3PW A Night For Flyboy 10/19/2002

Written By: Bob Colling

3PW A Night For Flyboy
Date: 10/19/2002
From: ECW Arena

Johnny Grunge comes out and he his very emotional. The crowd gives a standing ovation for Grunge. Tod Gordon and all of the wrestlers involved with tonight’s show enter the ring. Yes, even guys like Sabu, Lawler and Syxx and Hennig. No one is bigger than anyone in 3PW. That is very classy. A “Rocco” chant. Gordon speaks and the crowd is completely silent. Gordon says that Rock is most respected man in 3PW. A banner is shown that will forever be in the ECW Arena. A 10 bell salute. A well done tribute for Rocco Rock. Grunge remains in the ring and grabs a microphone. Grunge says that was the hardest walk to the ring in his career. Because he didn’t have his partner Rocco. Grunge says he and Rocco loved ECW and ECW Arena. He says that competing for the ECW fans was the best feeling in the world. Grunge says “Public Enemy will live on”. A emotional opening.

Joey Matthews defeated Josh Daniels:
Matthews slaps Daniels and rolls to the floor to taunt the fans. Matthews continues to be fairly arrogant. Daniels with a right hand, avoiding a test of strength. Daniels clotheslines Matthews over the top to the floor. A few rights from Matthews, but Daniels comes back with a clothesline in the corner. A botched leapfrog out of the corner. Matthews with a chair shot on the floor. Top rope clothesline by Matthews for a near fall. Daniels misses a spear in the corner and goes shoulder first into the ring post. Daniels with a delayed vertical suplex. Matthews comes back with a few forearm shot. Several clotheslines from Daniels. Snap suplex, overhead suplex by Daniels for a near fall. Northern Lights suplex by Daniels for a near fall. Daniels goes to the top rope and is crotched on the top as Matthews sends the referee into the ropes. Daniels shoves Matthews off, Daniels misses a top rope leg drop.Matthews with a spinning reverse DDT for the win. **1/4


Rob Eckos defeated White Lotus:
Eckos is like a modern day Rick Martel. Just much more obnoxious which gets great heat. Another “heel vs. heel” contest. I can’t imagine people will be rooting for Eckos. Springboard back elbow by Lotus early on. Lotus pulls Eckos trunks down. Eckos keeps them down for far too long. The three women in the crowd loved that. Eckos sends Lotus into the guard railing. Eckos misses a splash in the corner, but comes back with a Russian leg sweep with a clothesline combo. Nice hip toss into a neck breaker by Eckos. The fans are behind Lotus, as expected. T-Bone suplex, German suplex, and a vertical suplex by Lotus. Lotus gets a two count. Eckos with a tornado DDT from the middle rope, that was after he motioned Lotus giving him pleasure. Slingshot sunset flip into the ring by Lotus, but Eckos drops down and uses the ropes for leverage to win. *1/4

Jason Knight defeated Del Tsunami:
Jason uses his size to control Del. A nice release German suplex a few moments into the match. Front slam, and a body vice with a leg lock to earn the win. Simple squash pretty much. *

Amish Roadkill defeated Christian York:
York grabs a microphone and mocks Roadkill saying “Sheep”. York makes fun on Roadkill’s lisp. York begins to speak with a lisp. Roadkill grabs the microphone and nails York. Roadkill dropkicks York who was trying to skin the cat. They brawl outside the ring. Roadkill sends York into the guard railing, and drops York throat first on the railing. Roadkill leaps off the apron and misses a splash. York with leg drop on the railing. Middle rope clothesline by Roadkill for a near fall. Vertical suplex by Roadkill. A botched backdrop to the floor, so they did it twice. York with control back in the ring with a leg drop for a near fall. Roadkill blocks the Bronco Buster in the corner. York with a clothesline. York drops a leg to Roadkill’s groin, Another guillotine leg drop by York. Tope rope hurricanrana by York but only gets a two count. Roadkill catches York in midair and slams York down. Side slam and soon connects with a power bomb. Joey Matthews enters the ring with a chair. York with a spin kick on Matthews. York super kicks the chair into Roadkill’s face, only gets a two count. Seconds later, Roadkill connects with the TKO. Roadkill power bomb Matthews onto York. Roadkill goes to the top rope and connects with a big splash for the win. **1/4


