NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #10 8/21/2002

Written By: Bob Colling

National Wrestling Alliance/Total Non-Stop Action presents Weekly PPV #10
Date: 8/21/2002
From: Nashville, Tennessee

NWA-TNA Opening Video

Opening Contest: Jerry Lynn defeated AJ Styles in a falls count anywhere match:
Lynn clotheslines Styles over the guard railing into the crowd. Styles nails Lynn with a super kick and a body splash off the railing for a near fall. Lynn sends Styles head first into a chair in the crowd for a near fall. Styles sends Lynn off the side of the bleachers and connects with a nice somersault splash for a two count. Lynn takes Styles down with a suplex on the concrete floor. Lynn blocks a springboard reverse DDT with a stunner. Styles stops Lynn with a face buster. Styles continues with a slingshot suplex into reverse neck breaker. Styles takes Lynn over the top with a hurricanrana but only gets a near fall again. Lynn with a spear while Styles was going for a discus clothesline. Lynn with the cradle pile driver at the top of the entrance ramp to pick up the win. **3/4

Backstage, Goldylocks is with James Storm and Chris Harris. Storm is still acting goofy with his cowboy gimmick. Chris Harris still doesn’t like Storm not being serious. Harris blames Storm for them not being on TNA television recently. Ron Harris and Brian Lee come over and insult Storm and Harris. Lee tells Harris he better find a tag team partner quickly.

Second Contest: Chris Harris/James Storm defeated Ron Harris/Brian Lee: Lee uses his size to control Storm with shoulder blocks and such. Storm uses his speed to knock Lee and Harris off their feet with running forearms. Ron Harris flips out on the floor after a hip toss and scares the living crap out of a girl who was on a cell phone. Harris knocks Lee off the apron and clotheslines Ron over the top. Storm with a cross body over the top onto both of his opponents. Lee spikes Harris with a tombstone pile driver but only gets a near fall. Chris Harris gets manhandled for a few moments. Chris battles back with a running bulldog knocking Lee down. All four men go at it and Lee is sent to the floor. A “fan” begins to slap Lee’s back and Lee begins to beat the living crap out of him. Ron is distracted and Harris leaps off the top sending Ron throat first across the top rope. Storm comes from behind and rolls Ron up for the win. *1/2
After the match, Lee and Ron attack Harris and Storm.


Mike Tenay and Don West promote the rest of the show which will see Ron Killings defending the NWA-TNA Heavyweight Championship against Monty Brown. Jerry Lynn and AJ Styles fighting in a no disqualification match and possibly a ten minute iron man match.

Third Contest: Sonny Siaki defeated Jimmy Yang w/Jorge Estrada in a best two out of three falls match:
Siaki tries to attack Yang at the top of the entrance ramp but Yang stops Siaki and sends Siaki off the ramp into the railing. Yang really controls the match for the first three to five minutes. Yang with a nice springboard missile dropkick. Siaki nails Yang with a diamond cutter out of a scoop slam position. Yang comes back seconds later with the Yang Time to win the first fall.
Siaki with a rolling spinning neck breaker to stop Yang’s momentum. Siaki botches a pump handle suplex. Siaki continues his offense with rest holds before being taken down with a spinning heel kick off the middle rope. Moments after that, Siaki finishes Yang off with the Money Clip to win the second fall.
Yang starts the third fall working on Siaki’s left knee. Siaki with a superplex, but Yang quickly gets up and surprises Siaki with a shining wizard. Yang crotches Siaki on the top turnbuckle and connects with a top rope swinging neck breaker! Siaki reverses a roll up, which he botched again, and held the middle rope to win the match. **1/2
After the match, Jeff Jarrett makes his way down to the ring with a microphone in hand. Jarrett says he is out here to talk to Bob Armstrong. Jarrett says no one is going to stop him. Jarrett goes over how many times he has been screwed over. Jarrett is attacked by Brian Lawler who came out through the crowd it appears.

Goldylocks comes down to the ring and asks Lawler what Jarrett did to him. Lawler yells at Goldylocks to get out of the ring. Tenay goes crazy wanting to know what Jarrett did. Lawler is about to tell us but Slash comes from behind and apparently has a scheduled match against Lawler.


