2CW Field of Dreams 10/21/2006

Written By: Bob Colling

Squared Circle Wrestling Field of Dreams
Date: 10/21/2006
From: Utica, NY

Dizzie defeated Dynamite Derek:
Derek is now back to being a heel. Dizzie shoves Derek down early on. Dizzie connects with a few hip tosses and a backbreaker. A few stomps to Derek’s head. Derek comes back with a middle rope leg drop for a near fall. Derek continues his offense with several right hands in the corner. Derek continues his simple offense. Derek chokes Dizzie with his ring tape. Dizzie catches Derek in a leap frog, has him on his shoulders and drops Derek on his knees! Both men are down. Dizzie wins the bout following a fisherman bomb!**

Ajax defeated Jason Axe:
Axe is now going by “Main Event” Jason Axe. Ajax takes Axe down with hurricanrana early into the match. Axe comes back with a side slam. Axe drives Ajax down with a spine buster. Axe charges into the a corner, but Ajax kicks Axe’s legs and he flips into the corner. Springboard reverse neck breaker by Ajax. Ajax connects with a middle rope somersault splash on Axe for a two count. Double under hook suplex by Axe. Ajax comes back with a forearm shot. Ajax backdrops Axe to the apron. Spinning heel kick by Ajax, sending Axe off the apron into the guard railing. Springboard cross body by Ajax. Axe misses a dropkick. Ajax slingshots off the apron and rolls Axe up to win the bout. **


Slyck Wagner Brown defeated Isys Ephex in a “No Time Limit“ Match: Slyck gets a very good reception. Brown works on Ephex’s left arm, until Ephex reaches the ropes. Ephex takes Brown down, but Brown manages to kick Ephex off. Ephex rolls to the floor. Brown takes Ephex down with a drop toe hold but Ephex comes back with surfboard. Ephex controls Brown with a wrist lock, but Brown connects with a nice kick to send Ephex to the floor. Brown connects with a nice suicide dive to the floor. Brown sends Ephex into the crowd. Brown has a chair, Brown tosses the chair, but doesn’t hit Ephex. Ephex misses also. Brown finally connects with a chair shot before heading back into the ring. Brown gets a near fall following a double springboard moonsault! Brown continues his offense with a delayed vertical suplex for another near fall. Ephex dropkicks Brown off the top to the floor. Ephex with a slingshot somersault splash to the floor! On the floor, Ephex sends Brown into the guard railing. Ephex plants Brown with a pile driver. Ephex goes for the cover, but Brown gets his foot on the bottom rope. Ephex tries to cheat, but the referee notices his feet on the ropes. Brown nearly wins with a backslide, Ephex comes back with a clothesline. Ephex locks in a headlock. Ephex with a couple side slams for a couple of near falls. Brown with sunset flip but Ephex connects with a double stomp. Ephex misses a high knee in the corner. Brown delivers several chops, but Ephex comes back with a few of his own. Ephex nails Brown with a spinning back elbow strike. Brown comes back with a submission move, torques Ephex’s leg with his head. Brown connects with a leg lariat for a near fall. Ephex connects with a cradle into a backbreaker. Splash from the bottom rope, leg drop from the middle, a dangerous looking corkscrew that missed by Ephex. Brown misses a moonsault but power bombs Ephex. Ephex connects with a modified Cradle Shock for near fall. Brown fights out of a head scissors with a kick to Ephex’s head. Ephex with a cobra clutch slam, Brown lands on his feet and goes for the cover, but Ephex kicks out. Brown connects with a Razors Edge face buster for the win. ***1/2

Loca Vida defeated JD Love:
JD gets some pretty good heel heat. He has a microphone. JD says that he doesn’t want to be in Utica, so he is going to get a quick win and leave. JD says that he isn’t going to give a lap dance because it’s nothing but a “sausage” in Utica. Vida attempts to lockup a few times, but JD just slaps Vida’s arms away. Vida takes Love down with a hip toss and a clothesline. Love comes back with a few chops. Dropkick by Love. They brawl to the floor trading right hands and chops. Love sends Vida into the crowd. Vida springboards from the railing, to the apron to the top rope and connects with a dropkick. Love comes back with a sit down scoop slam. Vida connects with a double knee in the corner. Dropkick in the corner. Vida connects with the Bronco Buster in the corner. Love sends Vida to the corner, pulls his pants down and catches Vida in mid air coming off the top. Love places Vida in a tree of woe and connects with a running butt splash. Vida with a body scissors into a bulldog to win the bout. **1/4


