3PW A War Renewed 6/29/2002

Written By: Bob Colling

3PW A War Renewed
Date: 6/29/2002
From: ECW Arena

For the third show in a row, there isn’t any commentary.

Christian York defeated Chris Chetti:
Before the match, York grabs a microphone and the crowd chants “Shut the Fuck Up”. York doesn’t approve the reaction he got, and the reaction Chetti got. York says that Chetti has always wanted to be York. York mentions a tag team tournament in August. Chetti grabs the microphone and says he doesn’t want to be a “faggot” like York. Both men with arm locks and headlocks. Chetti with a Japanese arm drag and York backs off. Chetti with a sitting rollover neck breaker. Chetti catches York’s dropkick and sends York to the floor. York sends Chetti back first into the guard railing a few times. York with control back in the ring with a scoop slam and some boot scraps. York catches Chetti with a clothesline coming off the ropes for the first near fall of the evening. Chetti crotches York on the top turnbuckle and connects with a neck breaker. Chetti lifts York into the air and drops York shoulder first on the mat. Chetti runs up the turnbuckles and connects with a heel kick for a near fall. York slams Chetti, and connects with a standing back splash for a two count. York leaps off the top, and Chetti connects with a kick. Chetti with a slam, Joey Matthews comes down and distracts Chetti. York with the rollup from behind for the win. **1/4
The fans, well most of them, applauded Chetti’s effort.

Tod Gordon and Annihilation come down to the ring. Annihilation is one tall fellow. Gordon says he has discovered a lot of talent. He points to Annihilation who has been shot seven times. Some guy with chair walks down to the ring and swings at Gordon, but misses, hit’s the ropes and hits himself with the chair. Annihilation with a rather TERRIBLE choke slam.If I had to guess, Annihilation is 3PW’s version of 911, of ECW fame.


Josh Daniels defeated Rob Eckos: Eckos is obsessed with his body, and is wearing some interesting glasses to say least. He is also spraying water on himself. Daniels with a clothesline out of the corner following Eckos brief offense. Daniels with a few thunderous chops. Daniels catches Eckos and slams him down for a two count. Eckos with a nice variation of a neck breaker. Eckos is getting some good heat. Eckos side steps a cross body, and Daniels falls to the floor. Eckos with a slingshot cross body to the floor. Spinning back elbow by Eckos, two count. Daniels with snap suplex. Eckos comes back with a side Russian leg sweep. Eckos off the top, Daniels catches him and connects with a overhead belly to belly suplex. Daniels with a fisherman suplex for a two count. Eckos nails Daniels with a super kick but only gets a two count. German suplex by Daniels, another two count. Eckos sends the referee into the ropes, which crotches Daniels on the top turnbuckle. Top rope hurricanrana by Eckos and he gets another near fall. Daniels reverses a tornado DDT into a suplex with a bridge for the win. **1/2

Dylan Knight and Candi defeated Blue Meanie and Jasmine St. Clair:
The winner of this match will whip the losers valet, ten times. Meanie with control following a back drop and scoop slam. Neck breaker by Meanie for a two count. Candi trips Meanie up, Jasmine trips Knight up. Double slap. Knight with a mediocre super kick. Dropkick by Knight on a seated Meanie. Knight with a neck breaker. Meanie comes back with a clothesline. This is a rather slow contest. Meanie with a slam. Meanie signals for the moonsault. Candi comes in and gives Knight a chair. Jasmine comes in for the Cat Fight. Meanie misses the moonsault. DDT on the chair by Knight. Knight picks up the win. *1/4
After the match, Meanie with a DDT on Knight. So, Jasmine doesn’t get spanked, instead, Candi does.That’s cheap. Jasmine spanks Meanie.

Pierce St. John fought Shawn Donovan to a no contest:
Donovan with control. He connects with a clothesline, slam and a fist drop. Pierce clotheslines Donovan to the floor. Donovan with a cross body back in the ring. Flapjack by Pierce. Huge “Boring” chant. Donovan drops Pierce on the top rope. Side slam by Donovan for a two count. Pierce with a reverse Stroke for a near fall. Slam by Donovan for another two count. Million Dollar Dream by Pierce. Pierce drops down into a cross face of sorts. Oh great, Annihilation comes down and choke slams both men. Double count-out. The crowd actually cheers that this match ended. DUD


Public Enemy (Rocco Rock and Johnny Grunge) fought Axl Rotten and Ian Rotten to a double pin: “We Want Blood” chant. Knowing these four men, they will surely get that. Ian with a arm drag on Rock. The first wrestling move by him in who knows how long. Rock with a springboard moonsault for a near fall. Axl grabs a microphone and is wondering why there is wrestling move by both teams. Axl drops the microphone and now this is a blood fest. Axl busts Grunge open with scissors. Ian is busted open, and sends Rock into the guard railing a couple of times. Axl is still working on Grunge with the scissors. Grunge with a chair shot. Rock has stapled a dollar to the right cheek of Ian. Staple shot to the neck. Rock staples another dollar to Ian’s nose, left cheek and chin. Grunge and Axl have brawled to several tables at the back of the arena. Rock sets a table up on the floor. Axl rips the dollars off his face. Grunge leaps off the eagles nest onto Axl through a table. Ian jumps off the apron and onto Rock through a table at ringside. PE throw a few chairs into the ring. Rock hits Ian right on the ankle. Grunge tells the fans to throw all the chairs into the ring. The fans do just that. The ring is literally covered with chairs. All four men are covered in chairs. Ian has left a blood of pool of blood on the mat. Rock with a Swanton Bomb onto Ian who is buried underneath chairs. Axl hits Grunge with a chair. Double cover, double pin. ***
After the match, A lot of fans enter the ring and celebrate with all four men. Axl starts a “ECW” chant. Ian grabs the microphone and puts over hardcore wrestling as entertainment.

