NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #9 8/14/2002

Written By: Bob Colling

National Wrestling Alliance/Total Non-Stop Action presents Weekly PPV #9
Date: 8/14/2002
From: Nashville, Tennessee

NWA-TNA Opening Video

NWA-TNA World Heavyweight Champion, Ron “The Truth” Killings makes his way down to the ring. Truth proclaims the TNA arena as his house and renames the arena as the “TNA Asylum”. Killings says he became a legend following his win over Ken Shamrock last week. Killings says that in the WWF he couldn’t make the same mistakes as the other wrestlers, because he is African American. Truth says he isn’t using the race card, although he clearly is. Truth says he took advantage of a opportunity and became a damn legend. Jeff Jarrett comes out and cuts Truth off and calls Truth “Walt Disney”. Jarrett brings up reverse discrimination against him. Jarrett says Truth was given his shot while he has been screwed over constantly. Jarrett wants Truth to give him a shot, tonight. Truth tells Jarrett to come down to the ring if he wants the shot strap. Jarrett stops because Bill Behrens music hits. Behrens looks like a complete fool with a cowboy hat and security guards. Behrens says he is the new sheriff in town. Behrens says that Truth and Jarrett will not be sanctioned by the NWA and will not be for the championship. Jarrett threatens Behrens and is attacked from behind by…. Brian Lawler! Lawler attacks Jarrett on the announcers table. In a hilarious moment, Lawler tries to take a fans chair, but the fan will not let him have it! Jarrett and Lawler have a pull apart brawl for a few moments. Lawler says “I know it was you Jarrett, I know it was you.”

Mike Tenay, Don West and Ed Ferrera promote the show. They mainly hype up the main event. Apparently something happen earlier today between Lynn and Styles. Low KI will also be facing the Flying Elvises in a elimination match.


Opening Contest: Spanish Announce Team (Maximo’s/Amazing Red) defeated Kid Kash/Shark Boy/Slim J: Slim J is only seventeen years old and is a Marshall Mathers wannabe. Kash with the early offense for his team controlling both Maximo Brothers. Kash with a springboard dropkick and a slingshot hurricanrana to the floor on Joel Maximo. Jose with a suicide dive on Kash. Shark Boy with a somersault splash on Joel. Slim J with a moonsault taking out the Maximo’s and Shark Boy. Amazing Red with a somersault dive of his own. Kash with a springboard somersault dive taking everyone out. Maximo’s with a Boston Crab/chin lock combo on Slim J and Shark Boy with Amazing Red dropkicking Slim J right in the face. Kash with a top rope body slam on Amazing Red that was awesome. Slim J misses a sick springboard Phoenix Splash. Kash with a double springboard hurricanrana and a tornado DDT on Joel for a near fall. Shark Boy with the Dead Sea Drop on Red for a near fall. Double under hook into a brain buster by Kash on Red for a near fall. Spanish Fly and the Infrared on Slim J to give the SAT the win. **3/4

Backstage, Goldylocks is with the Dupp Brothers. Stan tries to get Goldylocks to touch his penis but Goldylocks hits him in the penis. Bo shows Goldylocks their outhouse that is full with crap.

Miss TNA Bruce comes out and is given a microphone. Bruce thanks the fans for making his reign as Miss TNA very enjoyable. Bruce is convinced that all the men are fantasying about what they could do to Miss TNA. Bruce says that if someone can beat him, he will pay them $5,000. Bruce begins to scan the crowd to see who will face him. Bruce says you have to have more than one tooth. Bruce says Athena isn’t a woman. Jeremy Borash goes over to a clearly planted woman and she signs a release to fight Bruce.


Second Contest: © Bruce defeated A Fan to retain the Miss TNA Crown: The lady takes Bruce down with a spear and a scoop slam. She follows up with a leg drop and sends Bruce over the top to the floor. She goes for another scoop slam in the ring, but Bruce rolls her up and retains his title. DUD

Backstage, Goldylocks is with Jeff Jarrett. Jarrett says he didn’t do a damn thing to Brian Lawler. Jarrett will continue to play the games until the belt is his belt. Jarrett mentions crap, and proceeds to grab Bill Behrens who is taken a crap, and shoves him into the wall. Bo Dupp bumps in Teo and says that they will settle things in the ring tonight.

