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UWF Monster’s Ball 8/4/2007

Written By: Bob Colling

UWF Monster’s Ball
Date: 8/4/2007
From: Jacksonville, North Carolina

UWF Opening Video

Scott Steiner defeated Caleb Konley: Konley grabs a microphone and says that people may not know who he is but they will know his name, Caleb Konley. Apparently this was suppose to be a tag team match, but that has changed to a singles match. Belly to belly suplex by Steiner. Their isn’t a referee for the cover. Steiner grabs a nicely placed referee shirt and some security guy is the referee. T-bone suplex by Steiner. Steiner sends Konley into the guard railing and grabs a ladder but Konley rolls into the ring. Overhead belly to belly suplex by Steiner. Steiner pulls Konley up during the pin. Steiner Recliner and Konley taps out. DUD

Human Tornado defeated Jake Manning and TJ Mack:
Jake Manning is a scouts leader. Tornado and Mack are both really over with the North Carolina crowd. Tornado with the wave of sorts, as does Mack. They both hit Manning. The referee does as well, on accident. Double hip toss on Manning. Mack and Tornado go for covers. Manning with a sick power bomb into a back breaker on Mack. Missile dropkick from the middle rope by Tornado on Manning for a two count. Delayed vertical suplex by Manning on Tornado, pin cover broken up by a slingshot splash by Mack. Several Northern Lights suplex by Mack on Tornado. Mack with a nice slingshot dropkick on Tornado. Tornado with a hurricanrana on Manning sending him over the top to the floor. Tornado with a moonsault onto both Mack and Manning on the floor. Mack runs into a drop toe hold into Manning’s groin in the corner. Twisting senton splash by Tornado on Manning for a near fall. Yakuza kick by Mack. Tornado with the DND on Mack who lands on Manning. Tornado with a nice Swanton Bomb on Manning for the win. ***


D’Lo Brown/Ron Killings defeated AJ Styles/Joey Silvia: D’Lo is in really good shape. They come out to Killing’s own personal music. Before the match, Killings grabs the microphone and says that Styles is a “bad guy” in TNA. Killings with a sexual insult towards Styles. Mind you, there are plenty of children in the arena. Styles grabs a microphone and says that he doesn’t want to hear anymore “What’s Up?” chants. D’Lo asks “who the hell are you?” towards Silvia. An awful lot of stalling before any action. Silvia with a scoop slam and a elbow drop on Killings. Killings comes back with a running power slam. Double back elbow and double elbow drops on Silvia. Styles and Brown enter the ring. Brown trips Styles up and Styles doesn’t want Brown, he wants Killings. So, Killings gets the tag. Styles goes for a body scissors into a bulldog, but Killings connects with a face buster. Silvia and Brown get tags. Brown with a few chops on Silvia. Brown goes for one more, and Styles pulls Silvia to the floor. Silvia runs into a back elbow, Brown with a middle rope moonsault. Styles doesn’t want to be tagged in. Brown with a clothesline on seated Silvia. Silvia finally tags in Styles. Killings enters as well. Spinning heel kick by Killings. Styles drops Killings on the top rope throat first. Silvia with a rolling neck breaker on Killings for a near fall. Spinning forearm shot by Killings. Northern Lights suplex by Silvia on Killings. Styles and Silvia double team Killings. Killings eventually takes Silvia down with a back suplex. Brown gets the tag. Brown takes out both Silvia and Styles. Clothesline, spinning heel kick and right hands. Brown with a cutter on Styles. Spinning side slam by Brown, on Silvia for a near fall. Styles with a springboard forearm on Brown. Killings with a front slam on Styles. Shining wizard by Brown on Silvia for a near fall. Double flapjack on Brown. Styles accidentally nails Silvia with a top rope clothesline. Sky High on Silvia. Killings with the scissors kick on Silvia. Brown with the top rope frog splash for the win. **1/2

Chris Sabin defeated Sonjay Dutt:
Sabin rolls to the floor and stalls for a few moments. Sabin with a few nice kip ups and rolls while in a wrist lock, but simply reaches the ropes. Dutt with a creative way to get out of a wrist lock. Dutt goes through the middle rope and underneath the bottom rope tying up Sabin for a brief moment. Dutt takes Sabin down with a hurricanrana followed by a pin attempt and gets a two count. Running senton splash and a standing moonsault by Dutt for another two count. Dutt ducks Sabin’s spit, and slaps Sabin. Sabin comes back with a running bulldog for a near fall. Sabin spits on his hands and rubs the spit into the face of Dutt. Dutt with a school boy, Sabin nails Dutt with a clothesline. On the floor, Sabin drops Dutt chest first onto the guard railing. Standing fist drop by Sabin. Sabin locks Dutt’s arm with his leg and locks in a abdominal stretch for a few moments. Dutt comes back with a flying head scissors. Dutt avoids a splash in the corner, double boot, followed by a guillotine leg drop and yet another leg drop back in the ring. Dutt gets a two count. Nice leaping kick by Sabin. Tree of woe in the corner. Sabin with a nice jumping dropkick to Dutt’s face. Dutt avoids the Cradle Shock. Dutt with a super kick. Dutt avoids a tombstone and nails Sabin with a tornado DDT for a near fall. Dutt sunset flips into the ring, Sabin drops down, grabs the ropes as the referee is out of position to pick up the win. ***


