2CW Wrestling 1/12/2007

Written By: Bob Colling

Squared Circle Wrestling
Date: 1/12/2007
From: Syracuse, NY

The crowd is really pumped up for tonight’s show. There has to be a solid 275-325 people in attendance.

Jason Axe defeated Ajax:
Axe comes out with a notebook. I know you’re asking if its wide or college ruled, I have no idea. It takes a moment for Ajax’s music to hit. Jason Axe grabs the microphone. Apparently the match is under a “Main Event Rules” stipulation. Match has a 60 minute time limit. Axe demands that Bob Foley do the ring introductions again in the ring, because it is the main event. Axe attacks Ajax before the bell. Ajax gets a near fall a couple of arm drags followed by a dropkick. Ajax goes to the apron but is dropped face first. Axe sends Ajax into the guard railing. Axe connects with a delayed vertical suplex in the ring. Ajax hits Axe with a spinning back elbow. Ten punch in the corner by Ajax. Middle rope elbow by Ajax for a near fall. Ajax clotheslines Axe over the top to the floor. Suicide dive by Ajax. Ajax rolls in at the nine count, and Axe is counted out. Not so fast, Axe grabs the microphone and says count-outs are to twenty instead of ten. Axe with a rather terrible figure four around the ring post. Spinning toe hold by Axe. Ajax grabs the ropes, and Axe says you only get one rope break. Axe with a Indian death lock and drops down onto his back. Ajax comes back with a kick to Axe’s head. Ajax with a super kick and only gets a near fall. Half Boston Crab by Axe, Ajax reaches the ropes, but there is only one rope break. Axe drags Ajax to the middle of the ring and continues with a leg lock, Ajax taps. **

JD Love defeated Loca Vida:
God help us. It is time for some unnecessary nudity by Love, most likely. Whoever is doing the music has screwed up two times already. Fans are disgusted at the sight of JD. JD grabs the microphone and cuts a promo on Loca Vida and the fans. JD challenges Loca to a “dance off”. Vida agrees. JD does a homo erotic dace. Loca does a stupid white guy dance. JD begins to rub up against Vida in the corner. They lock up, JD kisses Vida and clotheslines him down. Love with several rights and chops in the corner. Vida comes back with a few of his own. Vida pulls down Love’s top and chops Love’s man boobs. Vida goes for a crucifix but Love reverses by dropping Vida on his knee. Vida runs into a big boot in the corner. Love comes off the middle rope and simply locks in a headlock. They brawl to the floor. They brawl into the crowd. Vida takes Love down with a chop. Vida goes to the basketball hoop again, but Love pulls him down. Love is just nailing Vida with several chops. Love drops Vida into the first row. Vida with a the triple jump, from the railing, to the apron to the top rope but Love catches him in the ring and connects with a running power slam for a near fall. Vida connects with a springboard back elbow. Running double knee in the corner by Vida as well. Love blocks the Bronco Buster. Vida goes for a body scissors but Love simply slams Vida down. Love drops onto Vida and uses the ropes for leverage to earn the win. *1/2


Dizzie defeated Eddie Edwards: They trade wrist locks early on. Edwards misses a hip toss, but Dizzie still sells it. A series of rollups by both men for several near falls. Dizzie dropkicks Edwards to the floor. Dizzie comes off the ropes, but Edwards moves out of the way. Edwards stalls on the floor a few moments. Atomic drop and scoop slam by Dizzie. Springboard elbow drop by Dizzie for near fall. Edwards plants Dizzie on the apron with a DDT. Edwards gets a near fall back in the ring. Dizzie comes off the ropes and runs right into a dropkick from Edwards. Snap suplex by Edwards. Dizzie with a roll up as Edwards taunts the crowd for a near fall. Edwards connects with a clothesline to regain control. Dizzie grabs Edwards and lifts Edwards up in a snap mare motion but connects with a sit down power bomb of sorts. Dizzie with a monkey flip out of the corner followed by a flying head butt for a near fall. Edwards with a overhead belly to belly suplex off the top rope! Edwards goes to the top turnbuckle and connects with a cross body, but Dizzie rolls through and gets a near fall. Edwards grazes Dizzie with a super kick. Clothesline by Dizzie. Dizzie misses a top rope frog splash. Dizzie rolls Edwards up to pick up the win. **1/2

