2CW 11/18/2006

Written By: Bob Colling

Squared Circle Wrestling
Date: 11/18/2006
From: Syracuse, NY

Johnny Law defeated Jason Axe by count-out:
Law comes out to a pretty good heel reaction. Axe refuses to compete, as he is a main event wrestler. Axe heads to the backstage and gets counted out. Law celebrates his victory. Matt Patterson has a surprise for Johnny Law. Patterson introduces King Machine. DUD

Johnny Law defeated King Machine:
This has to be Strangler Steve King. The fans even know this. Law hits him with a donut box to win the match in three seconds. There was a brick in the box. DUD

Loca Vida defeated JD Love:
Love takes Vida down with a backdrop in the opening seconds. Vida comes back with several rights in the corner. Love with a few chops. Vida delivers a few chops of his own. Love smacks Vida with his man boobs in the corner. Sit down scoop slam by Love. Vida connects with a springboard back elbow. Love backdrops Vida over the top to the floor. Love sends Vida into the crowd. Vida plants Love with a DDT in the crowd. Vida climbs up to the top of the basketball hoop. Vida stands on the rim, leaps off and splashes down onto Love and the referee! Vida nails Love in the corner with a double knee strike. Dropkick in the corner by Vida. Love blocks the Bronco Buster. Love misses the running buttocks splash. Vida with a missile dropkick only getting a two count. Body scissors into a bulldog by Vida for the win. **


Jason Axe defeated Team Man Up and Killer Steves by double count-out: Team Man Up consists of Dizzie and Ajax. Before the bout, Jason Axe comes down and grabs a microphone. Axe says he wants to wrestle. Axe says he is going to “squash” both teams, by himself. Neither teams are taking him seriously. Kruz and Ajax deliver a few right hands on Axe, double forearm shot. Axe rolls to the floor. Ajax with a couple of quick pin attempts on Kruz. Ajax with a slow head scissors rake down. Team Man Up connects with a double backbreaker on Kruz. Killer Steves shove Axe on the floor. Ajax with a slingshot cross body onto Axe. Dizzie takes out the Steves on the floor with a springboard moonsault! Ajax is able to connect with a middle rope elbow drop on Kruz for a near fall. Killer Steves manage to double team Ajax. Axe with a spinning heel kick on Ajax after tagging Mackenzie. Kruz tags in and Axe goes to the apron. The Steves drive Ajax down to the mat with a double running bulldog. Ajax continues to get manhandled by Axe and the Steves. Axe tags himself in and continues to work on Ajax. Sit out power bomb by Axe for a near fall. Ajax with a sunset flip on Kruz, but Mackenzie enters the ring and works on Ajax. Ajax with a springboard tornado DDT taking out Mackenzie. Dizzie takes Axe down with a scoop power bomb. Dizzie cleans house. Ajax with a springboard reverse neck breaker on the Killer Steves who had Dizzie in a Russian leg sweep. Axe goes to pin all four men, but cannot get the win. Man Up delivers a crucifix/swinging neck breaker combo on Axe. Kruz connects with the superplex on Axe, followed by the STD by Mackenzie. Kruz backdrops Ajax onto Axe. Team Man Up and Killer Steves brawl to the floor which leads to a double count-out. Axe wins. *1/2
After the match, Dizzie returns and drops Axe chest first onto his knees.

Slyck Wagner Brown defeated Dan Dynasty:
Dynasty promotes the 5XL t-shirt that 2CW has recently released. Dynasty rips on the overweight and ugly Syracuse fans. Slyck comes out. Dynasty moves his hips like Rick Rude. Slyck pokes fun at Dynasty. Slyck works on Dynasty’s arm. Dynasty attempts a few shoulder blocks, Brown doesn’t budge. Hip toss into a neck breaker by Brown. Dynasty pulls Brown off the apron and Brown hits his head on the apron. On the floor, Dynasty sends Brown into the guard railing. Brown comes back with h a few boots and a dropkick in the ring. Dynasty with a few knees, and attempts a cheap pin but Brown kicks out. Dynasty hits Brown with a clothesline. Scoop slam by Dynasty. Dynasty climbs to the top turnbuckle. He misses a top rope cross body. Brown snaps Dynasty with a hurricanrana, but only gets a two count. Brown manages to get a near fall following a leg lariat. Brown with a few chops to Dynasty’s back. Dynasty with a flipping stunner off the middle rope and gets a near fall. Fisherman suplex followed by a Northern Lights suplex and gets another near fall. Brown flips back into the ring from the apron, Dynasty with a low blow. Dynasty misses a double axe handle. Brown earns the win following a full nelson back breaker. *1/4

Backstage, Zaquary Springate III cuts a promo while getting a back massage. Springate says the fans will never touch him with a strap. Rather a comedy promo.


