2CW Field of Dreams 8/18/2006

Written By: Bob Colling

Squared Circle Wrestling Field of Dreams
Date: 8/18/2006
From: Utica, NY

Backstage, Ajax cuts a promo which is rather hard to hear, considering the fans in attendance. Ajax calls Loca Vida “Vida Loca”. Loca Vida cuts a promo in his native language which is not English.

Ajax defeated Loca Vida: Handshake. Both men with arm drags and have a stalemate. Ajax with a few forearm shots, Vida with a high knee and gets a two count. Ajax misses a knee attack in the corner, Vida with a vertical suplex. Both men trade a series of roll ups and get several near falls. Ajax misses a top rope splash. Vida misses a top rope flying head butt. Ajax connects with a reverse DDT into a back breaker following a reversal of a suplex. Top rope cross body by Vida, Ajax rolls through to pick up the win. *1/2

Backstage, Johnny Law cuts a promo on Steve King. Law says that he may have lost last month, but he got the contract. Law looks a lot more comfortable in cutting a promo compared to last month. Law says he grab Steve’s King contact and rip it up.

Strangler Steve King defeated Johnny Law in a Contract on a Pole Match:
Law taunts the crowd with a dozen of donuts. Law gets decent heat by stuffing himself with the donuts. One of the announcers make a valid point, considering King has already won his contract at the last show, this match is not needed. Law goes for the contract early in the match, but King is able to stop him with a right hand. King delivers a flurry of offense, until Law nails King with a clothesline. Snap suplex by King. King low blows Law who nearly got the contract. Law low blows King who was going for the Taz Mission. King grabs a donut and tosses it to Law who eats it like a pig. King tosses another donut down and Law dives to the floor and eats the rest of the donuts. Law proceeds to mace King, and again takes the contact. DUD


Backstage, Johnny Law cuts a promo. Law says “maybe we will see you again, maybe we won’t Strangler Steve” Steve King says Johnny Law is a “abuse of power”. September 16th, King really sells the mace shot. King eventually says on the 16th it will e the last match between Law and King.

Violet Flame defeated “Petey“: Bob Foley mentions how Flame got busted open at the last show from a crutch shot at the hands of Kayla Sparks Flame issues a open challenge and begins to taunt the crowd. She points out a rather big fellow. Flame goes for a vertical suplex on the big guy, that doesn’t happen. Flame leaps off the middle rope for a cross body but is caught. Petey misses a big splash in the corner. Flame connects with a running bulldog to win the match. DUD

Backstage, AMIL cut a promo on the Killer Steves. Pusha says they are here to kill some Steves. Get it? Killer Steves. Killer Steves find Dynamite Derek who is now a honorary member of the Killer Steves. Dynamite Derek will take care of Dizzie.

AMIL defeated Killer Steves/Dynamite Derek Stevenson in 2/3 Falls Match… Their will be three singles matches, first too two wins, win the contest. Steve Mackenzie and K-Pusha will have the first singles match. Pusha with a head scissors take down. Pusha connects with a corkscrew splash to the floor onto all three Steves. Ten count punch in the corner by Pusha. Pusha with a top rope fist drop and gets a near fall. Pusha gets tripped up by Kruz, Pusha turns around right into a yakuza kick from Mackenzie. Mackenzie with a flipping reverse neck breaker off the middle rope. Mackenzie hits a seated Pusha with a middle rope dropkick for a two count. Pusha with a sunset flip for a near fall. Pusha connects with a leaping top rope X-Factor on Mackenzie to earn the first fall. Steve Kruz and K-Murda will be competing in the second fall. Murda pulls Kruz trunks down in the opening seconds. Kruz goes to the floor. Murda connects with a double knee in the corner and running dropkick in the corner. Murda glides to the floor. Murda again runs over Kruz several times and drops a double knee. Dynamite Derek enters the ring and his kicked in the groin. Steve Mackenzie also enters the ring. All three Steves have their head in the others groin area in the corner. Kruz with a slingshot reverse suplex on Murda for a near fall. Kruz splashes Murda in the corner. Murda ducks a second attempt. Murda connects with a death valley driver into the corner. Mackenzie comes in behind the referee’s back and nails Murda with a Fisherman buster and Kruz wins the second fall. Dynamite Derek and Dizzie will compete in the third fall. Dizzie controls Derek early on. Scoop slam and a top rope head butt by Dizzie. Derek connects with a few dropkicks on Dizzie. Dizzie with a brief offense of series, Derek comes back with several boots. Dizzie reverses a tornado DDT into a Northern Lights suplex for a near fall. Standing snap mare into a sit down modified spine buster by Dizzie. Derek comes back with a few knees in the corner. Dizzie has Derek set up for a Muscle Buster, but reverses into a sit down power bomb to pick up the win. **1/4
After the match, The Steves leave Derek in the ring following the loss. Well, the Steves come back once AMIL leave the ring and beat up Derek. Kruz with a superplex and Mackenzie connects with the STD. Double fisherman buster on Derek.