The Killer Steves defeated AMIL:
Steves attempt to attack AMIL before the bell but AMIL manage to hold their own. Mackenzie is sent groin first into the ring post. Double ace crusher on Mackenzie. Double modified backbreaker submission on Kruz and slam Kruz down face first to the mat. Pusha delivers several right hands on Kruz in the corner. Pusha continues to work on Kruz. Kruz backs Pusha into his corner and double teams Pusha in the corner with his partner. Knee lift by Kruz while Pusha is on the top rope. Mackenzie spears Pusha to the floor. Kruz wants to go for a suicide dive but is “nervous”. Mackenzie holds the ropes, and eventually Kruz accidentally spears Mackenzie. Pusha connects with a double stomp on both Kruz and Mackenzie. Pusha connects with a vertical suplex on Kruz. Pusha takes Mackenzie out with a Swanton Bomb head butt to Mackenzie’s groin in the corner. Kruz charges, but Pusha drop toe holds him into Mackenzie’s groin. Murda gets a near fall on the pin attempt. The Steves get control as Kruz drops a double axe handle across Pusha’s shoulder. After a brief offense, Pusha gets the tag and takes both Steves out with clotheslines. Pusha with a heel kick to take Kruz out. Pusha hits a flipping neck breaker off the middle rope on Kruz. Mackenzie crotches Pusha on the top turnbuckle. Kruz rolls through the body scissors that Murda had on him, Kruz holds Murda to allow Mackenzie to hit the STD for the win. **1/2


Zaquary Springate III defeated Gordy Wallace in a Lumberjack Match: Springate is now sporting facial hair. Yes, that is huge news. Springate grabs the microphone and puts over his “good looks”. Springate tells the DVD merchandise to throw away two DVD’s where he is put through thumbtacks and gets fire thrown into his face. Springate introduces his lumberjacks. Eddie Edwards is Springate’s “enforcer”. Jason Axe comes out to decent heat. Killer Steves come out. JD Love comes out as well. Gordy introduces his lumberjacks, which are pretty much the opponents of the heels early on. Gordy and Springate trade a few chops. Springate with a snap mare followed by a kick to Gordy’s back. The lumberjacks brawl on the floor rather early. Gordy delivers a head butt and fist drop. Back drop by Gordy and Springate rolls to the floor and the lumberjacks go to work on Springate. Springate with a weak shoulder block. Gordy is sent to the floor and the lumberjacks go to work as well. Springate with a head scissors submission over the ropes in the corner to choke out Gordy. The referee is distracted by Springate, and the lumberjacks work over Gordy. Handspring back elbow by Springate and gets a near fall. Springate with a head butt to Gordy’s groin in the corner. Gordy gets up and sends Springate to the floor and the lumberjacks go to work on Springate. Gordy connects with a nice pile driver. Springate manages to kick out. Gordy with a power bomb and goes for the cover, but Axe pulls the referee out of the ring. Gordy is sent to the floor and is attacked by the lumberjacks. Springate with a somersault dive onto his own guys, except JD Love. Gordy with a few atomic drops and grabs Springate’s testicles. Gordy with a DDT and gets a near fall. Springate comes back with a dropkick. Springate with a reverse leapfrog and super kicks Gordy. Springate plays to the crowd and drops a few knee drops. Gordy connects with a clothesline. Top rope big splash, but Springate kicks out. Love gives Springate a fire ball. Gordy first avoids it but Springate does it again and it looks rather vicious. Swanton Bomb by Springate to win the match. **1/4