Third Contest: Don Harris defeated Malice in a last man standing match: The New Church has been barred from ringside. Harris with a side walk slam early on, but doesn’t bleed like he did last week following the move. Harris with couple of vicious chair shots. Malice throws powder into Harris’s eyes to gain control. Malice has been busted open from the chair shots. Malice continues using the powder and nails Harris with a chair shot on the floor. Malice gets a chain, but Harris stops Malice and chokes Malice with the chain and follows up with a clothesline with the chain. Harris sets up a table on the floor. Malice plants Harris with a power bomb in the ring. Harris blocks a choke slam attempt with a DDT. Malice with a middle rope back suplex through the table. Harris gets to his feet and wins the match. *
After the match, Harris puts out his fist and Malice fist pounds Harris.

Backstage, Goldylocks is backstage with the Dupp Brothers. Stan is freaking out because he is afraid of midgets. Bo says that he will take care of everything.


Fourth Contest: Teo defeated Bo Dupp to win the Dupp Cup: Teo nails Jeremy Borash twice and gets a early lead. Teo with a chair shot and trash can lid shot. Teo has a 4 ½ point to nothing lead. Stan screams like a pussy so Bo has -5 points. Bo hits Teo with three weapons brought by fans so get to -2 points. Bo sends Teo through a piece of plywood to get to -1 points. Stan touches Don West to get 3 ½ points. Stan goes to the ticket lady and suffers the same fate as he did last week. Puppet the Psycho Dwarf comes out of the out house and nails Bo with a kendo stick. Teo puts Bo’s head into the toilet and wins the match and cup. DUD

A video promoting the recent happenings between Monty Brown and Elik Skipper is shown.

Before the next match, Skipper dares Brown to bring his “chicken shit ass” out to the ring to get his ass kicked.

Fifth Contest: Monty Brown defeated Elix Skipper in a Detroit Street Fight:
Skipper tries to attack Brown from the entrance ramp, but chooses the wrong side and Brown attacks Skipper from behind. Brown takes his shirt off and chokes Skipper over the top rope. Skipper chokes Brown with a chain and sends Brown into the guard railing. Skipper with a nice slingshot spinning body splash on Brown on the floor with a trash can on top of Brown which only gets Skipper a two count. Brown battles back and finishes Skipper off with the Alpha Bomb onto the trash can. *1/4
After the match, Brown celebrates his win and signals for the belt.

Backstage, Goldylocks is with the Flying Elvises. Yang and Estrada do much of the talking while Sonny Siaki has his back turned and facing the wall. Siaki chimes in and puts down Elvis. Siaki tells them if they want to idolize someone or look up to someone, they should idolize the one and only Sonny Siaki.


Sixth Contest: © Low KI defeated The Flying Elvises in a four man elimination match to retain the NWA-TNA X-Division Championship: Siaki starts the match with KI and manages to block a hurricanrana into a nice power bomb for a near fall. Estrada enters and connects with a standing shooting star press on KI for a near fall of his own. KI gets his knees up to block a springboard moonsault. KI with several kicks and soon locks Estrada in a dragon sleeper while in the ropes. Estrada with a nice slingshot split legged moonsault but Siaki pulls Estrada off the cover. Yang with a spinning leg lariat off the middle turnbuckle. Estrada tags in to replace KI and goes at with his own teammate Yang. Estrada takes Yang out with a somersault splash on the floor. Yang locks in a Boston Crab and Estrada taps out, although Yang went backward too much and botched the first elimination. Yang goes for the Yang Time, but Siaki crotches him on the top rope. KI finishes Yang off with the KI Krusher 99. Siaki with a impressive Samoan Drop after lifting KI up in the air. Siaki comes off the ropes but Yang kicks Siaki and KI rolls Siaki up for the win. **1/2

A video with Goldylocks interviewing Jerry Lynn in his car is shown. Lynn drives over to a shop and attacks AJ Styles who is leaving the store. Lynn places Styles in a bathtub outside of the building and says Styles will respect him.

Disco Inferno makes his way out for Jive Talking. Inferno says he doesn’t have a wrestler as a guest but rather a movie star. Inferno introduces Dean Baldwin. Naturally, Inferno asks about the bigger named Baldwin brothers. Inferno wants to know the dirt about his brothers love life. Brian Lawler comes over and says he doesn’t care about anyone but Jeff Jarrett and what he did to him. Dean Baldwin wants to know who Lawler is. Dean says that Lawler wants a autograph. Lawler proceeds to nail Dean with a right hand and ruins the set. Inferno says that next week he is going to have a huge TV star.


Backstage, security throw Brian Lawler out of the building.