Backstage, AMIL cut a promo. They are happy about their win. Killer Steves cut a promo on Dynamite Derek about losing the match. They are blaming Dynamite Derek for the loss, because he wasn’t a legit Steve. The Steves challenge the AMIL to a tag team match.

Backstage, Isys Ephex cuts a promo about the title tournament. Ephex mentions a bye in the tournament. He says he is faster, and smarter than Gordy in the ring. He is all around better than Gordy. Ephex will be looking at the tournament bracket and looking to see Brother Runt. Gordy Wallace is backstage and begins by trying to pronounce Utica. Gordy wants to win the bye so that he can drink beer during the first round. Gordy is convinced he will squash Isys Ephex. He hasn’t forgotten about JD Love.

Isys Ephex defeated Gordy Wallace:
The winner of this bout will get a bye in the eventual tournament for the 2CW Heavyweight Championship. Gordy delivers a few rights and a Dusty Rhodes type elbow. Gordy dropkicks Ephex to the floor. Ephex drops Gordy down throat first on the top rope while on the apron. Gordy ducks a standing side kick and connects with a overhead belly to belly suplex over the top to the floor. Gordy sends Ephex into the crowd. Gordy and Ephex brawl outside. This match is apparently now no disqualification or count-out. Gordy sends Ephex into a pole and sends Ephex over the railing back over to the aisle way. Gordy rams Ephex into the ring post. Ephex is busted open. Ephex manages to pull Gordy through the middle rope to the floor. Ephex connects withal springboard moonsault on Gordy. Ephex hits a reverse neck breaker back in the ring. Ephex takes Gordy down with a jaw breaker. Ephex continues his offense with a belly to back suplex. Gordy blocks a few vertical suplex attempts. Gordy lifts Ephex up and drops him chest first to the mat. Gordy with a big boot, Ephex comes right back with a kick of his own. German suplex by Gordy and gets a near fall Gordy catches a cartwheel body press and slams Ephex down. Gordy goes for the Cattle Drive, but Ephex reverses into a tornado DDT. Gordy blocks a hurricanrana into a power bomb and gets another near fall. Ephex with a sunset flip power bomb out of the corner to pick up the win. **1/2
After the match, Ephex taunts some fans before heading to backstage area.

Backstage, Isys Ephex has some words. Ephex is tired about how no one says anything when he enters, but when he leaves, everyone claps. Ephex doesn’t want to hear the cheers, the fans can cheer for someone else at the next show. Ephex continues to have his attention on Matt Hyson. Gordy Wallace cuts a promos saying that his mind is focused on JD Love. Gordy wants JD Love on September 16th.

Backstage, King Kong Bundy cuts a promo. He tells ZS3 and JD that they are going to lose basically to him and Jason Axe. We now go to Jason Axe who doesn’t first realize it’s time to speak. Axe pretty just says he has the chance to show he is worthy of being a top player in 2CW.


JD Love/Zaquary Springate defeated Jason Axe/King Kong Bundy: JD grabs the microphone. He says he doesn’t way 264lbs, but rather instead 265lbs. JD tells some guy that his breasts are bigger and better than the guys wives. Springate grabs the microphone and insults the crowd. Springate says if the crowd doesn’t shut up that he and Love are going to leave. Springate suggests that Love give a lucky man and women a lap dance. Several men are pointing towards some guy. JD goes to give a twelve year old girl a lap dance. Springate reminds him it is illegal. JD gives the poor guy that several guys pointed at a brief lap dance. Finally Jason Axe and King Kong Bundy come out. A few streamers are thrown in showing respect towards Bundy. Springate uses his power to shove Axe down, twice early on Axe shoves Springate down and connects with two hip tosses and scoop slams Springate down. Springate rolls to the floor. Love hugs Springate on the floor. Axe takes Springate down with spinning wrist lock. Samoan Drop by Axe gets a two count. Love gets the tag and dropkicks Axe. Love pulls Axe down by the hair as he was fighting out of a headlock. Springate with a head scissors choke in the ropes. Axe continues to be double teamed. Axe goes for a sunset flip and pulls Springate’s trunks down. Love misses a ass splash in the corner. Springate and Love back into each other with their exposed buttocks. Sit down scoop slam by Love. Double clothesline spot involving Axe and Love sees both men go down. Axe makes the tag. Bundy misses a splash in the corner on Love. Big swing by Springate and Love dropkicks Axe. Love pins Axe for the win. *
After the match, King Kong Bundy takes Springate out with a big splash in the corner and a regular big splash. Axe counts the five count.