Fourth Contest: Brian Lawler defeated Slash: Slash came from underneath the ring and attacks Lawler connecting with a reverse DDT and hanging Lawler on the top rope and dropkicking Lawler to the floor. They brawl on the floor with Slash sending Lawler into the railing a few times. Slash chokes Lawler with a cable cord. Slash goes for a pile driver on the floor, but Lawler backdrops Slash onto the floor. Lawler sends Slash into the guard railing before going back into the ring where he clotheslines Slash back to the floor. Lawler with a running bulldog on the entrance ramp. Lawler goes to grab a chair, but the same fan form last week refuses to give it up. Slash takes Lawler down with a top rope suplex for a near fall. Slash with the “Slash and Burn” for a near fall again. Lawler plants Slash with a float over DDT. Lawler with a leaping kick to the side of Slash’s head. Slash low blows Lawler and places him on the top turnbuckle. Lawler punches Slash to the floor and connects with the Hip Hop Drop for the win. *1/4
After the match, Brian Lawler taunts the fans.

Backstage, Jeff Jarrett is arguing with Bob Armstrong. Jarrett says that he is going to take down Bob Armstrong.

Fifth Contest: © Low Ki defeated Spanish Announce Team in a single elimination match to retain the NWA-TNA X-Division Championship:
Ki with several stiff kicks on Jose and Joel to control the contest. Red springs off the top rope and dropkicks Ki. Joel with a dropkick on Red for a near fall. Joel tags in Low Ki who chops Red. Red gets out of the Ki Krusher and dropkicks Ki in the corner. Jose gets the tag and works on Ki with right hands. Jose goes for a tornado DDT but Ki blocks it and chops Jose in the corner. Jose goes to another corner and plants Ki with a tornado DDT for a near fall. Double running bulldog by the Maximo’s which gets Joel a near fall. Joel with a clothesline but only gets a near fall. Ki with a springboard head scissors and a somersault kick in the corner. Cartwheel kick on both Jose and Joel. Red tags himself in and gets a near on Joel following the Red Star Press. Ki tags in and Joel has Ki on his shoulders as Red and Jose double stomp Ki but Red also takes Jose down with a hurricanrana! Red is standing on the shoulders of Joel and is met with a springboard kick from Low Ki! Maximo Impact on Ki. Red with a tilt a whirl DDT on Joel. Red leaps off the top and hurricanrana Jose off the apron on Joel on the floor! Ki with a stiff kick on Red. Ki tosses Red over the top onto both Maximo Brothers. Ki leaps off the top taking the Maximo’s out with a 450 dive! Joel kicks Ki off the apron to the floor. Joel with a package pancake on Red but only gets a near fall. Joel with the Maximo Overdrive on Jose for the first elimination.
Ki with several stiff kicks on Joel that knock Joel silly. Red with a springboard DDT and twisting leg drop on Joel to eliminate Joel.
Ki sends Red forcefully back first into the corner for a near fall. Ki goes to the middle rope looking for the Ki Krusher but Red fights out and kicks Ki. Red goes for a hurricanrana but Ki replaces him in the Ki Krusher and leaps off the middle rope! Ki goes for the cover and retains the championship. ***

Backstage, Goldylocks is with the NWA-TNA World Champion, Ron Killings. Killings says that Monty Brown should be kissing his black ass. Killings says that Brown will have to kill him to take the title from him.


At ringside, we see April Hunter and her boyfriend Slyck Wagner Brown who Mike Tenay does not mention. Instead he mentions that April Hunter has accepted Bruce’s challenge for next week.

