3PW This Ones For You 9/21/2002

Written By: Bob Colling

3PW This Ones For You
Date: 9/21/2002
From: ECW Arena

This show is in memory of the late Rocco Rock.

Finally 3PW has a commentary team. Jerry Strouse and Mike Winter are on commentary.

Hack Myers defeated Ace Steele:
Myers is in a lot better shape than he was in ECW. Myers is completely bald and actually has ring gear. Steel sends Myers to the floor and connects with a suicide dive too the floor. Springboard clothesline by Steel. Steel traps Myers in the corner and connects with a dropkick. Myers comes back with a guillotine leg drop on the apron and reverse neck breaker for a near fall. German suplex by Steel. Steel plants Myers with a tornado DDT. Myers with a few rollups and gets a few near falls. Steel with a octopus submission. Myers manages to fight out. Myers eventually plants Steel with a DDT. Myers shoves Steel off the top and delivers a few clotheslines. Myers with a pile driver for the win. **1/4

Colt Cabana defeated CM Punk:
Both men are regulars with IWA-MS. These two teamed on the first 3PW show. Cabana is the baby face of the bout. Both were heels in the prior appearance. Tilt a whirl arm drag by Punk. Springboard arm drag by Punk. Cabana with a arm drag on his own. Headlock time by both men. Really slows down the match. They trade a series of slaps. Cabana botches a leapfrog and gets a “You Fucked Up” chant. Middle rope leg drop by Cabana. Punk with a spinning neck breaker/backbreaker combo. Shining wizard by Punk. Punk with a surfboard type submission. They brawl to the floor and Cabana connects with a springboard moonsault to the floor! Punk begs for mercy in the ring. Double knee strike by Cabana in the corner. Punk springboard off the middle rope right into a gut buster, Cabana with the rollup and gets the win. **


The Blue Meanie defeated Chris Chetti: Meanie continues to get a fairly good reception from the crowd. Meanie with the advantage early on with a few clotheslines and a hip toss. Chetti stalls on the floor. Chetti is knocked off the apron into the guard railing. Chetti bulldogs Meanie’s left arm. Chetti continues to work on the left arm with a wrist lock. Chetti sends Meanie shoulder first into the turnbuckle. Chetti continues to work on the arm. Cross arm breaker by Chetti. Meanie isn’t giving in. Several boots by Chetti adding to the pain. Meanie reaches the bottom rope. Chetti with several kicks to Meanie’s arm. Meanie sent the floor. Meanie with a sloppy rollup, and followed up with a sloppy clothesline. Meanie with a scoop slam. Chetti cuts off Meanie and his moonsault attempt. Chetti with a vertical suplex, dropping Meanie frontward for a near fall. Seconds later, Meanie plants Chetti with a DDT for the win. *

Josh Daniels defeated White Lotus:
Daniels takes Lotus down with a hard running forearm shot to the face. Several loud chops in the corner by Daniels. Daniels chops Lotus to the floor. Daniels misses a slingshot splash to the floor. Lotus with a springboard off the middle rope and connects with a leg drop. Lotus with a modified t-bone suples, German suplex and a delayed brain buster for a two count. Daniels fights back with a back suplex. Springboard back elbow by Lotus. Daniels with a nice looking release German suplex. Northern Lights by Daniels for a near fall. Lotus avoids a clothesline and nails Daniels with a super kick for a two count. Daniels with a victory roll to pick up the win. **1/4

Christian York and Joey Matthews defeated Danny Doring and Amish Roadkill:
By the sounds of it the crowd is far more interested in seeing Roadkill. Matthews and York stall for quite a bit, arguing with one fan at ringside. Matthews goes to the corner to taunt, and Doring pulls Matthews tights down. A few shoulder blocks by Doring early on. Doring and Matthews trade a few chops. Titty twisters by Doring. Doring continues to work on both Matthews and York’s nipples. Doring clotheslines Matthews to the floor. Double super kick on York. Doring leaps off Roadkill’s back and splashes onto both York and Matthews on the floor. Roadkill slams York down, double springboard elbow drop on York. Side slam on Matthews. Matthews DDT’s Roadkill, and York crotches Doring on the top turnbuckle. York with a back suplex on Doring. Doring begs for some right hands from Matthews. Matthews keeps control with a series of right hands. Slingshot guillotine leg drop by York on Doring. Double vertical suplex. Matthews with a neck breaker. The referee is chopped by Matthews, referee comes back with a series of chops, struts, ducks a clothesline and Matthews runs into the Bareback by Doring! Roadkill gets the hot tag and cleans house. TKO on Matthews. Side slam on York. Roadkill big splashes the referee in the corner. Hart Attack version on York. Doring with a leg drop. Matthews shoves Roadkill off the top through a table. Reverse DDT by York on a chair. York gets the three and the win. **1/2
After the match, Roadkill grabs a microphone and says “Thank You for the Memory”. ECW chant.


