2CW Unfinished Business 9/16/2006

Written By: Bob Colling

Squared Circle Wrestling Unfinished Business
Date: 9/16/2006
From: Syracuse, NY

Jason Axe defeated Ajax:
Axe is the heel tonight, last month he was a baby face with Bundy. He claims he is a “main eventer”. This is the same thing Isys Ephex has been saying. Both men trade headlocks. Ajax gets the advantage with a boot and forearm. Ajax uses the ropes to slingshot Axe back in the ring from the apron. Ajax comes off the middle rope but Axe connects with a spine buster in midair. Axe continues his offense with a side Russian leg sweep. Axe clotheslines Ajax to the floor, Axe’s momentum brings him over the top. Money flip on the floor by Ajax. Ajax sends Axe into the guard railing. Springboard neck breaker by Ajax for a near fall. Ajax misses a Swanton Bomb from the top. Power slam by Axe as Ajax comes off the ropes. Sit down power bomb by Axe for a near fall. Ajax with a body scissors into a stunner and a spinning heel kick for near fall. Axe with a low blow, and connects with the fisherman bomb. Axe goes for the cover and wins the bout. **1/2

Backstage, Dynamite Derek cuts a promo on the Killer Steves. He is upset with Killer Steves attacking him after their match last week. Derek messes up the Steves nicknames. Derek introduces his partner, Dan Dynasty. They are going to beat the Killer Steves, so they say. It is time to go to the Killer Steves backstage. Killer Steves poke fun at Derek moaning about being attacked. They are the best, and they are going to show it tonight.


Dynamite Derek/Dan Dynasty defeated Killer Steves: They trade right hands, and soon Derek and Dan connect with double clotheslines and double dropkicks on both Steves. Derek leaps off the top to the floor but the Steves catch him. Dynasty connects with a suicide dive taking everyone out. Double dropkick to the back and head of Kruz. Two double axe handles to Kruz’s arm. A couple weak atomic drops. The announcers are butchering the names to the moves Kruz continues to be double teamed in the corner. Kruz comes back with scoop slam on Derek. Mackenzie comes in and Derek connects with about his fifth arm drag, and Dynasty comes in with another double axe handle. Double flapjack on Mackenzie. Derek and Mackenzie have a double testicular claw. Kruz gets the tag. Neck breaker by Mackenzie on Derek and gets a near fall. Mackenzie spears Derek off the apron. Derek continues to get worked on. Double bulldog on Derek. Kruz with a lazy cover and almost gets pinned by Derek. Mackenzie and Derek collide in the middle of the ring both looking for a cross body. Dynasty gets the tag, but the referee was distracted. Derek with a few rollups but cannot get the pin. Mackenzie leaps off the middle rope and nails Derek with a dropkick. Derek plants Mackenzie with a tornado DDT. Dynasty and Kruz get tags. Dynasty connects with a German suplex on Mackenzie for near fall. Mackenzie is sent to the floor. Derek with a sunset flip on Kruz but Kruz doesn’t go down. Dynasty leaps off the top and connects with a neck breaker and Derek only gets a near fall. Mackenzie hits a fisherman buster on Dynasty. Kruz delivers a superplex on Derek. Dynasty takes Mackenzie off the top rope and brawls with him on the floor. Kruz rolls through a cross body from Derek. Derek reverses a slingshot neck breaker into a rollup. Eventually, Dynasty tricks Mackenzie to roll Derek on top. *1/2

Backstage, The Dynasty’s brag about their win.

Strangler Steve King defeated Johnny Law to win his 2CW Contract in a donut eating contest: King grabs a microphone and rips on Johnny Law. He wants his 2CW contract. King is given the stipulations to their bout. The stipulation is a donut eating contest. Law cheats and begins throwing some donuts to the crowd. Johnny Law wins the contest. Matt Patterson comes out. Patterson has a new contract. Law will compete against King in a match. Bell rings and King locks in the Taz Mission, again. Law taps out, again. Same shit, four months in a row. King wins his contract for the fourth time. Law serves King restraining order papers, and King will not be allowed at 2CW events.

Backstage, Steve King is upset over getting restraining order from 2CW events.

Slyck Wagner Brown defeated Dizzie:
Mat wrestling early on by both men. Dizzie clotheslines Slyck over the top to the floor. Monkey flip followed by a flying head butt off the top by Dizzie for a near fall. Slyck comes back with a nice hurricanrana and gets a near fall. Slingshot leg drop to the apron by Slyck. Slyck only gets a two count. Dizzie comes off the ropes and Slyck catches him with a dropkick. Slyck connects with a elbow drop for a two count. Dizzie fights out a head scissors and delivers a stiff kick to Slyck’s back. Slyck comes back with a kick to Dizzie’s face while sitting. Standing moonsault by Slyck for another two count. They trade a series of chops. Slyck hits Dizzie with a leg lariat. Dizzie goes for a hurricanrana but Slyck manages to block the move and nail Dizzie with a power bomb. Slyck goes for the straight jacket power bomb, but Dizzie drops to his knees. Dizzie has Slyck on his shoulders and drops down which has Slyck drop down onto Dizzie’s knees! Dizzie gets a near fall. Dizzie goes up top and misses a top rope splash. Slyck connects with a full nelson into a back breaker for the win. ***
After the match, Slyck helps Dizzie to his feet and they show respect towards each other.

