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UWF Hardcore War II 6/8/2007

Written By: Bob Colling

UWF Hardcore War II
Date: 6/8/2007
From: ECW Arena

Arrogance (Chris Bosh & Scott Lost) defeated Team Macktion (Kirby & TJ Mack):
Bosh and Lost come out to Rick Martel’s model theme circa 1992. Bosh and Lost attack Kirby and TJ before the bell. Kirby and TJ come back with clotheslines on both men, a double suplex on Bosh. Double flat liner on Lost who lands head first onto Bosh’s groin. Lost with a spin kick on TJ. Bosh with a ace crusher across Bosh’s knee on TJ. Lost with a vertical suplex on TJ to continue his offense. Lost with a knee lift on TJ before tagging in Bosh. Bosh with a leg drop on TJ who was across Lost’s knee. TJ comes back with a single leg dropkick on Lost. Kirby gets the tag and takes Bosh out a spinning kick. Kirby flips out of the corner and nails Lost with the Back Stabber of sorts. Bosh with a tornado DDT on Kirby on the apron. TJ with a nice hurricanrana on Lost in the ring. Double somersault splashes over the top to the floor onto Bosh and Lost. Bosh is placed in a surfboard by TJ. Kirby with a double stomp off the top, but Lost breaks the count up. Lost with a running spear in the corner on Kirby. Lost with a backdrop and TJ lands on Bosh’s knee. Bosh with the cover and wins the match. ***

TNA X-Division Champion Chris Sabin defeated Joey Ryan:
Sabin with a thumb to Ryan’s eye early on. Fast pace series of near fall. Ryan tries to kip up as Sabin did, but Ryan is unable. Ryan even gets the referee to help, and actually, Sabin helps him up as well. Ryan gets his puffer from the referee. Ryan works on Sabin’s arm. Hammerlock scoop slam by Ryan. Hammerlock Northern Lights by Ryan. Sabin dropkicks Ryan off the apron to the floor. Sabin with a double axe handle off the apron to the floor. Springboard missile dropkick by Sabin back in the ring for a near fall. Modified abdominal stretch by Sabin. Ryan comes back with a dropkick and sends Sabin to the floor. Ryan with a suicide dive to the floor. Ryan with a tornado DDT off the apron to the floor. Ryan soon gets a near fall back in the ring. Sabin spits at Ryan and kicks Ryan. Ryan comes back with a yakuza kick. Ryan with a exploder clutch suplex for a near fall. Sabin has Ryan in a tree of woe in the corner and nails Ryan with a dropkick for a near fall. Sabin with a running back elbow in the corner. Ryan nails Sabin with a super kick coming off the ropes. Moments later, Sabin nails the Cradle Shock to win the bout. ***


Daffney & Damien Wayne defeated April Hunter & JD Michaels: Before the match, Hunter attempts to do one of Daffney’s splits, but is unable to do so. Wayne with a few arm drags to take JD down and works on his arm with a few knee drops. Wayne catches JD with a dropkick. JD with a Hot Shot on the top rope to gain control. JD with a slingshot elbow from the apron back into the ring. JD with a vertical suplex and taunts the crowd. Rolling Thunder fist drop by JD for a near fall. Daffney crotches JD on the top turnbuckle and Wayne connects with a superplex. Daffney and April get tags and Hunter botches a spinning side slam. Hunter with a snap suplex and a Perfect Plex for a near fall. Hunter with another botched spinning heel kick and a locks in a cross arm breaker. Daffney is in a tree of woe, but manages to use her strength to connect with a reverse DDT on Hunter. All four are brawling. Daffney locks in a cross arm breaker on Hunter to win the bout. *1/4