Isys Ephex defeated Slyck Wagner Brown:
Brown with a leg drop to Ephex’s arm. Ephex with a hip toss and both men trade a few arm drags. Both men with kicks to each other’s backs for a few moments. Ephex wants more forearms shots, Ephex eye rakes Brown, but Brown comes back with several forearm and a poke to the eyes. Hurricanrana by Brown and Ephex rolls to the floor. Brown sends Ephex into the guard railing. A big yakuza kick by Brown and Ephex’s goes hard head first into the guard railing. Brown rams Ephex head first into a chair. Brown hits a slingshot arm drag on Ephex. Brown has dominated the contest thus far. Ephex with a boot, but Brown blocks a chop. Ephex connects with a double under hook backbreaker. Spinning heel kick by Ephex for a near fall. Ephex sends Brown to the floor who goes into the guard railing. Ephex sends Brown back first into the guard railing. Ephex delivers a knee drop for a near fall. Ephex connects with a few kicks followed by a kick to the back of Brown’s head for a near fall. Brown avoids a middle rope leg drop attempt by Ephex. Ephex charges and Brown connects with a leg lariat for a near fall. Brown kicks Ephex off the apron to the floor. Brown with a suicide dive, and over shots Ephex and lands in the first row! Brown snap mares Ephex over the guard railing and into the crowd. Springboard moonsault by Brown for near fall. Straight jacket fisherman suplex by Ephex for a near fall. Ephex figure fours Brown’s leg and connects with another sit down suplex for another near fall. Brown delivers a few chops. Brown catches Ephex in mid air and connects with a spinning side walk slam for another near fall. Brown delivers a few more chops. Brown misses a splash in the corner, Ephex rolls Brown up, uses the ropes and pins Brown. ***


Abyss defeated Brother Runt in a No Holds Barred Match to retain the NWA Heavyweight Championship: Runt grabs a microphone and says he respects Abyss. He says that Abyss has kicked his ass many times. Runt doesn’t care about the TNA Heavyweight Championship, he cares about 2CW. Abyss shoves Runt down. Test of strength, which Abyss obviously has the advantage. Runt with a head butt to Abyss’s midsection and bites Abyss’s fingers. Runt attempts a cross body off the ropes, but Abyss isn’t affected. Runt runs through the crowd. Abyss follows Runt and slams him into the concession stand table. Abyss hip tosses Runt over the merchandise table. Abyss works on Runt all over the arena. Abyss goes underneath the ring and grabs a table. Runt has been busted open. Abyss sets Runt up for a choke slam, but Runt low blows Abyss. Runt goes for the Acid Drop, but Abyss crotches Runt into the ring post. Abyss has a chair. Runt delivers several right hands in the corner. Abyss sends Runt head first into the chair bridged in the corner. Abyss gets a near fall. Abyss goes for a avalanche splash, but Runt uses the chair to low blow Abyss. Runt throws the chair at Abyss. Abyss picks Runt up and slams him over the top rope through the table on the floor! Abyss goes for the cover, but Runt manages to kick out. Abyss goes underneath the ring and grabs another table. Abyss sends Runt into the guard railing. Abyss sets the table up in the corner. Abyss hits the Shock Treatment! Runt is in front of the table in the corner, Abyss charges but misses a splash and crashes through the table. Runt goes for the cover and Abyss kicks out. Runt grabs a bag full of thumbtacks. Runt pours the tacks on the mat. Jason Axe comes out and tells Runt he “had his shot”. Axe says it is his time to shine in 2CW. Runt is distracted by Axe and is given the microphone. Runt goes to the floor and chases Axe around. Runt runs into the ring and runs right into the Black Hole Slam into the thumbtacks. Abyss goes for the cover and retains the title. Axe attacks Runt after the match. Runt fights back and sends Axe to the floor. ***

Brother Runt grabs a microphone and says he has been with 2CW since the beginning. He hypes up his match with Abyss in Rochester tomorrow. He continues to say he is coming for Abyss, over and over again.

End of Show

My Opinion:
Axe/Ajax wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t that good also. Axe is starting to get a lot of heat, and personally I believe people seriously dislike the guy. Dizzie/Edwards was rather disappointing, it was a average bout but it could have been a lot better. Steves/AMIL was another decent match, but it was the same stuff I’ve seen the last three times they fought each other. Should be noted, that near the end of the match the DVD continued to freeze up, so there is the possibility I missed something. The lumberjack was simple, but effective. It may have gone on a little too long. Ephex/Brown started off slow, but picked up and turned into a solid bout by both men. Abyss/Runt was a solid hardcore brawl. Jason Axe getting involved in the main event most likely just gave him even more heat, as if he actually needed it.

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