brown hits a running forearm shot. Two standing sidekicks by Scorpio, on the second one Brown is sent over the railing. Missile dropkick by Brown and gets a near fall. Scorpio hits Brown with a Northern Lights suplex. Brown delivers a eye rake to counter several rights and lefts from Scorpio. Brown connects with a standing moonsault for a two count. Brown goes for the straight jacket power bomb, but Scorpio reverses into a arm bar. Scorpio gets a near fall following a middle rope leg drop. Standing somersault leg drop by Scorpio for a two count. Scorpio nails Brown with a super kick. Scorpio goes to the top rope and connects with a big splash but Brown kicks out at two. Brown reverses Scorpio’s attempt of the straight jacket power bomb. Brown connects with one of his own and gets a near fall. Slyck works on Scorpio with several stiff forearm shots. Brown places his head behind Scorpio’s knee and torques Scorpio’s knee. Scorpio reaches the ropes. Pele kick by Scorpio catches Brown square on the back of the head. Brown kicks out at two. Brown stops Scorpio on the top rope to connect with a top rope hurricanrana. Frog splash off the top by Brown but Scorpio manages to kick out. Scorpio hits a belly to back suplex after delivering a kick. Scorpio connects with a nice 450 splash for the win. ***1/4
After the match, one of the announcers says this should be a candidate for match of the year. That is a stretch. They shake hands after the match.


Backstage, Slyck cuts a promo. Slyck puts over Scorpio as a great athlete. He appreciates Scorpio skills. Scorpio also cuts a promo on coming down from Germany. Scorpio puts over Brown as “no joke”. He says that he under estimated Brown heading into the bout.

Johnny Law is in a parking lot. Law says that he is not going anywhere. He says he just has to last five minutes with Strangler Steve and Steve is out of 2CW. Law was either very nervous doing a promo, or is just bad at promos.

Strangler Steve King defeated Johnny Law in a contract match:
Law has his back towards Steve. Steve delivers a big boot and a back elbow getting a near fall. King locks in the Taz Mission but Law low blows King to get out of the hold. King connects with another Taz Mission on Law, who has a donut in his mouth. Law taps out. King grabs a microphone and says he finally beat Johnny Law. King calls out Matt Patterson who wants to sign his contract. Law attacks King before he can sign the contract. Law steals the contract and heads to the backstage area.

Backstage, Johnny Law challenges King to a “contract on a pole” match in September. Steve King says he beat Law fair and square. Apparently King challenges Law to a match in August. So, this feud will be going on for at least three months.

Gordy Wallace is in a bar, doing some shots. JD Love is looking for Gordy Wallace, who has been searching various bars for Gordy. JD finds Gordy. JD comes from behind and JD eventually tells Gordy they have to team. JD reminds Gordy that he has been kicking Gordy’s ass lately. Gordy doesn’t want to tag. Gordy says he is a company man. Gordy wants to drink to make it official. JD spit’s the drink out.
Backstage, James Gang cut a promo on JD Love and Gordy Wallace. BG says he doesn’t mind seeing Love and Gordy kick each other. Kip says nothing. He just nods his head.

James Gang defeated JD Love/Gordy Wallace:
James Gang get a decent reception. BG with his old school ring promo. Kip does Rock’s ‘If ya smell” taunt, before remembering his part. James Gang rip on the odd pairing of Gordy and Love. Love pulls his shirt down and Kip pretends to throw up. JD proceeds to moon Kip. Love drops to his knees and crawls over to Kip. This is kind of funny. Kip with a side headlock and Love touches Kip’s buttocks, breaking the hold. Love goes behind Kip and spanks him. Kip delivers a right hand that sends Love to the floor. Gordy gets the tag. Gordy with control dropping a few forearms to Kip’s upper back. Kip connects with a vertical suplex. BG comes in and dropkicks Gordy. BG knocks Love off the apron. Gordy controls BG with a big boot in the corner. Gordy big splashes BG. Love enters the ring and lands on BG 69 style. BG with a series of right hands before being double teamed. Double clothesline on BG. Gordy accidentally clotheslines Love. BG connects with a neck breaker on Gordy. Kip gets the hot tag and takes both Gordy and Love out. The top rope breaks as Love is sent into the ropes. BG and Love brawl on the floor. Kip hits Gordy with the Fame Asser to win the match. *1/2


Backstage, James Gang cut a promo. They insult the “homo” JD Love and “wannabe cowgirl” in Gordy Wallace. Next time they come to 2CW they want some competition. Gordy tells Love next time they meet, it will be a fight.

