3PW Babes, Belts and Blood 8/24/2002

Written By: Bob Colling

3PW Babes, Belts and Blood
Date: 8/24/2002
From: ECW Arena

On this edition of 3PW their will be a eight man single elimination tournament to crown the first ever 3PW Heavyweight Champion. Also, going on four shows, without commentary. By looking at the crowd, this is 3PW biggest attendance in their short history. Their must be a solid 575-600 people.

“Pitbull” Gary Wolfe defeated Joey Matthews in the 1st Round of the 3PW Heavyweight Title Tournament:
Funny way to start off the show, Wolfe runs to the ring and slips on the apron nearly falling down. Wolfe uses his power to take Matthews down a couple of times. Wolfe with a delayed vertical suplex from the apron back into the ring. Matthews with a low blow while the referee was out of position. Middle rope clothesline by Matthews. Matthews continues his offense with boots and right hands in the corner. Wolfe is not affected. Wolfe with rights and lefts in the corner. Overhead belly to belly suplex by Wolfe. Matthews avoids the Death Valley Driver with a eye rake. Seconds later, Wolfe reverses a neck breaker into the Death Valley Driver for the win. *1/4
After the match, Matthews pats himself on the back to cheer himself up.

Christian York defeated Blue Meanie in the 1st Round of the 3PW Heavyweight Title Tournament:
Shockingly, Blue Meanie gets a rather loud pop from the crowd. York uses his speed to take Meanie down, and taunts Meanie’s dance. Meanie with a drop toe hold into the middle turnbuckle. Meanie lifts York into the air and drops him gut first onto the mat. Running clothesline and running power slam on York for a two count. Meanie runs right into a super kick. York runs on the apron, slips, and crashes to the floor. “You Fucked Up” chant. Reverse DDT by York in the ring. York appears to have busted himself open from the slips moments ago. Slingshot guillotine leg drop by York for a two count. Meanie with a sit down power bomb for a near fall. York with a neck breaker, but Meanie blocks a moonsault. Moments later, York rolls Meanie up and uses the tights for leverage for the win. *1/2


Rocco Rock defeated Chris Chetti in the 1st Round of the 3PW Heavyweight Title Tournament: Rock steals the ECW Hat Guy’s hat and storms the ring where Chetti meets him with right hands. Chetti backdrop and a clothesline. Rock attempted to do a flip from the clothesline and landed oddly. But, doesn’t appear hurt. On the floor, Rock nails Chetti with a chair a couple of times. Beer can shot as well. Rock grabs the ring bell hammer and nails Chetti a few times. Chetti clotheslines Rock over the railing into the crowd. Rock sends Chetti into a few chairs. Chair shot to the shin of Chetti. They fight to the bleacher seats. Rock throws Chetti off the bleachers. Rock with a wooden pole and a trash can shot. Chetti gets a belt and whips Rock in the ring a few times. Rock avoids a splash in the corner and rolls Chetti up for the win. *

Danny Doring defeated Devon Storm in the 1st Round of the 3PW Heavyweight Title Tournament: Doring is a lot bigger compared to his ECW days. Muscle wise. Looks to be in great shape. Doring rips on a fan at ringside and even gets a “homo” chant directed towards the fan. Ground wrestling early on, Doring knocks Storm down and rips on the fan yet again. Springboard cross body by Storm. Doring manages to send Storm to the floor. Storm with a slingshot splash back into the ring and connects with a springboard moonsault. Modified suplex by Storm for a two count. Storm misses a somersault leg drop. Doring with a clothesline. Doring super kicks Storm off the apron, which sends Storm into the railing. Doring misses a slingshot splash to the floor. Storm sits Doring on a chair. Storm with a slingshot splash! Chair shot to Doring’s back. Storm grabs a section of guard railing and bridges the railing across other portions of railing by the aisle way. Storm with a vertical suplex on to the railing. They brawl to the eagles nest. Bam-Bam Bigelow is sitting up their. Doring avoids a power bomb. Doring with a tornado DDT off the steps. Doring with a chair shot. Doring with a vertical suplex of his own onto the railing. Top rope leg drop by Doring only gets a two count. Storm with a spine buster and leg drop to Doring’s groin. Storm flapjacks Doring onto the chair. Storm places the chair onto Doring’s back and connects with a nice Northern Lights suplex for a two count. Storm with a rollup, but Doring kicks out, which sends Storm into a chair bridged in the corner. Doring with the bareback buster for the win. **1/2
After the match, they hug to show respect for each other.