Syxx-Pac defeated Ron “The Truth” Killings (NWA World Heavyweight Champ) in a non-title match: Truth grabs a microphone and he is upset with the crowd cheering Syxx and booing him. Syxx is sick of listening to Truth’s “bullshit” in TNA and here in 3PW. Syxx says Truth has been avoiding him. Quite a bit of stalling by Truth. Syxx grabs the microphone and wants to get the match started. Nice arm drag by Truth, twice. Syxx trips Truth and mounts Killings back and delivers a few slaps. Spinning heel kick by Syxx. Truth with a spinning heel kick of his own. Abdominal stretch by Truth, and Syxx reverses into one of his own. Truth hip tosses Syxx over the top to the floor. Truth with a dive over the top to the floor onto Syxx. Syxx crotches Truth into the ring post. Syxx leaps off the top and is caught in mid air by Truth who connects with a dropkick. Truth goes up top and misses a 450 splash. Standing spin kick, twice by Pac. Sit down power bomb by Syxx catching Truth’s attempted hurricanrana. Northern Lights suplex by Syxx. Syxx goes for the Bronco Buster, Truth flips to the top rope blocking the move. Killings with a cross body off the top, Syxx rolls over into a pin and gets a near fall. X Factor by Syxx. Sabu comes down and nails Truth with the Arabian face crusher on accident. Syxx nails Sabu with a chair. Syxx covers Truth and gets the win. ***
After the match, Syxx challenges Sabu to a match next month.


Blue Meanie and Jasmine St. Clair defeated Rockin Rebel and Missy Hyatt: Several tag in and tag outs, Rebel avoiding Meanie and Hyatt avoiding Jasmine. Rebel and Jasmine start off. Meanie gets a tag behind Rebels back. Double team dropkick on Rebel. Meanie sends Rebel off the apron into the guard railing. Rebel takes a drink on the floor, Meanie with a right hand. Rebel with a dropkick back in the ring. A collision knocks Rebel down, and Meanie falls onto Rebel’s groin. Jasmine and Hyatt get tags. Cat fight. Meanie with a sunset flip on Rebel and goes for a cover. The men aren’t even legal. Reverse DDT by Rebel. Jasmine splashes on Hyatt. Meanie splashes Rebel. Sexual position involving Rebel and Hyatt. Jasmine with a low blow, covers Rebel, who’s foot is on the bottom rope, to get the win. DUD
After the match, Hyatt is not happy with Rebel. Rebel attacks Meanie. Rebel strips Jasmine. That is until Annihilation and Tod Gordon come out. Choke slam on Rebel. Annihilation choke slams Meanie as well. Jasmine has joined Tod Gordon as she strips on her own will. Jasmine says what would she want from a loser like Meanie.Apparently Jasmine is going to be managing someone at the next show all the way to the top.

Jerry “The King” Lawler defeated Curt Hennig:
Hennig comes out to a really good reaction. Lawler doesn’t get anywhere near the reaction that Hennig got. Stalling for quite a few moments, all by Hennig. Scoop slam by Hennig. Another scoop slam. Lawler comes back with two scoop slams of his own. Hennig rolls to the floor. Backdrop by Hennig. Lawler catches Hennig with a right hand. This is really a slow contest. Neither man is doing more than one move at a time. Lawler with a few rights which sends Hennig over the top onto a table. Hennig comes back into the ring and connects with the rolling neck breaker. Sleeper hold locked in by Hennig. Vertical suplex by Hennig gets a two count. Lawler with a few boots, flips off Hennig and connects with the Stunner! Lawler only gets a two count. Lawler rams Hennig’s head into all three turnbuckles and the mat. Lawler kicks Hennig’s left leg and locks in a toe hold. Lawler drops a elbow on the knee and works on the leg. Hennig backdrops Lawler, who was going for the pile driver. Hennig connects with the pile driver. Hennig takes his time and covers Lawler very cocky allowing Lawler to get his foot on the bottom rope. Several right hands from Hennig in the corner, which appears to awake Lawler. Lawler with several right hands. Lawler with a middle rope fist drop and gets a near fall. Lawler runs into a boot in the corner, Hennig rolls Lawler up, uses the ropes for leverage to win the match. Lawler is telling the referee that is what happened. The referee asks the crowd if he uses the crowd. Obviously they say he did, so the match is restarted. Hennig punches the referee, Lawler pulls Hennig down using the trunks and picks up the win. *1/2

