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NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #8 8/7/2002

Written By: Bob Colling

National Wrestling Alliance/Total Non-Stop Action presents Weekly PPV #8
Date: 8/7/2002
From: Nashville, Tennessee

NWA-TNA Opening Video

Backstage, The Dupp Brothers and Apolo are waiting outside of Ricky Steamboat’s office with Goldylocks. Nothing is said, as Mike Tenay hypes up the show.

Opening Contest: The Flying Elvises defeated The SAT (Maximo Brothers and Amazing Red):
All six men brawl to start the contest. Siaki with a impressive Samoan Drop on Amazing Red. Triple team power bomb on Joel Maximo. Siaki backdrops Red over the top onto his partners on the floor. Siaki decides that he is going to wrestle the match himself. The SAT manage to work over Siaki with a SAT Stretch as its called, apparently. Maximo’s connect with the Spanish Fly on Siaki and Red connects with a corkscrew moonsault but Yang and Estrada break up the pin. Red nearly wins with the Code Red on Estrada. Estrada plants the Maximo’s with a middle rope double DDT blocking the Spanish Fly attempt. Yang and Estrada connect with a leg drop/splash off the top on Red. Siaki sneaks in and picks up the win for his team. ***

Mike Tenay, Don West and Ed Ferrera welcome everyone to the show and hype up what we will see. Apolo takes on Jeff Jarrett. Shamrock meets The Truth for the NWA Heavyweight Championship. The main event tonight will see AJ Styles defending the NWA-TNA X-Division Title against Low KI and Jerry Lynn.

Time for a sit down interview Mike Tenay had with Apolo “Earlier Today”. Apolo is not happy getting overlooked by Ricky Steamboat for a title shot. Apolo says that he once had respect for Ricky Steamboat. Apolo says that he no longer respects Steamboat because he gave his spot to The Truth. Apolo calls Steamboat “corrupt”.


Backstage, AJ Styles walks out of Steamboat’s office. Apolo gets in Steamboat’s face and Ricky tells Apolo that he will talk to him when he has time. Jerry Lynn enters the room as Steamboat leaves and proceeds to brawl with AJ Styles before security runs in to break the fight up.

Ricky Steamboat makes his way down to the ring and the Dupp Brothers are right behind him. Steamboat tells them to do whatever they want to do.

Second Contest: Ron “The Truth” Killings defeated Ken Shamrock to win the NWA-TNA World Heavyweight Championship:
Shamrock controls Truth early on with a standing side kick and various arm bar submission attempts. The fans seem to be behind Truth tonight. Truth fights back with a spinning heel kick. Shamrock continues to go for leg submissions but Truth reaches the ropes. Shamrock plants Truth with a power bomb out of the corner. Shamrock locks in the ankle lock submission but Truth again reaches the ropes. New Church is seen watching the match at the top of the ramp. Don Harris and Monty Brown are watching the match as well. Truth with a suplex on the floor. A cluster fuck ensues as several of the previous mention wrestlers come down. Apolo accidentally super kicks Shamrock on the floor Truth nails Shamrock with a diamond cutter and picks up the win and title! **
After the match, Truth celebrates his win. Tenay mentions that Truth is the first black man to win the NWA Heavyweight Championship.

Ricky Steamboat makes his way down to the ring and calls Apolo out to talk to him. Apolo comes out to a course of boos. Steamboat says he may have made a mistake giving Truth a title shot over Apolo. Steamboat repeats his line, twice calling Apolo “a maniac”. Steamboat says that Apolo has earned a title shot and he will get one. Jeff Jarrett cuts him off and isn’t happy with that statement. Jarrett says that the past seven weeks he has been waiting patiently for his shot. Jarrett says he is a victim of “reverse discrimination”. Jarrett says if he were a minority, he would be given a title shot. Steamboat announces that tonight there will be a number one contenders match where if Apolo beats Jarrett he will get a title shot. If Jarrett beats Apolo, he will get The Truth. Steamboat says he will be the special referee and he will be calling the match right down the middle.


