FIP Fallout Night 1 11/12/2004

Written By: Bob Colling

Full Impact Pro Fallout Night One
Date: 11/12/2004
From: Tampa, Florida

Vordell Walker defeated Sal Rinauro:
Slow start with both men using arm locks, wrist locks and chops. Standing moonsault by Walker for a near fall. Walker misses a spear in the corner, but comes back with a side kick for the win. *

Roderick Strong defeated Mikey Batts:
Both men with wrist locks, until Strong delivers a few forearm shots. Batts with a spinning heel kick. Botched back elbow in the corner by Batts. Strong nails Batts with a knee and places Batts on the middle rope and connects with a double stomp! Nice double under hook suplex by Strong for a near fall. Strong with a few chops. Batts comes back with a few rights, but Strong takes him down with a clothesline. Batts gets out of a Greco roman lock and connects with a hurricanrana. Flying cross body off the middle rope by Batts for a near fall. Strong catches Batts with a elbow. They go to the floor and trade a series of punches and chops Strong sends Batts into the ring post back first. Wheelbarrow “bulldog” by Batts. Batts was nowhere near connecting with the bulldog portion. Batts with a jumping Flatliner for a near fall. Strong with a backbreaker for a near fall. A nice flipping sunset flip into a pin by Batts for a near fall. Strong with a Gory Special of sorts to win the bout. **

BJ Whitmer comes out to cut a promo. Whitmer insults the Florida crowd. Whitmer says that he is the man to defeat Homicide for the title later on. Whitmer says the wrist lock exploder is the move to beat Homicide. Whitmer brings some guy into the ring and demonstrates the move. The crowd is telling the guy “it’s a trap”. Whitmer delivers the move and the crowd says “I told you so, to the poor guy.” Antonio Banks comes out and tells Whitmer he wants a fight, then he will get a fight.


B.J. Whitmer defeated Antonio Banks:
Banks wins a test of strength by stepping on Whitmer’s hands. Yakuza kick by Banks. Whitmer with several chops and a double sledge to take Banks down. Whitmer with a modified roll of the dice and connects with the wrist lock exploder for the win. *

Before the next match. CM Punk grabs a microphone and cuts a promo. He hypes up the New Dawn. Punk says the Dawn is dominate. Azireal is the newest member of the group. Punk hypes up a match with Homicide. He says that both Homicide and him need to stay away from each other. Punk says he is going to beat Dan Maff later tonight, and then beat Homicide tomorrow night.

Azireal defeated Rainman:
Rainman with a series of arm drags a dropkick early on. Rainman nails Azireal with a step up kick. Sit down scoop slam by Rainman for a near fall. Spinning side slam by Rainman for another near fall. Azireal catches Rainman with a boot, and nails Rainman with a double stomp off the top. Running dropkick in the corner by Azireal. Slingshot Swanton splash by Azireal. Rolling neck breaker, followed by a super kick by Azireal. Rainman blocks a top rope hurricanrana and connects with missile dropkick. Sit out power bomb by Rainman for another near fall. Azireal reverses a vertical suplex into a DDT. CM Punk comes down to distract the referee. Rainman attempts to slam Azireal from the apron back into the ring, but Punk trips Rainman and holds his foot down to allow Azireal to win. *1/4


Jimmy Rave vs Fast Eddie Vegas ended in a No Contest: Wrist locks by both men. Rave dropkicks Eddie’s arm. Eddie with a wrist lock backbreaker and drives Rave down neck and back first to the mat. Eddie delivers a stiff kick to Rave’s back. Eddie continues to work on Rave’s back with knees and reverse DDT into a backbreaker. Rave with a whiplash take down to gain control. Rave with a clothesline to Eddie’s neck. Rave with a nice modified roll of the nice, which was set up as a back suplex before the spin. Eddie with a backdrop. Eddie with a backbreaker and side Russian leg sweep. Eddie with a springboard moonsault to the floor. Neither man is able to get back into the ring. Both men want five more minutes. **

Dave Prazak heads over to the ring announcer. Prazak is going to be starting his own stable of wrestlers. He wants to talk to both Rave and Eddie. Prazak offers them a contract, at first they both reject. Prazak shows them the contract. They eventually agree to be apart of DP Associates.


Jerrelle Clark defeated Insane Dragon: Dragon manages to roll through a death valley driver into a roll up, briefly. Clark blocks a standing moonsault and connects with a side suplex. Dragon with a reverse hurricanrana for a near fall. Double under hook power bomb into a Boston Crab. Clark dangles Dragon on the top rope and plants him with a ace crusher that looked sick and gets a near fall. Handspring standing moonsault by Clark for another near fall. Exploder suplex by Clark and gets a near fall. German suplex by Clark. Clark with a dragon sleeper while in the ropes. Springboard tornado DDT by Clark, which Dragon just fell down instead of spinning. Cross arm breaker by Clark. Dragon with a kick to Clark’s head. Neck breaker by Dragon. Clark shoves Dragon off the top. Clark with a springboard moonsault for a near fall. Sit down power bomb by Dragon. Clark with a sick dominator by Clark for the win. **1/4

Dave Prazak comes out yet again. Prazak offers both men contracts. This time Clark and Dragon refuse. They are attacked by Jimmy Rave and Fast Eddie Vegas.