Zaquary Springate III is outside the On Center with a flag. The flag is a blood stained British flag. Springate says this isn’t his first flag match with Atlas. Springate has unfinished business with Atlas. He guarantees victory.

Backstage, Tony Atlas cuts a promo. He says that his match with Springate is his greatest match of his career. He doesn’t want to let down the USA fans in attendance.

Zaquary Springate III defeated Tony Atlas in a Flag Match:
Springate threatens to leave following Atlas’s pledge to the United States. Atlas with hip toss and a scoop slam which causes Springate to roll to the floor. Atlas blocks a boot, atomic drop and a clothesline. Atlas continues his offense with another hip toss. Springate with a eye rake to gain control. Atlas with a power slams Springate from the apron to the ring. Springate comes back with a scoop slam of his own. Atlas connects with a back suplex off the bottom rope. Atlas goes for the US flag in the corner. Springate comes from behind to prevent Atlas from winning. A few head butts by Atlas to take Springate down. Springate waves for JD Love to come down who grabs the US flag. Seconds later, Springate grabs his flag to win the bout. DUD
After the match, Atlas attacks Springate and Springate falls to the floor.

Backstage, Zaquary Springate says “I told you so.” Tony Atlas cuts a promo and JD Love walks right past Tony. Tony says nothing will separate the USA.

Isys Ephex is by a pond. Ephex says that the On Center show will never be duplicated. Ephex mentions Hyson debut in 1997. Ephex debuted in 1999. Ephex says he didn’t want to drive Hyson through a table last week. Ephex says his name will never be forgotten after the match.

Matt Hyson is backstage ready to cut a promo. Hyson says that Ephex thinks he is in a top league. Hyson says that everything has happened. Ephex cannot do anything that hasn’t already happen. Hyson says Ephex will find out how much he can handle.


Matt Hyson defeated Isys Ephex in a Tables Match: Hyson comes out with a trash can. Hyson with several rights and takes Ephex down with a atomic drop. They quickly brawl into the crowd. Terrible camera work during the brawl in the crowd. Hyson sends Ephex into a row of empty seats. Ephex is sitting, and Hyson connects with a running splash.’ Hyson continues to send Ephex into chairs. Hyson with a cooking sheet shot, and the cooking sheet hit’s a fan. Trash can shot by Hyson. Hyson throws a few chairs into the ring. Chair shot in the ring by Hyson. Ephex tosses a chair into Hyson’s face. Both men are busted open. Press slam by Ephex. Trash can lid shot by Ephex. Ephex places Hyson on two tables on the floor. Hyson shoves Ephex off the top into the ring. Another chair shot by Ephex. Ephex plants Dudley with a tombstone pile driver. Hyson connects with a head butt to Ephex’s midsection. Hyson hits the Acid Drop! Ephex sends Hyson into a bridged chair in the corner. That looked rather vicious. Ephex sets a table up inside the ring. Ephex goes for a power bomb off the top rope. Hyson backdrops Ephex to the floor, neither of the two tables break. Hyson with the double stomp breaking the table to win the bout! **1/4

Backstage, Matt Hyson tells Isys that he told him not to mess with him in a tables match. Isys is checked out by a doctor. Ephex says he wants to be main event wrestler. Not for the trash can, chair shots and being driven through a table. He is a wrestler.

My Take: The opening contest went a little too long, and rather repetitive. The triple threat was pretty solid, the right guy in Dizzie went over. Dizzie appears to have a lot of talent. Women’s match was short and effective, didn’t lose the crowd too much. Brown/Scorpio started off really slow, but finished really well. A very solid contest put on by two very good workers. King/Law was a quick squash for King. James Gang/Gordy/Love delivered on comedy, but in ring action lacked. The flag match sucked. It was really boring and really just below average. Tables Match was rather average. A few vicious chair shots doesn’t make a great contest. Four overall decent/solid matches for the biggest 2CW show to date.

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