Joey Matthews defeated Murder-One:
Matthews avoids a few right hands, and taunts the crowd. A lot of stalling. Murder with a few shoulder blocks and kicks Matthews to the floor. Flapjack by Murder and clotheslines Matthews to the floor. Matthews heads to the back, but Murder’s homeboy throws Matthews back into the ring. Top rope clothesline by Matthews for a two count. Matthews taunts the crowd. Murder comes back with several clotheslines. Wow, Murder clearly says “reversal” and Matthews reverses a Irish whip. Murder with a clothesline in the corner. Murder misses a spear in the corner and hit’s the ring post. Matthews rolls Murder up for the win. *


“Pitbull” Gary Wolfe defeated Devon Storm: Storm is better known as Crowbar from his WCW days. Storm takes Wolfe down with a few arm drags and applies a arm lock early on. Wolfe with a arm lock of his own. Springboard cross body by Storm for a near fall. Wolfe is sent to the floor. Storm drops Wolfe throat first onto the guard railing. Storm continues his offense with a Northern Lights suplex for a near fall. Super kick by Storm. Leg drop to Wolfe’s groin. Wolfe misses a wild clothesline which allows Storm to connect with a German suplex. Storm with a scoop slam and connects with a slingshot leg drop for a two count. Storm with a few rights, but Wolfe finds a second wind and nails Storm with a running body splash in the corner. Several clotheslines by Wolfe. Snap suplex for a two count. Reverse DDT by Storm for a two count. Storm gets crotched on the top turnbuckle. Wolfe with a modified muscle buster off the top, Storm’s valet pulls the referee off the pin. Wolfe sets up the valet for a suplex. Storm with a sit out power bomb, back suplex’s his valet onto Wolfe, springboard moonsault, and Wolfe still kicks out. Front vertical suplex slam on Wolfe for another near fall. Wolfe with a power bomb but only gets a two count. Storm tosses Wolfe off the middle rope. Storm goes for a sunset flip pin off the top, Wolfe reverses into a pin but only gets a two count. Moments later, Wolfe connects with the Death Valley Driver to win the match. **1/4

New Jack defeated Rockin Rebel:
Rebel says that he is not ready to fight. He says he fought in a dog collar match last time, because he doesn’t like blood. Rebel doesn’t want to do that again. New Jack’s music hits to a good amount of cheers. New Jack is with Murder One and his lackey. Rebel with a light tub to Jack’s head. Jack with a clothesline and takes out a shank. Jack scraps Rebel right across the forehead. Jack jabs the shank into Rebels head a couple of times. Both men are busted open within the firs two minutes of the match. Jack throws Rebel through the middle rope through a table on the floor. Jack with another shank shot. Rebel with a chair shot on the floor. Jack continues to use his shank in the ring. Murder One sets Rebel on a table. Jack climbs to the eagles nest. Jack with a running head start and connects with a sick elbow drop square on Rebel! Somehow, Rebel gets up in a matter of seconds, while Jack takes a moment. Rebel misses a middle rope leg drop. Jack leaps off the top rope and nails Rebel with a chair for the win. *1/4
After the match, Bilvis Wesley enters the ring and attacks Jack. That doesn’t last long as Murder One and his lackey attack Bilvis. Jack shaves Wesley’s head.


Sabu/Tod Gordon defeated The Sandman/Bill Alfonso: Typical long entrance by Sandman. Wasn’t expecting this to be a tag team match. Alfonso with kicks and a palm strike on Gordon to control the bout early on. Alfonso is blowing on his whistle as well. Gordon with a DDT on Alfonso. Sandman and Sabu get tags. Alfonso has tossed a ladder into the ring. Sabu and Sandman with simple moves, headlocks and clotheslines. Sabu tosses a chair into Sandman’s face. Sabu drops the ladder onto Sandman. Sabu with a chair assisted leg drop. Sandman with a snap suplex onto the ladder. Alfonso with a near fall on Sabu. Sandman with a running bulldog onto the ladder. Sabu with a DDT. Sabu sets up a table. Sandman crotches Sabu on the top rope and knocks the table over. Sandman sets the table up in a corner. Sabu sends Sandman through the table in the corner. Gordon sets up another table. Sandman with a DDT, Sandman with a Swanton Bomb off the top onto Sabu through the table! Alfonso tosses a chair to the face of Sandman. Annihilation enters the ring and choke slams Sandman. Gordon covers Sandman to pick up the win. A swerve by Alfonso. **
After the match, all three men attack Sandman after the match. New Jack runs down and makes the save. Rockin Rebel comes down and attacks Jack. As does Bilvis Wesley. Gary Wolfe works on Wesley. Pretty much the whole locker room empties to brawl.

End of show:

My Opinion:
Chetti/York was really just average. Chetti looked slow and out of shape. York could be 3PW’s top heel. Eckos is a guy with a lot of talent and charisma. He and Daniels had a solid contest. Mixed tag team match was stupid and boring. Pierce/Donovan was just for Annihilation to get over. Too bad the crowd doesn’t care for the guy. PE/Bad Breed had the best match. Well, more of a brawl but it was a fun violent one for sure. Matthews couldn’t carry Murder One to a decent contest. Wolfe/Storm was also pretty solid. Jack/Rebel was just hardcore stuff you have seen thousands of time. Though Jack’s dives never get old. Sabu/Sandman should have just been a singles match. That match was only made for a unspectacular swerve with Alfonso.

Overall Grade: C

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