Sixth Contest: © Ron Killings defeated Monty Brown to retain the NWA-TNA World Heavyweight Championship:
Brown shoves Killings into the corner and begins to dance mocking Killings. They trade right hands with Brown getting the advantage. Brown with a leaping splash in the corner. Brown charges towards Killings who is on the apron but Killings avoids Brown and Brown goes to the floor. Killings leaps over the top and dives onto Brown! Killings and Brown trade right hands on the floor with the fans cheering Killings on. Killings rams Brown head first onto the announcers table. Brown signals for the Alpha Bomb on the announcers table but Killings rakes Brown’s eyes. Overhead belly to belly suplex by Brown on the floor. I guess their aren’t any count-outs for this match. Killings with a modified STO back in the ring. Killings heads to the top and connects with a leg drop for a near fall. Killings locks in a sleeper hold but Brown fights out of it quickly. Brown with a spinning back elbow but runs into a spinning heel kick for a near fall. Brown blocks a suplex by Killings and takes Killings down with a snap suplex of his own. Brown with a running power slam and a leaping big splash but only gets a near fall. Killings connects with the scissors kick but only gets a near fall. Brown has Killings set up for the Alpha Bomb but Killings gets out of it. Killings comes off the ropes and avoids a fall away slam by rolling Brown up and winning the match. **
After the match. Jeff Jarrett comes storming into the ring with a chair and hit’s the referee and brawls with Killings until Brian Lawler runs down and attacks Jarrett. Monty Brown is up and is just standing in the corner. Lawler goes to hit Jarrett with the chair but accidentally hits Killings. Killings taunts the fans who continue to cheer on Killings.

Backstage, Goldylocks is with Jerry Lynn. Lynn says that tonight his issue with AJ Styles will end tonight. Lynn says that he is smarter than Styles and that Styles will respect him. AJ Styles attacks Lynn from behind which starts the match.


Seventh Contest: AJ Styles defeated Jerry Lynn in a no disqualification match: They brawl on the floor for a few moments before heading into the ring where Styles backdrops Lynn over the top to the apron. Lynn drops Styles throat first across the top rope and goes underneath the ring to get a table. Lynn sets the table up but is attacked by Styles from behind and sends Lynn back into the ring. Lynn attempts a sun set flip from the ring to the floor and tried to put Styles through the table but Styles blocks it and goes into the ring and misses a dive to the floor. Lynn gets a chair but Styles sweeps the legs of Lynn and leg drops the chair into the face of Lynn. Styles wedges the chair in the corner. Lynn goes for a power bomb but Styles reverses but Lynn reverses Styles pin attempt and catapults Styles into the chair head first for a near fall. Lynn avoids a shoulder block from the apron and connects with a guillotine leg drop. Styles avoids a tornado DDT onto the apron and clotheslines Lynn back into the ring. Styles hardly connects with a twisting splash for a near fall. Double clothesline with both men landing on a chair in the middle of the ring. Tug of war with the chair, with Lynn getting the advantage with a sunset flip but Styles kicks out hitting Lynn with the chair and gets a near fall. Lynn avoids a chair shot and kicks the chair into the face of Styles for a near fall. Lynn places Styles on the top turnbuckle and plants Styles with a elevated DDT on a chair for a near fall. Styles punches Lynn off the middle rope and gets his footing on the top rope but Lynn crashes into the ropes to crotch Styles on the top turnbuckle. Lynn connects with a sick hurricanrana off the top to the floor with Styles crashing through the table! Lynn only gets a near fall back in the ring. Styles fights out of the corner and manages to Styles Clash Lynn on the steel chair to win the match. ***

Eighth Contest: AJ Styles fought Jerry Lynn to a DRAW in a 10 minute Iron Man match for the #1 Contendership for the X-Division Championship:
Styles quickly pins Lynn twice to start the match but Lynn kicks out on the third pin attempt. Lynn reverses a vertical suplex with a neck breaker for a near fall. Lynn with several right hand and trades sleeper holds with Styles. Lynn gets his arm up before the third drop. Styles yanks Lynn down by the hair as he tries to run the ropes. Lynn blocks a hurricanrana with a sit out slam and picks up his first pin fall but trails 2-1. Styles backdrops Lynn who was going for the cradle pile driver. Styles misses a leaping attack in the corner and crashes to the mat. Lynn with a springboard leg drop for a near fall. Lynn climbs to the middle rope but is cut off by Styles who connects with a DDT to get a third fall although Lynn looked to have kicked out. Styles with a spin kick as Lynn comes off the ropes and gets yet another near fall. Low Ki makes his way out to the entrance ramp with a ladder. Lynn plants Styles with a tombstone pile driver to cut the deficit to 3-2. Lynn plants Styles with the Styles Clash and gets the pin fall to tie the match at 3-3. Styles with backslide for a near fall, Lynn with a roll up for a near fall , they trade a series of rollups and pin attempts for the final twenty five seconds of the match but neither man is able to get the pin fall. Thus, the match is a DRAW. **1/2
After the match, Low Ki enters the ring and looks at both men and raises their arms up but kicks them both in the head. Ki has a microphone and tells both men that they will both get a title shot. Low Ki says that the X-Division is about him because he is the champion. Ki says that next week they play by his rules and says that they will compete in a triple threat ladder match! Ki tells them to be ready for next week..