Sabu defeated Danny Doring:
Doring grabs a microphone and brings up his release from the ECW brand. Doring mentions his debut in 1997 against Lynn in 1997. Doring runs down his history in the ECW Arena, and calls out Sabu. The crowd loves Sabu. Sabu sends Doring into a corner and connects with a clothesline as he comes out. Slingshot leg drop by Sabu for a near fall. Doring comes back with a clothesline for a near fall and sends Sabu to the floor. Slingshot somersault leg drop by Sabu for a near fall back in the ring. Sabu sets up a chair. Doring trips Sabu who lands face first onto the chair. Modified STF locked in by Doring. Doring bridges the chair in a corner. Sabu sends Doring back first into the chair. Sabu leaps off the chair, but the chair collapses. Doring with a modified roll of the dice to take control. Doring misses a dive to the floor. Sabu with a somersault dive to the floor onto Doring. Doring with a exploder suplex back in the ring. Doring with a Taz taunt and locks in the Taz Mission. Sabu reaches the bottom rope. Doring grabs a chair. Doring goes up top and Sabu tosses the chair right at Doring. Top rope hurricanrana by Sabu for a near fall. Triple jump moonsault by Sabu but only gets a two count. Doring catches Sabu in the corner. Sabu throws the chair at Doring again. Arabian Facebuster from the top by Sabu for the win. **1/4
– After the match, Sabu and Doring embrace.


Sonjay Dutt defeated Ruckus: After a few moments of mat wrestling, Dutt takes Ruckus down with a hurricanrana. Ruckus with a nice flip head scissors taking Dutt to the floor. Both men miss dives on the floor. Ruckus lands on his feet, but Dutt does not. Ruckus with a shooting star press off the apron to the floor! Ruckus with a few pin attempts before locking in a submission hold. Several near falls by both men. Dutt with a arm drag. Ruckus with a spinning arm locked neck breaker for a near fall. Standing moonsault by Ruckus for a near fall. Ruckus misses a dive in the corner. Dutt with a springboard leg lariat and gets a near fall. Ruckus with a handspring spinning heel kick. Double handspring back elbow, followed by a rolling thunder rocker dropper for a near fall. Dutt with a around the world tornado DDT and standing shooting star press for the win. ***

Bullrope Match: Dustin Rhodes defeated Steve Corino:
Corino grabs the microphone. Corino needs to say something. Corino says it is a honor to be in the ring with Earl Hebner. Corino says Earl has no problem calling matches early. Corino calls Bret a prick and would have rang the bell early, Earl gives him a high five. Corino claims this is the “last appearance of the king of old school in the real ECW Arena”. Corino rips on the ECW crap on Tuesday nights. Corino says he would sellout quicker than anyone can say his name. Corino introduces Mitch Williams, the pitcher who blew the 1993 World Series for the Phillies. Obviously the Philadelphia crowd boo him. Williams looks rather nervous. Rhodes comes out and asks Williams what he is doing here. Rhodes goes to nail Williams with a right hand, until Corino attacks Rhodes. Corino goes to work on Rhodes on the floor and brawl up the aisle way. Corino nails Rhodes with the cowbell. Rhodes is busted open already. Corino touches the first three corners, but Rhodes delivers a few rights and a atomic drop to stop his momentum. Rhodes pulls on the rope and Corino is rammed into the ring post. Rhodes sends a chair into the ring. Rhodes grabs the bell ringer and places the cowbell on Corino’s groin and rings the bell. Corino fights back with a right hand but Rhodes sends Corino head first into the chair. Rhodes bridges the chair in the corner and sends Corino head first into the chair. Corino is busted open. Rhodes tied Corino in the corner and pulls on the ropes and Corino goes head first into the chair yet again. Rhodes gets to four corners and Mitch Williams nails Rhodes with a right hand. Corino nails Rhodes with a right hand and begins to touch the corners. Rhodes is touching the corners right behind Corino. Rhodes with a running bulldog and touches the last turnbuckle for the win. **