Disco Inferno makes his way out for Jive Talking. Inferno doesn’t appreciate not having a fancy set up like he had previously. The Dupp Brothers cut Inferno off and introduce themselves. Bo Dupp introduces the “Dupp Cup Invitational”. Bo says that their Dupp Cup Invitational will become the new hardcore division in NWA-TNA since Ricky Steamboat said they could do anything. Stan says you need to win ten points to win the match. The points system goes like this.
– Put your opponent through a table you get 2 ½ points.
– Put your opponent through a flaming table you get 5 points.
-Put your opponents head in a toilet you get 2 ½ points.
– Put your opponents head in a toiler with crap in it you get 3 ½ points.
– If you touch a woman’s butt you get 2 ½ points.
– If you touch a man’s butt you get 3 ½ points.
– If you hit Jeremy Borash you get 2 ½ points.
– If you hit Sarah the ticket lady you also get 2 ½ points.
– If you use a farm animal you get 2 ½ points.
– If you spank your opponents bare ass with their play horse you get 2 ½ points.
– If they like the above action, you lose 2 ½ points.
– If you introduce your opponent to Jay you get 2 ½ points. (they don’t know who Jay is)
– If you cry in the ring like a pussy you lose 5 points.
– If you stick your opponents head into the cotton candy machine and completes one rotation you get 10 points.
Inferno suggests wrestlers using a weapon from a fan to get 5 points. Stan says they give them one point. Stan doesn’t appreciate what Inferno did to Goldylocks. Stan reveals to have a shirt with a photo of Goldylocks with a heart around the picture. Paulina walks out and gets in Stan’s face. They will offer their opponents approx. sixty four cents. Stan says if their opponent wins they get one night with Fluff Dupp. Ed Ferrera drops his headset and accepts the challenge.

Third Contest: Dupp Brothers defeated Ed Ferrera in a Dupp Cup Invitational: Ed nails Borash to get 2 ½ points. Ed goes over to Don West and proceeds to touch West’s butt to get some points. Stan grabs a chair from a fan and nails Ed and their down six to two following a chair shot from Bo. Stan tosses his boot to a fan and nails Ed to get more points. They proceed to use a few more weapons to cut the score to six to five. Stan throws Jay, which is a blow up doll, and nails Ed. Bo is trying to beat up Sarah the ticket lady. Sarah comes out with a broom and begins to chase Bo away. Inferno gets in Stan’s face and Stan is low blowed by Paulina. Ed gets to 9 ½ though West says he is at 8 ½. Ed grabs their horse and hits Bo in the butt but Bo likes it so he loses some points. Bo choke slams Ed through the table to get ten points and wins the match. *1/2

A interview from earlier in the day with Mike Tenay talking to Monty Brown is shown. Brown discusses his football career and his awards. Monty says the transition from football to wrestling wasn’t difficult for him. Politics is brought up and he basically says they are involved in every sport. Monty says he doesn’t like The Truth or “Ronnie” as he will always call him. Elik Skipper runs into the scene and attacks Monty with yellow paint. Skipper doesn’t appreciate Monty not sticking up for what he and Truth begin. Skipper says Monty never lived the street fight. Skipper calls Brown a “chicken” before leaving.


Fourth Contest: Malice w/ Father James Mitchell defeated Don Harris in a first blood match: Malice and Harris brawl all over the building trying to make each other bleed. Slash comes running down with an ice pick of sorts and tries to hit Harris but fails. Harris nails Slash with the ice pick to fight off Slash. In a weird turn of a events, Harris delivers a side walk slam and is busted open. Malice wins. *
After the match, Malice and Slash attack Harris.

Backstage, Goldylocks is backstage outside of Taylor Vaughn’s locker room. Sonny Siaki comes over and asks where Ricky Steamboat is. Goldylocks doesn’t know. Bruce comes over and enters Vaughn’s locker room. Vaughn shoves Bruce into the shower and wants a shot at Bruce. Bruce accepts and says they will fight in a evening gown match.

Fifth Contest: Jeff Jarrett defeated Apolo (special referee Ricky Steamboat):
Apolo with a big sit out power bomb early on which only gets a near fall. Jarrett sends Apolo into the ring steps and announcers table which causes Apolo to bleed. Jarrett crotches Apolo on the top turnbuckle and Apolo is in the tree of woe. Jarrett nearly wins with the figure four but Apolo manages to reverse the hold. Apolo with a tornado DDT to stop Jarrett’s momentum. Apolo nails Jarrett with a savant kick and thinks he wins the match but Jarrett got his foot on the bottom rope. Apolo with a German suplex and Jarrett gets his shoulder up at two, but Apolo doesn’t and Steamboat counts the three. Jarrett wins. *1/2
After the match, Apolo isn’t happy with Steamboat. Steamboat tells Jarrett he is a man of his word. Steamboat says he didn’t say he would give Jarrett the Truth in a NWA Heavyweight title match. Instead, he will have the Truth be Jarrett’s tag team partner as they will face NWA Tag Team Champions, AJ Styles and Jerry Lynn next week.