Backstage, ZS3 cuts a promo on Bundy. ZS3 says that Bundy may have gotten a five count, but not until after he and Love defeated Bundy and Axe. Springate turns his attention to Gordy Wallace and Tony Atlas on September 16th.

For the NOAH GHC Open weight Hardcore Championship: 2 Cold Scorpio defeated Slyck Wagner Brown to retain the title:
Scorpio cuts a brief promo before his introduction saying he is going to be Brown for the second go around. Scorpio continues to say “TCW” instead of “2CW”. They do a handshake showing respect for each other. They trade wrist locks early on. Scorpio continues to work on Brown’s arm with a wrist lock on the mat. Scorpio takes Brown down with a dropkick and a baseball slide on the floor. Corkscrew splash to the floor by Scorpio. Scorpio drops a forearm and a knee drop square on Brown’s face. Brown connects with a right hand, Scorpio while on his back spins and nails Brown with a kick. Brown is able to backdrop Scorpio onto the apron, and kicks Scorpio off. Brown nails Scorpio with a baseball slide which sends Scorpio into the corner. Holy Shit, Brown with a springboard moonsault into the crowd! Brown barely connected with the move. Brown sends Scorpio into the guard railing chest first. Scorpio goes back first into the railing. Scorpio kicks a chair into Brown’s face. Scorpio runs and nails Brown again. Back in the ring Scorpio delivers several shoulders, right hands and chops in the corner. Brown connects with a hip toss into a neck breaker for a near fall. Brown runs off the apron and connects with a somersault splash to the floor! Scorpio sends Brown into the crowd. Brown with a chair shot across Scorpio’s back. Brown chokes Scorpio with some caution tape. Slingshot leg drop to the apron by Brown. Scorpio takes Brown out with version of the Pele kick. Scorpio hits Brown with a rolling kick. Scorpio delivers a running knee to the side of Brown’s head. Top rope fist drop by Scorpio. Scorpio connects with a twisting body splash but Brown kicks out at two. Top rope leg drop by Scorpio and Brown again kicks out. Scorpio continues his offense with a belly to back suplex. Scorpio connects with a top rope moonsault, but once again Brown kicks out. Scorpio misses a somersault leg drop from the middle rope. Brown misses a top rope moonsault. Brown connects with a leg lariat and gets a near fall. Scorpio misses a kick and Brown slams Scorpio’s knee on the mat a few times. Half Boston crab by Brown, Scorpio reaches the ropes. Brown uses his head for submission hold but Scorpio reaches the ropes again. Scorpio blocks a suplex into the ring with a side kick. Brown trips Scorpio up and locks in the same hold with his head on the back of Scorpio’s knee and torques on the leg. Scorpio delivers a knee, and signals for the 450 splash. Brown kips up and meets Scorpio on the top turnbuckle. Overhead belly to belly suplex by Scorpio off the top turnbuckle! Brown gets a near fall. Scorpio with a body scissors rollup to win the match. ***1/4
After the match, crowd chants “One More Time”.

Backstage, Slyck Wagner Brown cuts a promo. He says that he showed the world that he can hang with Scorpio. He wants Scorpio in a Iron Man match. Too Cold Scorpio puts over 2CW has being a top up and coming promotion. Scorpio says that any given day that Brown could beat him.

My Take:
Opening contest was really bland, however the crowd was really into the bout. The pole match was really simple. The pole itself was really low. The wrestler only had to stand on bottom rope to reach the contract. Flame’s segment was well, not interesting at all. The 2/3 falls match should have just been a six man tag team match. That bout went far too long. Dizzie continues to show he has the most talent out of all of the AMIL members. Gordy/Ephex was a solid bout. I was rather surprised how well both men worked together. The pre-match stuff with Springate/Love was far more entertaining the actual match. Bundy comes in for the “drawing factor” and does pretty much nothing. That’s a waste if you ask me. Brown/Scorpio was a little better than their On Center match. This show is main event driven as that match is by far the best contest on the card. Two solid matches with the 2/3 falls match being in the middle.

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