Rockin Rebel comes down to the ring. Rebel goes over all the hardcore matches he has been involved in, and how he has been screwed over in all of his matches. Rebel rips on a few people in the crowd. Rebel challenges anyone to a street fight. Angel accepts the challenge.

Angel defeated Rockin Rebel in a Philly Street Fight Match:
Rebel turn his back and Angel chokes Rebel. They trade a series of chops in the corner. Angel with a chair shot. Angel with a leg drop on a chair, which is on Rebel. Side slam by Rebel. Rebel sends Angel into the guard railing. DDT by Angel on a chair. Rebel with a chair shot. Rebel tells the fan to move, but just sends Angel back into the ring. Angel with a splash in the corner. Rebel sends Angel back first into a chair. Low blow by Angel, and grabs Rebel’s groin. Rebel gives up. DUD

“Pitbull” Gary Wolfe (3PW Heavyweight Champ) defeated Dead Man Walking to retain the title:
Dean Man Walking is some masked wrestler. Wolfe with control early on with a Russian leg sweep. Wolfe sends DMW into the guard railing. A chair shot by Wolfe. DMW misses a middle rope leg drop. Death Valley Driver by Wolfe for the quick win. DUD


Abdullah The Butcher fought Kevin Sullivan to a No Contest:
Sullivan throws powder into Butchers face before the bell. Sullivan with a few fork shots on the floor. Butcher is already busted open. Chair shot from Sullivan. Several moments later, Butcher comes back with several head butts and busts Sullivan open with the fork. They brawl over to the eagles nest. Late in the match, Sabu runs down with a chair. Sabu springboards off the chair and nails Butcher with a splash in the corner. Sabu has his own fork and delivers several shots to Butcher’s head. Syxx-Pac enters the ring and makes the save and brawls with Sullivan to the backstage area. Butcher with a few scissors shots to Sabu’s head. *1/2

Missy Hyatt fought Donna and Jasmine St. Claire to a no contest in a 3 Way Dance: Rockin Rebel comes down and is talking very high, selling the testicle claw earlier in the night. Rebel will be the judge for the strip off. All three strip down to panties and a bra. Donna is eliminated. Jasmine has some special music for Hyatt. The song mentions a “fat ass”. A cat fight proceeds to happen. Hyatt has a nipple slip. Rebel attacks Jasmine. Blue Meanie comes out, Hyatt with a low blow. Rebel and Hyatt taunt Meanie and Jasmine. They even do a dog pissing on both Meanie and Jasmine. DUD

Syxx-Pac defeated Sabu:
Sabu quickly goes to work on Pac. Pac comes back with right hands and chops. Standing side kick by Pac for a two count. Pac with a sit out power bomb blocking a hurricanrana attempt. Standing spin kick in the corner by Pac. Sabu blocks he Bronco Buster. Pac trips Sabu and Sabu lands head first on a chair. Pac with a chair shot. Sabu blocks the X-Factor and connects with one of his own. Sabu with the fork and delivers a few shots to Pac’s head. Pac is busted open. Camel clutch by Sabu. Pac doesn’t give up. Clothesline by Sabu. Slingshot leg drop by Sabu and locks in a cross arm breaker, but Pac reaches the ropes fairly quickly. Sabu misses a dive to the floor. Pac connects with a somersault splash to the floor. Vicious chair shot by Sabu. Springboard leg attack onto Pac who was up against the guard railing. Sabu grabs a table. Pac manages to fight back and places Sabu on the table. Sabu crotches Pac on the top rope. Sabu plants Pac with a DDT and gets a near fall. Cross arm breaker again by Sabu. Sabu bridges the table between the guard railing and apron. Sabu crotches Pac into the ring post. Pac is placed onto the table. Sabu with a double springboard and crashes onto Pac through the table! Another vicious chair shot by Sabu, wrapping a chair around Pac’s head. Triple jump moonsault by Sabu but Pac somehow manages to kick out. Sabu grabs another table. Pac with a few kicks to knock Sabu down. Pac connects with a X-Factor but Sabu kicks out. Pac crotches Sabu on the top turnbuckle. Pac with the X-FACOTR OFF THE TOP THROUGH THE TABLE. Pac goes for the cover and gets the win. ***1/4


End of Show

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