Triple X defeated The Naturals/David Young: Naturals have gained some weight since their TNA days. Chase Stevens and Low-KI start the match off. KI with a cross arm breaker across the top rope in the corner. Stevens and KI trade chops and right hands. Stevens goes for delayed vertical suplex but takes too long. KI fights out and delivers a few knees and delivers a few kicks. Daniels gets the tag and dropkicks Stevens down. Daniels and Douglas are now in the ring. Big back body drop and a kick to Douglas’s head. Daniels gets a near fall. Skipper comes in and Daniels scoop slams Skipper onto Douglas. David Young enters the ring. Skipper and Young are now legal. Skipper with a suplex on Young. Young catches Skipper with a dropkick. Skipper with a snap mare and kicks Young on the back. Skipper avoids a baseball slide on the apron by flipping to the floor and takes Young out with a standing side kick on the floor. Low KI with a springboard splash to the floor onto The Naturals and Young. Young rolls in and takes Daniels down with a kick. Douglas jams a chair against Daniel’s throat. Stevens with a snap suplex on the floor. Referee catches the Naturals cheating. Douglas takes Daniels down with a high knee. Daniels has a small package on Stevens, but the referee is distracted. Once he notices it Daniels only gets a two count. Naturals and Young continue to dominate Daniels for a few moments. Daniels takes Stevens down with a STO. Daniels tags in both partners. All six men are in the ring. Side kick/leg trip combo by Skipper and KI. Skipper hold Young and KI comes off the ropes nailing Young with a spin kick for a near fall. Young avoids a kick and sends KI to the floor. Daniels with a split legged moonsault to the floor onto the Naturals. Douglas blocks the Angels Wings. Natural Disaster almost on Daniels, KI breaks it up by hitting Douglas with a kick. Skipper botches the walking the ropes hurricanrana on Young, KI with the double stomp on Stevens, Daniels with the BMW on Douglas. Triple pin and Triple X win the bout. **1/2

Sabu defeated Steve Corino and Dustin Rhodes in a No Disqualification Match:
Corino grabs a microphone. Corino rips on the crowd. Wow, Corino tells some guy to “go die now because your heart is going to explode.” Corino also says to a sixteen year old “your sixteen? I’m surprised your not pregnant.” Corino even rips on his FATHER who is in the crowd. He rips on his father who is involved in the mafia. Corino turns his attention to Dusty Rhodes. He says that he “made Dusty Rhodes”. Dustin Rhodes comes out with a trash can filled with weapons. Rhodes takes care of Corino and Danger early on. Rhodes sends Allison Danger head first into Corino’s groin in the corner. Shattered Dreams in the corner. Sabu’s music hits, and he doesn’t come out. Danger nails Rhodes with a cookie sheet on the floor. Rhodes is busted open. Corino grabs a chain, but can not hit Rhodes. Rhodes nails Corino with a trash can. Rhodes with a cheese grater to Corino’s forehead. Sabu music hits again. Sabu finally omes down with a chair. Sabu with chair shots on both Rhodes and Corino. Springboard splash on Corino and Rhodes in the corner. Triple jump moonsault on Corino. Corino kicks out. Rhodes grabs a ladder. Sabu sends Rhodes into the ring post with the ladder. Sabu grabs a ladder. Corino sends Sabu into a trash can . Rhodes with a snap suplex on Corino onto the ladder. Corino with a cooking sheet shot on Sabu. Corino with a golf club shot to Rhodes groin. Rhodes sends Corino into the ladder again. Sabu with trash can shots on both opponents. Sabu uses a crutch to work on both opponents. Rhodes with a few chain shots. Rhodes tries to set up the ladder, eventually Sabu does. Sabu tosses the ladder at Corino in the corner. All three men are busted open. Rhodes nails Corino with the kendo stick. Sabu throws chair at Rhodes. Sabu with the Arabian Face Buster on Corino through the table from the top rope! Sabu picks up the win. **1/2

End of Show

My Opinion: Opening contest was just a squash. The triple threat was rather short, but was pretty entertaining. Once the tag team match actually got going, it was pretty solid. Sabin/Dutt was another solid bout, which had a nice fast pace. The six man tag team match was another decent contest, had a few slow spots which hurt the match. The main event was a entertaining little hardcore brawl. Though, I do believe Sabu should have just came out at the beginning instead of later on. Still a fun bout. Everything other than the opening squash was entertaining.

Overall Grade:


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