Backstage, Goldylocks with the Dupp Brothers. Stan is rambling and saying that he is leaving NWA-TNA because of midgets. Bo is heart broken and doesn’t know what he can do.

Main Event: © AJ Styles/Jerry Lynn fought Jeff Jarrett/Ron “The Truth” Killings to a no contest the NWA-TNA Tag Team Championships are held up:
Jarrett and Killings work on Lynn early on as Styles hasn’t made his way down to the ring. Styles makes his way down about thirty seconds into the ring and cleans house. Lynn goes to hit Styles but Styles ducks and Lynn clotheslines Jarrett. Styles and Jarrett battle in the ring while Killings and Lynn brawl on the floor. Styles with a springboard moonsault taking Jarrett out on the floor. Lynn with a middle rope bulldog on Killings for a near fall. Jarrett with a sit out scoop slam on Lynn to gain control for his team. Killings with a scissors kick on Lynn for a near fall. Lynn is controlled for a few moments until he plants Killings with a tornado DDT off the middle rope. Styles and Jarrett get hot tags and styles nearly connects with the Styles Clash but Killings gets involved. Styles knocks the referee out after coming off the ropes and falls to the floor. Lynn has Jarrett pinned following a reverse DDT but their isn’t a referee. Lynn spikes Killings with the cradle pile driver but Jarrett attacks Lynn and connects with the Stroke. Styles with the Spiral Tap on Killings. Another referee comes down and both referees count a three count. **
After the match, Bob Armstrong comes down and immediately says the belts are held up. Armstrong also announces that Killings must defend the Heavyweight Championship against Monty Brown next week. Armstrong turns his attention to Lynn and Styles. Armstrong says that they will fight next week. Lynn wants a Falls Count Anywhere match. Styles a No Disqualification Match. Though, NO DQ is involved with a Falls Count Anywhere match. Armstrong says that next week Styles and Lynn will fight in a two out of three falls match. The first two falls will be No Disqualification and Falls Count Anywhere with the third fall being a ten minute iron man match. Bob Armstrong says that he has a surprise for Jarrett’s challenge next week.

Don West screams while promoting next weeks show. Apparently Sonny Siaki and Jimmy Yang will do battle in a two out of three falls. So, we will get two of the same matches on the same show. Brilliant.

Mike Tenay cuts Jarrett off and we go backstage where Lawler re-enters the building and chokes Jeff Jarrett while saying “I’m going to kill you.”.


My Take:
I’ve been liking Truth’s promos as of late, but he was rambling and repeating the same things he has been saying for the past month. Behrens is a goof and I couldn’t take him seriously which was the clear attempt by his actions but I didn’t like it. Lawler attacking Jarrett was confusing. Is this an attempt to turn Jarrett into a baby face, possibly? Curious to hear what Jarrett may have done to Lawler. It took nearly twenty minutes to get actual wrestling this week. That’s not good as I don’t see people wanting to pay for promos. The opening bout was quite exciting and a fast pace contest, but since it was nothing but high spots it wasn’t great or anything. Hopefully Kid Kash will be in TNA for awhile. The female fan for the miss TNA crown match was good for the first fifteen seconds. After that, the match was repetitive and boring. I find it weird that Malice lost the match following his own offense move through the table. The match was uneventful and had a lot of similar moves from their match last week. The Dup Cup matches should never go beyond three minutes of action, especially with Don West screeching. This must be a hardcore wrestling edition for TNA. Not quite sure a street fight stipulation needed to be used for Brown/Skipper. Their match wasn’t really anything special anyway and Skipper wasn’t able to do his usual routine of impressive moves with a limited Monty Brown. The X-Division fatal four elimination match was a solid encounter. Siaki appears to have officially separated himself from the goofy gimmick with Estrada and Yang. TNA couldn’t get any celebrity bigger than Dean Baldwin? Dean has a celebrity name, but isn’t a celebrity if you ask me. Jive Talking was pretty lackluster this week though Inferno plays the heel well. Looks like the Dupp Brothers will no longer be in TNA, and I don’t think that’s a bad thing. Typical bogus finish to the main event. Usually with a finish like that a tournament will take place to crown new champions and were only nine weeks in. Hopefully Bob Armstrong gets a good surprise to fight Jeff Jarrett. Styles/Lynn should be good next week. Though, I’m sensing Monty/Killings will be lackluster because of Brown. The ending was once again centered around Jarrett. Lawler saying he is going to kill Jarrett must mean that Jarrett really screwed him over. That surprise is something that has me anxious to see what happens next.

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