Sixth Contest: © Bruce defeated Taylor Vaughn in a evening gown match to retain the Miss TNA crown:
This is the bathroom break portion of this show/review. Nobody in the crowd cares for Taylor Vaughn. After about a minute and a half. Bruce wins the match by taking Vaughn’s gown off after a inverted face buster slam. DUD
After the match, Bruce wants to make sure everyone goes home happy, so he proceeds to strip down to his under garments.


Don West is given a microphone to sell next weeks show. West plugs various merchandize that can be bought on the website and at the shows. West is going nuts. I feel that if you don’t by the show, West will be very upset with you.

Main Event: Low KI defeated (c) AJ Styles and Jerry Lynn to win the NWA-TNA X-Division Championship: Fast pace start to the match with all three men getting a series of moves in. Styles with a kip up hurricanrana on KI and follows up with a torture rack face buster and a spin kick. Lynn with a sit out face buster on Styles for a near fall. Lynn with a guillotine leg drop on KI. KI with a sunset flip roll up on Lynn, who takes Styles down with a German suplex for a near fall. KI locks in the dragon sleeper on Styles and then places the move on Lynn as well. Lynn fights out with a DDT for a near fall. Lynn with a elevated spike DDT on Styles for another near fall. Lynn blocks Styles kick and Styles flips over and nails KI with a reverse DDT! Lynn with a springboard sun set flip power bomb off the middle rope on Styles who takes KI off the top with a superplex! KI with the hanging dragon on Styles in the corner until Lynn dropkicks KI. KI plants Styles with the Styles Clash but only gets a two count. Lynn nails KI with the KI Krusher 99 but only gets a two count. Styles with the cradle pile driver on Lynn for another two count. KI takes the referee out with a clothesline in the corner. Styles grabs a chair and viciously nails Lynn over the head. KI rolls in and covers Lynn while Styles leaps off the top with the Spiral Tap. Apparently, Styles was unable to knock KI off of Lynn. KI wins the title! ***

Backstage, Jeff Jarrett is arguing with The Truth over a title shot.

Back to the ring, Lynn and Styles fight like usual. For some reason, Jarrett and Truth make their way down to the ring and want to get it on.

My Take:
A good start to the show with a fast pace contest that had zero rest holds. The right group went over but the SAT and Red were impressive. Surprised to see the heavyweight title match on so early, but it makes sense considering their has been zero actual hype for it apart from the segment last week. Judging by the crowd reaction, putting the strap on Truth was a great move. The crowd is really behind Truth. I wonder if he will be a heel for long since the crowd is really cheering him on. I actually like Jarrett claiming to be a victim of reverse discrimination. That is such a heel thing to say that their isn’t a way you can’t boo that. Good job Jarrett. Steamboat being the referee seems to be used too much and its only eight weeks into the company. The Dupp segment was actually fairly funny but it dragged on with the match. Ed Ferrera was pretty entertaining throughout, though. I also find it funny that Skipper would attack Monty Brown with yellow paint. He couldn’t find a chair or something? I get that the paint embarrasses Brown but Brown sold it as if he got a concussion from the beating. Also kind of funny that Skipper would call Brown a chicken, considering Skipper is the one who attacked Brown from behind but he is the heel, so it works. I didn’t understand the finish of the first blood match. Harris was busted open following his own offense move which didn’t require his head. The finish of Apolo/Jarrett would have been good if Steamboat didn’t hesitate when Jarrett got his shoulder up. I like the whole angle with Steamboat continually screwing over Jarrett in his quest to become the heavyweight champion. The less said about the evening gown match, the better if you ask me. KI winning the belt is fine, but Styles should have gotten a longer run with the strap, and lose it to Lynn. Jarrett must always close the show I take it. The tag team match next week is surely going to be one big cluster fuck.

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