Sabu defeated “Pitbull” Gary Wolfe to win the 3PW Heavyweight Title:
Annihilation and Tod Gordon come out with Sabu. Wolfe gets the biggest pop of his 3PW career tonight. Wolfe and Sabu shake hands and hug. He hugs Gordon who then attacks Wolfe when he turns around. Sabu is hesitant to do anything after that. Wolfe gets in Sabu face and they trade a series of right hands. Wolfe clotheslines the back of Sabu’s head. Sabu sends Wolfe into the turnbuckle chest first and takes him down with a clothesline. Split legged moonsault gets a near fall for Sabu. On the floor, Wolfe delivers a series of forearm shots. They both get chairs. Series of shots, neither man getting directly hit. They go back to the ring. Springboard heel kick by Sabu for a near fall.
Sabu springboards off the chair, the top rope and connects with a dive into the crowd onto Wolfe! Wolfe sends Sabu into a row of chairs. Wolfe has been busted open. They brawl up to the eagles nest. Wolfe with a DDT through a table! A fan holds a chair and Wolfe sends Sabu head first into the chair. Sabu bridges a table between the apron and the railing. Sabu charges but Wolfe kicks Sabu avoiding the move. Triple jump moonsault by Sabu. Wolfe manages to kick out. Sabu goes for it again, but Wolfe grabs the chair and throws it at Sabu. Holy Shit, Wolfe with a power bomb off the apron through the table bridged between the apron and guard railing! Sabu manages to kick out. Sabu with a small package almost picked up the win. Wolfe with the Burning Hammer on Sabu. Gordon pulls Wolfe during a pin attempt, Sabu kicks out. Sabu avoids the Death Valley Driver by rolling Wolfe up but Wolfe kicks out. Double clothesline. Wolfe crotches Sabu on the top turnbuckle. Middle rope superplex by Wolfe. Sabu with several rights which do not affect Wolfe. Wolfe with several right forearms. Wolfe gets another table and slides it into the ring. Weak DDT by Sabu. Sabu leaps off a table and connects with a splash in the corner. Sabu places Wolfe on the table, who tips over. Arabian face buster by Sabu through the table, two win the title. ***
After the match, Wolfe and Sabu embrace after the bout.


My Opinion:
The tribute to Rocco Rock was well done and very emotional. A nice gesture by 3PW. The opening contest was a decent way to start the show, action wise. Eckos/Lotus was really bland. Jason gets a simple squash, that makes me assume he is going to be getting a push in 3PW at some point. Roadkill/York did a lot of brawling on the floor, two different styles caused that match to suffer. Once Killings/Pac got going, it was pretty good. I was surprised to see Syxx getting the win over Truth. Good idea to have Sabu interfere so that Killings isn’t made out to look weak. Mixed tag team match was really boring and crowd didn’t care for it. Another swerve, seems like Vince Russo is writing for 3PW. I didn’t expect Lawler/Hennig to a great match, but I didn’t expect that Lawler would have half assed it the way he did. Terrible match between two HOF wrestlers. The botched finish to the main event hurt my rating for it. Still, the bout was still very solid for being a hardcore battle.

Overall Grade:

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