Backstage, Dizzie cuts a promo on Slyck Wagner Brown. Dizzie says he underestimated Slyck tonight. He says he will meet Slyck again. Slyck Wagner cuts a promo and says he showed the reason why he drives five hours to 2CW.

Backstage, Tony Atlas and Gordy Wallace cut a promo on Springate and JD Love. Atlas says he has never seen what he saw last time in Syracuse when Love broke the US flag. Gordy Wallace says that he and Atlas will beat up those “pussies”, basically.


Tony Atlas/Gordy Wallace defeated Zaquary Springate III/JD Love by disqualification: Springate grabs a microphone and rips on the crowd. JD spanks Springate with a cloth. Springate says that JD is going to make someone very excited by giving that person a lap dance. Love gives some biker guy a pink shirt, the biker dude throws it back, and Love sends further into the crowd and is sent back yet again. Eventually, some kid gets is and keeps it. Love gives someone a lap dance. Gordy attacks Love in the crowd. Atlas works on Springate in the ring. Gordy is now working on Springate in the crowd. They fight back to ringside. Gordy and Love enter the ring for some legal action. Atlas gets the tag quickly, as does Springate. Atlas hits a few hip tosses before tagging in Gordy. Gordy with a sunset flip and time for the monthly moon as he exposes Springate’s buttock Gordy blocks JD’s running butt splash in the corner. Springate and JD back into each other yet again. Gordy with a few chops, Love comes back with a dropkick. Atlas and Springate come in and Atlas clotheslines Springate down. Atlas connects with a clothesline the corner on Love. Springate low blows Atlas. Springate works on Atlas with simple moves, knee drop and a bow and arrow submission. Gordy and Springate come in and Gordy connects with a big back body drop. Atlas and Love are brawling all the way to the backstage area. Handspring back elbow by Springate. Springate nails Gordy with a chair a few times, causing the DQ. Gordy is knocked out. *
After the match, Springate goes underneath and grabs a barbed wire bat. Wallace grabs the bat and begins to nail Springate a few times. Springate eventually leaves the ring. Springate grabs a microphone after the match. Springate challenges Gordy to a fans bring the weapons match in November. He also challenges Gordy to a no holds barred match in October.

Backstage, Tony Atlas and Gordy Wallace are ready to cut a promo. Gordy cuts a promo on Springate and says he is going beat Springate next month. Springate and Love are backstage. Springate says that Love is the future of the business. Springate tells Gordy they are going to be bleed like that haven’t bled before.

Violet Flame defeated Petey from Utica:
Before the match, Flame grabs a microphone and points out Petey from Utica. Flame challenges Petey to a match, and he accepts. Flame goes for a scoop slam early. That is not going to happen. Petey catches Flame in midair, Flame bites Petey to cause him to fall. Flame kicks every portion of Petey’s body. Flame misses a head butt. Petey misses a splash, twice. Double stomach claw causes Petey to tap out.


Isys Ephex defeated Matt Hyson in a Dog Collar Match: Isys is refusing to put on the dog collar. However, he eventually puts it on. Quite a bit of stalling to start off the match. Hyson turns his back and Ephex attacks Hyson, still without the dog collar around his neck. Ephex wraps the chain around his fist and goes to work on Hyson. Hyson is busted open. Ephex finally has the dog collar around his neck. Hyson low blows Ephex with the chain. Hyson with a chain assisted clothesline. Hyson sends Ephex into the ring post. They brawl into the crowd. Ephex backdrops Hyson on the outside. Back to the ring they go. Hyson connects with a few forearm shots to knock Ephex down. Hyson is going crazy delivering boots in the corner. Ephex blocks the Acid Drop and begins to choke Hyson with the chain. Hyson nails Ephex with the Acid Drop, but Ephex gets his boot on the bottom rope. Hyson goes for the Acid Drop again, but Ephex throws Hyson into the referee and takes his dog collar off. Ephex connects with a back suplex. Ephex grab a chair. Ephex with a chair shot to Hyson’s back a few times. Burning Hammer onto the chair! Ephex puts the collar back on. Ephex goes for the cover and gets the three. **
After the match, Hyson grabs the microphone and rips on “smart marks” in attendance. He says he kicked Ephex ass. He says that Ephex cheated. Hyson challenges Ephex to a death match of sorts in Utica. Ephex says that they have done a lot of garbage wrestling. He wants Hyson in a Iron Man match in Utica. Hyson just sits in the ring for several moments with a determined look.

Backstage, Isys Ephex cuts a promo. Ephex says “bladdy’ which he says is bloody and battered. He says that in Utica will be pure wrestling. Ephex says he is the wrestler.

End of Show

My Opinion:
Opening contest was decent. Jason Axe is much better working with someone smaller than him. The crowd is pumped up tonight, that is for sure which helped the bout. Dynasty’s/Steves match was really repetitive on Derek and Dan’s part. A entertaining bout put on by Slyck/Dizzie, hopefully down the road they will get more time to do some great things in the ring. Springate/Gordy/Love/Atlas match was really simple and boring. However, I am looking forward to a blood feud between Gordy and Springate, hopefully it delivers. Flame/Petey was just to kill the crowd so they were all rested up for the dog collar match. Isys/Hyson was rather quick, and fairly decent, could’ve have been a lot more brutal.

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