AMIL defeated Killer Steves in a Texas Tornado Tag Team Match: K-Pusha goes to work on Mackenzie. Murda and Kruz brawled to the backstage early on in the contest. Pusha connects with a clothesline and a knee drop for a near fall. Kruz returns from backstage covered in toilet paper. Mackenzie hits a double bulldog on AMIL. Two back suplex’s on Kruz. AMIL connect with a back suplex/clothesline combo on Kruz. Murda hits a suicide dive on Mackenzie. Kruz is taken out by a splash from Pusha. Mackenzie drops Murda on the guard railing, runs off the apron and connects with a dropkick. The Killer Steves work on Pusha in the ring for a few moments. Mackenzie connects with a double axe handle. Mackenzie holds Pusha’s groin. Kruz with a double axe handle from the top. Murda sends Kruz to the floor. Murda connects with the Back Stabber in the corner on Mackenzie for a near fall. Kruz sends Murda to the ring. Mackenzie is choking Pusha with a bandanna. Kruz with a slingshot reverse suplex on Pusha. Mackenzie connects with a superplex on Murda. Murda comes back and dropkicks Mackenzie. Murda connects with a dropkick on Kruz in the corner. Pusha hits a running knee on Mackenzie on the floor. Kruz is crotched on the top rope and AMIL shake the ropes. Murda grabs Mackenzie’s goatee and sends him into the guard railing. Murda hits a double stomp on Kruz in the ring. Pusha with a modified standing figure four. Steves hit Pusha with a side slam/neck breaker combo. Pusha connects with a tornado DDT on Kruz. Pusha holds Mackenzie and Murda connects with the Swanton Bomb from the top rope. Kruz splashes his own partner, 69 position. Pusha hits a moonsault on both men. Murda connects with a top rope X-Factor on Mackenzie to win the match. **1/4

Petey defeated Johnny Law by DQ in a donut eating contest:
Johnny Law grabs a microphone and rips on the Utica crowd. Law brags about his donut eating success and taking Steve King out of 2CW. He issues a open challenge for the donut eating contest. Petey accepts the challenge. The referee catches Johnny Law throwing the donuts out of the ring. Law attacks Petey to cause the DQ. Law handcuffs Petey and brings him to the backstage area. DUD

Zaquary Springate III defeated Gordy Wallace in a No Holds Barred Match: Jason Axe comes out to the ring before the match. Axe tells Bob Foley that he is the main event of this show. Axe nails Foley with a right hand. Gordy Wallace comes down and takes care of Axe. Springate attacks Wallace from behind. Wallace sends Springate into the corner and scoop slams Springate. Wallace grabs a trash can and shopping cart filled with weapons. Wallace sends a few weapons into the ring. Springate with a trash can lid shot to knock Wallace out. Springate whips Wallace with a belt. Wallace with a frying pan shot. Springate with a few belt shots. Wallace fights out of a choke with a jaw breaker. Wallace grabs a kendo stick. Wallace with a few shots and begins to choke Springate. Springate with a few shots of his own. Gordy blocks a shot and nails Springate again. Wallace grabs the barbed wire bat but Springate charges and nails Wallace with it in the mouth. Springate with a head butt in the corner landing on Gordy’s groin. Springate grabs a trash can. Springate places the trash can in front of Gordy’s face. Springate leaps off the top and dropkicks the trash can into Gordy’s face in the corner! Springate grabs the fire extinguisher. Gordy manages to fight back and use it on Springate. Top rope splash by Gordy for only a two count. Springate with a few rights and grabs thumbtacks. Wallace stomps Springate onto the thumbtacks followed by a trash can shots, sending Springate to the floor. Springate nails Wallace over the back with the barbed wire bat. Spring rubs the bat across Wallace’s forehead and Wallace is busted open. Springate sends Wallace into the ring post. Springate grabs a table. Springate places Wallace on the table on the floor. Springate grabs a ladder. Springate climbs the ladder on the aisle way. Springate leaps off and hit’s a Swanton Bomb, table doesn’t break. Springate dives off again with a splash and the table breaks! Wallace manages to kick out. Wallace runs right into a chair shot, Springate goes for the cover and wins the bout. Wallace lays Springate out after the match. **1/4


End of Show

My Opinion: The first two matches were really bland. Dynamite Derek has a very limited move set, which took away from his match with Dizzie. Brown/Ephex was very, very good. That went at least twenty minutes of solid wrestling. Vida/Love was rather quick and the finish seemed to be out of nowhere. It was a solid bout nonetheless. Texas Tornado match was average maybe slightly below. The donut eating contest was stupid, but it was used as a time filler. Main Event was a brawl, with one good spot late in the match. It was a decent match. I’d recommend this just for the Brown/Ephex match.

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