Gordy Wallace defeated Zaquary Springate III in a Strap Match:The fans in the front row have straps to hit the wrestlers with. Springate comes out with a winter jacket to avoid the straps. Springate grabs a microphone and tells the fans to shut up. He makes the most out his body. Springate wants a few fans ejected. Gordy comes out. Gordy with a few right hands, Springate runs around the ring and is whipped by the straps. Springate with a low blow to stop Gordy. Springate with a kick to Gordy’s back. Gordy with a clothesline and Springate flips around. Gordy is sent to the floor and is whipped by two fans. Scoop slam, leg drop and a elbow drop by Springate for a near fall. Both men roll to the floor, Springate gets whipped. Springate pulls Gordy out of the corner and connects with a sit down power bomb. Gordy is sent to the floor and is whipped. Springate takes Gordy out with a baseball slide. Springate gets pulled out and gets whipped again. Gordy plants Springate with a DDT. Gordy spike Springate with a pile driver. Gordy takes Springate’s snow coat off. Springate hits Gordy with a handspring back elbow. Gordy takes his belt off and whips Springate. Big splash by Gordy gets a near fall. Springate with a few chops. Swanton Bomb by Springate, Gordy kicks out. Gordy backdrops Springate over the top to the floor and Springate is whipped yet again. Gordy blows a fireball into Springate’s face! Gordy follows up by hitting Springate with the Cattle Drive for the win!**
After the match, we get a close up of Springate’s back and he sure did take a beating. His back is bloody and bruised.

Backstage, Gordy Wallace cuts a promo on Springate. Gordy says everyone got a piece of Springate. Springate cannot believe that the people actually hit him. He says he looks like a scene from “Roots”. Springate is not a happy camper. Springate is selling the fireball shot. He is going to kill Gordy Wallace.

Violet Flame comes out. Flame says that he has to face big dudes instead of women. Matt Patterson says that Flame scared away the rest of the women. Patterson will get Flame a match at the next show.

Isys Ephex defeated Matt Hyson in a 30 Minute Iron Man Match:
They lock up and roll around the mat for a few moments. Hyson connects with a arm drag and works on Ephex’s arm. Ephex with a head scissors submission hold. A series of headlocks and such, Hyson sends Ephex to the floor. Six minutes into the match, and nothing has really occurred. Ephex hits Hyson with a leg lariat several minutes later. Hyson with a hurricanrana and gets a near fall. Hyson with cradle and Hyson gets the first fall in the match. Ephex works on Hyson with several boots and knees strikes. Ephex continues to beat down Hyson with uppercuts. Ephex with the same cradle Hyson pulled and ties up the match. Ephex sends Hyson through the middle rope into the ring post. Hyson comes back and connects with the Acid Drop. However, Hyson calls for the doctor at ringside for his shoulder. Ephex drags Hyson into the middle of the ring. Ephex simply pins Hyson to take a 2-1 advantage. They brawl to the floor, and Hyson is given a fall, but the DVD keeps cutting out so I have no idea how he got it. Perhaps Ephex tapped out. Ephex gets a fall for a DQ. Hyson throws a few chairs into the ring. Hyson continues to hit Ephex with chairs and such, and continues to get DQ’d. Ephex is now up 13-2. Hyson leg drops the chair onto Ephex’s face. Another DQ, Ephex is up 14-2. Hyson hands Ephex over the top rope, for another DQ, 15-2 Ephex leads. Chair shots on the floor by Hyson, 16-2 in favor of Ephex. Hyson connects with the Acid Drop on several chairs in the ring. Hyson is DQ’s, Ephex leads, and wins the match 17-2. *1/4


Backstage, Isys Ephex cuts a promo. Ephex is cutting a promo as if he has a concussion. He says he out wrestled Hyson. Ephex doesn’t know. Matt Hyson cuts a promo. Hyson tells Ephex the next time he fights is when he gets out of a hospital. Hyson isn’t going to be held back by “rules”.

My Opinion:
Nothing really stood out in the first four matches, other than Vida’s dive off the basketball hoop. Dynasty/Brown didn’t work too well together, the crowd was rather dead for the bout as well. Gordy/Springate wasn’t anything special. It was just Springate getting whipped by the fans over and over again. The first twenty minutes of the iron man match sucked. The next ten weren’t great by any means, but was far more entertaining.

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