Don Juan w/Angel Williams defeated Jared Steele:
Steele with a German suplex and rolling Russian leg sweeps for a near fall. Swinging neck breaker by Juan. Yakuza kick takes Steele down. Steele with a scoop slam. Juan takes Steele down with a head scissors and a clothesline. Overhead belly to belly suplex by Steele. Several right hands by Steele. Spine buster by Steele but only gets a near fall. Steele runs into a boot by Juan. Juan with a moonsault but only gets a two count. Angel crotches Steele on the top rope. Juan with a DDT off the middle rope for the win. *1/2
After the match, Steele spanks Angel.

Before the next match, CM Punk grabs a microphone. Punk says he is going to beat Maff tonight, and tomorrow night, beat Homicide. Dan Maff grabs a microphone as well. He tells Punk to get ready for Homicide. Dan Maff is going to kick Punk’s ass.


C.M. Punk defeated Dan Maff in a No-DQ match: Maff grabs Punk hand, who was going for a handshake and drags him around the ring for a moment before stepping on Punk’s hand. Punk gains control with a right hand a chop, which doesn’t last long as Maff works on Punk’s arm. Maff with a few hip tosses. Azireal enters the ring and holds Maff to allow Punk to deliver several right hands. Azireal and Punk work on Maff for a few moments. Punk knocks the referee down. Maff kicks water into Punk’s face. Punk doesn’t realize he has Azireal and pile drivers Azireal. Maff counts the three as Punk believes it is the referee. Punk realizes this and Maff connects with a German suplex for a near fall. Cannonball splash in the corner by Maff. Side slam by Maff as well. Punk continues to kick out. Punk pulls the referee in front of him to avoid another splash in the corner. Punk with a right hand.
Punk with a side Russian leg sweep and a back breaker. Punk sends Maff to the floor Punk nails Maff with a fish bowl. They brawl into the parking lot. Maff sends Punk onto a truck. Maff with a traffic cone and pushes the cone onto Punk’s groin. Maff sends Punk into the ring truck. Maff with a trash can shot on the floor. Back in the ring, Maff continues to control the match with a scoop slam. Punk avoids a top rope flying head butt. Mule kick by Punk, and connects with a reverse DDT. Maff goes for the ten count punch in the corner. Punk low blows Maff, rolls him up and uses the ropes for leverage to win the bout. **1/4

Homicide defeated BJ Whitmer by Submission to retain FIP title:
Homicide goes for a quick rollup but Whitmer kicks out. A series of mat wrestling by both men. Whitmer with a scoop slam, Homicide takes Whitmer down with a arm drag. Homicide with a wrist lock into a modified octopus submission, but Whitmer doesn’t tap. Whitmer blocks a clothesline and connects with a modified exploder overhead suplex. Whitmer chokes Homicide in the corner for a few moments. Whitmer locks in a head scissors submission. Surfboard submission by Whitmer. Superplex off the top by Whitmer for a near fall. Homicide comes back with a middle rope tornado DDT. Homicide with a back drop and back elbow. Running forearm in the corner by Homicide and nails Whitmer with a face wash. Exploder suplex with a bridge by Homicide for a two count. Top rope flying head butt by Homicide for another near fall. High knee lift by Whitmer. Whitmer with Northern Lights suplex with a bridge for a near fall. Homicide blocks with wrist lock exploder suplex. Homicide with a overhead belly to belly suplex. Whitmer avoids the Cop Killa and connects with a German suplex followed by a dragon suplex. Power bomb by Whitmer but only gets a two count. Homicide blocks the wrist lock exploder again. Whitmer avoids the Cop Killa. Homicide plants Whitmer with a ace crusher and gets a two count. Homicide blocks a clotheslines, nails another ace crusher followed by a pile driver. Homicide locks in the STF and Whitmer taps out. **1/2

After the match, Homicide grabs a microphone and calls out CM Punk. He wants CM Punk to attempt to take his FIP title right now. Homicide hypes up his match with Punk tomorrow night.

My Opinion:
Walker/Sal was really simple and nothing spectacular occurred. Appeared to me that perhaps the match was intended to be a squash, as Walker pretty much dominated the match. Strong/Batts was average. Some nice action during that contest. The crowd being dead thus far is not helping the show. Their appears to be less than 75 people in attendance. Banks/Whitmer was just a way to give Whitmer some creditability in the FIP title match. Azireal/Rainman finish was really predictable and the match itself was sub-par. Eddie/Rave had a really weak finish. I also don’t know about having two heel factions, before having a baby face faction. New Dawn and now the DP Associates. Clark/Dragon was alright. Dragon doesn’t know how to protect himself on some moves, which hurt the match and possibly hurt himself. Maff/Punk was average. Their wasn’t a lot of room or weapons to use and considering they are fighting in front of no more than 40 people, the match couldn’t get any momentum. Homicide/Whitmer was decent bout, but really repetitive. Every match started off with a wrist lock and nothing was really different other than the last two matches. The crowd being so small, and so silent really hurt the show overall.

Overall Grade:

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