Mike Tenay and Don West hype up the series of Lynn/Styles on the show. Don West goes into sell mode as he hypes up matches for next week’s show. West says that a triple ladder match has never happened … well WCW did that with 3 Count and the Jung Dragons and the WWF did them as well with TLC.. But oh well.


Backstage, Scott Armstrong is with Goldylocks begging his father Bob Armstrong to not mess around with Jeff Jarrett. Scott is trying to get Goldylocks to leave, but she will not.

Jeff Jarrett’s music hits and out comes Jarrett who wants Bob Armstrong to bring the surprise out to the ring. Bullet Bob Armstrong makes his way down to the ring, looking younger, Jarrett attacks “Bullet” on the floor and sends him into the ring. Jarrett begins to taunt Bob Armstrong and taunts him. Jarrett goes to give him the Stroke but it is blocked and Bullet delivers right hands and chops. Jarrett is clotheslined to the floor. Bob Armstrong is behind Jarrett with a steel chair.. Who is in the ring? We won’t find out until next week..

End of show

My Take:
Looks like Ed Ferrera is no longer commentating for NWA-TNA. I’d much rather prefer Ferrera over Don West. I find that companies need the typical baby face announcer, like Tenay, and need a heel commentator something that Ferrera would bring. Instead, we will get Don West who over reacts to simple moves and agrees with Tenay on virtually everything. The opening contest was a good way to start the show. Shocking to see the pin fall actually take place outside the ring. The tag team match wasn’t great by any means but it was a solid encounter for sure. I do like the tag team of Ron Harris and Brian Lee they seem to work well together. I also like that this edition, early on at least, seemed to be action driven. Their wasn’t a ten minute promo to start the show which was nice to see. Jimmy Yang is really over with the Tennessee crowd. The match between Siaki/Yang was solid, but I didn’t like the best two out of three falls stipulation since there is already that type of match on the show between Lynn and Styles. Jarrett and Lawler brawl was fine, I guess. The quick transitions from each segment was interesting to see, but I’m not sure if I’m a fan of that. Sometimes you need to space things out so that the viewer can digest everything. Judging by who Lawler fought on this show (Slash), I have to think that he is the baby face or at the very least a tweener. However, judging by the response that is not working at all. The fans continue to chant “Lawler’s Kid” and boo him quite loudly. Jarrett must really want to be the top heel and not have anyone steal his thunder. For the casual fans out their, that would be known as politics and since Jarrett co-owns the company he runs everything. Lawler/Slash was a solid contest with the right guy going over. Lawler seems to have a desire to compete well and it is showing. The fans simply love Low Ki and who can blame them, Ki is simply one hell of a wrestler. A good X-Division title match that saw plenty of high risk moves. I’m completely confused with what happened after the world title match. Lawler is a heel I know that, but is Jarrett a heel or baby face now? Jarrett is feuding with Bob Armstrong, a baby face authority figure so I have no idea. Also, if Monty Brown is a baby face then why wouldn’t have helped Jarrett when he was getting beaten up? I guess that would mean Jarrett is still a heel. But, I’m not sure as I can’t imagine a in-depth angle being centered around three heels feuding. Lynn/Styles series of matches were good and entertaining but kind of got boring as seeing any two guys wrestle three separate times throughout the show will do that to someone. A triple threat ladder match next week sounds interesting and I’m sure that will be one of the high spot matches on the show. It was obvious to me that Bob Armstrong wasn’t the guy who came down to the ring.. Because he was wearing a mask. The guy was also clearly younger and in shape. I know who it is.. But I won’t tell you.. Until next week!

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