Tod Gordon comes out with Annihilation and porn star Ron Jeremy. Jeremy says he is living proof that anyone can get laid. Brianna comes down with barley wearing any clothing. She is fairly attractive. Dream comes down, and she is fairly shy. Both of these girls have nice bodies. Jasmine St. Claire comes down. She will obviously win this contest. Blue Meanie comes out in boxers. Angel comes out wearing clothing and not seemingly wanting to be apart of this. Angel calls the women in the ring a bunch of whores. She would rather wrestle. All three girls go to the floor and have water poured on them for the wet t-shirt contest. Annihilation comes over and choke slams Angel. Jasmine pours water on Angel. Angel comes back down and briefly attacks Jasmine. Jasmine and Brianna have the most water on them. Angel comes out yet again to attack Jasmine. Brianna and Dream get good reactions. Blue Meanie gets a decent one. Ron Jeremy with a series of bad jokes. Jasmine doesn’t get the biggest reaction. Tod Gordon chooses Jasmine. Angel and Brianna attack Jasmine afterward. That went way to long.

“Pitbull” Gary Wolfe defeated Danny Doring in the Semi Finals of the 3PW Heavyweight Title Tournament:
Test of strength, which Doring actually has the advantage. Wolfe gains control and stomps on Doring’s fingers. Wolfe uses the ropes to slingshot Doring from the apron back into the ring. Snap suplex by Wolfe. Doring with a few chops but have zero affect. Wolfe with a few chops of his own. Running forearm smash by Wolfe in the corner. Overhead belly to belly suplex by Wolfe. Wolfe with the Death Valley Driver to pick up the win. *

Christian York defeated Rocco Rock in the Semi Finals of the 3PW Heavyweight Title Tournament: Rock sends York into the corner and York flips over to the floor. York avoids a chair shot. York is sent into the crowd and runs away from Rock. Rock chokes York with his belt. Rock slams York on the floor with the belt still around his neck. Belt assisted clothesline by Rock. Rock places York on a table on the floor. Rock with a somersault splash through the table! York is busted wide open, from the cut earlier in the night. Rock misses a somersault splash in the ring. Rock walks the ropes, York crotches Rock on the ropes, vertical suplex by York. York goes for the cover and gets the quick win. *
After the match, Rock attacks York with the belt before walking to the back.


“Pitbull” Gary Wolfe defeated Christian York to become the 3PW Heavyweight Champion: Wolfe makes his way down with chair and starts the finals. York with a savant kick to Wolfe’s midsection and a few chops. Wolfe drops York chest first onto the railing. Wolf e and York trade a few chair shots. It takes three from York for Wolfe to even be affected. Rolling neck breaker by Wolfe back in the ring followed by a dropkick. They go back to the floor and do the same stuff that has been done all night. Back to the Eagles Nest. Wolfe punches York off the eagles nest, and York crashes through a table. York comes back with a belt. York attempts a suicide dive, but Wolfe whacks him with the chair. Death Valley Driver. Wolfe is the first ever 3PW Heavyweight Champion. *1/2
After the match, Gary Wolfe celebrates the title win.

Kevin Sullivan defeated Bam Bam Bigelow and Dusty Rhodes in a 3 Way Dance: Bigelow gets a good reception. Bigelow cuts a promo on New Jack who double booked himself and couldn’t compete for 3PW. Bigelow mentions New Jack and his drug habit. Both Bigelow and Sullivan look to be in pretty good shape. Bigelow looks thinner. Dusty comes out and is fairly serious, taking his sweet old time getting to the ring. That’s because Bigelow and Sullivan double team him on the floor. Rhodes is busted open within fifteen seconds from a series of right hands. Sullivan throws a chair at Rhodes a few times. Crowd loves Dusty. Sullivan holds Dusty, and Bigelow connects with a top rope head butt. Rhodes comes back with a series of rights and elbows to a huge ovation. Sullivan turns on Bigelow. Sullivan sends Bigelow into the crowd. Chair shots from Sullivan. They brawl over to the concession stand. Rhodes arrives and sends Bigelow into the juke box. Sullivan is busted open. Rhodes with several rights and elbows on both Bigelow and Sullivan. Sullivan accidentally nails Bigelow with the bell hammer, as Bigelow was holding Rhodes. Rhodes hits Sullivan with the hammer, who lands on Bigelow and gets the three count. *
After the match, Rhodes delivers a few elbow smashes to both Bigelow and Sullivan


End of show.

My Opinion:
The first three matches sucked. The guys facing each other just didn’t match up that well. Also, they looked confused and slow. Meanie and York is a perfect example. Meanie would clearly give away a move ten seconds before he actually did it. Doring/Storm was by far the best match on the card. However, it wasn’t anything spectacular but for the fifteen minutes it was given it was entertaining. The whole wet t-shirt contest was the intermission for the show I would assume. That was just un-entertaining and took me out of even thinking that the rest of the show could be entertaining after that, no matter what. Both the semi-finals and finals were below average. 3PW having a Heavyweight Championship is good however. The main event was pretty much just like every other match on the card. All they did was brawl in the crowd, on the floor and hit each other with chairs. Very, very lack luster. Terrible show. Its too bad too, because 3PW drew a lot of people for the show, just for the main event, and it didn’t deliver. Not having commentary is also a negative for the DVD.

Overall Grade:

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