Senshi defeated Joey Matthews: Matthews grabs a microphone. Matthews says he has been fired from every promotion he has competed in. WWE three times, WCW twice and is convinced he will be fired from UWF eventually. Quite a bit of stalling before any action. Senshi kicks Matthews to the floor while in a wrist lock. Senshi with a cross arm breaker across the top rope in the corner. Senshi with a chop which again sends Matthews to the floor. Senshi with another kick while on the apron. A couple of back elbows by Senshi in the ring. Senshi with several chops. Matthews misses a few chops. Matthews places Senshi on the top turnbuckle and is nailed with a double chop to his back, but Matthews sends Senshi to the floor. Delayed vertical suplex by Matthews for a near fall. Senshi is crotched on the top turnbuckle and Matthews connects with a superplex and gets a near fall. Senshi with a back suplex to gain control. Several chops by Senshi. Senshi with a roundhouse kick. Senshi nails Matthews with a springboard heel kick. Matthews with a Northern Lights suplex. Matthews goes for a vertical suplex but Senshi delivers a few knees to Matthews head. Senshi drops Matthews off the top rope and misses the double stomp. Senshi turns around and walks right into a super kick from Matthews which gets a near fall. Senshi manages to trip Matthews up and rolls Matthews up for the win. **

Philadelphia Street Fight: Team 3D defeated AJ Styles & Christopher Daniels:
Styles grabs a microphone and says that he doesn’t want to compete in a street fight against Team 3-D. Styles says that Team 3-D haven’t done wrestling in the ECW Arena. He doesn’t believe they can wrestle. Daniels says No. Daniels is tired of wrestling fans thinking they know wrestling. Daniels says he and Styles brought wrestling to this arena the day they walked through the doors. Daniels mentions Sabu, Tommy Dreamer and Team 3-D as they are not the greatest wrestlers. Team 3-D tells Styles and Daniels to address them as the Dudley Boys when in this arena. Brother Ray says either Daniels or Styles will be going through a table by the end of the night. D-Von and Styles start off with both men taking the other down. Should be noted, both tag teams are wrestling the traditional tag team style, thus far. Daniels takes Ray down and walks up Ray’s back and taunts the crowd and Ray. Ray sends Daniels to the floor and tosses a ladder at Daniels, who manages to move out of the way. Styles enters the ring and double team Daniels. D-Von enters and all four men go at it. Team 3-D with running clotheslines, scoop slams and send Styles and Daniels over the top to the floor. D-Von with a trash can shot on Daniels. Ray with a trash can shot on Styles. Ray with a cooking sheet shot on Styles. Ray with a crutch and chokes Styles. Styles avoids a shot and nails Ray several times with the cooking sheet. Styles with a kendo stick and chokes Ray. Daniels nails D-Von with a trash can and slams D-Von head first onto the can. Styles with trash can shots to both D-Von and Ray. D-Von has the testicular claw on Styles for a moment. Ray with chops on Daniels. D-Von with a spine buster on Styles in the ring. Daniels comes in and connects with a STO. Bubba Bomb by Ray on Daniels. Styles with a springboard forearm on Ray for a near fall. Daniels has D-Von on his shoulders but D-Von reverses. Rick Steiner enters the ring and takes Styles and Daniels out with few suplexs. Steiner with a double running clothesline on Team 3-D. Daniels with a slam, BME and Styles connects with a top rope splash on D-Von for a near fall. Ray goes for a elbow but Daniels and Styles connect with a snap suplex. D-Von pushes Styles off the top rope. Team 3-D with the “What’s Up” on Daniels. Ray tells D-Von to get the tables. Pele kick by Styles on D-Von. Daniels with a kick on Ray. Ray moves the tables so that D-Von doesn’t go through it. Ray power bombs Styles through the table. 3-D on Daniels. Ray with the cover to win the bout. **1/4


My Opinion:
A good way to start the show with Arrogance/Team Macktion. All four styles matched well and Arrogance sold some of the moves really well. Also, had a nice fast pace to get the crowd pumped up. Sabin/Ryan was another fun contest that had a excellent pace to the match. Mixed tag team was pretty bad. Hunter botched quite a few moves which hurt the match. JD Michaels appears to be a good talent though. Sabu/Doring was OK. You get the typical Sabu spots but the match itself was too bad. Ruckus/Dutt was yet another good contest. Bullrope was average, was rather bloody, but nothing too spectacular occurred. Senshi/Matthews was really lackluster compared to what both men can do in the ring, that is for sure. Main Event was mediocre as well. The first few moments of the match were boring, but everything else was OK. Just a lot of simple weapon shots throughout.

Overall Grade:


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