FIP Emergence Night 2 9/25/2004

Written By: Bob Colling

Full Impact Pro Wrestling Emergence Night 2
Date: 9/25/2004
From: St. Petersburg, Florida

Opening Video which consists of some action from tonight’s show.

CM Punk comes out and cuts a promo like he did on the first show. Punk tells Masters to injure Homicide.

Homicide defeated Joshua Masters w/C.M. Punk in a 2nd Round Match:
Homicide with control early on with a few clothesline and connecting with a exploder suplex. Masters with a vertical suplex, Middle rope Ace Crusher, and a clothesline by Homicide to pick up the win. DUD

Rainman grabs the microphone saying that he is going to be the next FIP champion.

Rainman defeated Kahagas in a 2nd Round Match:
Pump handle into a back breaker, Rainman pick up the win. That’s all you need to know. *


Austin Aries defeated Jerrelle Clark in a 2nd Round Match: Clark with a few rights, and even clearly misses a right hand, which Aries still sells. Springboard moonsault to floor by Clarke onto Aries. Aries soon comes back with a running dropkick in the corner. Aries goes to work on the lower back of Clarke. Clarke with a few kicks in the corner. Side suplex by Aries. Aries with the Million Dollar Dream, and drops down into a back breaker of sorts. Clarke with the Stunner. Reverse DDT by Clarke only gets a two count. Pump handle throw by Clarke. Nice handspring moonsault by Clarke. Back suplex, lands on his feet during the 450 splash. Aries with the brain buster, and the fish hook submission to win. **

C.M. Punk defeated Justin Credible in a 2nd Round Match:
Well, this is really just Credible with a headlock for a solid three minutes. Moments later, Punk with a chop block to the knee and goes to work on the knee of Credible. Man this isn’t anything worth my time. Punk continues to work on the knee of Credible. Punk with a figure four. Credible with a power slam, a weak leaping DDT. Super kick, no cover. Punk reverses the “That’s Incredible” tombstone uses the ropes for leverage to win. *

Homicide defeated Austin Aries in a Semifinals Match: Mat wrestling early on by both men. Homicide with the advantage with a headlock. Homicide fishhooks the nose of Aries early on. Homicide with a chin lock, and another fish hook to the nose. Aries comes back with a running dropkick in the corner. Homicide with a yakuza kick. Homicide throws Aries to the floor, and Aries lands on the ring steps. Aries drops Homicide arm first on the top rope. Aries sends Homicide arm first into the ring post. A DDT to the injured arm by Aries. Aries continues to work on the arm of Homicide trying to get the submission. Homicide with a series of head butts and chops on Aries. Forearm attack in the corner. T-Bone suplex for a two count. The announcers are really trying to get this match over as being a great contest. Aries with a superplex off the tope rope, Homicide with a cover and gets a two. Homicide with the Lariat to pick up the win. This is not a classic by any means. The announcers will tell you it is, but it’s not. **


C.M. Punk defeated Rainman in the Semifinals: CM Punk cuts another promo, which is directed towards Homicide and the society. All of which makes him sick. He says that Joshua Masters is in the hospital. Quite a bit of stalling with Punk getting some heat from the crowd. Which he is doing a good job at. They trade a series of chops in the corner, Punk flips in the corner, Punk rolls to the floor. Rainman with a leg drop onto the arm of Punk. Punk pokes Rainman in the eyes. Punk with control on Rainman with several rights and boots. Bow and arrow submission by Punk. Rainman with a sit out power bomb on Punk, both men are down. Punk with a low blow, uses the ropes for leverage, and picks up the win. *

CM Punk grabs the microphone and wants to fight Homicide right now and have the finals right now. Homicide comes down, and is attacked by both Punk and Masters. Rainman comes in and helps Punk.

Roderick Strong defeated Jason Cross and Vordell Walker and Slim J in a 4-WAY Fray:
Walker and Strong with a big slam on Slim J. Walker and Strong continue to attack J. J tries delivering right hands to Walker, which have no affect. J with a reverse hurricanrana. Cross body by J. Cross with a nice middle rope flipping Un-Prettier on J, J is eliminated. Walker with a running spin kick on Cross. Walker and Strong argue over the pin for no reason. Walker with a back suplex on Strong, German suplex on Cross. Walker with a dive over the top onto Strong. Cross does the same onto both Walker and Strong on the floor. Strong with a German suplex on Walker, who had a exploder suplex on Cross. All three kick out of a pin attempt. Walker plants Cross with a DDT, Strong with a double knee breaker to the gut, Cross pins Walker. Cross with a brain buster and gets a two count. Strong with a interesting power bomb, where Strong turns the power bomb into a back breaker! Strong picks up the three count in his home state! **1/2


Homicide defeated CM Punk w/Joshua Masters in the Finals to win FIP title:Masters comes down and ambushes Homicide. Punk dives onto Masters. Masters with a splash over the top onto both Masters and Punk. Brawl on the floor, Punk sends Homicide over the railing into the crowd.. Punk with a chair shot. Homicide sends Punk into the concrete wall, Homicide with a trash can shot. Homicide chokes Punk with a FIP shirt. They GO OUTSIDE IN THE MIDDLE OF A HURRICANE. Punk with a hip toss on the grass. Homicide with a vertical suplex on the grass. Punk rams Homicide back first into the a post. Homicide with a clothesline, while Punk is sitting in a chair. Punk with a atomic drop onto the chair. Homicide places Punk head first into the men’s toilet! Back to the ring area. Homicide sends Punk into the railing. Homicide with a rope and begins to whip Punk. Punk sends Homicide groin first into the ring post. Punk with the shining wizard, and the bell just rings now. Homicide kicks out. Punk with a top rope leg drop. Homicide with a pile driver for a near fall. Overhead belly to belly suplex by Homicide. Punk with the Welcome to Chicago backbreaker for a two count. Ace Crusher from the second rope by Homicide. Lariat by Homicide but Masters pulls the referee out. Homicide backdrops Punk over the top on Masters. Masters trips Homicide up after he goes with a vertical suplex back into the ring, Homicide kicks out. Homicide with the lariat again, Homicide wins! **1/2
After the match, the locker room comes out and praise Homicide.

Homicide cuts a promo that he is going to be a fighting champion and fight with pride.

End of Show

My Opinion: Fatal Four Way, and the Main Event were the best matches. Anything else involved in-ring wise was not so great to witness. The announcers tried too hard to put matches over as being the best they had ever seen. Good to see Homicide being the top guy in a promotion

Overall Grade:

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